R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Aaltanen Edward, lab, bds Matt Karpakka
Aarnio Erick. pressman Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds Northwestern Hotel
Aarnio Victor (Jennie), timberman, res 635 Finn
Abdala Sidney (Debe), pdlr, res 313 Franklin
Abrahams Morris (Rebecca), tailor 302 Quincy, res 1300 Emery
Abrahams Samuel, tailor, bds 1300 Emery
Abrahams Wm. clk, bds 1300 Emery
Abrams Edward T, phys First Natl Bank bldg, res Dollar Bay, Mich
Abramson Abraham, elev opr Jacob Gartner, bds 311 Franklin
Abramson Alfred E, pharmacist, bds 850 Pine
Abramson Edward A, clk, bds 850 Pine
Abramson Herman (Mollie), pdlr, res 311 Franklin
Abramson Jacob (Annie M), janitor, res 850 Pine
Abramson Samuel, bds 311 Franklin
Abramson Uno J. student, bds 850 Pine
Abrelat Gustaf (Hilma), bartndr, res 1005 4th
Acciari Giulio, trammer Hancock Consd Mining Co
Acme Garage (Albert Seppi, Alfred Nelson), 817 Quincy
Adams Alfred M, clk Louis Rein, bds 849 Franklin
Adams Catherine L, clk Houghton Public Schools, res 714 Hancock
Adams Cecelia A, bds 714 Hancock
Adams Clarence B, painter, bds 849 Franklin
Adams Helen B, bds 849 Franklin
Adams Mary (wid John C), res 849 Franklin
Adams Thomas F, lab, bds 849 Franklin
Agesta Ogolina, miner, bds 264 2d, Mesnard loc.
Ahistus Christine, Indrs A B Scott Laundry, bds 321 Holland
Aho Adolph (Lydia), miner, res 1106 2d
Aho Andrew, lab, bds Peter Mulari
Aho Arvid, trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co
Aho Ida, bds 214 Franklin
Aho Ida, confr Frenchtown Station, res same
Aho Jennie, student, bds Mrs Ida Aho
Aho Maude, student, bds 1106 2d
Aho Nestor, lab, bds Henry Kahkonen
Aho Urho, student, bds 1106 2d
Aho Victor (Mary), lab, res ss Quincy 2 w of Birch
Aho Waino, student, bds 1106 2d
Aho Wilhard (Kate), tailor 506 Tezcuco, res same
Aho Wm (Alma), driver West Hancock Bakery, res 914 Elevation
Ahola John (K Sophia), deliveryman Ojala Bros, res 840 Franklin
Ahola J Edward, student, bds 840 Franklin
Aili Edward (Ida), miner, res ns Liberty 4 w of Elevation
Aili Sophie, drsmkr 806 Summit, bds same
Akreen John (Hilma). carp, res Hill
Ala Edward, lab, bds 830 Pine
Ala Henry (Impi), lab, res 830 Pine
Ala John (Mary), carp, res 809 Franklin
Alatalo Daniel, hlpr West Hancock Bakery, bds 1107 Summit
Alatalo John, miner, res Newtown
Albion Abraham, sec Lake Superior Iron and Metal Co, res 1130 Front, Ripley
Allan Jean (wid James), bds 311 Harris av
Allan Robert M, cashr H C Gas & Coke Co, res 310 Front
Allaria Antonio (Minnie), bartndr, res ws Back n of 490
Allaria Nota, bds Antonio Allaria
Allaria Peter, student, bds Antonio Allaria
Allen Antony, blksmith, bds 800 Scott
Allen August (Tracy), lab, res 800 Scott
Allen August jr, lab, bds 800 Scott
Allen Mary, bds 800 Scott
Allen Robert M (Anna V), bkpr, res 310 Front, Ripley
Allen Veronica, bds 800 Scott
Altern Matthew, chiropractor 112 Quincy, res same
Amando Andina, miner, bds 429 Franklin loc
Amato Frank (Caroline), lab, res nw cor Birch and Quincy
Amerikan Suometar (tri-weekly), Finnish Lutheran Book Concern publrs, 541 Quincy
Andersen Anna L, music tchr 614 Oak, bds same
Andersen Ella M, bds 614 Oak
Andersen James, painter, bds 614 Oak
Andersen Ole (Julia S), carp. res 614 Oak
Anderson Albert (Alma), miner, res Newtown
Anderson Alfreda, bds 1213 Sigsbee
Anderson Andrew (Mary), blacksmith, res 800 Pine
Anderson Andrew, lab Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds 1054 Summit
Anderson Annie (wid John), bds 936 Elevation
Anderson Axel (Anna), lander, res ss Maple 6 w of Elevation
Anderson Bertha, tchr E L Wright School, rms 511 Hancock
Anderson Carl, student, bds 1035 Summit
Anderson Carl, reprman, rms 203 Hancock
Anderson Charles, lab, bds 325 Franklin
Anderson Charles (Annie). lab Isle Rovale Copper Co, res 929 Elm
Anderson Charles J (Sarah), lab, res 1035 Summit
Anderson Christine (wid Olaf), res 416 Holland
Anderson Edwin, lab, bds 401 Wright
Anderson Emil (Violet), barber, res 508 Quincy
Anderson Frank O (Ida), driver, res ft of Dacotah
Anderson Hilda, dom 942 Elevation
