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Hartford, Washington

The church work began, in Hartford, when John Lundberg with family came there in 1909. He invited Sunday school to be held in his home. Rev. Edward Flemming came from Seattle, Washington, and preached, bought a lot, and together with John and Gottfrid Lundberg, John Carlson, Charles Lindstrom, and Evald Reef, and some others cleared it and built the church. These together with their wives and Herman Reef, Gust Lundberg, John Henderson and their wives, all of Finland, were the charter members, when they organized the congregation July 24, 1911. After Flemming came Emil Kasen and preached some time in Seattle and Hartford.

By 1921 some members had beed added. At that time God gave them a wonderful harvest under the ministry of Rev. George Wallace Scott. Shortly after the meetings Rev. Johnson of the Everett Baptist Church conducted a baptismal service, when 23 of the converts were baptized and joined the church.

Some time after Rev. Swartz, retired from the Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, Washington, came to Hartford. During his time God establish the church in a wonderful way and members were added. He passed on to be with the Lord, while at Hartford. Other pastors who served were: Rev. Johnson of Everett, Rev. E. H. Gillett, Rev. Peter Brashler, Rev. Joseph Kopp, Rev. Ole Larson, Rev. Erickson, Rev. Rommel. (Of later years, God especially added to the church by Rev. Ole Larson, a faithful servant of the Lord, who is still hard at work in the Columbia Baptist Conference.)

The present membership of the church as of August 1950 is 175.

This information, was received from John Lundberg and Pete Thaanum of the Hartford church.

Published in Fifty Years of Christian Stewardship 1901-1951. Prepared in commemoration of the Fiftieth anniversary of The Baptist Mission Union of America. 1951, p. 46.

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