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Published October 11, 2004. Revised May 12, 2005.

Commonly Known Finnish and Baltic Names Found in the Index to Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths in the Archives of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church in Alaska 1816-18661

Maria Jarlsdotter Enckell, M.F.A.


The following extraction was made as part of a continious effort in charting the lives of our Finns and Balts, as well as their descendents, in Russian Era Alaska. And, as this extraction was made directly from a copy of the original Index, in the Library of Congress, the results might somewhat differ from other published attempts. All the "none-Russian" European names have thus been transcribed from the Russian language. This means that they have twice gone through such a prosess. That is, originally these names were transliterated from their original versions to "fit" the Russian Cyrillic alphabet and sound system, then, when this Index was produced, the same names were transliterated from the Russian Cyrillic into English and the Latin alphabet and sound system. And, as these "foreign names" were initially recorded according to various Orthodox churmen's personal interpretations, the resulting many-wrangled versions, has made the identification prosess that much harder. As an illustration we have the extremely wrangeld name Hyörä in connection with Nils Tervoine which conclusively provided me with an identification (see Hyörä). Therefor I believe, many, if not most of the names I actually looked for have passed me by quite un-notised. Those names I have identified are here presented in alphabetical order, as most of these individuals' birth dates and birth-places are yet unknown, and their arrival dates to Russian Alaska, and thus Russian American Company service, are in most cases still quite uncertain.

Each listing starts with:
Line 1: page numbers from which the information has been extracted, followed by a ( ) with the particular form / forms the name was found listed under.
 Line 2: the believed original form of the name, and within () the form, given in this Index, sometimes followed by [ ] within which I have indicated the person's persumed nationality, and on occasion, some added information, when awailable to me, including Colonial Citizenship.
Followed by birth date, and place, if listed,
and death date and place.
Followed by marriage partner's name, date of marriage, and place of marriage.
and birth date and place, if given,
and deathdate and place, if located.

Note, that obtained Colonial Citizenship indicates the individual had obtained permanent residency in the Colonies. This particular category was instituted during the latter part of von Wrangell's governorship (1830-1835). However, it was not acted upon until Governor Etholén's reign (1840-1845). Of interest to note is that both governors were none Russian North Europeans of the Evangelical Lutheran persuation. Principally, the intent was to encourage the growth of independent Creole communities from which the Russian-American Company could draw a steady flow of needed workers, and thus minimize their constant labor-shortage.2

However, offering Colonial citizenships was not the only means the company applied towards achieving such goals. It additionally actively encouraged cross-cultural marriages, particularly between its "imported" white caucasian lower- and middle-ranking civilian male emplpyees and its Creole females found within the Company's North Pacific domains.2b To make such marriages yet more attractive to middle ranking males, it aggressively set out to educate young girls by establishing a school for girls in Sitka during Governor Kupreianov's reign (1835-1840) set up by Madame Kupreianov. Finding this not sufficent, the Company's board president assigned the wife of the next governor, Margaretha Sundwall Etholén, to expand the school's reach, by etablishing a boarding house attached to the school, as well as asked her to expand the school's staff and curiculum. Thus the Company's school (mainly geared to educate Creole girls) drew a large number of attractive girls to the Company's North Pacific capital, offering the Company's "imported" males (stationed in the othervise notoriously female-poor Sitka) a most tantalizing parade of budding female beauties drawn from all over this vast North Pacific region. The Company's first Evangelical Lutheran pastor, Uno Cygnaeus testified to this in a letter home: "With the education these girls are nowadays receiving here, we'll end up with a number of quite passable ones to feed our marriage market!".3 In effect, by excercising past as well as present business tactics,3b the Company used these young females as "bait", nudging its lower and middle ranking male employees into marriages, by which it hoped it would make these men more eager to extend their employment contracts for an additional seven years term of duty.3c A case in point is found in Aaron Sjöström's letter to his brother Carl Wilhelm Sjöström in 1851. "Thank God, I have found myself a good wife, so decent, honorable, and industrious, so well versed in all the female endeavors, especially in finer work. When the Etholéns were here she was given a truly good education at Madame Etholén's (educational) establishment."3d (See below listing under Sjöström.)

It seems appropriate to mention that the Company's boarding school for girls had by 1840 the need for a second teacher who was hired from Finland by the name of Maria Fredenberg,3e she reached Sitka in the summer of 1842. At her departure in May of 1849 her position was filled by Aleksandra Malakhov, born May 19, 1829 in Sitka, died June 18, 1859 in Sitka. Daughter of Peter Malakhov and Liubov Sukhanov. Between 1840 and 1845 Aleksandra was raised in Liutenant Johan Joachim von Bartram's and his wife Margareta Swartz's home in Sitka. She is most likely Alaska's first Creole woman who became a teacher of her own peirs.3e

In stark contrast, to the lower and middle ranking males, the Company's Board demanded as of 1829 that all Company chief manager-elects were to be properly married prior to the final confirment of the appointment. The first forsed to comply was the Balt, Baron Ferdinand von Wrangell (Chief Manager / Governor 1830-1835). In 1839 either the Company Board or Chief Manager / Governor ellect, the Finn Arvid Adolph Etholén imposed the same requirement on his Executing Adjoint, the Finn Johan Joachim von Bartram.4 By such an action the Company's board hoped to prevent its highest ranking colonially based officials from entering into any personal alliances with local women they demed "unsuitable" to its public image.4b However, none above reasons exclude the magic of love at first sight, and/or life-long loving attachments.

Note too, that when located, marriages made in the second and third generation are included in the main trees. Known is that some marriage-partners and thus marriages were performed on the Siberian side of the North Pacific. Thus the family names of such marriage partners are not included in this Index.

Note additionally in January 31, 1876 San Francisco's Russian Consul filed documents concerning 125 individuals consisting of men, women, and children, all former Russian subjects who petitioned East Siberia's Governor General for assistance to Vladivostok, Pacific Siberia. The question of their petition was sent on to the Imperial Government in St. Petersburg. However, the government failed them by refusing their petition on the grounds it was too late and too expensive, although such a passage had been rightfully theirs to be had.4c However, at the time of the transfer of Alaska to the United States, the Company had found it was lacking adequate transport to the Siberian side for all those who had wished for it. Several of the families listed below are found listed in this document, and I have marked so below. Note additionally that I have cross chequed the names below against K-G Olin's published list, as well as those names listed by Katherine Arndt in her unpublished report to Dorothy Breedlove of Sitka Lutheran Church. I have also chequed Richard Pierce's published biographical data.4d

As Finland's Seaman House registers are nowadays available on Internet, it facilitates somewhat the identification of Finnish seamen. However, as illustrated by Aaron Sjöström's group of about 48 men, mostly Finns, departing Helsinki for Sitka in late 1838. Their parish moving papers indicate only "to St. Petersburg", thus giving no indication the group's destination was Sitka, Russian Alaska. The only reason I have been able to identify some of them is that they are mentioned by name in those letters Sjöström wrote to his older brother, Helsinki building contractor Carl Wilhelm Sjöström, during the journey across Siberia, as well as those written from Sitka. In one of his letters Sjöström also mentions that there was within his group of 48 + men, a yet mostly unidentified smaller group of "Gentlemen Navigators and Book-keepers", of which the German Balt Andreas Hoeppner was one.4e

Furthermore, complicating the identification of these Finns, is that most seamen did not take out moving papers from their parishes prior to their departures, as so many of them were part of crews on ships going out for 2 or more years. Among these were also those Russian American Company's ships, who sailed the rout Kronstadt-Sitka-Ajan-Sitka-Kronstadt, and thus these seamen always knew they would return to home-port. Others plain forgot to do so, even those who signed the usual 7 years work-contracts with the Russian- American Company and whose homeports then were situated throughout the Company's operating sites spread out all over the Sub-Arctic Pacific region. Furthermore most disembarking crew lists seldom indicate the name of the full number of port-of-calls. Mostly noting only the last port visited. Thus, many of these men just disappear into "thin air." Additionally, complicating matters is that  St. Petersburg's port city, Kronstadt, situated on Kotlin Island, established in December of 1853 a Seaman House specifically geared to serve independent seamen, that is professional seamen of all ranks who all had the power and right as individuals to both negotiate and then sign their own work contracts with ships, skippers, and companies. These men were for the most part from Finland, as most Russians of lower rank were serfs, and thus owned by either the Crown or Russian citizens, or were drafted into inordinately long military service. Specifically indicated is that Kronstadt's Seaman House was established to specially serve the needs of the Russian American Company's ships. Furthermore Kronstadt's seaman House had an Ombudsman attached to it, and this Seaman House was put under Kronstadt's Military Governor's supreme supervision.4f

After the Crimean War (1853-1865) ended, Finnish Seaman House registers show up an unending numbers of registered members followed by the notation: "moved to Kronstadt" indicating they have moved to Kronstadt's seaman house. It is known that in 1859-1861 Sitka had some 135 hired seamen, most of them Finns. In addition most of its Navigators and all but 2 Skippers were non-Russians Finns and Balts.4g

As for the master craftsmen and laborers, the Company hired from the Baltic Provinces and the Grand Duchy of Finland, the Company hired most years some 40-50 men who either were sent across Siberia to Okhotsk or Ajan and from there by ship to Sitka, or directly by ship from Kronstadt and Turku to Sitka. This includes as late as 18654h and 1866.4i

The identities of these men are for the most part very difficult to determine with true accuracy. However, all below listed Finnish and Baltic names are commonly found in Finland and the Baltic Provinces.

As this Index only covers the years between 1816 and 1866, that is, up to just befor Russian Alaska was transferred to the United States, these particular names listed here below, only pertain to members of the Russian-American Company's labor force. Note too, that prior to formalized Lutheran churchlife (as of August 24, 1840, and cemetery dedication December 6. 1840), Evangelical Lutheran deaths and burials were performed by the local Orthodox priest, and thus recorded by them into their ledgers. This also holds true for all regions beyond Sitka proper. However, Okhotsk and Ajan on the Pacific Siberian side are believed to have had their own small Evangelical Lutheran cemeteries. Note too that among the Finns from the regions of Karelia as well as Ingria there could also be several individuals of the Orthodox faith.

And finally, I would like to remind the reader that those Finns and Balts who married into Alaska's Orthodox population, does only represent a small fraction of those Finns and Balts in the service of the Russian American Company's North Pacific domains.

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The Extractions

Pages 8, 222: (Adamson, Adameon)
ADAMSSON, Iisac possibly Elias (Issai). Arndt: Adamson, Isai. [Finlander; master tarmaker at Fort Ross, California4j]. Converted to Orthodoxy July 26, 1836 in Sitka.
Married Paraskeva, July 26, 1836 in Sitka.

Children (might in fact have been born at Fort Ross, then recorded and/or baptized in Sitka4k):
, baptised July 26, 1836 in Sitka.
Kesai, baptised August 16, 1836, in Sitka.


Pages 94, 442, 451: (Bakman)
BACKMAN, Johan Gustaf (Iogan). Arndt: Bakman, Iogan. [Finlander on the RAC ship NIKOLAI I in 1850 under skipper Conradi. Member of San Francisco's Russian Benevolent Society, 1883.4l]
Married Elisaveta MECHIN / MEZIN, 1852, July 4 in Sitka. Born August 18, 1842 in Sitka. Died July 2, 1853 in Sitka. Father: Stephan Mezin (Mezina). Died July 26, 1838 in Sitka. Mother: Nadechda.

Ioann, born February 21, 1853 in Sitka, died April 3, 1853 in Sitka.


Pages 98, 241:
BANKER or BANNER, Jakob (Iakov). [if Banner, then of Danish heritage]
Married Mariia ILLUSHKNALK, (or Illushknak) July 25, 1847 at Nushagak.


Page 99, 656: (Barton, Bartan)
BARTON, Thomas (Tomas).
Married Muza SUKHANOV, April 19, 1836 in Sitka. Daughter of Ivan Sukhanov. Received into Orthodoxy August 3, 1817 in Sitka.

Ioann, born February 6, 1837 on Unalaska.
Petr, born June 16, 1840 in Sitka.
Nikanor, born July 19, 1842 in Sitka.


Page 105: (Berman)
BEHRMAN(N), Frederich (Feodor). [Baltic German]. Converted to Orthodoxy October 8, 1865 on Kodiak.
[Note: Behrmann and Bonner below might be two of the several known East Preussian expert miners Finnish mining engineer, and Russian American Company district manager Enoch Hjalmar Furuhjelm brought to Kenai in 1853.5]


Page 103: (Beniamin)
BENJAMI, Johannes (Ioann). [Finlander]. Died September 22, 1826 in Sitka.


The following family tree has been very difficult to assemble and is in no way completed, nor even fully connected, although all are presumed to be Christofer Benzemann's descendents.

Pages 103, 104, 252, 337, 488, 547, 683: (Benzeman, Benzimin, Benzemin, Benzoman, Benzomak, Bengeman, Bengsman, Bensomak, Bensomok, Bensemak, Benevekov)
BENZEMANN, Christofer (Khristofor). Pierce p. 50, shipbuilder, born 1774 in Danzig, East Prussia. Died January 14, 1842 in Sitka. Arrived to Russian America in 1807. Became a Russian subject in 1823, and converted to Orthodoxy. Father: Master shipbuilder Martin Benzemann.
Married 1) Pierce p. 50, Elena FEDOROVA, died January 5, 1830 in Sitka.
Married 2) (p 683) Mariia TERENTEV January 21, 1831 in Sitka. Babtized October 10, 1816 in Sitka. Died April 28, 1850 in Sitka. Father: Gregorii Terentev.

Platon. Married 1) (p 203) Natalia GEDEONOV November 9, 1831 in Sitka. Born August 5, 1839 in Sitka. Died September 16, 1834 in Sitka. Father: Kalistrat Gedeonov. Mother: Mariia.
Married 2) (p 337) Mariia KLISHIN April 19, 1844 in Sitka. Died April 28, 1850 in Sitka.
Married 3) (p 209) Aleksandra GLOTOV January 26, 1851 in Sitka. Born April 11, 1828 on Unalaska. Father: Kozma Glotov. Died Septermber 5, 1829 on Unalaska.
          Children (Benzemann-Glotov):
          Mariia, born Mach 25, 1851 in Sitka.
          Nikolai, born April 10, 1853 in Sitka, died July 31, 1866 in Sitka.
          Elisaveta, born January 16, 1856 in Sitka.
          Khristofor, born December 31, 1857 in Sitka, died February 14, 1858 in Sitka.
          Nadezhda, born September 10, 1862 in Sitka.
Nikolai. Pierce p. 50: born December 4, 1816. [Russian American Company skipper. Captain on the ship WINGED ARROW, owned by Carl Theodor von Koskull, and is believed to be the last ship to depart former Russian Alaska's capital Novo Archangelsk (Sitka) taking the last of Company personell to Kronstadt. Reaching Honolulu January 1869 it registered 198 passengers and a crew of 62. The ship departed Honolulu on February 2 heading for Kronstadt.]6
Married 1) Ekaterina CHERNOV. Father: Ivan Chernov, married January 17, 1837 in Sitka, mother: Anna Lavrentev.6b
Married 2) (p 252) Ekaterina IVANOV September 29, 1846 in Sitka. Died 1854, January 13 in Sitka.
Married 3) (p 488) Anna NEGZVITOV January 19, 1855 in Sitka.
Married 4) Anna 1857.
          Children (Benzemann-Ivanov):
          Aleksandr, born August 5, 1847 in Sitka, died November 25, 1847 in Sitka.
          Nikolai, born September 28, 1849 in Sitka.
          Elena, born January 4, 1852 in Sitka, died January 5, 1852 in Sitka.
          Gavriil, born March 13, 1853 in Sitka, died July 29, 1853 in Sitka.
          Child (Benzemann-Negzvitov):
          Evgeniia, born September 6, 1857 in Sitka.
          Children (with Anna):
          Elena, born May 7, 1860 in Sitka.
          Iosif, born June 28, 1866 in Sitka.
Ivan, died as an infant January 9, 1820 (Pierce p. 50).
Ivan, born February 12, 1825 in Sitka, died 1826 (Pierce p. 50)
Ilia, born January 17, 1829 in Sitka, died July 19, 1829 in Sitka.
Children (Benzemann-Trentov):
Evgeniia, born January 24, 1832 in Sitka (Pierce p. 50: born December 24, 1831). Married (p 103, 104) Petr BERDENNIKOV January 7, 1848 in Sitka.
          Innokentii, born November 26, 1848 in Sitka.
          Aleksandr, born June 27, 1850 in Sitka.
          Mikhail, born October 15, 1852 in Sitka.
          Kristofor, born December 15, 1855 in Sitka, died February 24, 1856 in Sitka.
          Ekaterina, born July 28, 1858 in Sitka.
Elisaveta, born August 24, 1833 in Sitka.
          Elisaveta's child:
          Mariia, born May 24, 1864, in Sitka.
Nataliia, died September 16, 1834 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born June 3, 1835 in Sitka, died November 25, 1847 in Sitka.
Martin (Martyn), born August 29, 1837 in Sitka, married (p 547) Anna PETELIN October 31, 1862 in Sitka. Born (possibly) December 30, 1850 on Kodiak. Father: Ivan Petelin, married September 1, 1840 on Kodiak, mother: Ekaterina Ryktorov (see under Ivan Petelin)
Mikhail, born October 9, 1840 in Sitka, died May 24, 1848 in Sitka.
Child (with Aleksandra):
Aleksandra, born March 30, 1859 in Sitka.


Page 105:
BERG, Gustaf. Arndt: Berk, Gustav. [Finlander]

Paraskeva, born March 31, 1838 in Sitka.


Pages 105, 306:
BERGMAN, Gustav Mauritz Albin. [Finlander; Journeyman Blacksmith]. Born January 31, 1836 in Juva. Died October 9, 1865 on Kodiak. Father: Master Saw Smith Albin Bergman from Juva parish, Ingilä village, born 1803, married February 24, 1831, the maiden Hedvig Ulrica Jack, at Puumala parish, Church village, born July 10, 1800 at Puumala, the daughter of Puumala customs employee Gabriel Jack and his wife Ulrika Pistolen. Between 1831 and 1840 five children were born in Juva parish to the family. Gustaf Mauritz Albin was the middle one of three sons. In 1840, on April 22, the family moved to Mikkeli city, arriving there the following day. Then for the 1856 communion records it states that Blacksmith Albin's son "Gustaf Mauritz Albin had since 1856 been residing in Russia and then had died there". Into St. Petersburg's St. Maria parish moving books is recorded as # 82, for July 11, 1856: "Bergman, Gustaf Mauritz Albin, to Sitka."6c
Married Anastasia KHAMELIANIN November 6, 1860 in Sitka.


Page 101: (Beginonson)
BIRGERSSON / BENGTSSON, Irina. Born April 14, 1827 on Kodiak.


Pages 109, 515: (Blomkvist, Bmomkvist, Bliunkvist, Bliukvit)
BLOMQVIST, Johan Gabriel (Gavriil). Arndt: Blomkvist, Gabriel. Olin: p 10-11. [Finlander; Journeyman Mason; Reached Sitka by traversing Siberia in the fall of 1839 in the same party as Aaron Sjöström and Andreas Haeppner. Sent support moneys to parents in Finland together with Karl Herlin, Johan Herlin, Johan Herman, Simon Peltola, Peter Pitkänen, Thomas Thomasson, and the Balt Andreas Berg.6d] Born May 21, 1817 in Kirkkonummi, Björkström village. Requested marriage license in 1844.6e Father: Carl Blomqvist. Mother: Maria.
Married Khristiina OKSENOV January 12, 1845 in Sitka.

Nikolai, born April 22, 1846 in Sitka, died April 3, 1847 in Sitka.
Matveii, born December 24, 1847, in Sitka.
Mariia, born July 15, 1850 in Sitka.
Petr, born June 21, 1853 in Sitka.


