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History of the Finns in Minnesota

Hans R. Wasastjerna

Published by the Finnish-American Historical Society, Duluth, Minn. in 1957. Translated from the Finnish original "Minnesotan suomalaisten historia" by Toivo Rosvall. Published on the web by The History Museum of East Otter Tail County, Perham MN.
  1. Who Are They, Whence Did They Come?
  2. The Finns In Immigration
  3. Minnesota And Its Growth
  4. Southern Minnesota and Its Sprinkling of Finns
  5. The Finnish Contribution In Central Minnesota
  6. The Pioneers of Northwest Minnesota
  7. St. Louis County: Duluth
  8. St. Louis County: North from Duluth
  9. St. Louis County: The Iron Hills
  10. St. Louis County: Farm Country Fringes
  11. The Finns of Northeast Minnesota
  12. President Kekkonen Visits Minnesota

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