R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Cabatori John, miner, bds 428 Franklin loc
Caduto Guiseppi, trarnmer Han Con M Co
Cafe Du Nord, Mandelin Bros proprs, 211 Quincy
Cain John M (Kathryn), bartndr Douglass House, res 310 Quincy
Cain Wm H, prin High School, bds 607 Quincy
Calarracsi Angelo, baker 715 Pine, res Franklin loc
Callahan Richard (Bridget), saloon 204 Quincy, res 22 Front, Ripley
Callahan Richard, usher Orpheum Theatre, bds 300 Quincy
Calligan John C, bkpr E M Lieblein, rms Exley Flats
Calus Angela, clk Dover & Halvorson, bds 713 Water
Cameron Albert D, lab People's Fuel Co, bds 540 Hancock
Cameron Elza M, nurse 540 Hancock, bds same
Cameron Ethel P, bds 540 Hancock
Cameron John, blksmith C R R R
Cameron Richard J (Hazel), blksmith, res 1108 Quincy
Cameron Roderick D, blksmith, res 540 Hancock
Campbell Charlotte, student, bds Fred Campbell
Campbell Elizabeth, student, bds Fred Campbell
Campbell Fred (Mary), carp , res N Quincy loc w of Old Hospital
Campbell Gordon R, pres Peoples Fuel Co, res Laurium,
Campbell Isabel, bds Fred Campbell
Campbell John A, student, bds Fred Campbell
Campbell M Margaret, sten, Han Con M CO, bds Fred Campbell
Campbell Winifred, student, bds Fred Campbell
Campioni Charles, trammer Han Con M Co, bds 1032 Ingot
Campioni Guido, mgr Houghton County Macaroni Mfg Co, res 1002 Minnesota
Caramella Mario, miner, bds Giuseppe Colombo
Cardwell W R, trammer Han Con M Co
Carey, see Karey
Carline Lesley, bds 709 3d, Ripley
Carline Sarah (wid Wm), res 709 3d, Ripley
Carline Walter (Pearl), stock mgr, res 902 3d, Ripley
Carlson Agnes, dom 29 Front, Ripley
Carlson Carl, baker West Hancock Bakery, bds 1054 Summit
Carlson Charles (aged 53), died July 7, 1915
Carlson C Oscar (Alma), miner Han Con M Co, res 830 Pine
Carlson Ernest, trammer Han Con M Co
Carlson Fred (Anna), carp, res 1041 Minnesota
Carlson Fred, miner, bds Ole Peterson
Carlson Hannah (wid Charles) res 1054 Summit
CARLSON HENRY F (Mary), Saloon Elks Temple, res 825 Summit
Carlson Hilma, milliner, bds 1054 Summit
Carlson Louise, bds 1054 Summit
Carlson Olive, bds 1054 Summit
Carlson Oscar J, trammer Han Con M Co, bds 1235 Cedar
Carlton Mildred, sten Detroit & Northern Mich Bldg & Loan Assn, res Calumet
Carlund Ed, lab Han Con M Co
Carlyn John, lab, bds 274 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Carlyon Harry W (Florence), engr, res 421 County rd, Franklin loc
Carlyon Roy, student, bds 421 County rd, Franklin loc
Carnenia Anton (Julia), miner, res 195 County rd, Mesnard loc
Carney Alice B, tchr Central School, bds 454 Ryan
Carney Anna V, dressmkr 454 Ryan, bds same
Carney David (Elizabeth), res 446 Ryan
Carney Delia, dom 140 County rd, Quincy loc
Carney Ella M, sten, bds 313 Hncock
Carney Helen G, bds 454 Ryan
Carney Jennie B, bds 446 Ryan
Carney John E (Theresa), supply clk Quincy M Co, res 1004 4th
Carney John M (Clara), miner, res 21 Limerick loc
Carney Joseph R, yard clk M R R R, bds 454 Ryan
Carney Thomas (Ellen), res 454 Ryan
Carney Wm L, clk Crowley's Grocery, res 454 Ryan
Carr Clifford (Hazel V), prin Edward Ryan School, res 806 Water
Carrigan Anna, student, bds 13 Front, Ripley