Page 18, 109: (Bliukvist, Bliunkvist)
BLOMQVIST, Henric (Genrik). [Finlander, seaman; Likely a member of Helsinki Seaman House. Born November 6, 18256f in the city of Hämeenlinna. Died at age 63 on January 30, 1888 on Kodiak. Buried into Kodiak's old American Cemetery at Mill Bay Road.6g Confirmed in 1840. His communion pastor added into the communion record the following notation: speaks and expresses himself well. Moving record: at age 15, moved south to the neighboring Janakkala parish on November 26, 1840. Returned to his home parish on July 26, 1841. Then on August 31, 1841 he took out moving papers with the stated destination "to St. Petersburg". This indicates that the following notation into St. Maria Parish moving records might not point to his first journey to Russian Alaska. Recorded into St. Petersburg, St. Maria Parish moving records that he departed as #167 on November 3, 1860 for Sitka.6h Part of the crew on the Company ship IMPERATOR NICOLAI sailing out of Kronstadt for Sitka in 18617; In November of 1881, California District Court notified San Francisco's Russian Consul of the following: "The Russian subject, Hendrick Bluquist, has been indicted by a Grand Jury of the United States for introducing into the Territory of Alaska's interior Indian Country, 500 gallons of Wiskey, as well as having been caught with a distillery in operation. All which is against the law. The penalties of these offences are listed as: For the first: no more than two (2) years imprisonment and fines not exceeding $300. For the second: fines from $500.00 up to $5000.00 and imprisonment from six months up to two (2) years."7b Father: cargo convoy driver Henric Blomqvist, born January 16, 1798 in Janakkala parish. Died of Tuberculosis in Hämeenlinna on March 26, 1846. Mother: Hedvig Elisabet Andersdaughter, born May 12, 1800. Blomqvist was the second of six children of which two had died very young. In 1839 his older brother, Johan Gustaf, had moved to Helsinki, which might have prompted Henric's move.7c Note: Henric Blomqvist's engagement with the Russian-American Company, might also have been prompted by his father's local Hämeenlinna professional college, Goods convoy driver Simon Helén's son, Gustaf Adolf's engagement with the company. Gustaf Adolf Helén died in the Russian American Colonies about 1843, as on March 26, 1845 his mother Eva Christina Johansdotter, born November 15, 1809 in Hämeenlinna, now a widow, received his property as well as his salary consisting of 134 Rubles and 70 kopek.7d
Married Paraskeva AGNONAAK (or Agnanaak) February 5, 1865 on Kodiak.

Paraskeva's children:
Olga, born June 1, 1859 on Kodiak.
Mariia, born 1862, married August 27, 1882, in Kodiak Stepan ERYKALOV, born 1849 at Karluk, died March 9, 1878.7e
Feodor, born June 6, 1864 on Kodiak.


Pages 110, 565: (Bolman, Bolshan)
BOLLMANN, Georg (Egor). [Baltic German; Andreas Haeppener's cousin. Since 1840, or before, RAC office employee. After the sale of Alaska the family seems to have relocated to Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka, for some time, then seems to have moved to San Francisco; Member of San Francisco's Russian Benevolent Society.7f]
Married Elisaveta POPOV October 19, 1847 in Sitka.

Ioann, born July 21, 1848 in Sitka. In September 1864 Ioann was recorded as serving as a Supercarg on DOMITILA out of Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, in charge of two cases of sobel skins worth 13,050 Silver Rubels destined fot St. Petersburg.8 March 8, 1865 H. Hattfield & Co., of Honolulu signed a power of attorney for J. Bollmann to be used in Kamchatka.8b And, recorded into Honolulu's Russian Consul's log book for "October 14, 1865, "Arrived here from the port of Petropavlovsk, at Kamchatka onboard a Hawaiian brig of which J. Bollmann is the Master, is one case containing 417 Kamchatka Soble skins valued at 6046.50 Silver Rubles. Said case is bound for Bremen." The document bears the signature of Hawaii's Russian Vice Consul Pfluger.8c Served as Acting Imperial Russian Vice Consul at Honolulu as of April 4, 1867 to early fall of 1868. February 9/21, 1873 one Alexander Bollmann legalized a testament, wherein he named his brother Johann Bollmann of San Francisco, as the sole inheritor to all his property. The document names his executors as (the Finn) O(tto) W(ilhelm) Lindholm, merchant of Nicolajefsk, Amur River (Pacific Siberia), and Charles Kruger of San Francisco, California.8d Member of San Francisco's Russian Benevolent Society.
, born 1850.
Anastasiia, born January 3, 1857 in Sitka, died January 29, 1858 in Sitka.
Anna, born February 4, 1859 in Sitka.
Anastasiia, born March 8, 1860 in Sitka, died March 8, 1860.
Georgii, born March 26, 1861 in Sitka.
Vladimir, born October 14, 1863 in Sitka.
Anastasiia, born 1864.
Viktor, born April 7, 1865 in Sitka, died July 20, 1865 in Sitka.


Page 111, 707: (Bonne)
BONNER / BONNERT, Michael (Mikhail). [East Prussian expert miner. See Behrmann above]
Married Mariia TYCHIIANTALIN, June 4, 1864 in Kenai.

Children (registered under Mariia's name only):
Tikhon, baptised June 16, 1858 at Kenai.
Nikolai, baptised June 2, 1864, at Kenai.
Child (born within the marriage):
Anna, baptised June 19, 1866 at Kenai.


Page 111: (Brandes)
BRANDER, Henrik or Heinrich (Genrikh). [Baltic German?]. Master tailor, hired 1848 from Braunschweig.9
Married to Ekaterina.

Elisaveta, born May 17, 1849 in Sitka.
Feodor, born June 3, 1851 in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born September 5, 1853, in Sitka.
Olga, born May 25, 1855 in Sitka.


Page 112, 309: (Brantes)
BRANDT, Sophia (Sofiia). [could be above's daughter]
Married Vasilii KHOKHLOV November 1, 1864 in Sitka.


Page 429:
BUSHMAN(N), Aglaid (Adelaida). [of Baltic German & British parentage]. Died 1862 in Sitka shortly after her third child was born.
Married Prince Dimitrii MAKSOUTOV (Maksutov) 1858 in St. Petersburg (in his first marriage).

Anna, born January 11, 1860 in Sitka.
Elena, born August 5, 1861, in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born September 6, 1862 in Sitka (cared-for during a year in Sitka by Governor Furuhjelm's family).


[Note: In 1847 one Dahlström was elected to serve as a church elder at the Company's Lutheran parish.9b In the spring of 1854 Finnish Coffardi Skipper Johan Jacob Conradi, commander of the Russian American Company ship SITKHA, was piloted into Sitka's inner harbor by the Company's harbor pilot named Dahlström.]10
Pages 165, 220, 259: (Dalstrem, Dalstrim, Dalstrom). [Might be the son of Peter. However, the family name is common in Finland.]
DAHLSTRÖM, Carl Henrik (Kiril). Arndt: Dalstrem, Karl. [Finlander; Possibly born at Sveaborg in 1813. Navigator. Registered into Helsinki Seamen House.10b RAC employee. Colonial citizen as of 1854.10c]
Married Natalia KABACHAKOV June 25, 1838 in Sitka. Born August 17, 1817 in Sitka. Died November 30, 1863 in Sitka. Father: Matvei Kabachakov. No mother indicated.

Child (registered under Natalia only):
, (Arndt: Mariia Dalstrem) born January 16, 1836 in Sitka. Married (p 220) Karl GRANBERG January 18, 1852 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Granberg.
(born within the marriage):
Ioann, born January 1, 1839 in Sitka
Ekaterina, born May 26, 1844 in Sitka, died February 5, 1845 in Sitka.
Nataliia, born February 6, 1845, died in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born January 31, 1851 in Sitka.
Innokentii, born November 8, 1856 in Sitka.
Ioann, born May 4, 1861 in Sitka.


Pages 165, 455: (Dalstrem, Dalstrim, Dalstrom)
DAHLSTRÖM, Nils Petter (Petr). [Finlander; Probably born in Sunninge, Sweden, in 1788 or there about, registered into Helsinki Seaman's House in 1809.10d]
Married Palageia MILKOV September 3, 1822 in Sitka.

Possible child:
Matfei (Arndt: Matvei Dalstrem). Married (p 350) Dariia KOLYCHEV September 2, 1855 in Sitka. Baptized July 24, 1832 on Unalaska. Father: Ioann Kolychev.


Page 166, 726: (Davidson)
DAVIDSSON, Johan (Iogan). [Finlander]
Married Mariia VASILEV January 11, 1842 in Sitka. Died January 21, 1863 in Sitka.

Aleksandr, born October 18, 1842 in Sitka.
Evdokiia, born February 19, 1844 in Sitka.


Pages 169, 176: (Dingelshtet, Dinilshtet)
DINGELSTEDT, Konstantin. Arndt: Konstantin Fedorovich Dingelshtet. Pierce: p 121. [Baltic German; longtime skipper/officer attached to the RAC]
Married Evgeniia DURYKIN September 16, 1831 in Sitka. Born in the Pacific Siberian port Okhotsk, died November 30, 1845 in Sitka.

Olimpiada, born March 26, 1834 on Kodiak. [After her mother's death reared for a year at the Sitka home of Wilhelmina Swartz and Aleksandr Gavrilov.]
Vichislav, born July 28, 1835 on Kodiak.


Pages 3, 181: (Eki)
EK, Johan (Ioann). [Finlander] Might be Carl Johan Ek, born about 1798. Registered into Turku Seaman House.10e
Married Kseniia ACHAKA February 11, 1842 on Kodiak.

Terentii, born August 1, 1849 on Kodiak.


Pages 18, 181: (Ekan)
EK, possibly IKÄVALKO, Stefan. Arndt: Stepan Ekovalko. [Finlander]
Married Dariia AGNALIK August 6, 1854 at Nualto.

Vassa, born February 15, 1856 at Nualto.
Olga. Died April 25, 1857 at Nualto.


Page 182, 575: (Ekulin)
EKULIN / EKELÍN / EKLUND, Johan (Ivan). [Finlander]. Died May 1857 at Kwikpak.
Married Vera PUZHUAK July 30, 1847 at Kwikpak. Baptized July 13, 1844 on Unalaska.


Page 182: (Elk)
ELG, Carl Jacob. (Iacob) [Finlander, and most likely also a Colonial Citizen. Born April 31, 1796 at Dragsvik village, Ekenäs parish. Father Soldier Jacob Elg, from Pojo, Dragsvik village, married in Snappertuna parish on February 27, 1794, the servant Maria Maleen from Karia, Dragsvik. Carl Jacob was the oldest son, and the second oldest child, of seven born into the family. As Elg lived very near Fagervik and was born the same year as Jacob Johan Knagg (se under Knagg), I believe they were traveling companions, onboard one of the Fagervik Ironwork's cargo ships hauling products to their client, the firm Clayhills & Son in Reval/Tallinn, and from there to Wiborg and then to Kronstadt and Sitka.] Converted to Orthodoxy March 23, 1844 in Sitka.11


Page 192:

No name, born March 24, 1825 on Unalaska.
No name, born November 15, 1826 on Unalaska.
No name, died in April 1843 on Kodiak.


Page 192: (Flink)
FLINK, Carl Johansson. Arndt: Karl Flink. [Finlander, timberman/shipwright. Born January 26, 1798 in Halikko parish Alakydö village, Sandala croft.] Died 1839 at Fort Ross, California. (preceeding hin in death at Fort Ross were the European males: G. Walman/Wahlmann and Z. Lindel/Lindell, both presumed to be Finlanders.11a) In 1833 he was sent with wife and son Stepan to Fort Ross, the Company's farm in California. In 1835 his debts to the Company were forgiven as a reward for good work. In 1836 his salary was increased in recognition for his skills building the threshing machine at Fort Ross. In 1836 and 1838 Flink at age 39, and his family are mentioned in Veniamino's confessional records. As a Lutheran, is states therein, he did not partake in it.11b [Father: Soldier Johan Flink, born December 26, 1769, died in Halikko parish at age 73 on April 18, 1839 at Alakydö village. Mother: Stina Henricsdotter born February 14, 1769, died in childbirth October 15, 1805 at Alakydö village. Carl Johansson Flink was the third son of numerous children born into this family. However, Halikko parish record mentions that the family's oldest children were born in Pernå parish.11c]
Married: Anna (a Pomo Indian). Died January 12, 1859 in Sitka. Married 2) Gustav GUSTAVS(S)ON November 10, 1840 in Sitka.

Roman, born April 3, 1833 in Sirka.
Stepan, died December 21, 1847 in Sitka.
Child in Anna Flink's second marriage, see under Gustavsson.


Pages 100, 193: (Freisman, Freiman Friman, Foremin),
FRIMAN, Johan Gustaf (Iogan). [Finlander; Timberman/shipwright. Part of crew on board the Finnish built RAC Nicolai I in 1837. A member of Turku Seaman House.11d Likely born 1817 in Sauvo.]
Married 1) (p 193, 353) Anna KORSAKOVSKII January 14, 1834 in Sitka. Might be Peter Korsakovskii's widow.11e
Married 2) (p 100) Marfa BATUNIN / BATURIN May 12, 1840 on Kodiak. Born a twin June 22, 1830 on Kodiak. Father: Petr Baturin. Mother: Anisia.

Children (Friman-Batunin):
Matrona, born November 6, 1845 in Sitka, died February 10, 1846 in Sitka.
Matfei, born February 2, 1848 in Sitka, died June 18, 1848 in Sitka.
Petr, born May 29, 1850 in Sitka, died January 12, 1852 in Sitka.
Andreii, born November 22, 1852 in Sitka.


Pages 165, 200, 203, 220, 222: (Granberg, Gramberg, Gamberg, Grimberg. Gemberg)
GRAHNBERG, Karl Johan. Arndt: Karl Gramberg. [Finlander, probably a colonial citizen, born in Helsinki.]
Married Mariia DAHLSTRÖM (Dalstrem) January 18, 1852 in Sitka. (See under Dahlström.)

Innokentii, born November 24, 1852 in Sitka.
Vladimir, born August 15, 1854 in Sitka, died November 16, 1855 in Sitka.
Ioann, born September 1, 1856 in Sitka. Presumed to be dead prior to 1861.
Ioann (Johan), born May 4, 1861 in Sitka.


Page 220, 548, 550: (Granskoi, Eranskoi)
GRANSKOG, Efraim (Efim) or Fredrik. [Finlander]. Died December 2, 1860 on Atka.
Married 1) Dariia PETROV February 7, 1830 on Atka.
Married 2) Agrappina (Ogrofena) PETROV June 1, 1850. Baptized November 3, 1830. Father: Ivan Petrov, married Vera Petrov who died January 14, 1830 on Atka. 

Children (in the second marriage):
Aleksandra, born April 21, 1851 on Atka.
Konstantin, born September 18, 1853 on Atka.


Page 192, 224: (Gustavson)
GUSTAFSSON, Gustav. Arndt: Gustav Gustavson. [Finlander, might be Gustaf Vilhelm Gustafsson, navigator, born 1800. Registered into Turku Seaman House.11f]
Married Carl Flink's widow Anna November 10, 1840 in Sitka. Died January 12, 1859 in Sitka.

Mariia, born July 22, 1844 in Sitka.


Page 220: (Gusravi)
GUSTAFSSON, Karl Gustaf. [Finlander]
Married (p 192, 587, 588) Vera RYSEV January 19, 1841 in Sitka. Widow of Semeon Rysev who died September 11, 1840, married November 1, 1831 in Sitka. (Compare to Karl Shell.)


Page 194: (Gaksten)
HACKSTEN, Mikael (Mikhail). [Finlander]. Died February 17, 1844 in Sitka.


Page 203, 337: (Geppener) [Baltic German]
HAEPPNER Andreas (Andrei). [of influential mega Baltic German merchant family from Estonia with commercial branch houses in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Composer, pianist. Company librarian in Sitka. Company's Sitka-based Evangelical Lutheran Church's organist.11g Reached Sitka 1839 together with Aaron Sjöström and Gabriel Blomqvist and others, by crossing Siberia. Moved to San Francisco region in 1844 where he later abandoned his wife, moving himself into South America.]
Married Anna KLIMOVSKOI May 17, 1842 in Sitka.


Page 95, 196: (Bakul, Bakulin, Vakulin, Ekulin)
HAKULIN, Aleksei (Alexander?) [Finlander, possibly brother of below Johan Hakulin]. Died September 19, 1848 on Unalaska.
Married 1) (p 95) Evdokiia HAKULIN March 27, 1828 on Unalaska [might be Johan Hakulin's widow]. Died July 27, 1837 on Unalaska.
Married 2) (p 108, 724) Ekaterina BIRIUKOV October 3, 1837 on Unalaska.
Married 3) (p 95, 196) the triplet Vera GALININ / GALANIN Januari 8, 1841 on Unalaska. Born April 20, 1825 on Unalaska. Father: Nikolai Galinin. Died February 1, 1826 in Sitka, married April 24, 1825 on Unalaska, mother: Pelagiia Galanin.

Child (Aleksei Hakulin registered ):
Ivan, baptized August 15, 1824 on Unalaska, died May 1857 at Kwikpak. Married (p 182, 575) Vera BUZHUAK July 30, 1847 at Kwikpak.
Children (Hakulin-Hakulin):
Pavel, died January 27, 1830 on Unalaska.
Agripina, born June 26, 1830 on Unalaska, died August 2, 1836 on Unalaska.
Savva, born August 26, 1831 on Unalaska.
Gavriil, born March 25, 1833 on Unalaska, died June 30, 1838 on Unalaska.
Makriina, born July 19, 1836 on Unalaska, died September 22, 1838 on Unalaska.
Child (Hakulin-Biriukov):
Mariia, born March 30, 1839 on Unalaska, died October 5, 1839 on Unalaska.
Child (Hakulin-Galinin):
Matrona (Matrena), born November 17, 1842 on Unalaska. Married (p 95, 333) Makharii (Malakii) KITMANOV, July 13, 1858 on Unalaska.
          Fevroniia, born June 25, 1862 on Unalaska.
          Aleksandra, born April 19, 1865 on Unalaska.
Iliia, born July 19, 1845 on Unalaska.

Widowed Vera Galinin HAKULIN married 2 (p 95, 424-427) Alekseii MAKARIN, January 9, 1849 on Unalaska, died December 3, 1860, on Unalaska. Previously married (p 424) Pelagiia PETROV, January 13, 1835 on Unalaska, who died (p 426) September 22, 1848 on Unalaska.

born August 21, 1851 on Unalaska.
Terentii, born April 2, 1854 on Unalaska.
Mikhei, born December 27, 1856, on Unalaska.
Ekaterina, born April 9, 1859 on Unalaska.


Page 95: (Bakulin, Vakulin)
HAKULIN, Irina [possibly either below Johan Hakulin's widow, or Aleksander's sister]
Married 1) (p 225) Andrei IACHMENEV May 15, 1832 on Unalaska. Died July 25, 1838 on Unalaska.
Married 2) (p 226, 648) Vasilii SPORNYKH January 9, 1839 on Unalaska. Died April 21, 1865 on Unalaska.


Page 95: (Bakulin)
HAKULIN, Johan (Ioann). [Finlander]. Died May 6, 1826 on Unalaska.


Page 203, 444: (Gamberg, Gemberg)
HAMBERG, Khristina. (could be Granberg as above)
Married Alexandr MERESHSKOI May 6, 1842 in Sitka.

Anna, born November 29, 1843 in Sitka.


Page 200: (Gamberg, Gamberg, Gemberg)
HAMBERG, Maxim (Maksim). [Finlander]. Died August 10, 1844 in Sitka.


Page 80, 201. 224, 599: (Ganson, Gantson, Gantsyn)
HANSSON, Johan (Ioann). [Finlander]. Died March 29, 1858 on Kodiak.
Married Anna SEMENOV August 17, 1831 in Sitka. Married 2) (p 302) Johan KELLGREN January 13, 1862 in Sitka. Died April 19, 1862 on Kodiak (see Kellgren).

