Professional Genealogists

The following professional genealogists are members of the National Advisory Board for Professional Genealogists of the Genealogical Society of Finland.

Genealogical Research Agency Radix

Genealogical Research Agency Radix is situated in Turku but its activities cover the whole of Finland. Radix is well acquainted with the sources of genealogical research as well as with the sources concerning farms and their history in the Province of Turku and Pori. Research on court records and making summaries and translations of old documents are among the specialities of our record agents. They have long experience in also serving North American clients.

P. T. Kuusiluoma
Aninkaistenkatu 11, FIN-20100 Turku, Finland
Phone: Int +358-50-3313856

Erkki J. Hämäläinen

Ph. D. (history) does genealogical research on order from the 16th century (sometimes even from medieval sources) to the present century from all parts of Finland, including Karelia now belonging to Russia. No Greek orthodox families.

Kalevankatu 21 A 16, FIN-00100 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: Int +358-41-5072160

Tuula Kiiski

I am specialized in Greek-Orthodox families and old Russian handwriting. Research is made in church records and other sources, if possible also in Russia.

Jyskyntie 4 E 24, FIN-80140 Joensuu, Finland
Phone: Int +358-40-5795370 (mobile)

Antero Leitzinger

Especially the migration from abroad to Finland (persons from Switzerland and Bavaria, Tatars etc.) and genealogical research abroad.

Kytösuontie 8 D 47, FIN-00300 Helsinki
Phone: Int +358-9-5883377

Terhi Nallinmaa-Luoto

I do research for payment from all archival material found in Finland, including both pedigree and descendant charts.

Haltiantie 4 P 123, FIN-01600 Vantaa, Finland
Phone: Int +358-9-5632448 & Int +358-40-7641320

Gunilla Nygård

Specialized in the areas of Närpes (Närpiö), Vaasa and Korsholm (Mustasaari). Also descendant charts and family books.

Johannesbergsvägen 18, FIN-64230 Närpes st, Finland
Phone: Int +358-6-2243550 & Int +358-40-5798768 (mobile)
Fax: Int +358-6-2243550

Jarmo Paikkala

I have focused on genealogies from the eastern parts of Finland, but I have also made research in the middle parts of Ostrobothnia, Häme and Satakunta. One of my skills is to edit family genealogies.

Liusketie 2 A 14, FIN-00710 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: Int +358-9-3873844
Fax: Int +358-9-3873844

Family Angle

Established in 2008, Family Angle specializes in genealogy and local history. The owner, Mr. Paavo Hanhisalo, has been active in the field of genealogy as a researcher and course organizer since the 1970s. He became a full-time genealogist in 2002. Family Angle provides a variety of genealogical research services. For example, a project may consist of tracing the client’s main family line as far back in time as existing records allow; compiling family charts of four, five or six generations (16, 32 or 64 direct ancestors, respectively); tracing descendants of specific ancestors; or assisting in the data compilation for and publication of family history books. Family Angle researches the life and times of Finnish families, wherever they may have lived, provided that appropriate data sources exist. Family Angle can also be commissioned to trace emigrants and their descendants. You may contact Family Angle in Finnish, English, or Swedish .

Paavo Hanhisalo
Karhintie 10, FIN-68230 Lohtaja, Finland
Phone: Int +358-6-877427 & Int +358-40-5404921 (mobile)
Fax: Int +358-6-877427

T:mi Toiset Aijat

Family and farm research in Finland. Specialized in region of Upper Satakunta, farm families, soldiers and family books.

Matti J. Kankaanpää
Varpustie 5, FIN-34800 Virrat, Finland
Phone: Int +358-3-4755518