Carrigan Edward F, student, bds 313 Hancock
Carrigan Margaret (wid Samuel), res 313 Hancock
Carrigan Martin, bkpr, bds 313 Hancock
Carrigan Mary (wid Lawrence), res 13 Front, Ripley
Carrigan Olive, tchr Central Primary School, res 313 Hancock
Carrigan Wm R, clk, bds 13 Front, Ripley
Carroll Anna (wid Martin), res 703 Ryan
Carroll Anna, tchr, bds 709 Ryan
Carroll Brighidin, student, bds 709 Ryan
Carroll Ethel, bds 202 Cooper av
Carroll Helen, student, bds 13 Front, Ripley
Carroll Mary (wid John), res 13 Front, Ripley
Carroll May, musician, bds 13 Front, Ripley
Carroll Philip (Ann), res 202 Cooper av
Carroll Philip jr, bds 202 Cooper av
Carroll Thomas (Catherine), fireman, res 709 Ryan
Carroll Wm, watchman Han Con M Co, bds 709 Ryan
Carroll Wm J (Theresa), barber 324 Quincy, res 319 White
Carter Elizabeth M, dressmkr 416 Holland, bds same
Carter Grace (wid Henry), res 416 Holland
Carter James A, miner, bds 416 Holland
Case David (Rachel), drayman 941 Quincy, res same
Case David A (Irene), bartndr S A Gennette, res 812 Water
Cashell Carrie T, bds 312 Hancock
Cashion Edward, miner, bds Mrs Mary Cashion
Cashion Mary (wid Patrick), res Hills of Ethel av
Cassion Elizabeth, mach opr Michels Overall Mfg Co
Catholic Cemetery, sw cor Elevation and Quincy
Cattell James, fireman C R R R
Caves Kerr T (Emma), carrier P 0, res 1230 Summit
Central Primary School, ns Quincy 1 w of High School
Ceragioli Michael, bartndr Domenico Vignetto, bds cor Ethel av and Ingot
Chamberlain George H, trav C S Mason, bds 706 Quincy
Chamberlain Sarah J, prin Central School, bds 706 Quincy
Chamberlain Wm H, res 706 Quincy
Chamberlin Elizabeth, bds H S Chamberlin
Chamberlin Harry S (Burdina), mining engr Quincy M Co, res Quincy loc
Chapman James B, mach, bds 108 Hancock
Chapman John (Jennie), lab, res 212 L Pewabic loc
Chapman John (Minnie), lab, res 701 Pine
Chapman John H, lab, bds 701 Pine
Chapman Wm (Ethel), rockhouseman, res 4 N Quincy loc
Chaput Eva, bds 820 Quincy
Chaput Wm (Amanda), bartndr Scott Hotel Grill, res 820 Quincy
Charlie Sam, restr 301 Ravine, res same
Charrier Arthur, barber W J Carroll, bds 1110 Quincy
Charrier Louise, bkpr Park Brewing Co, bds 1110 Quincy
Charrier Peter (Angeline), collr Park Brewing Co, res 1110 Quincy
Charrier Peter jr, bds 1110 Quincy
Chartrand Archie (Annie), fireman M R R R, res 124 Hancock
Chartrand Eliza (wid Joseph), res 311 Franklin
Chartrand Flora, laundrywkr, bds 311 Franklin
Chartrand George (Mary), fireman Park Brewing Co. res 849 Summit
Chartrand Henry (Josephine), car repr M R R R, res 1234 Cedar
Chegwildden W Norman (Lillie), miner Han Con M Co, res 710 Pine
Chegwin Elizabeth (wid John), bds 1210 Cedar
Chegwin Florence, clk Benjamin Arne, bds 1210 Cedar
Chellew Isaac N, mgr Bridgeman-Russell Co, res Houghton, Mich
Cheney Eva, student, bds 809 Elm
Cheney Hector (Alvina), lab Hancock Con M Co, res 809 Elm
Cheney Lavina, bds 809 Elm
Cherdavoine Fred (Bridgie), piano tuner 216 Vivian, res same
Chidsey Charles W, bds 300 Cooper av
Chopp Charles, lab, bds Felix Chopp
Chopp Felix (Mary), lab, res Coburntown
Christina John, lab, bds 641 Front, Ripley