Anna, born August 28, 1832 in Sitka. Married 1) (p 79, 80) Matfei ARTAMONOV September 26, 1852 on Kodiak in his third marriage.
          Child (Hansson-Artamonov):
          Avgusta, born November 19, 1852 on Kodiak.
          Hansson-Kellgren children, see Kellgren, Johan.
Ioann, born September 25, 1834 in Sitka, died September 29, 1834 in Sitka.
Veniamin, born March 30, 1836 in Sitka, died August 19, 1836 in Sitka.
Veniamin, born September 16, 1837 in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born November 6, 1839 in Sitka.
Mikhail, born November 7, 1843 in Sitka.
Apollon, born December 13, 1844 in Sitka, died February 1, 1845 in Sitka.
Mariia. Married (p 690) Mikhail TRAPENZNIKOV January 21, 1848 in Sitka.
          Nikolai, born December 19, 1848 in Sitka, died May 16, 1849 in Sitka.
          Paraskeva, born September 22, 1855 in Sitka.


Page 201: (Garder)
von HARDER, Leonard (Leontii). [Baltic-German nobleman, reached Sitka 1839 onboard the Finnish built RAC ship Nicolai I. Officer/skipper]. [von Harder family name is of nobility and found in Wenden, Latvia. For von Harder's return to Europe, see under Lauraeus.]
Married Sofiia 1844 in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, Pacific Siberia. Died, November 30, 1850 in Sitka.

Aleksandr, born 1848, June 12, in Sitka,
Sofiia, born May 29, 1850 in Sitka. Married Carl Alexander Theodor von KOSKULL 1868 in San Francisco. von Koskull a family of Baltic German nobility. For additional details, see Pierce.


Pages 203, 642: (Gents, Geints, Geinits, Geizher,Geinoz)
HEINTZ, Jakob (Iakov). [Company super carg; Pierce identifies on page 163 as Austrian;
arrived to Sitka in 1826. Colonial citizen]
Married Nadezhda SOKOLOV October 7, 1828 in Sitka.

Mariia, born July 1, 1831 in Sitka. Married (p 582, 585) Anton RUTKOVSKII / RUDKOVSKII January 29, 1852.
          Mariia, born June 19, 1853 in Sitka.
          Nadezhda, born September 7, 1854 in Sitka.
          Iakov, born February 3, 1856 in Sitka.
          Juliia, born June 6, 1858 in Sitka.
Alexei, born July 23, 1834 on Kodiak,
Aleksandra, born December 5, 1835 in Sitka. Married (page 202) Zinovii GAVRILOV April 3, 1855 in Sitka.
          Iuliia, born March 12, 1858 in Sitka.
Olga, born April 2, 1838 in Sitka. Married the Balt Joseph LUGEBIL March 30, 1858 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Lugebil.
Nikolai, born February 7, 1840 in Sitka, died December 1, 1840 in Sitka.
Nikolai, born September 19, 1842 in Sitka. Applied for marriage license in 1858.11r
Ekaterina, born January 19, 1847 in Sitka. Married (p 168) Grigorii DENGIN January 26, 1866 in Sitka. (Dengin served as a RAC sea captain.)
Aleksandr, born October 13, 1848 in Sitka.
Aleksandra, born (twin) October 8, 1851 in Sitka.
Juliia, born (twin) October 8, 1851 in Sitka.


Page 62, 307: (Khelman)
HELLMAN, Carl Johan. Olin: Carl Hellman. If correct then born 1839 in Karis Finland, member of Helsinki Seaman House.11v Mentioned in Sitka's Orthodox parish records in 1865. [Finlander]
Married Agniia ANDRIANOV February 3, 1860 in Sitka. Died January 9, 1863 in Sitka.

Alexandra, born April 25, 1860 in Sitka.


Page 215, 631: (Golshted)
HELSTEDT, Johan Edvard (Iiugan). [Finlander, born July 20, 1834 in Helsinki. Father: formerly a police servant, then Mason Apprentice Gustaf Hellstedt, born April 5, 1804 in Turku, moved to Helsinki 1829, married in Vihti parish April 12, 1830 servant maid Anna Johansdotter Tallgren from Vanjärvi farm, born April 25, 1805 in Siuntio, moved to Helsinki after her marriage. Two sons were born to the family of which Johan Edvard was the younger one.12 In 1868 Johan Hellstedt bought a house for Dollars 100.00 from Peter Repin, which Repin had bought from the Company for One Dollars. Helstedt was still in Sitka in 1876, had a foster daughter Evgeniia Simeonoff (Semenov) born December 21, 1857 in Sitka.12a Listed as one of the 125 individuals including his wife and foster daughter, wishing to leave Alaska in 1876 for Vladivostok, Pacific Siberia.
Married Ekaterina SIMENOV / SIMEONOV June 4, 1861 at Kodiak. Born November 23, 1830 in Sitka. Registered under father only. Father: Gavriil Simonov, who died September 30, 1836 in Sitka. Married January 29, 1830 in Sitka Ekaterina Kondakov, who died September 20, 1836 in Sitka. 

Child (registered under Ekaterina only):
Simeon, born February 1, 1861 in Sitka, died March 1, 1861 in Sitka.


Page 35, 215: (Golstin)
HELSTEN / HOLSTEIN, Nikolai. [Finlander?]
Married Olga AKLIUK July 24, 1860 on Kwikpak.

Petr, born October 25, 1860 on Kwikpak.
Mariia, born August 18, 1864 on Kwikpak.


Page 307: (Khelstrem)
HELSTRÖM / KÄLLSTRÖM, Peter (Petr). [Finlander]

Dimitrii, born September 27, 1825 in Sitka.


Page 93, 205: (Geurik)
HENRICS, Johan (Iogan). [Finlander; recorded in the RAC already in 1843, see below Heurin / Heurlin.]


[Two Hermann families with children are registered as passengers on the RAC ship Nicolai under Finnish captain Krogius, departing from Kronstadt in the fall of 1861.]
Page 204, 456, 716: (German)
HERMAN, Johan (Iogan). Arndt: Iogan German. Olin: p 15. [Finlander; RAC employee since at least 1843. Sent support money to Finland.12b Colonial citizen]
Married Iroiida MILOVIDOV April 23, 1848 in Sitka. Born September 28, 1827 in Sitka. Father: Alfei Milovidov. Died January 16, 1855 in Sitka. Married January 1, 1819 in Sitka, mother: Nadezhda Ulitovskii. Died April 6, 1855 in Sitka.

Joann, born March 7, 1849 in Sitka.
Mariia, born November 15, 1851 in Sitka.
Iroiida, born December 7, 1854 in Sitka.
Konstantin, born May 19, 1864 in Sitka

Note! Iroiida was older sister to Anna Milovidov who was educated in Governor Etholén's household in Sitka between 1840 and 1845. Born February 2, 1830 in Sitka, married Iona Kostrometinov July 6, 1852 in Sitka.


Page 204, 409: (German)
HERMAN, Karl. Arndt: Karl German. Olin: p 15. Osborn, p 227: 1840 one tailor Karl German was left at Fort Ross due to illness. [Finlander; believed to be a colonial citizen; A Herman family consisting of husband, wife, and four children were onboard the RAC ship IMPERATOR NIKOLAI on October 4, 1861 as it departed Kronstadt for Sitka. I presume it is Karl Herman with family. A Karl Herman is listed as requesting permission to marry in 1837 and 1852. Additionally, see below for next Herman.]
Married: widowed Agrafina Nozikov LINDBERG (Limberg) May 19, 1850 in Sitka.

Vladimir, born July 16, 1850 in Sitka.
Vasilii, born March 21, 1853 in Sitka.
Ioann, born June 21, 1855 in Sitka.

Additionally one Gottlieb Hermann claims he was born in Sitka in 1841 and that he had served as second engineer on RAC steam ships KONSTANTIN and ALEXANDR. In 1867 when Alaska was ceeded to the United States he bacame a naturalized citizen. The statement was witnessed by W. Kashevaroff and B.C. Brightman, and was part of an application for a pilot license submitted to the Pilot Board in Seattle.12c


Pages 204, 642, 751, 752: (Gerring)
HERRING / HARING, Josef. [Balt?]
Married Paraskeva ZYKOV / ZIKOV January 28, 1866 in Sitka. Born May 21, 1845 on Kodiak. Father: Daniil Zykov. Died March 7, 1862 in Sitka. Married November 13, 1831 in Sitka. Mother: Liubov Sokolov.


Page 93, 205, 307: (Geurik, Geursen, Kheurin)
HEURLIN / HERLIN, Johan (Ioan). Arndt: Iogan Geurlin: sent funds to parents in Finland April 10, 1843. [Finlander; an RAC employee since at least 1843. Likely to be a colonial citizen.]
Married Dariia BAIDAKOV January 9, 1842 in Sitka. Died August 19, 1846 in Sitka. 

Sofiia, born September 14, 1843 in Sitka.


Page 98, 196, 205, 517, 518: (Geurin, Kheurin)
HERLIN, Carl. Arndt: Karl Geurlin: sent funds to parents in Finland April 10, 1843. [Finlander; RAC employee since 1843 at least. Likely a colonial citizen.]
Married the widow Matrona Balashev OSKOLKOV / OSKOLNIKOV January 21, 1845 in Sitka. Previously married Vasilii Oskolnikov May 23, 1841 on Kodiak, who died Fabruary 7, 1844 in Sitka. Married 3) (p 205, 306) Mikkel KHAMELIAN October 5, 1849 in Sitka.

Anna, born January 12, 1847 in Sitka. Married (p 196, 307) Ivan GALETSKII November 10, 1863 in Sitka. He departed Kronstadt 1861 on board the IMPERATOR NIKOLAI I, and reached Sitka in the spring of 1862.12d
          Petr, born June 16, 1864 in Sitka
          Olga, born April 5, 1866 in Sitka
          Sofiia, born September 14, 1843 in Sitka


Page 205: (Gimberkh)
HIMBERG, Zakarias (Zakar). [Finlander]. Died September 2, 1829 in Sitka.


Page 711: (Ugolm)
HOLM, Johan (Ioann). [Finlander. Might be Johan Fredrik Holm deckhand. If correct then born in Inkoo about 1794, and registered into Helsinki Seamen's House 1811-181212e]. Converted to Orthodoxy August 8, 1846 at Kenai.


Pages 104, 216, 217, 351, 644: (Gong, Gongo, Gonga, Songo, Kongo, Konno)
HONKA / HÅNGA, Efraim Jakobsson. Arndt: Efrem Gongo from Åbo district, Marttila parish, Kiuru village. [Finlander. RAC employee. Born June 16, 1795, on Hånga Farm. Baptized June 18 the same month. Father: Hånga Farm owner Jacob Thomasson, born June 4, 1748, died July 18, 1807. Mother: Elisabet Jacobsdotter, born November 20, 1756, died 1803 or 1805. (record unclear) Efraim was the third youngest of six children born into the family. After his father's death the oldest son, Henric Jacobsson, inherited the farm. His minor age siblings continued to live on the family farm. On December 1, 1811 Efraim was confirmed into the church. In 1813, at age 18, he took out moving papers for Turku, Finland's capital under Swedish rule, a major seafaring city.12f Refered to in Russian Alaska as "a former worker of Wiborg, Russia". This indicates he had moved from Turku to Viipuri, the second largest city in Finland, which Tzar Alexander I had in 1812 reattached to Finland as part of his Grand Duchy of Finland. A region Sweden had lost to Russia in 1721. Approval for applied colonial citizenship 1847. Colonial citizen as of 1850.13]
Married Maria January 11, 1835 on Kodiak.

Iosif / Iosaf, born November 18, 1835 on Kodiak. Married (p 609) Aleksandra SHANGIN February 10, 1865 on Kodiak. Born June 21, 1848 on Kodiak. Father: Roman Shangin. Married July 2, 1847 on Kodiak, mother: Anna Chichinev.
          Tatiana, born June 5, 1866 on Kodiak.
Tatiana, born January 15, 1836 on Kodiak.
Feodosiia, born May 23, 1837 on Kodiak. Married (p 750-751) Lev ZHURAVLEV January 12, 1855 on Kodiak.
          Vasilii, born February 2, 1856 on Kodiak.
          Aleksandra, born April 1, 1858 on Kodiak.
          Andrei, born July 3, 1860 on Kodiak.
          Efim, born January 1, 1863 on Kodiak.
          Raisa, born September 1, 1865 on Kodiak.
Mitrofan, born January 4, 1839, died September 23, 1841 on Kodiak.
Evdokiia, born March 11, 1842 on Kodiak. Married  (p 104) (might be wife #2 of) Iakov BERESTOV January 20, 1861 on Kodiak. Previously believed to have been married to Evdokiia.
          Semeon, born July 22, 1865 on Kodiak.
Efrem (p 644), born March 23, 1844 on Kodiak
Mitrofan, born March 17, 1845 on Kodiak, died August 20, 1858 on Kodiak.
Mariia, born July 19, 1847 on Kodiak. Married (p 220) October 15, 1863 on Kodiak Vasilii GRIAZNOV, baptized December 18, 1848 in Sitka.
          Stefan, born December 14, 1864 on Kodiak.
Afanasiia, born September 3, 1850 on Kodiak
Alexei, born January 10, 1854 in Kodiak
Andrei, born November 18, 1856 on Kodiak, died October 28, 1857 on Kodiak,
Pelageia, born April 9, 1859 on Kodiak.
Tatiana, born June 5, 1866 on Kodiak


Page 224: (Gultmak)
HULTMAN, Berndt Willhelm (Bernt). Arndt: Bernt Vil'gelm Gutman. [Finlander, navigator, believed to have joined the Company via the port of Viborg. serving in the Colonies. Born December 15, 1804 in the city of Ekenäs. The Godparents recorded onto his birth certificate, belonged to the city elite. Berndt Willhelm was the next to the youngest of 12 children, born into this economically privileged family, of which one had died very young. On April 2, in 1820, Berndt Willhelm was confirmed into the Church. The same year on May 4 he took out moving papers for Helsinki. The record states: reads fluently, comports himself with decency, understands his Christian teaching. A minor, not yet eligible for marriage. Moves now to Helsinki with the intends of becoming engaged at the Pharmacy there. However, Helsinki city parish communion books have no Hultman recorded into Helsinki Pharmasist Gustaf Salinger's staff. Father: Commercial Councilman and Merchant Businessman Carl Hultman, born in Ekenäs on December 12, 1763, died there in 1820, belonged to an established merchant family in the city. Mother Lovisa Böning, born in Ekenäs on November 13, 1766. At his father's death the oldest son, Carl Fredric Hultman, took charge of the old family firm.13b How and where Hultman schooled himself into a Navigatior's Diploma as well as where and when Hultman got engaged into the Russian-American Company Colonies is unknown to me. However, the below Russian American correspondence suggests two things. First: the Hultman siblings might have lost contact with their brother prior to their father's death, and second: it thus might have taken the siblings several years to locate their brother's where-about. Arndt: Local merchant Karl Bruun, on commision of Ekenäs merchant Carl (Fredric) Gultman, that Gutman's brother Bernt Vil'gelm Gutman, a native of Finland, serving in the Colonies, be sent to St. Petersburg. Brun will pay his outstanding debts to the Company. Asks (Governor) Kupreianov to send Bernt Gutman to St. Petersburg on the ship Nicolai, or if it already left, overland via Okhotsk. Gutman should not be given any money other than what he absolutely needs for the journey.13c However, Navigator Berndt Willhelm Hultman died in the Colonies on January 11, 1839. The Company now claimed Berndt Willhelm Hultman owned them the major sum of One thousand eight hundred and twelve Rubles and eighty three and a half Kopek. A fraction of it to the Company Colonies' book-keeper Suchanov. Thus the Company sued Hultman's estate. This process spanned from 1840 to 1845. Arndt: Communication from the Main Office to (Governor) Tebenkov February 20, 1845. Repy to (Governor) Etholén's communication No 307 dated May 8, 1844: Etholin has submitted the final account of the late mariner Gul'tman and an oat from the bookkeeper of the Novo Arkhangel'sk office. They have been sent to Finland for presentation to the creditors' meeting convened over the estate of Gul'tman. The Company lost the case because its itemized claim reached the court too late.13d The reason might have been the distance. The court record includes the information that Hultman served in the Colonies in the capacity of navigator, and that he died near the Aleutian Islands, presumably while on a journey onboard ship. However, his death is recorded into the Index as "in Sitka".


Pages 307, 308, 493, 614: (Khieras, Nieras)
HYÖRÄ, Samuel Mathiasson. (Samuil) Arndt: Samuel' Kheres, also spelled Khieras) [Finlander. "Journeyman Brewer". Born August 21, 1822 in Rantasalmi parish, Reponmäki village. The illegitimate son of Crofter Matts / Mathias Hyörä and mother: Caisa Asikainen, whom widowed Crofter Mathias Hyörä (the father of three children from his first marriage), married in Rantasalmi on November 16, 1823. In this marriage two additional daughters were born, Birgitta Catharina 1825, and Lovisa 1831. Mathias died May 10, 1836 of Dropsy at age 60. Samuel Mathiasson's death date and place in Russian America is still unknown to me, as well as if he applied for, and then obtained Colonial Citizenship.13d1 Rantasalmi parish out-moving record for January 1839: "The lodger's son Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä, one person, to St. Petersburg with moving record #631.13d2 St. Petersburg's St. Maria Finnish language Evangelical Lutheran parish registered Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä into its ledgers as of May 25, 1840, under "Brewers." The parish communion books indicate he was employed as a brewer apprentice at Mathias Johansson's brewery situated in the suburb of Gatshina. Into the same communion record is also made the notation he moved out of St. Maria parish in June of 1850, indicating his destination was to "Sitka".13d3 Departing with Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä was Nils Stephansson TERVOIN / TERVAIN (modern version: Tervonen / Tervanen) [with St. Maria parish moving papers #73, dated June 20, 1850.] Arndt: Nicolai Tervonen, same as Nil's Tervonen? [Finlander. Journeyman Shoemaker / Cobbler, born April 20, 1820 in Kerimäki parish Kulenois village. Father: widowed crofter Stephan / Staffan Grelsson Tervoin from Kulenois village, born April 4, 1775, married October 7, 1806 (in the second of his three marriages) crofter servant Eva Johansdotter Silvennoin from Niinimäki village in Kerimäki parish, born there about 1785. Eight children were born within this marriage of at least 12 children born within his three marriages, of which Nils was the sixth, and the second son of five sons. Son Nils was confirmed in 1836, and then in 1840 he moved to St. Petersburg where he was registered into St. Maria parish on January 21, 1841 as a Journeyman Shoemaker. The communion record indicates he was married but had no children.13d4 With a reference to Tervoin's profession: Arndt: Communication from the Main Office to (Governor) Teben'kov (here partially quoted) for June 21, 1848: The contract with tailor Brandes, is based on the terms Teben'kov proposed in his #328, May 9, 1846 communication. For all the advantages of the term, the Main Office could scarcely convince this one master to go to the colonies. (see Branders) (However) not a single good boot-maker had agreed to be employed there.13d5 If and when Nils Sephansson Tervoin returned to St. Petersburg, and/or Finland is yet unknown to me, as well as when and where he died. Arndt: July 13, 1850, cover letter forwarding two certificates issued by Finnish pastor of Mariinski parish (St. Maria Finnish Evangelical Lutheran paris) in St. Petersburg, Carl (Wilhelm) Sirén. They are for two natives of Finland who are in the Colonies, Nil's Tervonen (Tervanen) and Samuel' Khieras (Samuel Kieras).13e From above communication and below marriage date, one might infer that in reality Hyörä and Tervain had departed for Sitka somewhat earlier that June of 1850, perhaps even considerably so, and then without obtaining required parish moving papers. The referred to St. Maria parish head pastor Karl Siren identifies him as the Jämsä parish born pastor Carl Wilhelm Sirén (1795-1866) who served as such up to his death at St. Maria parish. As the parish membership was huge, he wielded much influence as well as political power as the leader, upholder and preserver of the homeland's language and cultural traditions among St. Petersburg's Finnish language population.13d6 Arndt: communication of July 20, 1856: in consequence of petition submitted by widow Birgitta Il'vonen (Ilmonen) the Main Office asks (Governor) Voevodskii to obtain written responses from Il'vonen's (Ilmonen's) brother, Samuil Khieras, a Finlander, serving in the Colonies. He is to be asked if he can assign the petitioner financial aid out of his salary.13f Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä's sister, Birgitta Catharina (Brita Kaisa) Hyörä, had moved to St. Petersburg three years after her brother. Initially, upon arrival on January 21, 1843, she had been registered into St. Maria parish under the heading "Unmarried Females." Then in 1845, on February 10, she had married Bookbinding Apprentice Carl Mattson Ilmoin, born in Rantasalmi parish on January 4, 1824. He had registered into St. Maria parish on February 25, 1840. In the early 1850s.Carl Mattsson Ilmoin died, leaving Birgitta Catharina a widow, and seemingly without means to sustain herself.]13d7
Married Anna SHAVANOV October 14, 1851 in Sitka.

