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Grace Baptist Church - Seattle, Wash.

The Grace Baptist Church was formed October 27, 1907, with 10 charter members. At first meetings were held in homes until the Mission House was built on West 65th St., by Rev. Edward Flemming, year 1908. The meetings were held there until 1913, when it was sold and $1,500 were given to buy the lot and an old house at 1412 West 67th Street. That was rebuilt into the present church, which in the later years has been remodeled with a lower auditorium and Sunday School rooms. The main inspiration and sacrificial spirit behind the work has been Alfred Kasen and his family. Untiringly they have spent energy and time for the work.

The following pastors have served the church: Edward Flemming, 1906-1912, A. M. Myhrman 1913-1916, J. E. Kasen 1916-1919, Andrew Blomquist 1923-1929, Alfred Holmgren 1938-1942, Severin Bernas 1942-1945, Nathan Esselstrom 1946, Glen Forsberg 1947-1948, Leonard Bradley 1949, Wm. H. Wrighton 1950, Calvin Churchhill 1951, Wm. Wrighton 1951-1955, and Gust Anderson 1955 to the present time.

From 1929 to 1935 the church had no regular pastor but Dr. W. Kenyon held services in the church building for three years preceding 1938.

As of January 1961 the church membership is 30 with 60 enrolled in the Sunday School.

Though the small membership has struggled through hardship and sacrificial periods, much joy and inspiration has been the reward and many souls have found the Lord throughout the church history. As of the future, when a closer fellowship is brought about with the Baptist Gen. Conference, we confidently place our work in the hands of Jesus Christ and will continue the work according to His leading.

Published in Sixty Years of Christian Stewardship 1901-1961. Prepared in commemoration of the Sixtieth anniversary of The Baptist Mission Union of America. 1961, p. 51-52.

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