Christina Louis (Anna), lab, res Cleaves, Ripley
Christina Louis (Cynthia), lab, res 641 Front, Ripley
Christina Minnie, bds 641 Front, Ripley
Chuiminatti Mary, bds 1011 Elm
Chynoweth Howard B, sten Portage Lake Foundry & Machinery Co, bds W S Chynoweth
Chynoweth John W, chief clk Quincy Smelting Wks, res Houghton, Mich
Chynoweth Lester E, removed to Detroit, Mich
Chynoweth Russell C, student, bds W S Chynoweth
Chynoweth Wm S (Jennie), mach, res nw cor 2d and Ripley, Ripley
Giabattari Delfina (wid Lawrence), res 487 Back
Ciabattari Eugene, student, bds 487 Back
Ciabattari Lawrence, motor boy, bds 487 Back
Ciabattari Peter, porter Wm Flynn, bds 704 Elm
Ciabattari Victor (Della), miner, res 406 County rd, Franklin loc
Cicci Angelo, trammer Han Con M Co, bds Joseph Cottini
Cippollone Umbert, macaronimkr, bds 1032 Ingot
CITY CLERK’S OFFICE, Wm J Hoffenbacher Clerk, City Hall
CITY DRUG STORE, Werner Nikander Propr, Drugs, Toilet Articles, Books and Stationery, Cigars, Tobaccos and Confectionery, 205 Quincy, Tel 204-F2
City Engineer's Office, Clarence G Mason engr, City Hall
CITY HALL, ns Quincy opp Montezuma Park
City Jail, Wm J Rentenbach chief, City Hall
City Treasurer's Office, Norman D Starrett treas, City Hall
Cjerwatycik Miron, miner, bds 202 U Pewabic loc
Clare Nellie (wid Robert V), res 512 Ethel av
Clark Edith, tchr Quincy School, bds 225 Water
Clark Harold D, clk E M Lieblein, bds 901 Railroad av
Clark James B, student, bds 901 Railroad av
Clark John B (Catherine), trav E M Lieblein, res 901 Railroad av
Clark Wm J, bds 901 Railroad av
Clazie John, harnessmkr Benjamin Wieder, bds 305 Water
CLEAVES LETITIA A (wid Wm S), Pres Portage Lake Foundry & Machinery Co, res 644 Front, Ripley, Tel 255
CLEAVES LILLIAN M, Treas and Gen Mgr Portage Lake Foundry & Machinery Co, bds 644 Front, Ripley, Tel 255
Clegg Jessie, bds 3 Front, Ripley
Clegg Roy C, clk Quincy Smelting Wks, bds 3 Front, Ripley
Clegg Wm T (Janet), timekpr, res 3 Front, Ripley
Clemo Frederick (Edith), miner Han Con M Co, res 612 Scott
Cliff Ann (wid James), bds 1022 Ohio
Cliff Ernest P (Sophie), clk, res 1022 Ohio
Cliff James H (Matilda), blksmith, res 98 Sing Sing loc
Cliff Joseph, engr, bds 1022 Ohio
Cliff Violet, student, bds 98 Sing Sing loc
Cliff Wm J (Emma J), lander, res 1123 Roberts
Cliffe John W (Viola), mgr Grinnell Bros, res 511 Hancock
Clifford Frank X, supt Franklin School, res Houghton
Close Helen, student, bds 107 Center
Close James A (Katherine; Close & Hodgson), res 107 Center
Close & Hodgson (James A Close, Wm A Hodgson), bldg material and flour 101 Tezcuco
Closs Philomene Mrs, res 1020 Minnesota
Coduli Frank, trammer Han Con M Co
Coduli Guiseppi, trammer Han Con M Co
Collins James, miner Han Con M Co
Collins Walter S (Flora), mach, res ne cor Lynn and Park
Colombo Abraham, clk J H Seager & Co, bds Giuseppe Colombo
Colombo Anton, clk J H Seager. & Co, bds Giuseppe Colombo
Colombo Giuseppe (Maude), grocer Coburntown, res same
Colombo Giuseppe Jr, clk j H Seager & Co, bds Giuseppe Colombo
Colombo Lucy, student, bds Giuseppe Colombo
Colwell Catherine Mrs, res 1226 Emery