Petr, born February 5, 1853 in Sitka.
Mariia, born February 27, 1855 in Sitka.
Nikolai, born November 19, 1859 in Sitka, died January 24, 1861 in Sitka.
Evgeniia, born December 22, 1861 in Sitka.


Thus illustrates St. Maria parish in- and out-moving records, within Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä's own time-frame from his departure in 1850 to 1858, among the many:

June 9, 1851: Elias Stephansson PULLINEN, Bronze-worker, departing for Sitka,
and September 26, 1851: Gustaf Adamsson NYBERG, Silversmith, departing for Sitka.
July 19, 1852: Paul Johansson KALJUNEN, Laborer, back from Novo Arkhangelsk,
July 23, 1852: Johan Jacobsson PASTINEN, Bronze-worker, departing for America,
and December 26, 1852: Henric ÅBERG, back from New Arkhangelsk
April 16, 1853: Gabriel Thomasson KETTUNEN, back from Sitka,
and June 2, 1853: Fredrik Carlsson HASTELL, back from Sitka.
September 24, 1854: Karl BJÖRKLUND, back from Sitka.
November 2, 1857 are the following back from Novo Arkhangel, after their 7-year contracts had been completed:
Samuel Mathiasson HYÖRÄ,
Elias Stephanson PULLINEN, Bronze-worker, and
And, in 1858 on March 19 and 20, are the following back from Sitka:
Abel Adamsson PLATHAN, and
Mickel Herman Mickelsson HÄMÄLÄINEN.
And in 1858, departing from St. Maria parish between August 16 and 20, were:
Samuel, Mattsson HYÖRÄ, Brewer Apprentice, for America,
Johan Fredrik WIGER, Laborer, for America, (see Wiger)
and the two Bronze-working brothers:
Elias Stepahansson PULLINEN, and
Joachim Stephansson PULLINEN, both departing for "for America".

As we know from above that Samuel Mathiasson Hyörä begot another child in Sitka, we can infer that all above men with their travel designations "to America" were on their way to Sitka. Above also indicates that all these men knew each other well from way before 1858. Indicated also is that above men were in 1858 traveling together to Sitka. Most likely it was by Company ship from Kronstadt. Among these particular men, only Wiger and Hyörä are known to have formed families within the Russian Sub-Arctic Pacific Colonies. With the exception of Wiger, all of them were from Eastern Finland. What above also indicates is that Samuel Hyörä had by the end of 1856 completed his initial 7-year contract with the RAC, or, that he completed it by working his way back onboard one of the Company ship's, thus competing it upon arrival to Kronstadt. Now released, he then paid, with or without his wife and two children, a visit to his home-parish. That is, during the time-slot between his daughter Mariia's 1855 birth, and his son, Nikolai's1859 birth.

Note that several of above listed men have also been recorded by Arndt, such as Andres Nyuberg, Genric Okerberg, Gavrila Kettunen, Fridrikh. Khastel', Karl Byrklund, Samuel Kheres, Abel Platan, Mikhel Khemeliain, Fridrikh Viger,

Note too, that this is but a fraction of all those men recorded as moving to and from Sitka recorded into St. Maria's parish's moving-in and moving-out books.


Page 246, 711: (Itaman)
IDMAN, Alexander (Alejsei)
Married Irina UGUZHA September 15, 1855 on Kodiak. 


Page 234: (Idaman)
IDMAN, Johan (Ilia). [Finlander]
Married Tatiana.

Gavriil, born March 23, 1856 on Kodiak.


Page 244: (Innomen)
IMMONEN, Anna. [Finlander, or the widow or a child of a Finlander.] Converted to Orthodoxy May 25, 1865 at Kwikpak.


Pages 229, 361: (Iakobson)
JAKOBSSON, Mikael (Mikhail). Arndt: Iakobson. [Finlander]
Married Paraskeva KOZHEVNIKOV January 26, 1834 in Sitka.


Pages 245, 248, 647: (Ioganson Iuganson)
JOHANSSON, Leopold, Leonard, Lennart, Lars? (Leopart). [Finlander]
Married Tatiana SOSKIN / SOSHIN May 1, 1859 in Sitka.

Manuil, born April 28, 1860 in Sitka, died September 4, 1861 in Sitka.
Mariia, born June 1, 1862 in Sitka, died June 3, 1863 in Sitka.
Vladimir, born March 16, 1864 in Sitka, died April 19, 1865 in Sitka.


Page 248: (Iogansin)
JOHANSSON, Peter (Petr). [Finlander]. Died 1836, November 27, in Sitka.


Page 268: (Kaizhborg)
KAIZBORG / KAIZBERG / KARLBORG / KARLBERG, Karl. [Finlander or Balt]. Died November 21, 1835 in Sitka.


Page 175, 221, 273, 302, 303, 495, 752: Kalgren, Kalgrem, Kalgren, Kalgrin, Kelgrem, Kelgken.
KELLGREN, Johannes (Ioann) Arndt: Iogan Kelgren. [Born July 2, 1806 at Porvoo city parish, Karlby village, Långvik farm. Father: Farmhand Anders Kellgren, died of dropsy at age 59, on November 21, 1826 at Karlby village, Långvik croft. In the first of his two marriages, Mother: Anna Nilsdotter. Johannes was the fourth son of five boys born into this marriage, of which the fourth one died young, born into this marriage. Three more children were born within his second marriage on October 24, 1820, to Christina Fredriksdotter].13g Arndt: In response to the Main Office's letter requesting release to Colonial Citizenship for employee Iogan Kel'gren, the Kuopio Guberniia Administration requested information on the uez and parish in which Kel'gren resided before leaving for the Colonies, because no one knows him in Finland. The Main Office told the Guberniia Administration that according to the rolls, Kel'gren is listed as a native of Borgovskii town parish, Kadry village, but the Administration found this information to be insufficient and asked that more information be obtained from Kel'gren.13h Arndt: The Kuopio Civil Governor has informed the Main Office that there is no obstacle to employee Iogan Kel'gren, a Finlander, becoming a Colonial Citizen. Orders Tebenkov to have him registered as such effective January 1, 1849.13i
Married 1) (p 541, 752) widowed Anna Pavlov ZYRIANOV January 15, 1833 in Sitka. Born about 1809, previously married in Sitka, September 9, 1828 to Aleksei Zyrianov, who died March 15, 1832 in Sitka. Married 2) (p 201, 302) widowed Anna Semenov HANSSON January 13, 1862, on Kodiak. Died April 19, 1862 on Kodiak.(see under Hansson).
St. Paul Harbor (Kodiak) Creole church records: "Wife of Lutheran Ioann Kelgrin, Anna Timofeeva age 41, his stepson Aleksandr Andreev Pavlov age 24, their children Savelii age 6, Iraida 16, Matrona 10, Evdokiia, 4, Aleksii born 1849."13j

Kellgren's stepson:
Aleksandr, (p 541) born September 11, 1827 in Sitka, died November 15, 1863 on Kodiak. Anna's child with Andrei Pavlov (registered in the Index under Andrei Pavlov's name only. Andrei Pavlov died (p 541) January 20 or 30, 1828 in Sitka).
Children (in the first marriage):
Iroiida / Iraida, (Olin: p 16; Pierce: p 128) born March 5, 1834 in Sitka. Married (p 175, 302) Fiofilat DRUZHININ, January 14, 1853, on Kodiak. Born January 8, 1827 on Unalaska. Died March 1, 1862 on Kodiak.
          Filaret, born December 1, 1856, in Sitka, died August 10, 1860 on Kodiak.
          Lavrentii, born January 29, 1859, in Sitka.
Matrona, born March 27, 1839 on Kodiak. Married (p 495, 497) Anton NIKOFOROV January 7, 1855, on Kodiak.
          Vasilii, born December 26, 1855 on Kodiak.
          Pelagia, born April 26, 1858 on Kodiak.
          Timofei, born January 22, 1862 on Kodiak.
          Anna, born September 14, 1863 on Kodiak.
Savva / Savelii, born March 10, 1843 on Kodiak. Married (p 221) Anisia GRIGOREV /GRIGORIEFF, April 18, 1865 on Kodiak. Born December 25, 1844 in Sitka. Father: Demid/Deomid Grigorev, born 1804 in Novgorod, Russia, married January 28, 1834 on Atka. Mother: Paraskeva Ladygin, born 1810 on Atka.13k
Evdokiia, (not located in the Index), born about 1846.14
Alekseii, born February 25, 1849 on Kodiak.
Children (in the second marriage):
Anna, born likely shortly before or after her father's second marriage, died January 27, 1862 on Kodiak.
Liubov, died June 1, 1863, on Kodiak.
Anastasiia, born October 2, 1865, on Kodiak.


Pages 68, 334: (Kiugan)
KIUKAS, Anders (Andrei) [Finlander].
Married Matreena ANIZHAK September 8, 1841 on Kodiak.

Grigorii, baptised August 28, 1844 on Kodiak.


Page 337: (Klinkovstrem, Klinovstrem)
KLINKOFSTRÖM, Martin (Martyn). [Baltic Swede or Baltic German; in RAC service since 1837. Officer/skipper, thereafter RAC agent at San Francisco and Russian consul in San Francisco.]
Married Evgeniia KALMAKUU 1842 in Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, Pacific Siberia.

Sofiia, born June 20, 1843 in Sitka. Married (p 353) Nikolai KOSHKIN October 15, 1861 in Sitka. [Died November 13, 1865 in San Francisco's Private Hospital. Koshkin had served as Governor Furuhjelm's secretary in Sitka. After his marriage he served under his father-in-law, who served from 1864 as Imperial Russian consul in San Francisco. Sofiia married there, as her sisters.15]
          Evgeniia, born January 17, 1864 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born February 14, 1846 on Atka, died December 5, 1847 in Sitka. [Death mentioned in Sitka's Lutheran Pastor Gabriel Plathan's diary written in Sitka betweeen 1845 and 1848, notation for Friday, December 5, 1847.]
Mariia, born August 31, 1847 in Sitka, died April 21, 1848 in Sitka.
Olga, born April 23, 1849 in Sitka.
Evgeniia, born March 2, 1851 in Sitka.


Page 338, 339, 583: (Knage, Knagak, Knagic, Knagin, Knagina, Knashn, Kniagin, Knagatsina)
KNAGG, Jacob Johan (Iakov). Arndt: Iakov Knage. [Finlander from Fagervik, Inkoo, District of Nyland, Finland. Colonial citizen as of January 1, 1848.16] Born July 25, 1796 at Fagervik, Finland. Moved to Ninilchik at Kenai in 1847.16a Died June 1, 1851 in Ninilchik at Kenai.16b Departed for Reval (Tallinn) in 1815. As Fagervik Ironworks exported much of what it produced to clients in Tallinn, Viipuri, Hamina, and other places, its labor force included seamen and skippers as well as ships. Thus Fagervik's labor force was constantly faced , as well as in contact with a much larger view of the world. And, as most moving records only give the initial destination I do believe Jacob Johan Knagg journeyed to Tallinn (Reval) on just such a Fagervik cargo hauling ship, with its first destination to Tallinn. From Tallinn the ship most likely sailed to its next port of delivery, that is Viipuri, where Knagg got off and joined that city's Seaman House. Thus he got the distinction of being identified as a "Wiborg Mariner". Sometimes thereafter his next step might have been to move to Kronstadt, where he was hired to serve as part of the crew on one of the Russian-American Company ships, reaching Sitka.16c Helen J. Knagg Simeonoff: initially Jacob Johan Knagg served as a boatswain on the local RAC ships. Then in referring to D.W. Clark, and Arndt: RAC records she mentions that he was in 1842 listed as a cowherd and his wife Elena as a dairymaid. Now quoting from records in Finland: in the summer of 1841, Governor Arvid Adolph Etholén made an inspection trip to among other places the Kodiak region. He did so onbord the Finnish-built RAC ship Nadslednik Alexandr under the Finnish, Viipuri born Russian Marine Lieutenant, Johan Joachim von Bartram's command. Onboard was also the Company's Evangelical Lutheran pastor, Uno Cygnaeus. In a letter home Cygnaeus tells his purpose was to visit and then register all Lutherans in all the regions the ship touched upon. He was to perform all the duties of a Lutheran pastor: marry, baptize, bless burial sites, etc. as well as offer communions and give church services to those Lutherans he encountered. From Kodiak he made a trip to another bay where he met a Finn, the caretaker of the Company's diary cattle barn, and its cattle herd. Cygnaeus describes the establishment as stepping into the premises of one at home in Finland. In glowing terms he tells how superbly it-all was kept. Like in Finland, it was spotlessly clean, and every utensel was given its very own designated place hanging from a peg or placed on a shelve on the wall. The couple was delightfully friendly and had the most adorable baby.16d If the Arndt / Clark quotings are historically accurate, then they refer to the Finlander Jacob Johan Knagg and his wife Elena, and presumably to their year old daughter Matrena. Upon hearing of his father's death Jacob Johan Knagg expressed a wish to return to Finland, (for a visit or permanently is yet unknown) However the Russian American Company chief manager talked him out of this, and thus he staid in the Colonies.16d1 This indicates that by then, Knagg had completed his first 7-year work-contract with the Company, as well as perhaps his second one. It also coincided with the timing of the following: Arndt: Main Office communication to (Governor) Tebenk'ov dated March 15,1848.. Reply to Tebenkov's communication dated May 12, 1847, issue: Tebenk'ov submitted requests for colonial citizenship from Iakov Knagge and Ivan Prokof'ev. They were transmitted to the Abo civil governor and the Pskov Fiscal Chamber, as appropriate. The Niuland governor replied that orders have been issued to exclude worker Iakov Knagge from the local rolls to become a colonial citizen. A response has not yet been received from the Pskov Fiscal Chamber. Orders Tebenk'ov to record Knagge as a Colonial Citizen effective January 1, 1848. The enclosure holds the names of 15 men who have obtained Colonial Citizenship. Among them "Matvei Riuppe, worker, of Vyborg gubernia town of Vyborg, Kurvem village and Iogan (Iakov) Knage, Niuland gubernia Ingoskii parish Skagervik factory." Then just about a year before Jacob Johan Knagg's untimely death in the newly established retirement village of Ninilchik at Kenai, the Main Office sent Governor Tebenkov a communication, dated March 23, 1850, which at this time included the names of 21 Colonial Citizens. Listed are Matvei Matti Riuppe from Wiipuri, Iogan (Iakov) Knagge / Jacob Johan Knagg from Fagervik parish, Iogan Kel'gren / Johannes Kellgren from Porvoo parish, and Efrem Gongo / Efraim Jacobsson Honka, from Marttila parish.16d2 Thus, Jacob Johan Knagg never managed to finish there the home he was building for him and his family. Soon thereafter his struggling family was moved to Kodiak where they would enjoy the support of close relatives. However, how ever much effort has been put into locating Jacob Johan Knagg's forgotten burial site at the site of Ninilchik, the actual site still eludes the searcher. Father: Emmanuel Knagg, master furnaceman assistant at Fagervik iron works, later master distiller at Fagervik distillery. Born October 21, 1770 at Fagervik, died June 27, 1847 at Fagervik. Son of Johan Niclas Knagg, born 1738 in Germany. Came to Finland 1745. Died at Fagervik, March 27, 1818, and his wife Anna Kristina Jacobsdotter Holstein, born 1739. Mother: Maria Västerberg, born 1766 in Karis, died January 4, 1814 at Fagervik.
Married Elena ROSTOVTSEV April 10, 1839 at Kodiak in her first marriage. Father: Efim Rostovtsev, born 1812, died 1836. Mother: Irina, born 1812.16d3 Elena Rostovtsev KNAGINA married (p 338, 522) 2) Filipp PANFILOV September 9, 1864 at Kenai both in their second marriages. However, see below for daughter Matrena.

, March 1839 on Little Afognak, died January 1923 on Afognak. Married 1860 Oliana CHERNIKOV on Little Afognak.16e
, born March 3, 1840 on Kodiak Possibly a twin to a sister Elena. If so, then she might be the one who married Filipp Panfilov September 9, 1864 at Kenai.
Paraskeva, born October 22, 1841 on Kodiak. Married (p 61, 62) Vasilii ANDREEV January 8, 1861 at Kenai. Born January 1, 1836 on Unalaska. Father: Gregorii Andreev. Died July 22, 1838 on Unalaska. Mother: Daria.
          Ioann, born February 2, 1862 on Kenai. Died January 22, 1865 at Kenai.
          Aleksandra, born May 16, 1863 on Kenai.
Konstantin, born July 18, 1843, on Kodiak
Elisaveta, born September 5, 1845, on Kodiak. Married (p 338, 518) Zakharii OSKOLKOV / ISKOLKOV October 6, 1863 at Kenai.16f Born November 9, 1831 in Sitka. Father: Jakov Oskolkov, died June 27, 1847 in Sitka. Married October 2, 1831 in Sitka, mother Anna Oskolkov.
          Child (among many):
           Demnina, born March 27, 1880 in Ninilchik on Kenai. Married Edvin EDELMANN in 1896. Born November 2, 1856 in Porvoo, Finland. Father: Land surveyor Jakob Edelmann, born June 2, 1806 in Porvoo, died October11, 1869 in Porvoo. Mother: Wilhelmina Strömberg, born February 26, 1817 in Myrskylä, died February 18, 1887 in Porvoo. 8 children born in the US ruled Alaska.16g 
Marfa, (p 339 Kniagin) born August 25 1848 at Kenai.
Aleksei, (p 339 Knashn) born March 15, 1851 at Kenai.
Children (registered under Elena's name only):
Makrina, born February 23, 1856 at Kenai.
Ioan, born 1859, died January 22, 1865 at Kenai.16h
Anisiia, born December 17/18, 1857 at Kenai, died August 1, 1859 at Kenai.
Aleksandr, born January 30, 1860 at Kenai.
Makarii, born May 10, 1862 at Kenai.
Pelagiia, (p 339 Knagatsina) died 1866 at Kenai. (Note: I have not yet found any additional information conserning Palageia in the Index of 1816-1866.)


Pages 469, 512: (Nage, Nyge)
KNAGGE / NAGEL / NYGREN, Peter (Petr). [Finlander]. Converted to Orthodoxy March 17, 1849 at Kenai.
Married 1) (p 698) Anna TUKHEITE July 5, 1859 at Kenai.
Married 2) (p 512 ) Natasiia NYGMY June 12, 1862 at Kenai.

Children (Knagge-Nygmy):
Iiakov, born January 28, 1863 at Kenai.
Mikhail, baptised August 6, 1866 at Kenai.


