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Some Interesting Items in the History of the Ebenezer Baptist Church

The Congregation was formally organized on November 9, 1904, in the Vasa Hall on 52nd Avenue West and Ramsey Street with 24 charter members whose names appear herein.

The present building was built by donated labor from plans made by pastor Herman Myhrman. The building was in construction less than two years, and was dedicated on June 25, 1916.

The first Sunday School session was held on November 13, 1904 with 24 present. Mr. Gust Nyman was the first superintendent.

The Ladies Aid, fomerly The Ladies Sewing Society, was organized before the church on January 7, 1904 with Mrs. Charles Hill as president.

The Church has been a member of the Baptist Mission Union from the time it was organized. It affiliated with the Baptist General Conference in 1945.

The First Baptist Church of Chisholm, Minnesota, and the Lakeside Baptist Church of Wentworth, Wisconsin were organized by members from the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Three years, ago a number of our members became charter members in the First Baptist Church of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

Three members of our Church have gone out as missionaries, namely, Mrs. Whitaker, Miss Ida Erickson, and Miss Jenny Strom (Mrs. John Erickson).

The present membership of the Church is 110 with an Annual Budget of $11,480.00 of which 2,900.00 is designated for Missionary work.

Charter Members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. John Strom
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Esselstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Sjoblom
Mr. and Mrs. Gust Nyman
Mr. and Mrs. John Mattson
Mr. John Fagerstrom
Mr. William Forsman
Mrs. John Hanson
Mr. August Wick
Mrs. Charles Anton
Miss Edla Anderson (Mrs. Charles Bergstrom)
Miss Lina Henrickson (Mrs. Leander Strom)
Miss Anna Lindgren (Mrs. John Johnson)
Miss Tekla Lindgren (Mrs. Harry Sundquist)
Miss Ellen Henrickson (Mrs. John Fagerstrom)
Miss Rene Hendrickson (Mrs. Otto Johnson)
Miss Amanda Erickson (Mrs. Amanda Haglund)

Former Pastors of the Ebenezer Baptist Church

Andrew Bloomquist (Interim)
John Fors
M. Esselstrom
Alfred Ohman
Albert Esselstrom
Herman Myhrman
Andrew Myhrman
J. E. Kasen
A. J. Stormans
Nathan Esselstrom (Student)
Arthur Lemasters (Interim)
Bruce Fleming
Paul Norton (Student)
Raynold Applequist (Student)
Emil Nylund
Rueben Omark (Interim Pastor)
C. L. Wessman, (Present Pastor)

Published in Fifty Years of God's Grace. Ebenezer Baptist Church, Duluth, Minnesota. 4 pages.

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