Colwell Percy, pin setter, bds 1226 Emery
Commons Marshall J (Beatrice), miner, res 101 Lower Pewabic loc
Condon Alice, bds 417 Hancock
Condon Frank C (Lucile), lawyer Wright blk, res 1143 Quincy
Condon Genevieve, tchr High School, bds 417 Hancock
Condon John (Julia), lab, res 417 Hancock
Condon John jr, student, bds 417 Hancock
CONDON JOHN C (Louise P), Cashier First National Bank of Hancock, res 227 Water, Tel 110-W
Condon Joseph, tmstr Close & Hodgson, bds 417 Hancock
Congdon Russell, clk Quincy Mining Co
Congdon Samuel J (Rosetta L), molder, res 712 Scott
Conway Edward (Rose), electn, res 1017 Quincy
Conway Edward C. boilermkr, bds 335 Franklin
Conway Martin J (Mary A), clk P Ruppe & Sons, res 728 Hancock
Conway Nancy C, sten, bds 335 Franklin
Conway Russell J, bkpr, bds 335 Franklin
Conway Thomas (Johannah), lab, res 335 Franklin
Conway T Francis, removed to Milwaukee, Wis
Cook Frank S (Minnie), foreman H C Gas & Coke Co, res 1017 Minnesota
Cook Frederick J (Mabel), miner, res Sing Sing loc
Coombes Arthur (Lila), capt Han Con M Co, res 921 Railroad av
Coombes Rhoda, bds 915 Railroad av
Coombes Richard (Sarah), mine capt Han Con M Co, res 915 Railroad av
Coombes Richard jr, mach hlpr Han Con M Co, bds 915 Railroad av
Coombes Wm T (Della), miner, res Sing Sing loc
Coon Catherine M Mrs, res 1001 Summit
Coon David S (Florence), bkpr First Natl Bank, res 210 Center
Coon Edward J, student, bds 1001 Summit
Coon George H, rodman, bds 1001 Summit
Coon Jacob B, switchboardman, bds 1001 Summit
Coon J Frank (Blanche), carrier P O, res 1009 Summit
Coon Marvin L, bkpr Baer Bros, bds 1001 Summit
Cooney Daniel (Nancy), smelter, res 1044 Ohio
Copeland Emma L, bds 117 Water
Copeland James (Anna), res 117 Water
Copeland Joseph J, bds 117 Water
Copper Range Railroad, John T Rentenbach agt, pass and frt station, ft of County Bridge
Coppo Catherine, bds 1011 Elm
Coppo Mary (wid Paul), res 1011 Elm
Copras Antoni (Agnes), miner, res 229 L Pewabic loc
Copras Antoni jr, miner, bds 229 L Pewabic loc
Copras Francis, blksmith, bds 229 L Pewabic loc
Copras Wm, miner, bds 229 L Pewabic loc
Corbett Murdock H, res 1029 Summit
Cosatti Andrew, miner, bds Dominic Massoglio
Cossette Pearl, bds 935 Summit
Cossette Peter Z (Diana), janitor, res 935 Summit
Costa Baptista (Mary), miner, res Franklin loc
Cote Edward N, pharmacist, rms 308 Quincy
Cottini Amerigo, miner, bds Bardo Bonini
Cottini Dorsci (wid Peter), bds Joseph Cottini
Cottini Joseph (Georgiana), lab, res Sing Sing loc
Coughlin Alice R, student, bds 726 Water
Coughlin Anna M, bds 612 Lake av
Coughlin Dennis (Margaret), res 214 Franklin
Coughlin D Emmet, timberman Han Con M Co, bds 726 Water
Coughlin Elsie C, bds 612 Lake av
Coughlin John (Catherine), cruiser, res 612 Lake av
Coughlin John jr (Nellie), fireman, res Quincy loc
Coughlin Mary G, student, bds 726 Water
Coughlin Patrick J (Jennie), agt, res 115 Water
Coughlin Thomas (Julia A; Thomas Coughlin Agency), sec Lakeside Cemetery Assn, res 726 Water
COUGHLIN THOMAS AGENCY (Thomas Coughlin, Albert L Levy), General Insurance, Real Estate, Loans, Etc, 217 Quincy, Tel 359
Courtney A Horton, bds 208 Harris av