Page 111, 222, 339, 340: (Knutil, Knutila, Knutillo, Knutilo, Kanutila, Knutilov)
KNUUTILA, Erik Eriksson. [Finlander, likely a colonial citizen. If correctly identifiyed, then born September 9, 1786 on Knuutila farm, Ahlainen parish, at Nederby village. Died presumably in Sitka after 1848 and before 1850. Father: Knuutila farmer Eric Eriksson. Mother: Ulrika Michelsdotter.16i Note: The name Knuutila might have turned into the name Knutiolov.]
Married (p 111, 512) Kseniia Oborin BORODIN January 22, 1837 in Sitka. Previously married to Ivan Borodin April 11, 1828 in Sitka, who died July 31, 1834 on Kodiak.

Mikhail, born October 5, 1837 in Sitka, died September 5, 1838 in Sitka.
Nataliia, born May 12, 1840 in Sitka.
Mikhail, born November 8, 1841 in Sitka. Married (p 606) Kseniia SHAIASHNIKOV August 16, 1866 on Unalaska. Born January 22, 1838 on Unalaska. Father: Kassian Shaiashnikov. Married July 8, 1827 on Unalaska, mother Nadezhda Shaiashnikov. [Kseniia's brother, Innokentii, born July 13, 1827 on Unalaska, married August 23, 1848 on Unalaska Mariia Alekseev. Father: Nicolai Alekseev, married July 6, 1830 on Unalaska Elena Arkhimandritov, who died October 2, 1835 on Unalaska. Maria was thereafter from 1840 to 1845 reared in Lieutenent Captain Johan Joachim von Bartram's and his wife Margareta Swartz's household in Sitka. Thereafter up to her marriage in the household of Medical Doctor Alexander Frankenhaeuser and his wife Elisa Öhmann. Maria's and Innokentii's children: Elena, born May 7, 1850 on Unalaska; Ioann, born June 12, 1854 on Unalaska, died October 27, 1865 on Unalaska; Nadezhda, born May 24, 1856 on Unalaska; Aleksandr, born August 26, 1858 on Unalaska; Vasilii, born December 31, 1860 on Unalaska; Mariia, born January 21, 1864 on Unalaska; Joann, born December 19, 1865 on Unalaska. The family members rose to political significance both on the Aleutian Islands and the Pribiloff Islands.]
Ekaterina. Married (p 222) Nikolai GRIGOREV May 10, 1850 in Sitka. Died November 26, 1851 in Sitka.
Elena, born May 7, 1844 in Sitka. Married (p 111) Trifilii BOLSHANIN November 10, 1865 in Sitka. The family including four children, listed in 1876 as part of the 125 individuals wishing to move to Vladivostok, Pacific Siberia, in the company of his brother Ilia Bolshanin, born May 26, 1830 on Atka, and his wife (who he married November 1, 1857 in Sitka) Pelagiia Rysev, born April 8, 1834 on Kodiak, daughter of Jakov Rysev, and their two children.
          Children (registered under her name only):
          Elena, born May 13, 1863 in Sitka, died May 14, 1863 in Sitka.
          Mariia, born March 28, 1865 in Sitka.
Konstantin, born July 8, 1848 in Sitka, died July 6, 1849 in Sitka.
Child (registered under Kseniia's name only under "Knutilov"):
Aleksandra, born 1854 in Sitka.

Additionally intermixed with above Knuutila individuals, are in their various spellings, the following, under the russified spelling of "Knutilov":
KNUUTILA, Prokopii, married (p 340, 420) Matrena LUKIN (Lukis/Lukin) January 27, 1857 at Kwikpak.
          Mariia, born August 14, 1858, at Kwikpak, died September 7, 1859 at Kwikpak.
          Aleksandr, born August 4, 1860 at Kwikpak.
          Mikhail, born September 19, 1865 at Kenai.


Page 271: (Kakka)
KOKKO, Josef (Josif). [Arndt: see Anders Kokko, Finlander]
Married Anna CHINILNA August 1856 at Nushugak.


Page 271, 412: (Kakka)
KOKKO, Konstantin. [Finlander]
Married Anna LKVINILNA June 7, 1846 on Kenai.


Page 271: (Kakka)
KOKKO, Mariia. [Finlander; could be Konstantin's daughter]. Died 1865 on Kenai.


Page 311, 706: (Khota)
KOTKA, Johan.
Married Pelagia TUTTA January 25, 1846 on Kenai.


Page 368:
KRUZE, Johan(n) (Iogan). [likely Baltic German]. Died October 17, 1838 in Sitka.


Page 175: 403: (Laureus)
LAURAEUS, Jakob Wilhelm (Iakov). Arndt: Iakov Laureus. Olin: p 17. [Finnish Navigator in RAC service. Registered member of Turku Seamanhouse. Born in the city of Turku May 26, 1790. Father Military Pastor, later Doctor of Theology, Alexander Lauraeus (1758-1832). Mother Ulrica Lovisa Simolin (1758-1794). At the port of Honolulu on January 22, 1849 both Lauraeus and wife were registered as passengers onboard the Russian American company-hired Finnish ship SITKA, under Captain Johan Jacob Conradi, on a journey from Sitka to Turku via Kronstadt. Additional passengers were Captain von Harder and a John Harder, the Finn Lakinen, the Balt Andreas Berg, and an unidentified Benzemann.]17 Note, that Lauraeus was as a pastor's son born into an academically educated family, and thus belonged to the second highest social category of citizens within the Grand Duchy of Finland.
Married Katharina DRUZHININ January 8, 1839 on Atka.


Page 402 (Laulin, Laulen)
LAURÉN / LAURIN, Anna. [identity unclear, but could be below Theodor's widow Anna Iakolev].

Nataliia, born March 21, 1840 in Sitka. Married (p 540) Ivan PATIUKOV November 10, 1863 in Sitka who previously was married in 1853 to Natalia Rysev, who died April 30, 1863.)
          Petr, born June 3, 1860 in Sitka, died June 3, 1860 in Sitka.


Page 229, 403:
LAURÉN / LAURIN, Feodor/Fredrik.

Kosma, born November 6, 1826 on Unalaska.
[See below for the triplet's birthdate under Theodor. Thus the identity of below's father is unclear],


Page 727: (Laulin, Launin)
Married Nikita VELIZHANIN / VELIZHANINOV January 9, 1838 in Sitka.

Paraskeva, born September 25, 1840 in Sitka.
Olga, born July 10, 1843 in Sitka.
Possibly also:
Vasilii, died January 5, 1846 in Sitka.
Vasilii, died September 7, 1853 in Sitka.


Page 229, 402, 417, (Laulin, Laumen)
LAURÉN / LAURIN, Theodor/Fredrik Wilhelm?
(Fedor). Died October 13, 1837 in Sitka.
Married Anna IAKOLEV October 28, 1818 in Sitka. Died February 27, 1848 in Sitka.

Iakov, born October 8, 1824 in Unalaska, died: prior to April 1826.
Iakov, born triplet April 21, 1826 in Unalaska. Married (p 390, 402) Fedosiia KUZNETSOV November 11, 1845 in Sitka.
          Pavel, born June 12, 1847 on Kodiak,
          Ekaterina, born November 3, 1850 in Sitka.
          Ioann, born September 23, 1853 in Sitka,
          Ioann, born May 22, 1855 in Sitka
Mariia, born triplet April 21, 1826 on Unalaska. Married (p 520, 536, Papkanik) Aleksander PAKKANEN January 27, 1841 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Pakkanen.
Mavra, born triplet April 21, 1826 on Unalaska.
Melaniia, born December 8, 1828 on Unalaska. Married (p 250) Amvrosii IURSHKOV / IUSHIKOV October 14, 1845 in Sitka. Died September 27, 1848 in Sitka.
Nikita, born September 15, 1830 in Unalaska.
Polikarp, born May 5, 1835 in Sitka. Married (p 403, 679) Anna TATAUROV February 4, 1859 in Sitka.
          Anna, born October 16, 1861, died May 13, 1862 in Sitka.
          Feodor, born February 15, 1864 in Sitka, died March 2, 1864 in Sitka.
          Ekaterina, born November 7, 1865 on Kodiak.
Akilina, born February 26, 1836 in Sitka. Married (p 404, 546) Anders PESONEN February 9, 1851 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Pesonen.
Sofiia, born March 17, 1838 in Sitka. Married (p 403, 460) Vasilii MOISEEV October 2, 1855 in Sitka.


Page 406. 407: (Lekhtanen, Lekhtomin, Lektoni, Lekhterin, Lekhtonin)
LEHTONEN, Jacob Andersson (Iacov) Olin: p 17. Arndt: Lekhvoin. Pierce, page 306: "Iakov Lekhtonin. Finlander. Entered into RAC service in 1835. 1841 to 1847, manager on Copper Island (next to the Bering Island). Thereafter stationed in Sitka. 1857 declaired a Colonial Citizen. Settled on Afognak. Died there on March 2, 1870, as a naturalized U.S. citizen.17g Note: Index gives Sitka as the place of death. [Finlander. If correctly identified, born October 11, 1797, in Saloinen parish (near Raahe, a major seafaring port city), Pielinki village, Mäntyla croft. Father: Anders Persson Lehtonen, born 1751, died at age 58, on February 11, 1809. Married November 15, 1778, mother: Carin Andreasdotter, born September 2, 1751, died at age 90 on April 27, 1834. Jacob was the youngest of at least 10 children, born between 1782 and 1797, which includeds two sets of twins.18] Note that Jacob Andersson Lehtonen was born during the same time period and in the same immediate region of Raahe, as Mathias Henricsson Riippa. Thus they might have been traveling companions. Arndt: In 1849 Lehtonen and one named Berg, also Finlander, were accused of speaking against the Orthodox religion among the Aleuts. The Orthodox bishop of Alaska reported this to the RAC main office in St. Petersburg who ordered the governor to investigate paying special attention to possible unfair denunciations.18b]
Married (p 407) widow Irina Solomenna LESTENKO April 9, 1841 on Atka. Born 1810 on Unalaska, died September 18, 1855 in Sitka. Previously married to (p 407, 643) Mikhail Lestenko September 5, 1829 on Atka, who died December 27, 1838 on Atka.

Ivan / Ioann, born March 29, 1842 on Atka. Married (p 200, 406) Varvara GANIN January 28, 1860 on Kodiak. Born July 21, 1845 on Kodiak. Father: Vasilii Ganin. Mother: Ekaterina.
Ivan, born March 29, 1843 on Atka.
Iakov, born April 26, 1844 on Alka.
Iakov, born April 26, 1845 on Atka.
Nadezhda, born June 26, 1846 on Atka, died May 27, 1847 on Atka.
Elisaveta, born June 13, 1848 in Sitka, died September 24, 1848 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born August 11, 1850 in Sitka.
Petr (Arndt: Pete Lekhvoin), born May 31, 1854 in Sitka.


The following families have been very difficult to separate as several of the name-forms fund in the Index are valid, and individuals with these names were in fact members of the Russian-American Company labor force.

Page 392, 406, 409: (Lember, Limberg, Linberg)
LEMBERG, Johan (Ioann). Olin: p 17. [Finlander. Might be Johan Adolf Lindberg, if so, seaman. Born at Tenala 1853. Took separation papers from Turku Seaman House for a seven year engagement with RAC. Had previously been part of the crew of the ship ATKA under Finnish skipper Riedell.]
Married Anna KVASNIKOV August 22, 1858 on Kenai.

Ioann, born July 6, 1859.
Ekaterina, born November 17, 1861 at Kenai.
Anna, born June 1, 1863 at Kenai.
Michail, born November 9, 1865 on Kenai.


Page 407: (Len)
LIND / LUND / LÖNN, Karl [Finlander]. Died July 17, 1834 in Sitka.


Page 409, 503: (Limberkh, Gemberg, Lunberkh)
LINDBERG, Karl Arndt: Karl Limberg. Osborn p 224: Karl Lindberg, tailor at Fort Ross. 1838 Lindberg was still at Fort Ross. [Finlander; Might be two different people. One of them could be Karl Lindberg, seaman from Porvoo. Registered 1803. Note: In April 5, 1854 a passenger Lemberg arrived to Honolulu onboard the Russian-Finnish whaling company ship Ajan. The ship was heading up to Sitka. As no first name was given any one or none of the above could be this Lemberg.]
Married Agripina NOZIKOV November 12, 1841 in Sitka.

Agrafina. Married Karl HERMAN May 19, 1850 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Herman.
Maksim, born August 12, 1843 in Sitka.
Evgeiina, died January 7, 1858 in Sitka.


Page 409, 435: (Limberg)
LINDBERG / LÖNBERG / LEMBERG, Robert (Roman). Olin: p 17: 1881 still in Alaska, sometimes identified as Lomberg. [Finlander]
Married widowed Serafina Sokolnikov MATSLOV November 12, 1857 in Sitka. Born (p 641) December 27, 1835 on Unalaska. Previously married to Stefan Matslov January 16, 1852 in Sitka. He died December 12, 1855. Daughter to Aleksei Sokolnikov, died July 7, 1838 on Unalaska, married July 8, 1827 on Unalaska, mother Vasilisa Sokolnikov. Olin: Sitka census for 1870 registers a widow Soraphina Lomber as a laundress and a seamstress.

Mariia, born March 25, 1865 in Sitka, died January 4, 1866 in Sitka.


Page 69, 410: (Linkvist, Linskviet)
LINDQVIST, Joseph Johansson (Iosif). Arndt: Ossip Linkvist. [Finlander. Born 1812 in Halikko, Finland. Probably colonial citizen. Died July 29, 1859 in Sitka of tuberculosis, and buried in Sitka's Russian Era Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery on August 4, 1859.19 Member of the crew onboard the Russian-American Company ship NIKOLAI I in 1837.19a
Married Anna ANKUSHOV / ANKUSHEV May 11, 1847 in Sitka. Born likely July 13, 1830 on Unalaska. Father: Luka Ankushev, died July 24, 1858 on Unalaska. Mother: not mentioned. Olin p 19: in the 1880 census widowed Anna Lindqvist is recorded with wrongly stated age.

Vasilii, born April 5, 1848 in Sitka.
Johan (Ivan), born twin April 9, 1850 in Sitka, died May 4, 1850.
Mariia, born twin April 9, 1850 in Sitka. Married in Sitka, October 27, 1867 Innokentii Herman. (Innokentii might be Carl Herman's oldest son. However, I have found no factual evidence pointing to which of the Herman families he belonged to). In 1876 Innokentii Herman with wife (Mariia) and one child (Iraida) were also registered onto the list of those wishing to leave US Alaska for Vladivostok, East Siberia.
          Anna, born January 3, 1871, in Sitka, died March 26, 1871 in Sitka
          Iraida, born January 6, 1872, in Sitka
          Ioann, born January 23, 1875, in Sitka, died May 1, 1875 in Sitka
          Nadezda, born August 20, 1877 in Sitka
          Zakharii, born September 4, 1885 in Sitka.
Petr, born January 21, 1853 in Sitka.
Aleksandra, born April 21, 1855 in Sitka.
Children (registered under Anna Lindqvist only):
Ioann (Ivan), born September 4, 1860 in Sitka, died April 22, 1861.
Simeon, (Olin: p 19: age 18 in the 1880 census) born February 2, 1863 in Sitka.
Nadezhda, born October 5, 1866 in Sitka, died October 28, 1866 in Sitka.

LINKVIST, Simeon. Born about 1846 in Sitka. Married Aleksandra KASHEVAROV February 4, 1887 on Kodiak, born (p 290) May 11, 1846 in Sitka. Father: (p 290) Ioann (Ivan Filipov) Kashevarov, married (p 291, 337) April 6, 1841 on Kodiak mother: (290) Elisaveta Klimovskii, daughter of Afanasii Ilin Klimovskii, Russian-American Company explorer/employee, born about 1793, buried July 12, 1868 on Spruce Island, and his wife, Pelagiia Gregoriev.19b
Note: I have not been able to locate in the Index above mentioned Simeon Linkvist with a birthdate about 1846 in Sitka, Thus, it is still unknown to me, if above Simeon Lindkvist is the first-born son of above Josef Johansson Lindqvist, born in Finland, who married at age 41, Aleksandra age 41, in 1887, or is actually above Simeon born 1863 and thus was age 24 when he married.


Page 320, 410: (Lindstrem, Lindstrom)
LINDSTRÖM, Anna. Arndt: Anna Lindstrem, creol. [Finlander or of Finnish father]
Married Ioan KIAKH (Johann Keck?) January 17, 1841 in Sitka. Baptized December 3, 1840 in Sitka.


Page 410 (Lindstrem, Linstrom, Linstrim),
LINDSTRÖM, Gustaf. Arndt: Gustav Lindstrem. Olin: p 19. [Finlander; Registered into Helsinki Seaman House in 1810 at age 23.]
Married Iulia / Ulita KURITSYN February 2, 1834 in Sitka.

Vasilii, born March 11, 1835 in Sitka.
Vasilii, born March 11, 1839.
Olga, born July 19, 1842.
Vladimir, born July 6, 1845.


Page 238, 411: (Liukku)
LIUKKO, Paul / Pauli / Paavo (Pavel). [Finlander]
Married Miropiia IKITALKHNA April 16, 1862 on Kenai. Died Oktober 7, 1862 on Kenai.


Page 411: (Liukku)
LIUKKO, Peter. [Finlander, or of Finnish background]. Converted to Orthodoxy April 30, 1846 on Kenai.


Page 411: (Liugebil, Liushbel)
LUGEBIL, Joseph (Iosif). [Baltic German, born about 1836. Served as Sitka's RAC book-keeper from Samuel Lindenberg's departure, up to Prince Maksoutov's final departure from Sitka. A departure noted in Finnish blacksmith Thomas Ahllund's published account.19c After the transfer of Alaska the Lugebil family moved to the US in1868, first to San Francisco, then to Petropaulovsk, Kamchatka, Pacific Siberia, where Josef Lugebil served as an agent for Hutchinson, Kohl, Philippaeus & Co.19d]
Description of Lugebil in 1880: age 44, hight 5 feet 2 inches, high fore head, blue eyes, large nose, medium mouth, round kin, light brown hear, light complexion in a medium face.19e Married Olga HEINTZ March 30, 1858 in Sitka. See under Heintz.

Josef, born January 20, 1859 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born June 28, 1860 in Sitka,
Olga, born April 18, 1862 in Sitka.
Elena, born July 5, 1863 in Sitka.
Evgeniia, born June 5, 1865 in Sitka, died September 20, 1866 in Sitka.


Page 411, 421, 747: (Landstrem, Lundstrem)
LUNDSTRÖM, Johan (Ivan). [Finlander]. Died January 1, 1847 in Sitka.
Married Palagia ZANIN April 16, 1822 in Sitka.

Elena, born April 12, 1823.
Nikolai, born January 13, 1835 in Sitka.
Feodor, born February 8, 1843.


Page 411, 414, 421, 687: (Londstrem, Lundstrem, Lukestrem)
LUNDSTRÖM, Karl Gustav. Arndt: Gustav Lundstrem. Olin: p 19, departed about 1844, returned to Turku in 1857 after 13 years of service in the Colonies. [Finlander, born in Turku]
Married Varvara TITOV January 12, 1845 in Sitka. Born July 17, 1829 on Unalaska. Father: Ivan Titov. Mother: Feodosiia.

Ivan, born December 13, 1846 in Sitka, died January 1, 1847 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born February 29, 1848 in Sitka.
Mikhail, born October 13, 1850 in Sitka.
Varvara, born December 5, 1854 in Sitka.


Page 421: (Lyts)
LÜTZ, Andreas / Anders (Andrei). [Baltic German?]. Converted to Orthodoxy January 21, 1841 in Sitka.


Page 407, 421, 687: (Lenrot, Lenrod, Leprong)
LÖNROOTH, Johan (Ioann). Arndt: Iogan Lenrot. [Finlander]
Married Alexandra TITOV January 11, 1848 in Sitka. Born January 31, 1832 on Unalaska. Father: Ioann Titov. Married July 8, 1827 on Unalaska, mother: Evdokiia Titov.