Anderson Hugo E, tchr Suomi College and Theological Seminary, rms 538 Quincy
Anderson Isaac (Annie), miner, res 1235 Cedar
Anderson John (Elizabeth), res 69 Hard Serabble
Anderson Mabel E, bkpr E G Sanders, bds 416 Holland
Anderson Mary, clk Grand Union Tea Co, bds 1035 Summit
Anderson Nettie, clk P Ruppe & Sons, bds 906 Summit
Anderson Olga, student, bds 69 Hard Scrabble
Anderson Oscar, trammer Han Con M Co
Anderson Paul, bds 69 Hardscrabble
Anderson Wm, bds 901 Railroad av
Anderson Wm B, treas Peoples Fuel Co, res Calumet,
Andrew Peter (K Mary), miner, res 505 Elevation
Andrews Joseph L (Mary), steamftr, res 5 Front, Ripley
Andrews Mildred, clk, bds 5 Front, Ripley
Andrews Wm, miner, bds 120 L Pewabic loc
Angell Robert, tchr High School, bds Schnieder blk
Ankony Abram (Josephine), pedler, res 507 Hancock
Annotti Gimi, trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co
Anstess Jessie (wid Wm R); res Uperr Pewabic loc
Anthony Clyda, bds 857 Pine
Anthony Edith (wid Wm), res 1100 Front, Ripley
Anthony Elva, bds 1100 Front, Ripley
Anthony Matilda (wid Frank S), res 857 Pine
Anthony Mervin, lab, bds 1100 Front, Ripley
Anthony Muriel, student, bds 857 Pine
Anthony Rispah L, clk, bds 857 Pine
Anthony Rupert, student, bds 857 Pine
Anthony Russell D asst chemist Mich Smelting Co, bds 857 Pine
Anti-Tuberculosis Society (branch), 21 Wright blk
Antila Andrew, lab, bds 715 Finn
Anton Wm, lab L S Iron and Metal Co
Antoncich John, miner, bds Vinko Kosovez
Anttila Hilia, waitress Cafe Du Nord, rms Northwestern Hotel
Anttila Samuel, lab, bds 816 2d, Ripley
Anttila Wm C (Aina J), lab, res 819 Summit
Anttonen Emil (Mary), miner res 217 Sampson
Anttonen Emil (Sophie), miner, res 415 Sampson
Appelbaum Hattie, student, bds 218 Cooper al
Appelbaum Moses (Delia), trav, res 218 Cooper al
Appelbaum Theodore, trucker, bds 218 Cooper al
Aris Ellery H, clk Quincy Mining Co, bds 219 Hancock
Aris John H (Hattie), driver Grand Union Tea Co, res 219 Hancock
Aris Olga O, clk. bds 219 Hancock
Arminen Karl V, vice-pres Finnish Mutual Life Ins Assn, phys Epstein bldg, res 526 Franklin
Armour & Co, George Dabold mgr, whol meats cor Railroad av and Elevation
Armstrong George S (Hattie), engr, res 4 Front, Ripley
Armstrong Ruby L, dep Register of Deeds, bds 4 Front, Ripley
ARMSTRONG-THIELMAN LUMBER CO, Albert M Quandt Mgr, Lumber Manufacturers and Dealers Portage Lake ft of Mesnard, Tel 186, Mills at Hubbell, Yards Calumet, Hancock and Hubbell (See front edge)
ARNE BENJAMIN (Fannie), Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes, Agents Regal Shoe Co, 208 - 210 Quincy, Tel 878-R, res 309 Harris av
Aro Matt, miner Han Consd M Co
Aro Oscar J (Annie A), lab, res 841 Franklin
Arthur Reginald (Minnie), miner, res ns H C T Co tracks nr Station
Arvola Aili, bds 317 White
Arvola Christian (Kruta), miner, res 317 White
Asiala Charles F (Hilda: Asiala & Kaarto), res 327 Holland
Asiala & Kaarto (Charles F Asiala, John Kaarto), ins 6 Kauth blk
Astocco Joseph, miner, bds 75 Hard Serabble
Atfield Thomas J Rev, pastor St Patrick's R C Church, res 239 Quincy
Atkins E L, repr, bds 305 Water
Audet Charles (Eva), electn, res 418 Quincy
Audet Peter C (Josephine), foreman, res Quincy loc
Audet Phoebe, dressmkr, bds P C Audet
Auger Albert, lab, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Almina, clk, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Charles J, molder, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Emma A, clk The Fair Store, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Joseph, tmstr, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Onesime (Zelire), chief engr, res 639 Front, Ripley
Auger Rose A, opr Mich State Tel Co, bds 639 Front, Ripley
Aula Oscar (Xenia), timberman Han Cons'd M Co, res 738 Oak
Aula Victor, miner, bds 738 Oak
Aumeyer John, miner, res 488 Back
Aurin Frank (Mary), foreman, res 401 Holland
Austin Frank, clk E F Slattery & Co, res 321 Front, Ripley
Autio Adolph (Wilhelmina), miner, res ns Liberty 2 w of Elevation
Autio Arviti (Mary), rniner, res 909 Prospect
Automatic Base Ball, Frank Condon and Wm Madigan proprs, 319 Quincy