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Ebenezer Baptist Church, Duluth, Minn.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church was organized on November 9, 1904. Rev. E. Fleming was the moderator of the meeting. There were 24 charter members. Of these only four remain at this time: August Wick, Mrs. John Fagerstrom, Mrs. Otto Johnson and Mrs. Amanda Haglund.

As early as 1893 missionary-minded people of Duluth had helped with the support of F. E. Berglund in Finland. John Mattson of Larsmo, Finland was behind this undertaking. The group of Duluth held meetings on Garfield Avenue. Pastors of the Bethel and Temple Baptist Churches assisted in the preaching duties.

The Ladies Aid Society had organized as early as January 7, 1904. The Sunday School began right after the organizing of the church.

The Church met in a hall on 52nd Ave., until 1914, when Rev. Herman Myhrman was called as pastor. He advocated that a church building was to be erected. Property was bought at 40th Avenue West and 4th Street and a building was erected. Dedication was held in June 1916 in conjunction with the annual meeting. The church debt was liquidated in 1939.

In 1942 a permanent parsonage was purchased a block east of the Church. Members of Ebenezer have been instrumental in organizing the Union Churches in Chisholm, Wentworth and Two Harbors.

Three church members have been called and used by the Lord as missionaries: Margaret Henrickson (Mrs. Whitaker) to Africa, Ida Erickson to Belgian Congo and Jenny Strom (Mrs. John Erickson) to Czechoslovakia.

The following have served the church as pastors: Andrew Blomquist, Interim, John J. Fors 1905-1907, Matts Esselstrom 1910-1911, Alfred Ohman 1911-1912, Albert Esselstrom 1912- 1914, Herman Myhrman 1914-1918, Andrew Myhrman 1918-1919, J. E. Kasen 1919-1923, A. J. Stormans 1924-1935, Arthur Le Master interim Bruce Fleming 1938- 942, Emil Nylund 1943-1949, Rueben Omark interim, C. L. Wessman 1950- 955, Fred J. Miller 1955-1956, Anton Pearson interim, Stanley Peterson 1957 until at present time.

The church has experienced several periods of difficulty, especially during the depression, when the congregation was without a pastor for several years, but the Lord graciously led us through. Looking back, we gratefully say, "Hitherto the Lord hath helped us" and for the future we trust in the promises of Him who "cannot lie." As we now integrate with the Baptist General Conference, we anticipate continued progress and fellowship until Jesus returns.

Published in Sixty Years of Christian Stewardship 1901-1961. Prepared in commemoration of the Sixtieth anniversary of The Baptist Mission Union of America. 1961, p. 30-32.

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