Ioann, born February 27, 1849 in Sitka.
Prokopii, born February 24 1852 in Sitka.


Page 441: (Matilla)
MATTILA, Mariia. [of Finnish background]. Died August 19, 1827 in Sitka.


Page 441: (Mateon)
MATTSSON, Jakob. (Iakov) [Finlander]. Died July 11, 1835 in Sitka.


Page 441: (Matson)
MATTSSON, Simon. (Semen) [Finlander]. Died March 22, 1833 in Sitka.


Page 442:
MEIER, Karl. [Baltic German?]

Sophia (Sofiia). Converted to Orthodoxy November 12, 1866 in Sitka, died November 13, 1866 in Sitka.
[See Pierce, who identified Sophia as Austrian. If so, then primarily applicable to her father. Note too, that due to the sale of Alaska, the RAC Sitka based Lutheran Church was as of April 14, 1865 without pastor. Pierce also identifies her serving from 1852 onwards as the mistress of RAC Sitka based boarding school for girls.20]


Page 454: (Mikhelson)
MICKELSSON, Christian (Krestenian). Arndt: Iohan Mikhel'son. [Finlander].

Evdokiia, born February 27, 1827 in Sitka, died January 14, 1829 in Sitka.


Page 459, 532: (Mitrofanov)
MITROFANOV, Efraim (Efim). Arndt: Efim Mitrofanov, mariner of Kuopio Gubernia. [Seaman. Finnish Karelian of Orthodox persuasion. Finnish citizen, of Russian ancestory.] Arndt: Communication from Main Office to (Governor) Rozenberg, April 2, 1852: Mariner Efim Mitrofanov of Kuopio guberniia is to be informed that his mother, Matrena Ivanova, requests annual monetary aid to support herself. She is in weak health, has lost her vision, and is in extreme need. Andrei Piponen (Anders Piipponen), a native of Finland, is to be informed that his father Andrei Piponen, asks that he continues to receive the annual pension of 6 Rubles 15 Kopek Silver his son's late mother received. He is in extreme poverty and old. Martyn Tengel' is to be informed of a letter from the magistrate of the town of Verro. It demands that he pledge to pay the taxes he owed before he entered Company service. (In 1852 Finlander, Martin Tengell was in a group of hired seamen and workers who reached Sitka onboard the Company's new ship, Kadiak) Annotation mad in another hand to this communication is: "Mitrofanov and Tengel are in Novo Arkhangelsk, while Piponen is stationed at Mikhailovsk redoubt."20g
Married Feklista PANKOV September 5, 1858 in Sitka. (no parents indicated in the Index)

Varvara, born November 29, 1859 in Sitka.
Vasilii, born March 17, 1863 in Sitka.


Page 461: (Morelius)
MORELIUS, Bror Herman (Herman). [Finlander. Seaman. Member of Helsinki Seaman House 1820-1827.20h Born January 22, 1795 in Helsinki. Died at age 47 on May 22, 1842 on Atka, Aleutian Islands. Confirmed 1816 in Helsinki. Oldest of six boys and one girl born within the first of two marriage made by father: First Custom House Custodian, Gabriel MORELIUS, born about 1762, died at age 51 on February 12, 1813 in Helsinki, mother: Anna Johansdotter TJÄDER, born October 7, 1770 in Espoo parish, Gumböle village, died 1809 in Helsinki.20i]


Page 427: (Makhi)
MÄKI, Anna.

Ioann, born March 9, 1838 on Kodiak.


Page 65, 428, 705: (Makki)
MÄKI, Marfa. [of Finnish background]
Married 1) (p 65) Simeon ANIKHILKOK May 4, 1849 on Kenai.
Married 2) (p 705) Peter TUTIK June 29, 1861 on Kenai.

Child (Mäki-Anikhilkok):
Makarii, born May 7, 1859 on Kenai.
Child (Mäki-Tutik):
Evdokia, born December 26, 1862 on Kenai.


Page 438: (Manta)
MÄNTTÄ, Matti (Matfei). [Finlander] Converted to Orthodoxy May 22, 1853 at Kwikpak.


Page 499: (Ninii)
NIEMI, Johan. [Finlander]
Married Marfa.

Roman, born prior to May 30, 1858 on Kenai.


Page 493: (Niilniia, Niinilna)
NIINILÄ, Peter (Petr). [Finlander] Died 1853 on Kenai. Might be the husband of the following.


Page 493: (Niilniia, Niinilna)
NIINILÄ, Liisa (Elisaveta). [Finlander] Died 1861 on Kenai.


Page 306, 501, 502 308,565: (Nordstrem, Norstem, Norstrem, Noldstrom, Nolstrem, Nordeter, Nordetren)
NORDSTRÖM, Carl Edward. Arndt: Karl Nordstrem. [Finnish navigator in RAC service. Colonial citizen as of January 1, 1853. Born 1802 in Loviisa, Finland, died of a stroke October 15, 1856 in Sitka, buried October 18, 1856 into Sitka's Russian Era Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery.21c Father: Lovisa city Merchant Henric Norström (1769). Mother: Maria Ulrika Malmberg (1777-1810).]21g On Karl Edvard Nordström's baptism record are his godparents recorded. All belong to the City's merchant elite. He was the third child and second son born into the family. Registered into Turku Seaman House between May and September pf 1824. Made a journey to the South of Europe. 1825 he departed on a journey to Wiborg under skipper Wilhelm Hjelt. Returning to Turku, skipper Hjelt noted the following into Deckhand Nordström's seaman record: "Deckhand Nordström disembarked in Wiborg to, from there hire out on ships".21h Note: Skipper Wilhelm Hjelt was the father of Navigator, later Skipper Wilhelm Constantin Hjelt, who, from Sitka port, served the Russian-American Company from 1837 to 1850.21i
Married 1) (p 501) Ekaterina POPOV January 27, 1836 in Sitka, died in child-birth February 1, 1846 in Sitka.
Married 2) Ekaterina 1846?

Children (Nordström-Popov):
Liidia, born December 22, 1840. Married (p 588) Michail SAKHAROV February 15, 1856 in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born February 9, 1843 in Sitka. Married the Finn Otto Reinhold REHN November 9, 1858 in Sitka.
          Children, see under Rehn.
Iuliia, born February 6, 1845 in Sitka, died April 8, 1845 in Sitka,
Aleksandra, born in January 1846, died January 11, 1846 in Sitka.
Children (with Ekaterina):
Nikolai, born February 26, 1847 in Sitka.
Evgeniia, born December 25, 1849 in Sitka.
Ioann, born January 22, 1852 in Sitka. [In 1869 on March 14/26 San Francisco Russian Consul registered him as Navigator 1 onboard the schooner ALEUT, previously named TELEGRAPH, with registered homeport at Petropavlovsk, Kamchatka, owned by the former Baltic Russian American Company skipper Paul Julius Lemaschewscky, agent for Hutshinson Kohl and Company based at Petropavlovsk. The ship was under the command of the Baltic born skipper Rudolph Herman Johanson, and senior seaman, the Dane, Christian Herman, age 38. Ship record held the following description of Ioann: born in New Archangelsk (Sitka), Alaska, age 17 ½, 5 ½ feet tall, dark complexion, dark brown hair.]22
Mariia, born June 17, 1854 in Sitka, died September 23, 1858 in Sitka.


Page 501: (Nolstrem, Polstrem)
NORDSTRÖM, Ekaterina. [unidentified but might be Karl Nordström's widow]

Paraskeva, born September 27, 1857 in Sitka. Died (p 561 Polstrem) October 16, 1857 in Sitka.
[Based upon birthdate could be either one of Ekaterina Nordström's illegitimate child.]


Pages 308, 502: (Nordstrem)
NORDSTRÖM, Ekaterina. [presumably Karl Nordström's second wife]
Married 2) (p 308) Ivan KHILKOWSKII April 26, 1864 in Sitka.

Valentin, born March 12, 1865 in Sitka.


Pages 124, 173, 459, 500: (Miugren, Niogrin, Niugren)
NYGRÉN, Claes Jacob. Arndt: Iacov Niugren. [Finlander. Through his father, he might be of partial Baltic descent. Watchmaker Apprentice. Born October 3, 1817 in Heinola city parish, church block #71-72. Father: Building Contractor - Logg Shaper Jacob Nygrén, born 1768 in the Baltic Province of Lifland, died of a stroke at age 68, on August 16, 1836 in Heinola city parish. He had arrived to Heinola via Loviisa city and Nastola parishes. Initially he had been married to Mary Damm, with whom he had several children. While in Nastola, widowed Building Contractor Jacob Nygrén married on Jokela Manor the maiden Hedvig Ulrica (Helena) Storm from Koiskala Farm, on April 4, 1813. She was born September 3, 1794, and died of a stroke at age 37 on November 2, 1831 in Heinola. Moving record: the family formally registered into Heinola city parish on November 23, 1817. Recorded into the books were the following children: daughter Fredrika, son Johan Adolf, daughter Wendla Sofia, and sons Emmanuel and Fredrik Vilhelm.22g Some of the children were from the first marriage born in Lovisa, others in Artsjö. Son Claes Jacob was born either in Nastola, or on the road to Nastola, and baptized in Heinola. He was to be the third of four boys among the seven children to be born in Heinola to this family of already numerous children. Heinola parish moving records: in 1822 daughter Fredrica returned from St. Petersburg. She might be the one to set the family's moving pattern to St. Petersburg. However, son Emmanuel, born at Artjärvi, July 18, 1811, returne to Heinola in 1826. Then in 1830 he moved to Helsinki, and in 1833 to Uusikaupunki, and from there in 1836 to Mikkeli. Obviously he initially did so as an apprentice, then as a journeyman, to finally earn his Master's title. Thus Mikkeli parish communion books recorded him as Building Contractor Emmanuel Nygrén married to Magdalena Serafina Pavolin, born 1818, and their three children born in Mikkeli: 1841, Edvard Emanuel; 1842, Axel Alfred; 1845, Lovisa Leontina, as well as Emmanuel's death year being 1848 (see Arndt below, for the reason for above explanation, as well as the following one).22h Claes Jacob's older half sister, Vendla Sofia, born in Loviisa city, October 21, 1807, to Jacob Nygrén and his wife Maya Greta Berndtsdotter Damm, age 33, moved to St. Petersburg in April of 1825, when she married Master Cabinetmaker Eric Fagerström, who died there in 1831. Both were registered members of the city's Swedish-language St. Katarina Evangelical Lutheran parish. In 1831 she returned for her mother's funeral. Returning once more in1833, she took her half-brother, Alexander Petter, age 11, still a minor, and thus not yet confirmed, to St. Petersburg.22i In July of 1833, that is, at age 16, which was shortly after he had been Confirmed, Watchmaker Apprentice Claes Jacob Nygrén moved fom Heinola to St. Petersburg.22j] While in St. Petersburg, it is but a stone's throw to the city's bustling port, Kronstadt city, situated on Kotlin Island, where all the big Russian-American Company ships came to dock in the harbor reserved for Merchant ships.] Arndt: Main Office to (Governor) Rozenberg April 18, 1852. Included with Governor Rozenberg's communication to the main Office in St. Petersburg, dated May 24, 1851 Rozenberg forwarded a petition from Iakov Niugren, a native of Finland from Mikheli district. Niugren should be informed that, according to the Assistant Governor General, to whom the petition was forwarded, he has already received the inheritance his late father left him in 1837. No inheritance is due him from his brothers, Emmanuel and Petr Niugren. According to a letter from the St. Mikhel' governor to the Assistant Finnish Governor General, (brother) Emmanuel left a wife and three children and (brother Alexander Petter) Petr died in Russia in extreme poverty.22k
Married Evdokiia DOROFEEV April 7, 1844 in Sitka.

Nikolai, born February 26, 1847 at Kwikpak.
Mariia, born May 7, 1849 at Kwikpak. Married (p 124) Josef CHAGINGO August 31, 1866 on Unalaska.
Elisaveta, born November 17, 1851 at Kwikpak.
Aleksandr, born August 29, 1864 on Unalaska, died September 12, 1865 on Unalaska.


Pages 500, 507, 459: (Niugren, Nuilgan)
NYGREN, Johan (Ioann). [Finlander]. Died March 27, 1834 in Sitka.


Page 512: (Nytkhanin)
NYKÄNEN, Iliia. [Finlander or of Finnish descent]. Married Paraskeva NUIALIAN October 13, 1843 on Unalaska.


Page 243, 512: (Nyka)
NYKÄNEN, Matti? (Matfei). [Finlander]. Died 1858 at Kenai.
Married Kseniia INITUITNA June 5, 1846 at Kenai.

Mattfei, baptised December 27, 1854 at Kenai.


Page 499: (Nimant)
NYMAN, Ekaterina. [Possibly wife or daughter of baker turned furier at RAC, Daniel Nyman. Arndt: Daniel Niuman.]

Miron, born August 15, 1838 in Sitka.


Page 507: (Nuieng)
NYÄNG, Anna. Died January 20, 1861 at Nualto.


Page 518, 626:
OTT / OTTS, Christian (Kiril). [Baltic]
Married Evgeniia SHULIANUCH February 3, 1842 in Sitka.

Mark, born a twin February 8, 1842 in Sitka.
Sergei, born a twin February 8, 1842 in Sitka.


Page 544: (Pekhalin)
PAK(H)ALÉN, Maria (Amria). Converted to Orthodoxy June 24, 1845 at Nualto.


Page 403, 520, 536: (Pakkanin)
PAKKANEN, Alexander. [Finlander. F.H.L. computer files lists the Pakkanen (Packanen) name to Viipuri region, Finland.]
Married Mariia LAURÉN (Laulin) February 9, 1841 in Sitka. Father: See under Theodor Laurén.


Page 518, 519, 541: (Paiaun, Pauli)
PAULIN, Johan. Arndt: Iogan Paul. [Finlander]. Converted to Orthodoxy July 21, 1843 at Nualto.
Married Anastasiia OVHINNIKOV January 15, 1839 in Sitka.


Page 541: (Paul, Pauli)
PAULIN, Lukiia.
Married 1) (p 641) Agafon SOKOLOV / SOKOLEV June 30, 1838. Died February 3, 1840 in Sitka.
Married 2) (p 672) Vasilii TALIONUN May 9, 1851 in Sitka.

Child (registered under Lukiia (p 541) as):
Anna Paul, born September 8, 1838 in Sitka, died December 2, 1838 in Sitka.
Child (Paulin-Sokolov) (p 642):
Fekla, born September 21, 1839 in Sitka. Married (p 240, 241, 642) Mikhail ILIN July 12, 1859 in Sitka. Born November 9, 1833 in Sitka, died July 6, 1863 in Sitka. Father: Ilarion / Larion Ilin. Died May 20, 1848 in Sitka, married August 21, 1831 on Unalaska, mother (p 111) Irina Bolshev, died August 16, 1848 in Sitka.
          Aleksei, born March 16, 1861 in Sitka.


Page 544: (Pekonen)
PEKONEN / PEKKANEN, Gabriel (Gavriil).
Married Paraskeva.

Anna, born December 20, 1845 on Atka.


Pages 403, 546, 575: (Pessonin)
PESONEN, Anders (Andrei). Arndt: Andrei Pessoin. [Finlander, since 1843 in RAC service. Colonial citizen. His mother requested the Company for his return to Finland in 1852.]
Married Akulina LAURÉN (Laulin) January 27, 1851 in Sitka. See under Theodor Laurén.

Anastasiia, born a twin October 18, 1855 in Sitka.
Mikhail, born a twin October 18, 1855 in Sitka, died October 28, 1855 in Sitka.


The Petelin name is not an original Russian name. Some years ago I pulled up more than twenty individuals under the"Petelin" name in the FHL computer files for Austria. Additionally, in the Nordic countries, including Sweden and Finland, the name is found in multiple variations. I recently pulled up seven individuals with the name Petlin in the HisKi database. The earliest one was a birth record dated 1765. Some individuals bearing the name Petelin / Petlin might have been among the captured Swedish soldiers sent to Siberia as sprisoners of the Great Northern War (1700-1721), and the later one (1740-1743). This includes Irkutsk where these prisoners build their Evangelical Lutheran church building, one of the many Lutheran churches these prisoners built throughout Siberia at the sites they were sent to. After being released many of the prisoners returned to their home country. But many stayed in Siberia. Some did so because they had married and built families, and thus their offspring were, according to prevailing church-law, born into the Orthodox community. Others, again, because they had successfully integrated into Irkutsk's bustling Lutheran, and Science community. Thus it is possible, even likely, that the roots to Alaska's first Petelin is to be found in these Swedish prison communities throughout Siberia, or among the personel of Imperial Russia's high-ranking Baltic German or Finnish military official's, serving stints in Siberia.
However, pertaining to Petelin / Petlins found in these particular records, unfortunately I can not guarantee that all of the Petelin offsprings listed below have been correctly matched to their parents. Originally registered Petelin seem to have been Rufus, Johann or Simeon. This individual might have been one of the first Finns to came to Russian Alaska. Note that the listing of Simeon's children seems incomplete.

The Petelin family provided many of Alaska's Russian Orthodox Churches with priests:
1841: Iliia Petelin served at Nushagak's Church of Saints Peter and Paul.
1845: Iliia Petelin served at one of Kodiak's Chapels.
1860: Ioann Petelin served at St. Michel's in Sitka.
1905: Alexandr I. Petelin served at Afognak's Church of the Holy Nativity of the Virgin.
1905: Alexandr I. Petelin served at St. Michael's in Sitka.


Page 547, 559, 560:
PETELIN, Anastasiia. Died June 7, 1842 on Kodiak.
Married Gordei PLOTNIKOV September 16, 1825 on Unalaska. Died June 8, 1861 in Sitka.

Olga, born June 4, 1828, died September 17, 1828 on Unalaska.
Paraskeva, born October 13, 1829 in Sitka, died June 7, 1863 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born August 10, 1841 on Kodiak, died September 19, 1865 on Unalaska. Married (p 429, 559) Ripsimiia MAKULOV January 22, 1862 on Unalaska.
          Child (registered under Ripsimiia only):
          Evdokiia, born August 5, 1861 on Unalaska.


Page 547:
PETELIN, Ilia. Died May 30, 1848 in Sitka.
Married Ekaterina VENIAMINOV 1840 in Irkutsk. Father: Alaska's Orthodox bishop Veniaminov.

Ioann, born August 6, 1841 in Sitka, died March 28, 1842 on Kodiak (p 553).
Aleksandra, born April 7, 1843 on Nushagak. Married (p 485) Egor NAUMOV October 12, 1866 on Kodiak. Baptized (p 485) May 4, 1842 on Kodiak. Father: Petr Naumov. Mother: Aleksandra.
Paraskeva, born October 13, 1845 on Nushagak.
Ioann, born July 18, 1848 on Kodiak.


Pages 175, 548:
PETELIN, Ioann. Died 1858 on Kodiak.
Married 1) Ekaterina DRUZHININ October 4, 1840 in Sitka.

Mikhail, born October 20, 1840 on Kodiak.
Ioann, born July 20?, 1843 on Unalaska.
Elena, born January 22, 1847 on Unalaska. Married (p 563) Grigorii PONOMAREV September 21, 1866 in Sitka. Baptized (p 112, 562) June 13, 1842 in Sitka. Father: Andreian Ponomarev, died April 22, 1856 on Kodiak, married October 10, 1832 in Sitka, mother Stefanida Budilov. Grigorii Ponomarev was younger brother to the twins Anna and Stefanida, baptized July 26, 1836 in Sitka. From 1842 onward Stefanida was raised in Lieutenant Captain Johan Joachim von Bartram's household in Sitka. In 1845 the Company made an exception allowing Stefanida to accompany the von Bartrams back to Finland, as their foster daughter. In his letters to Finland pastor Uno Cygnaeus mentions Stefanida's arrival into the von Bartram's household as well as her departure to Finland. So does her foster sister Mariia Alekseev in a letter to the von Bartram's in Finland. The childless von Bartram's continued to raise many orphaned and destitute children on their estate, Lehtiniemi Manor in Finland.
Nadezhda, born August 11, 1852.
Evgeniia, born December 5, 1853 on Kodiak, died January 1, 1856 on Kodiak.
Aleksandr, born August 25, 1855 on Kodiak.
Serapion, born April 10, 1858 on Kodiak.


