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Lakeside Baptist Church, Wentworth, Wis.

The work began in Lakeside 1905, when Axel Dahlin began a Sunday School. He also conducted Sunday afternoon services in the school house. Occasionally ministers came to the community and held services. Among them was Missionary Andrew Blomquist to whom probably can be given most credit for laying the foundation on which the church was later organized.

In January 1921, the Lakeside Baptist Church was officially organized. Andrew Blomquist was elected chairman pro. tem. John Strom of Larsmont acted as secretary. The charter members were: Mr. and Mrs Albert Esselstrom, Axel Dahlin, Miss Norma Hendrickson, Miss Ruth Hendrickson, Mrs. Elias Tahtinen, Miss Ingrid Runquist, Mr. and Mrs. Gust Runquist, Mrs. Lisa Hogdahl, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Esselstrom, August Wick, Mr. and Mrs. Felix Esselstrom..

The following summer the present church building was erected. In 1924, under the leadership of Missionary Hunter of Canada and Helen Mattson of Kelsey, Minn., meetings were held during which many souls were saved and added to the church. Herman Mattson served the church the next year and Cedric Peterson the following two years. Rev. Erick Sjolund was pastor during the summer of 1929, and the following winter Rev. Lundgren of Superior, Wisconsin and Mr. Peters alternated as pastors. In the summer of 1930 Henry Heartberg served. The following winter services were directed by Missionary Lea Erickson. The other pastors and leaders are as follows:

Rev. Hartley Osterlund

Mr. Rushman, summer of 1931. Albert Esselstrom had charge during the winter. Rev. R. Appelquist 1932. Rev. Wicklund 1932-1934, Rev. Bror Lundgren 1934-1935. Rev. Aymond Anderson 1935-1936. Rev. Bruce Flemming 1937-1938. Rev. Sidney Larson 1939. Student Arden Finke 1940. Rev. Nathan Esselstrom 1940-1941. Rev. Allan Fredine also in 1941, also student Roger Rendahl. Rev. Frank May (first permanent pastor) Oct. 1941 to Feb. 1946. Rev. Hartley Osterlund 1946 to the present time.

In 1941 the basement of the parsonage was built and was dedicated in October 1942. Of the sixteen charter members nine are still living, although some have moved to other localities.

Published in Fifty Years of Christian Stewardship 1901-1951. Prepared in commemoration of the Fiftieth anniversary of The Baptist Mission Union of America. 1951, p. 54-55.

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