Courtney Virginia A, sten to Supt of Schools, bds 208 Harris av
Courtney Wm A (Janet A), dentist 101 Quincy, res 208 Harris av
Couture Alice, student, bds 931 3d
Couture Elizabeth, student, bds 931 3d
Couture Francis, student, bds 931 3d
Couture Peter (Magdalina), helper, res 931 3d
Couture Peter jr, student, bds 931 3d
Couture Rose, student, bds 931 3d
Cox Henry, removed to Laurium, Mich
Cox James, removed to Duluth, Minn
Cox James V (Helen J), lab, res 428 Ryan
Cox Jennie, tchr Pewabic School, bds 428 Ryan
Crago John (Susan), miner, res 252 County rd, Mesnard loc
Crago Pearl, bds 252 County rd, Mesnard loc
Crago Sarah, bds 252 County rd, Mesnard loc
Craig John A (Louise), clk E F Slattery & Co, res Front 2 e of Pewabic rd, Ripley
Crawford Bert J (Caroline), res 225 Water
Crawford Donald J, student, bds 210 Ravine
Crawford Helen R, student, bds 210 Ravine
CRAWFORD JOHN D (Frances), Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director 300 Hancock, Tel 149-F1; res
210 Ravine, Tel 149-F2
Crawford Richard, fireman, bds 1007 Railroad av
Cribben Charles (Ada), miner, res 1106 Pine
Crkkila Isaac, miner, bds Charles Pasanen
Crocker James H (Pearl), blksmith, res North
Cronin Charles, lab, bds 500 Quincy
Croteau Arthur (Mary), lab, res 481 Back
Croteau Joseph D, miner, bds 826 Pine
Croteau May J, student, bds 826 Pine
Croteau Norine V, student, bds 826 Pine
Croteau Zepherin (Mary), driver, res 826 Pine
Crowle Gilbert, miner Han Con M Co, bds 106 L Pewabic loc
Crowley Catherine (wid Jeremiah), res 444 Ryan
Crowley Daniel, propr Crowley's Grocery, res 444 Ryan
Crowley Daniel F, lab, bds Mrs Johanna Crowley
Crowley Hannah I, clk Hancock Dry Goods Co, bds 31 Limerick loc
Crowley Jeremiah P, removed to Honolulu, H I
Crowley Johanna (wid Patrick), res Newtown
Crowley John S, bartndr Andrew Waisanen, bds 317 Vivian
Crowley Josephine, bds Mrs Johanna Crowley
Crowley Julia Mrs, bds 317 Vivian
Crowlev Michael, miner, res 826 Pine
Crowley Nellie, student, bds 31 Limerick loc
Crowley Patrick D (Mary), miner, res 31 Limerick loc
CROWLEY'S GROCERY, Daniel Crowley Propr. Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, 422 Quincy, Tel 485
Crown A Benjamin (Crown & Berlowitz), res 116 Quincy
Crown & Berlowitz (A Benjamin Crown, Abraham Berlowitz), 5-10-25c store, 116 Quincy
Croze Eli, tmstr E R Godfrey & Sons, res Houghton
Crukovich Jerome (Angeline), timberman, res Coburntown
Cruse Ernest, miner Han Con M Co, bds 1106 Ethel av
Cubs Billiard Parlor, Edward Ryan mgr, 125 Quincy
Cucci August (Bazleda), miner, res 1027 Ethel av
Cuddihy John, bds 108 Hancock
Cuddihy John D, pres Hancock Consolidated Mining Co, res Calumet
CUFF EDWARD D (Margaret), Electrical Contractor, Electric Fixtures and Supplies, Automobile Wiring and Electrical Work, 514 Quincy, Tel 986-J, res same (See opp page 486)
Cuff Thomas D, student, bds 514 Quincy
Cullinay Michael (Julia), steelwkr, res 1017 North
Curis John, lab, bds 47 Quincy loc
Curis Joseph, lab, bds 47 Quincy loc
Curnow Ralph, miner, bds 21 Limerick loc
Curtis Thomas J (Ida), condr H C T Co, res 1101 Cottage Row
Curto Charles, fireman D S S & A Ry, res Houghton