Page 547, 730:
PETELIN, Ioasaf.
Married Iulitta VERKHOVSKIKH May 20, 1866 on Unalaska.

Martona, born March 25, 1865 on Unalaska, died December 2, 1866 on Unalaska.


Page 544, 547, 586: (Peitlin)
PETELIN, Ivan. Listed as part of the 125 individuals who in 1876 wished to depart Alaska for Vladivostok, Pacific Siberia.
Married Ekaterina RYKTOROV September 1, 1840 on Kodiak.

Mikhail, born October 1, 1840 on Kodiak.
Ekaterina, born November 12, 1842 on Kodiak.
Elisaveta, born October 30, 1848 on Kodiak.
Anna, born December 30, 1850 on Kodiak, died May 31, 1863 in Sitka.
Aleksandr, born Decenber 13, 1853 on Unalaska.


Page 515, 547, 553, 557: (Pietelin)
PETELIN, Izmail. Died April 14, 1847 on Kodiak.
Married Mariia OKOTOV October 20, 1844 on Kodiak.

Elisaveta, born October 4, 1845 on Kodiak, died September 23, 1846 on Kodiak.
Izmail, died April 27, 1847 on Kodiak.
Irina, born April 15, 1850 on Kodiak.


Page 547:
PETELIN, Leontii.
Married Ekaterina 1848?

Olga, born June 29, 1849 in Sitka, died April 27, 1853 in Sitka.


Page 175, 229, 322, 547:
Married 1) Ekaterina DRUZHININ October 4, 1842 in Sitka. Died November 25, 1850 in Sitka. [Note: There must have been two Ekaterina Druzhinins, as both Ioann and Lev had wives with the same name and their children were born during the same time periods but in different localities.]
Married 2) (p 322) Anna Agushak / Agushkak KICHIN April 25, 1851 in Sitka.Previously married to Ivan Kichin February 3, 1833 in Sitka. He died May 27, 1849 in Sitka.
Married 3) (p 229) Evdokiia IAKOLEV January 9, 1859 in Sitka. Born March 1, 1842 at Kodiak. Father: Evgraf Iakolev. Mother: Anna Iakolev.

Children (Petelin-Druzhinin):
Ioann, born January 16, 1844 in Sitka.
Married Susanna.
          Mikhail, born September 7, 1860 in Sitka.
Ilia, born July 8, 1847 on Kodiak, died May 30, 1848 in Sitka.
Children (Petelin-Kichin):
Lavrentii, born August 10, 1852 in Sitka, died October 28, 1853 in Sitka.
Children (Petelin-Iakolev):
Petr, born December 16, 1860 on Atka.
Vasilii, born April 13, 1863 on Atka.
Evgeniia, born December 30, 1866 in Sitka.


Page 438, 547:
Married Elikrida MANULOV January 19, 1858 in Sitka. Possibly Anton Manulovs widow. Anton died March 13, 1846 in Sitka.


Page 144:
PETELIN, Lukiia.
Married Zakhar CHICHENEV January 13, 1829 on Unalaska.

Aleksandra, born June 8, 1848 on Kodiak.


Page 394, 556: (Pitelin)
PETELIN, Nadezhda.
Married Miron KYCHKOV June 30, 1830 on Unalaska in his second marriage. Previously married to Matreena Ivanov January 10, 1820 in Sitka, died April 15, 1830 on Unalaska.


Page 547:
Married Evdokiia PETELIN. Died July 6, 1848 in Sitka.

Evdokiia, born July 10, 1831 in Sitka. Married (p 108) Aleksandr BIELIA(R)EV October 13, 1846 in Sitka.


Pages 546, 547, 548, 550, 556: (Pitatin, Pettin, Pezhelin, Pitalin, Pitelin)
PETELIN, Simeon / Simon (Semen). Died January 9, 1826 on Unalaska.
Married Marfa 1823. Died January 15, 1827 in Sitka.

Children [Note: The below listing seems incomplete in view of the following]:
Mariamna, born August 13, 1824 on Unalaska. Married (p 371, 372) widower Iakov KUDRIN April 29, 1850 on Unalaska (previous married to Anna Glotov in 1846, who died May 14, 1848).
          Nikolai, born December 5, 1855 on Unalaska.
          Elena, born May 8, 1859 on Unalaska. Marrried (p 535) widower Stefan PANKOV May 17, 1864 on Unalaska. Previously married to Marva Khramov April 23, 1846 on Unalaska. Mavra died June 13, 1863 on Unalaska.
Iosif (Josef), born December 6, 1825 on Unalaska. Married (p 115, 546) Liubov BURENIN September 19, 1847 on Unalaska. Baptized April 28, 1825 on Unalaska, died March 26, 1865 on Unalaska. Father: Ivan Burenin, married Irina Burenin April 30, 1825 on Unalaska. Irina died September 25, 1848 on Unalaska.
          Mariia, born January 7, 1848 on Unalaska.
          Aleksandr, born August 29, 1850 on Unalaska, died May 2, 1853 on Unalaska.
          Matfei, born September 16, 1852 on Unalaska, died January 1, 1865 on Unalaska.
          Aleksandr, born May 2, 1853 on Unalaska.
          Paraskeva, born July 27, 1855 on Unalaska.
          Vasilii, born July 8, 1858 on Unalaska.
          Simeon, born August 18, 1861 on Unalaska (p 550).
          Anastasiia, born March 26, 1864 on Unalaska, died August 29, 1864 on Unalaska.
          Anastasiia, born twin March 25, 1865 on Unalaska.
          Matrona, born twin March 25, 1865 on Unalaska.
Ioann, born 1826?, died April 29, 1830 on Unalaska.


Pages 77, 556: (Piters)
PETERS, Carolina (Karolina). Possibly the daughter of Johan Johansson Peters from Viipuri.
Married Ilarion ARKHIMANDRITOV November 13, 1863 in Sitka.


Pages 554, 555: (Pil, Pilna)
PIHL, Anders (Andres). Arndt: Andres Pil. [Finlander]
Married to Marfa in Sitka? Died 1864 on Kenai.

Andrei, born 1844, August 14, in Sitka, died August 14, 1844 in Sitka.


Page 578: (Ramsei, Ramseich, Ramsell)
RAMSELL, Bror Carl. Arndt: Karl Ramsel. [Swedish speaking Finlander, born November 26, 1826 in Turku Swedish parish. His two older brothers, twins Carl and Petter, died shortly after birth. Father: Turku port custodian Isaak Wilhelm Ramsell, born October 6, 1803 in Turku parish, died September 21, 1837, son of male servant Isaak Ramsell and Lovisa Willman. Mother: Christina Elisabeth Tjäder, born September 17, 1837 in Karuna parish, to farmer Gustaf Johansson Tjäder and Gustafa Andersdotter.
Married widowed Anna Kadnikov Solominin RÖNKÖ on February 5, 1860 in Sitka (see Rönkö, Anders).

Nikolai, born in Sitka, died June 3, 1860 in Sitka.
Elena, born May 27, 1865, in Sitka.


Pages 579: (Razmus)
RASMUS / RASMUSSON?, Maria (Mariia). Died August 18, 1838 in Sitka.


Page 579: (Rein)
RÉHN, Otto Reinhold. Olin p 21. [Swedish speaking Finlander. Born February 4, 1832 in Ekenäs parish. The third of seven children. Father: Cabinet maker Anders Gustaf Réhn, born July 26, 1803 in Tenala parish. Mother: Gustafa Helena Holmberg, born July 30, 1806 in Espoo parish.24 Hired by the Russian American Company to replace Aaron Sjöström who wished to return to Finland with his family. Reached Sitka in the summer of 1853. Served then from September 1853 to April 14, 1865 as the Russian American Company's Evangelical Lutheran parish's sexton and organist. On April 14 in 1865, Sitka's last Evangelical Lutheran pastor, the Finlander Georg Gustaf Winter, departed Sitka for the homeland. As no replacement came forth, it clearly indicates that it by then was well known that Russian Alaska was up for sale.24b Thereafter, it is believed, that Otto Reinhold Réhn and his Finnish colleague, the former Lutheran parish sexton/organist, Aaron Sjöström, shared the responsibility of holding lay services at the church, as well as performed necessary burials etc. up to the final departures at the end of 1867-1868. Requested and received birth certificates from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1867. Moved with wife and children to the Siberian side. First to Nikolajefsk on the Amur, then under RAC's former Governor/Chief Manager, Johan Hampus Furuhjelm's Military Governor-ship. He might have hoped to serve here as the Sexton/Organist at the Evangelical Lutheran parish established in Nikolajefst in the fall of 1866.24c At the end of 1870, concurring with Military Governor Furuhjelm's departure from Nikolajefsk on the Amur, the Réhn family moved to Vladivostok. Here Réhn's contemporary compatriots recorded him as a respected and successful merchant with a wide circle of friends of which many were military officers of Finnish and Baltic birth. However, the strain of resettling into a new and demanding environment demanding the courage and know-how in personal entrepreneur-ship, seems to have taken its toll, as he seems to have turned to drink, which ruined the family. This again resulted in Réhn abandoning his wife and children, which pushed them into utter poverty.24d
Married Ekaterina NORDSTRÖM November 9, 1858 in Sitka. See under Nordström.

Mariia, born June 3, 1859 in Sitka.
Andrei, born June 1, 1861 in Sitka.


Pages 39, 582, 740: (Riupp, Riuppa, Riuppe, Ruppe, Ruppa)
RIIPPA, Mathias Henriksson. Arndt: Matvei Riuppe from Kurvem... village, city of Viipuri, district of Viipuri in Karelia. [Finlander; Longstanding RAC employee, colonial citizen since 1848.25 I am unsure if this is correct, but he is very elusive. Suggested identification to be verified: Born June 25, 1804, in Lohtaja parish (near Raahe), Marinkainen village, Riippa farm. Father: Riippa farm owner Henric Mattsson Riippa. Mother: Carin Mattsdotter. Arndt: Communication from the Main Office to (Governor) Tebenkov, March 15, 1848: Lists fifteen colonial citizens for whom taxes have been paid by the company. Includes references to social class and amount of taxes for each, for the year of 1848. Among the listed are: Matvei Riuppe (Mathias Henricsson Riippa) worker of Vyborg gubernia, town of Vyborg, Kurvem village, Iogan Knage [Iakov Johan Knagg], Niuland gubernia, Ingoskii parish [kirashpil] Skagervik factory [zavod].25g Note: Mathias Henricsson Riippa was born within the same time-period and in the visinity of Jacob Andersson Lehtonen. As Colonial Citizens they also settled into the same retirement village on Afognak. Would they, via Viipuri city's port, have journeyed to Sitka in each other's company, as so many of their fellow compatriots had done both before and after them?
Kodiak - Afognak parish records for Spruce Island: 1850: Peasant Matvei Stefanov Riuppa, age 58, and his wife, Aleut Mariia Agneatieva, age 29, and their children Zakharii, aged 10, and Petr, age 7.25h
Married 1) Anna. Died February 3, 1840 on Kodiak.
Married 2) (p 49, 582) Marfa ALAGIAGA January 7, 1849 on Kodiak.
Note: Might Mariia Agnatieva / Ignatieva, and Marfa Algiaga be the same person? The Index registers no one under the name of Agnatiev. Or might there be a third marriage hidden herein?

Children (with Anna):
Natalia, born August 7, 1832 on Kodiak.
Akalina (p 585 Rupak), died July 16, 1837 on Kodiak.
Elena, born 1839, May 3 on Kodiak, died February 4, 1840 on Kodiak.
Zakhar, born 1840 on Kodiak. Married (p 582, 740) the twin Agafia VOZBRIUKHOV January 17, 1863 on Kodiak. Born September 4, 1838 on Kodiak. Father: Feodor Vozbriukhov, married Irina June 16, 1827 on Kodiak. Irina died December 25, 1855 on Kodiak.
Petr, (p 585, 642) born about 1843. Married Pelagiia SOKOLOV April 29, 1866 in Sitka. Born August 28, 1849 in Sitka. Mother: Lukeriia Sokolov.


Page 695: (Ries)
RIS / REISCH?, Aleksandra. In 1876 widowed Aleksandra Tufanov and three children are found among the 125 wishing to depart Alaska for Vladivostok, Pacific Siberia.
Married Ioann / Ivan TUFANOV October 16, 1855 in Sitka. Died prior to 1876.

Evgeniia, born December 13, 1856 in Sitka.
Anna, born December 5, 1858 in Sitka, died April 29, 1860 in Sitka.
Gavriil, born March 26, 1861 in Sitka, died June 15, 1861 in Sitka.
Juliia, born May 14, 1862, in Sitka.
Khrisanf, born March 18, 1865 in Sitka.


Pages 564, 582, 586, 695: (Ris, Riss, Rys)
RIS, Jakob. [Baltic German or Finlander]. Died August 28, 1843 in Sitka.
Married Anna POPOV October 25, 1831. Born September 28, 1824 on Unalaska. Died October 19, 1850 in Sitka. Father: Nikolai Popov, married September 28, 1824 on Unalaska, mother Anna Popov.

Nikifor, born March 11, 1841 in Sitka.
Pelageia, born in Sitka? Married (p 562, 563) Vladimir PONOMAREV January 24, 1851 in Sitka.
          Ioann, born January 29, 1856 in Sitka, died February 25, 1856 in Sitka.
          Simon (Simeon), born January 23, 1858 in Sitka, died July 26, 1858 in Sitka.
          Anna, born July 31, 1859 in Sitka.
          Ioann, born February 13, 1864 in Sitka.


Pages 582, 585, 664: (Rusten, Rosten)
ROSTEN, Johan Gustav. [Finlander] Born December 18, 1825 at Christeli Farm, Tattula Village in Pertteli Parish. Father: grain crofter Elias Rosten. Mother Stina Johansdotter. Two children were born to this family.
Married Marina SVININ February 2, 1861 on Atka. Born February 27, 1837 on Atka. Father: Andrei Svinin. Died June 12, 1863 on Atka. Married October 11, 1829 on Atka, mother: Paraskeva Pankov.

Samuil, born March 4, 1864 in Sitka.


Page 252, 583:
von ROZENBERG / ROSENBERG, Nikolai Jacobson. [Baltic German. RAC chief manager/governor 1850-1853. Had earlier served under von Wrangell as his adjoint. Converted to Orthodoxy February 23, 1852 in Sitka.]
Married Aleksandra IVANOV May 29, 1835 in Sitka.

Children (born both out of, and within marriage):
Aleksandr, born January 12, 1832 in Sitka,
Nikolai, born March 5, 1833, in Sitka,
Iakov, born April 29, 1835 in Sitka.
Vladimir, born July 3, 1837 in Sitka.


Pages: 579, 643: (Renke, Renki, Ronkko)
RÖNKÖ / RÖNKKÖ, Anders (Andrei). Arndt: Andrei Renke. [Finlander, master lath turner; Born June 20, 1802 in Rääkkylä parish, Niemi village, Eastern Finland, died of pneumonia January 31, 1856 in Sitka, buried February 4, 1856 into Sitka's Russian Era Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery.26 RAC colonial citizen. Home language was Finnish. He was the oldest child as well as the oldest son of at least 9 children born within his father's two marriages. Father: Farm croft share-cropper Anders Rönkö (junior), born on September 13, 1777 in Finnish Karelia, Kitee parish, Niemi village. He was recorded into the church-books as an out-of-wedlock son born to farm-hand Anders Rönkö (senior) and the farm-house maid Maria Soinin, whom he soon thereafter married. In Rääkkylä parish, their son, Anders (junior) married January 10, 1802, (in the first of his two gun shot weddings), mother: farm servant, Carin Tålfvain born 1778 in Niemis village. Their first three children, Anders, Maria, and Christina were born there. In May of 1808 the family moved just north to Hammaslahti village in Kiihtelysvaara parish, where they got registered on September 4, 1808. Here the family's next three children, Anna, Carin, and Henric were born, and their oldest son, Anders, was confirmed. Here too his mother died prior to 1824, as his father married on February 2, 1824, the farm-house maid, Anna Stina Bohm, from Kiihtelysvaara parish, Niva village. Their three daughters, Anna Catharina, Christina and Anna Caisa, were born here.26a At what time, and where Anders Rönkö was recruited into Russian-American Company service is yet unknown to me. But it must have taken place several years prior to 1842 when he married.] Arndt: communication from the Main Office to (Governor) Tebenkov: June 21, 1848: Joiner Renke left the colonies via Siberia in the spring of 1847, and communication of March 23, 1850: employees hired, and dispatshed to the colonies via Siberia includes Finlander Andere Renke. Communication of July 13, 1850 to (Governor) Rozenberg: On accepting Andrei Renke, a native of Finland, back into colonial service and dispatching him there with his wife and young son, the Main Office sent his old passport to the Finnish Passport Office to exchange it for a new one with his wife and son entered in to it. The passport office says it cannot do this until it receives a marriage certificate and a birth certificate for Renke's son. Asks Rozenberg to inform Renke and to send the documents if Renke has them. Othervise, Renke should indicate where those documents are.26b This would indicate that Anders Rönkö had by 1847 completed his seven-year contract with the Company. This again suggest he might have been a member of the Sjöström, Blomqvist, Haeppner, Sundström party of 48 men, whom the Company in December of 1838, dispatched from St. Petersburg to Sitka via Siberia and the port of Okhotsk. What is truly remarkable is that Anders Rönkö made this over-land journey thrice, of which his wife Anna partook in the latter one, familiarizing herself with her husbands region of birth, situated in Central Finland's Eastern-most North Karelian lake filled regions.
Married (p 261,413, 579) widow Anna Kadnikov SOLOMININ May 17, 1842 in Sitka. Previously married on Atka, July 1, 1830 to Ignatii Solominin, who died in Sitka December 5, 1840. Anna Kadnikov Solominin Rönkö married third Bror Carl RAMSELL (see under Ramsell).

Ilia, born July 16, 1844 in Sitka, died August 6, 1844 in Sitka.
Ilia, born during the trip to Finland in 1847-1850. In 1876 son Ilia is found listed among the 125 individuals wishing to depart US Alaska for Vladivostok, East Siberia. Sitka's St. Michael's Russian Orthodox church recorded it issued Anders Rönkö a birth certificate in 1851.
Anna, presumed to have been born before 1851, married (p 401, 413) May 1, 1866 in Sitka, Aleksandr LOGINOV, born August 13, 1843 in Sitka. Father Ivan Loginov, died December 3, 1846 on Kodiak, married in Sitka, November 9, 1841 mother: Daria Sheshukov, died in childbirth February 28, 1846 in Sitka.
Child, presumed to be daughter of Anna, as it is registered under the name of "Anna Rönkö" only.
          Elena, born May 15, 1865 in Sitka.


Page 579: (Renke)
RÖNKKÖ, Georg (Egor). Arndt: Egor Renke. Sitka Orthodox Church index: Egor Fedorov Renke. [Finlander]
Married Elisaveta RÖNKKÖ May 20, 1845 in Sitka, died March 21, 1853 in Sitka.

Fekla, born September 22, 1849 in Sitka.
          Petr, born October 16, 1866 in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born November 22, 1851 in Sitka, died December 7, 1851 in Sitka.


Pages 464, 591: (Samulin)
SAMULIN / SAMELIN / SALMELIN / SIMOLIN, Georg, (Gregorii). [Finlander]. Died May 20, 1862 in Sitka.
Married Anna MUNIN July 3, 1855 in Sitka.

Veniamin, born October 16, 1860 in Sitka.


Page 614: (Shavalin)
SAVOLAIN / SAVOLAINEN, Merkurii. Died December 21, 1865 on Unalaska. Presumed father: Henrik Davidsson Savolainen from Jaakimvaara. Arndt: Genrik Savolain. Olin: Savolain. Finlander. Member of Sitka's Lutheran parish elders in 1847.26c


Page 599: (Sell)
SCHELL / SELL, Carl Gustav. Arndt: Karl Gustav Sell. [Baltic German or Finlander]
Married Vera Rysev January 19, 1841 in Sitka (in her third marriage). See above Gustavsson, Karl.


Page 368: (Ksel)
SCHELL, Stephan. [Baltic German?]. Converted into Orthodoxy June 22, 1863 at Kwikpak. Might be Carl Gustav Schell's son.


Page 621, 705: (Shim)
SCHIM / SCHIMM, Johann (Iogann). [Baltic German?].
Married Stefanida TUTALIN November 19, 1845 at Kenai.


Page 462, 532, 626, 665: (Shults, Shchoults)
SCHOULTS, Carl Hindrik. [Finlander. Navigator. Member of Helsinki Seamen's House 1810-1813. Believed to be born at Sveaborg in 1787.]
Married Fedora PANKOV September 20, 1831 in Sitka.

Vladimir, born August 11, 1836 in Sitka, died September 9, 1836 in Sitka.
Aleksandra, born March 6, 1838 in Sitka. Married (p 665) Ivan SYCHEV August 22, 1858 in Sitka.
          Anna, born January 21, 1859 in Sitka, died February 24, 1861 in Sitka.
          Zinoviia, born June 11, 1861 in Sitka.
          Elisaveita, born September 6, 1863 in Sitka.
Anna, born January 31, 1843 in Sitka. Married (p 462, 615) Sergei MOSKALEV April 19, 1859 in Sitka.
          Mariia, born March 3, 1860 in Sitka.


Page 627, 725: (Shvab, Shvabe, Shvabie)
SCHWAB, Karl. Arndt: Karl Shvabe. [Baltic German]
Married Aleksandra VASILEV on January 25, 1838 in Sitka.

Aleksandra, born February 27, 1839 in Sitka, died December 17, 1840 in Sitka.
Evgeniia, born December 10, 1840, in Sitka, died January 30, 1841 in Sitka.


Page 610: (Shants)
SHANTZ / SCHANTZ, Joakim (Iakim). [Finlander]. Converted to Orthodoxy February 6, 1843 in Sitka. Died October 9, 1843 in Sitka.


Pages 94, 610: (Shanti)
SHANTZ / SCHANTZ, Vasilii. Might be son of above.
Married Vera BAKNUNALNA May 26, 1846 at Kenai.


Pages 395, 630: (Silenu)
SILÉN, Nils / Nicolas? (Nikolai). [Finlander].
Married Anna KYTANUK July 10, 1828, on Kodiak.


Page 631, 665: (Silin)
SILÉN, Peter (Petr). [Finlander] Arndt: Petr Silen. Requested baptizm certificate in 1844.26c1
Married Mariia ZYRIANOV April 19, 1839 on Kodiak. Died January 5, 1843 on Kodiak. Might be the daughter of Nikifor Zyrianov stationed at Fort Ross in California in 1821, 1836, and 1838 onboard the ship Ilmen.26d

Fiodor, born September 18, 1840 on Kodiak.


Page 598: (Skelund, Selund)
SJÖLUND, Johan (Iogan). [Finlander]. Died December 5, 1840 in Sitka.
[Note: Probably the first to be buried into Sitka's Evangelical Lutheran cemetery which the Finnish pastor, Uno Cygnaeus, dedicated on December 6, 1840.]


Page 620, 747: (Shestrem, Shestresha, Shestrim, Shestremo)
SJÖSTRÖM, Aaron. Arndt: Aron Shestrem. Olin: p 22. [Finlander. Laborer/coachman. Born February 17, 1818 in Helsinki. Father: Carl Sjöström, died 1839. Mother: Sofia Henriksdotter. 20); Took out moving certificate from Helsinki parish November 19, 1838, #474, for St. Petersburg. Arrived to the colonies in 1839 in the company of about 40 Finlanders among which were several navigators and book-keepers, see Gabriel Blomqvist and Andreas Haeppner. Served as the RAC Evangelical Lutheran Church sexton/organist, Company music composer, orchestra director, after 1852 Sitka's seismology observatory recorder. Later also as Company office clerk. One of the last to depart Alaska at the time of transfer.27] Requested for, and received birth certificates in 1867 and 1868.27a
Married Tatiana ZAMIAKIN November 11, 1849 in Sitka. Born January 29, 1828 probably in Okhotsk, Pacific Siberia.27b Father: Semeon Zamiakin (p 748). Russian navigator in RAC service. Suffered debilitating stroke about November 1849. Died February 1, 1852 in Sitka. Mother: Unnamed, Okhotsk merchant's daughter.27c

Mikhail, born September 28, 1850 in Sitka, died October 31, 1850 in Sitka.
Iuliia, born October 6, 1851 in Sitka,
Petr, born December 21, 1853 in Sitka.
Aleksandra, born April 12, 1856 in Sitka.

However much effort I have put in I have not been able to lcate the Sjöström family after the year 1868.


Page 342, 634: (Skot)
SKOTT, Johan (Ivan). [Finlander. Note, that the names Skott and previously mentioned Pihl, Elg and Flink are typical soldier's names found in Finland and Sweden.]
Married to Mariia.

Andrei, born twin January 17, 1835 on Kodiak, died June 29, 1856 on Kodiak.
Peter, born twin January 17, 1835 on Kodiak. Married (p 342) Nastasiia KOCHNEV September 15, 1855 on Kodiak.
          Child (registered under Nastasiia only):
          Mikhail, born either September 14, 1853 or 1855 on Kodiak.
Nazar, born March 9, 1838 on Kodiak.


Page 690: (Trem)
STRÖM, Carl (Karl). Might be SUNDSTRÖM, Lars Konrad Arndt: Karl Sundstrem. Olin: p 23. [Finlander. Seaman, born 1820 in Sauvo, Finland, member of Turku Seamen House.27d Took out moving certificate from Helsinki parish November 30, 1838, #516, for St. Petersburg. If correct, then he was a member of the 1838 of Sjöström, Haeppner and Blomqvist party.]
Married Ekaterina.

Aleksandra, born February 6, 1845 in Sitka.


Page 663: (Svenolin)
SVEDLIN?, Alexander (Aleksander). [Finlander]. Died November 22, 1838 in Sitka.

Aleksandra, born February 6, 1845 in Sitka.


Pages 201, 202, 627: (Shvarts)
SWARTZ, Ulrika Wilhelmina (Vilgelmina). Arndt: Vilgelnina Mikhailovna Schvarts. [Finlander. Born August 30, 1822, on the grounds of Haapaniemi Cadet School at Rantasalmi parish. Died February 14, 1913 at Wättilä Manor in Jorois parish. Father: Major Michael Henric Swartz (1780-1853). Veteran of the 1808-1809 war between Sweden and Russia. Thereafter faculty member at Haapaniemi Cadet School. Mother: Sofia Ottiliana Vilhelmina von Fieandt (1791-1873).28
Married Sub-Lieutenant Aleksandr Mikhailovich GAVRILOV October 29, 1844 in Sitka. Born August 18, 1818 in European Russia, died May 25, 1848 in Sitka.

Sophia (Sofiia), born August 19, 1845 onboard the RAC ship Tungus on the Pacific enroute from Ajan to Sitka, died 1894 in Russia, probably S:t Petersburg. Married Nicolai N. RYSZKOVSKI / RYSHKOWSKY, Polish Noble man employed at the telegraph company in S:t Petersburg.
          Alexandra, died prior to 1916 in Petrograd.
Alexandra (Aleksandra), born June 28, 1847 in Sitka, died December 7, 1916 in Petrograd. Married Vasilii SARANDINAKI. Architect, employed at the Imperial Navy in St. Petersburg. Born 1841, died 1901 in St. Petersburg.
Foster children in Sitka 1844-1848:
Olimpiada Dingelstedt, see under Dingelstedt.
Evdokiia Chubarov, born August 3, 1830 in Sitka. Father: Pavel Chubarov, married January 25, 1842 in Sitka, mother Anastasiia Khylotskak. Married Nikita Semenov October 1, 1850 in Sitka. Children: Ekaterina, born November 13, 1851 in Sitka, died November 25, 1851 in Sitka; Ekaterina, born Novmber 23, 1852 in Sitka; Vasilii, born December 17, 1854 in Sitka

[Note: Widowed, Wilhelmina returned to Finland via Kronstadt, onboard the Russian-American Company hired Turku based Finnish ship ATKA under command of Finnish Skipper A.W. Riedell, which in the fall of 1848 departed Sitka for Kronstadt and Turku. Honolulu Port Records recorded her and her two daughters onboard the ATKA at Honolulu for December 11, 1848. On this journey Wilhelmina had the support of her Alaska born maid, Akulina TALANOV. Thus Akulina is presumed to be one of Alaska's many but rarely few fully identified (Native/Creole?) women hired as house- or chambermaids. She must as well have been one of the few women to make a journey around-the-world, and return to tell her family and friends the sites she had seen, and what she had experienced. Akulina must have returned via Sitka to Kodiak prior to the outbreak of the Crimean War (1853-1856), as she had a child: Vladimir, born July 18, 1854 on Kodiak, who died July 19, 1854 on Kodiak. She married (p 229, 230), Aleksei IAKOLEV February 6, 1857 on Kodiak. Children: Vasilii, born September 22, 1857 on Kodiak. Ioann, born January 7, 1860, on Kodiak. Nikolaia, born October 28, 1862 on Kodiak. Feodosiia, born May 29, 1866 on Kodiak. Additionally, among the 19 identified passengers are Johann Viller (see below) and his little daughter Eudoxie (Evdokiia) as well as the Russian Natural scientist Vosnesensky.]29


Pages 280, 675: (Tanigman)
TANIGMANN, Peter (Petr) [Balt].
Married Akilina KAMUGALGIA December 14, 1855 at Nualto.  

Petr, born June 20, 1857 at Nualto.


Page 699: (Tulin)
THELIN / TELIN, Adolf Fredrik (Andrei). [Finlander. If correct, then journeyman carpenter. Took out moving certificate at Helsinki parish October 10, 1838, #337, for St. Petersburg. Was thus part of the 1838 Blomqvist, Haeppner, Sjöström and Sundström party.] Converted to Orthodoxy June 25, 1845 on Nualto.


Pages 42, 697: (Tulina)
THULIN / TELIN / THELIN, Barbara (Varvara). [Might be the wife of above Anders Thulin or below Johan Thulin]. Converted to Orthodoxy June 3, 1846 at Kenai.
Married Roman ALIAAKILIUKIN August 19, 1856, at Kenai.

Child (Barbara's):
Petr, born April 15, 1851 at Kenai.


Page 700: (Tulun)
THULIN / TELIN / THELIN, Johan (Ioann). Coverted to Orthodoxy August 21, 1838 on Kodiak.


Page 699: (Tulu)
THULIN / TELIN / THELIN, Mikhailo. Died January 25, 1861 at Nualto.


Note: Adam UKKO. Arndt: Adam Ukko. [Finlander. Registered as an employee of the Russian-American Company, and thus might have fathered any of the below. Innumerable variants of this name are found in the index such as Iuku, Iukku, Ukka, Ukki, Ukkun, etc.]
Page 238: (Ikku)
UKKO, Ekaterina [likely wife of below]. Died 1866 at Kenai.


Page 249: (Iukku, Iuku)
UKKO, Peter (Petr). [Finlander]. Converted to Orthodoxy May 21, 1846 at Kenai, died 1854 at Kenai.


Pages 732, 746: (Viger, Vigtr)
WIGER, Johan Fredrik. Arndt: Fridrikh Viger. [Finlander. Journeyman blacksmith/seaman. Born June 5, 1825 in Turku (Swedish parish). Father: Mason Journeyman Johan Wiger. Died November 18, 1846 in Pernå. Mother: Ulrika Helin.
Registered for a passport in St. Petersburg in 1848 [This might be a residency passport. Considering the date of his marriage it is more likely for his first journey to Alaska. It might indicate he actually served on board the Company's round-the-world ships. Passport office issued 1852-1865 in St. Petersburg.] Registered into St. Maria parish in St. Petersburg with arrival from Turku in 1857. Departed August 16, 1858 for America, presumably Sitka (see Hyörä).] Arndt: Requested baptism record in Sitka in 1856.
Married Mariia ZAKHAROV May 9, 1852 in Sitka.

Mariia, born February 6, 1853, died October 6, 1854 in Sitka.
Andrei, born September 20, 1855.


Page 455, 552, 733: (Viller, Miller)
VILLER / WILLER, Johann (Iogan). Arndt: Iogan Viller. [Balt; December 11, 1848 Honolulu port records registered among the nineteen passengers travelling onboard the ship Atka a certain I. Viller, aged 35, and his daughter Euxodii, aged 2, as well as the herein previously listed, the recently widowed Wilhelmina Swartz Gavrilov and her two small children The records states the ship had departed Sitka on October 30, 1848, and was under the command of Finnish skipper A. W. Riedell. The ship's final destination was Kronstadt.30]
Married Paraskeva PETRUKOV January 10, 1843 in Sitka. Born October 15, 1824 on Unalaska, died March 11, 1847 in Sitka. Father: Gregorii Petrukov, married July 12, 1825 on Unalaska Akiliina Petrukov.

Evdokiia, born February 18, 1844 in Sitka.
Elisaveta, born August 29, 1846 in Sitka, died July 16, 1848 in Sitka.


Pages 465, 727: (Veisman, Veizman)
WEISMAN, Johannes Eriksson (Ioann). Arndt: Iogan Veizman. [Finlander]. Born December 5, 1829 at Asmuth Farm, Sarflax, Pernå, Finland. Registered at Loviisa Seamen's House in 1851. Might be one of the seamen stranded in Sitka during the Crimean War. Arndt: Requested baptism records from Sitka's Russian Orthodox Church in 1856. Seaman on RAC ship KAMCHATKA in 1858 under Finnish skipper Axel Gustaf Juselius, and in 1860 from Kronstadt via Helsinki to Sitka and back. Registered in Loviisa Seaman's House records thereafter as sailing out of Viipuri. Left Loviisa Seaman's House in 1866. [Did he take his children from his first marriage with him to Finland when he seems to have returned, or did he abandon them?]. Father: Farmer Jacob Weisman. Born 1784. Mother: Sofia Andersdotter. Born 1788.
Married 1) Nataliia MUNIN January 25, 1852 in Sitka. Died October 4, 1859. Likely to be the daughter of Efim Moonin, who died in Sitka January 7, 1851. Arrived to Fort Ross on the brig Golovin in 1821 with his wife Elisaveta from Kodiak, the same 1821, 1836, 1838. Moved to Kenai 1842.30a
Married 2) Maria Helena BACKMAN November 28, 1856 in Pernå, Finland. Born May 20, 1829 in Pernå.30b

Children (Weisman-Munin):
Vasilii, born January 1, 1853 in Sitka.
Ksenia, born January 18, 1855 in Sitka.
Ekaterina, born October 16, 1856 in Sitka.
Child (Weisman-Backman):
Emma Olifvia, born March 1, 1859 in Pernå.


Page 731: (Vestval)
WESTPHAL / WESTFAL, Johann (Ioan). [Balt]. Died May 2, 1839 in Sitka.


Page 743: (Wilgu)
WILGOT, Josef (Iosif). [Balt]. Died 1865 on Kenai.


Page 741: (Vrangel)
von WRANGELL, Marie Louise Natalie Dorothea (Mariia). [Baltic German, daughter of Governor Ferdinand von Wrangell serving in Sitka 1840-1845. Born in Irkutsk on the way to Sitka.]. Died two years old August 21, 1832 in Sitka. 


The discovery of above men's birthplaces now obliterate the previously held notions that most Finlanders in Russian-American Company service came from the Swedish-speaking Turku region. Not so, in fact they came from most all of Finland’s coastal regions as well as from the depth of Finland’s interior, including Finland’s Eastern-most North Karelia. And, they seem to have quite equally represented the country's bilingual diversity.

Surprising too, is how many of the above dates of arrivals preceed the Company's Lutheran community's formalization in May of 1840. For instance, note that Theodor Laurén (Laulin) was there to marry as early as in 1818. This is a mere nine years after Finland fell under Russian rule. However, if he originated in Old Finland, Ingria or the Baltic Provinces (Estonia and Latvia), then those regions had already been under Russian rule (oppression) for some additional ninety odd years. That is, since the Great Northern War.

Additionally, when above list of individuals is added to my previously published list of births recorded into the Russian-American Company's Sitka based Evangelical Lutheran Church's birth and baptism records,31 it proves that Sitka, as well as other sites, literally crawled with the offspring of Finns and Balts, some married to Europeans others to local Creoles, many of which had a Finnish or Baltic father, or grandfather, others again to native ones. The question is: did the offspring of these Finns acquire their father's citizenship, if so, then all of them were legally Finns. Additionally, if the Governor to be, (1859-1864) the Finn, Johan Hampus Furuhjelm, wrote the factual truth, such as follows quoted from a letter addressed to his father, written during his first round of Company service (1851-1855): "... I can not avoid telling Father of a commonly held concept of morality here, which is supported by all the priests here. On the one hand every unmarried female here is by every awailable mean prevented from taisting the forbidden fruit. On the other hand, this is totally disregarded as far as married women are conserned. Thus, it is hardly unusual here for a married man, who, upon request, an offer, and an agreed-upon compensation, will permit an officer-client to enjoy his wife's pleasures. Something only a true boor would permit himself to do. Therefor, as there are no illegitimate children born here in Sitka, everyone thinks this to be a place of high morality."32 - then we might gather that there were withing the region of the North Pacific Russian Colonies, an additional untold number of children born with genetic ties to Finland and the Baltic States. This above mentioned category of "Officers" included also all single men holding the required rank allowing them to take their midday meals at the Governor's table, which included naval officers, medical doctors, sea captains, and scientists, as well as the Company's Evangelical Lutheran pastors. And, furthermore, it is well known that the Company's first Evangelical Lutheran pastor, the Finn Uno Cygnaeus was throughout life an ardent womanizer. In fact, prior to his 1839 departure for Russian America, he is on record having fathered an illegitimate son.33 Thus, Furuhjelm's above quoted statement does in fact offer the possibility, that these categories of high ranking Finnish, Baltic and Russian men, might have fathered any and many of the children born within the Russian-American Company's Colonial domanes.

Furthermore, Artist /Genealogical researcher, Helen J. Knagg Simeonoff, points to the fact, that most of the descendents of above Finlanders have multiplied into huge inter-married family clans. Nowadays, they are not only living at sites all over the State of Alaska, but are also found living at multiple sites on the American West Coast, as well as at sites across the entire lower 48.

In conclusion, the above listing supports the Michigan-based Finnish-American Pastor, Salomon Ilmonen's published claim, that he, upon a visit to Sitka, made just before the turn of the century, encountered some five-hundred individuals who readily recognized their own Russian Era Finnish heritage.34 Oh, how true is the saying: "it takes but one male to create a whole village."

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A special thank you is extended to:
Margarita Nikamo Choquette for introducing me to this valuable Index, as well as freely given advise, and her long-distance assistance towards the ultimate goal, which made this project possible.
Dorothy Breedlove, for sharing the information found in her Arndt special research order.
Bo-Gunnar Blomqvist for his contributions towards resolving the backgrounds of those born in the Loviisa city region.
Gunnar Edelmann for his contributions towards the Knagg-Edelmann family line.
Helen J. Knagg Simeonoff for her major contributions including details which has enormously helped me in my search for birth records.

This article is part of the Godenhjelm Project, and presented in celebration of the restored Russian Era Berndt Abraham Godenhjelm altarpainting's re-instalment service on October 17, 2004 into Sitka Lutheran Church, Sitka Alaska.

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