R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Eade Eldred R (Pearl E L), driver, res 711 Pine
Eade John H (Amelia), janitor, res 1039 Railroad av
Eade Laura, bds 1006 Ethel av
Eade Maude, bds 1006 Ethel av
Eade Maude, bds 1039 Railroad av
Eade Rhoda, student, bds 1006 Ethel av
Eade Wm G, engr, res 1006 Ethel av
Eatherene W G, timberman Han Con M Co
Ebertoski Leo, barher 526 Quincy, res same
Edward Ryan School, nw cor Michigan and Minnesota
Edwards Ethel, mach opr Michels Overall Mfg Co, bds 1043 Ingot
Edwards Fern, bds 1043 Ingot
Edwards Harold, lab, bds 1043 Ingot
Edwards James H (Sila), mach, res 247 L Pewabic loc
Edwards John (Rosina), res r 713 Elm
Edwards John, miner, bds 713 Elm
Edwards Richard J (Emma), janitor, res 1043 Ingot
Edwards Wm, student, bds 211 L Pewabic loc
Ehler Albert, clk Ehler's Shoe Store, bds 209 Quincy
Ehler Arthur, bds 209 Quincy
Ehler Carrie (Jacob Ehler & Co), res 209 Quincy
Ehler Florence, bds 1031 Railroad av
Ehler Jacob (Jacob Ehler & Co), res 1031 Quincy
Ehler Jacob & Co (Jacob and Carrie Ehler), proprs Ehler's Shoe Store, 209 Quincy
EHLER'S SHOE STORE (Jacob Ehler & Co), 209 Quincy, Tel 635-M
EICHKERN JOHN J (Delia), General Insurance, Real Estate, Loans and Collections 116 Quincy, Tel 493; res 1011 Railroad av, Tel 393-W
Eichkern Karl L, student, bds 1011 Railroad av
Eilertson Eilert (Berdine), painter, res 709 Scott
Eilertson Mamie A, student, bds 709 Scott
Eilertson Nils A, student, bds 709 Scott
Eilola Andrew, student, bds Matt Eilola
Eilola Anna, student, bds 202 Sherman, Ripley
Eilola August (Hilma), lab, res 305 Tezcuco
Eilola Brynolf, clk Wm Reid, bds 305 Tezcuco
Eilola Frank (Clara; Frank Eilola & Co), res Oscar, Mich, Tel 938-R
EILOLA FRANK & CO (Frank Eilola), Groceries, Meats and Provisions cor Quincy and Lake, Tel 56
Eilola Hilda, dom Alexander Laist
Eilola John E, clk Frank Eilola & Co, bds 202 Sherman, Ripley
Eilola Mary, dressmkr 202 Sherman, Ripley, bds same
Eilola Matt (Emma), miner, res Hard Scrabble
Eilola Matt (Eunice), lab, res 202 Sherman, Ripley
Eilola Otto, lab Han Con M Co, bds O A Isaacson
Ekstrom Edwin, bottler Henry Larsen, bds 511 Hancock
Elderson Fred, miner, bds 108 Hancock
ELDRED WM JR (Stella), Propr Hancock Garage and Auto Livery, res 203 Hancock
Elks Temple Blk, se cor Front and Reservation
Elks' Temple, Hancock lodge B P 0 E No 381, se cor Front and Reservation
Ellwood George (Catherine), lab, res 228 White
Elonen Herman M (Sanna), tailor opp car station, Franklin loc, res same
Elwood Edwin F (Sarah D), optometrist First Natl Bank bldg, res 949 Railroad av
Elwood Natalie, clk E F Elwood, bds 949 Railroad av
Elwood Yolande, student, bds 949 Railroad av
E L Wright School, cor Reservation and Oak
Endean Arthur (Ida), res 1020 Elm
Endean Edwin (Mary), lab, res ns Anthony av 2 e of Spruce
Endean Wm (Elizabeth), miner, res 1002 Poplar
Engstrom Mary (wid John A), bds 1243 Anthony av
Epstein Building, 116 Quincy
Erickson Albi, student, bds 912 4th
Erickson Alfred (Healy), miner Han Con M Co, res 810 Oak
Erickson Andrew (Kristina), miner, res 484 Back
Erickson Benjamin, lab H C T Co, bds 1109 Cottage Row
Erickson Charles (Anna), lab, res 401 Wright
Erickson Edward .(Minnie), capt Han Con M Co, res North
Erickson Eric (Anna L), blksmith, res 841 Summit
Erickson Helmi S, student, bds 706 Weldon av
Erickson Henry (Selma), lab, res ns Liberty 3 w of Elevation
Erickson John, bds 401 Wright
Erickson John, miner, bds 94 Frenchtown
Erickson Mamie, bds 94 Frenchtown
Erickson Mary (wid Olaf), res 94 Frenchtown
Erickson Nanna, clk, bds 94 Frenchtown
Erickson Nels (Maggie), driver Frank Eilola & Co, res 912 4th
Erickson Peter (Sophia J), farmer, res 706 Weldon av
Erickson Phena, student, bds 706 Weldon av
Erickson Victor (Ethel), bartndr Sakris Eskola, res 418 Tezcuco
Erion Elza, bds 1007 Railroad av
Erion Mary Mrs, res 1007 Railroad av
Erkkila Mattie (Adele), driver Henry Sakari, res 1103 Minnesota
Erva Leonard, miner Han Con M Co
Erva Sander, miner Han Con M Co
Ervast Andrew (Lydia), clk, res 820 Quincy
Eskelin Alexander (Eskelin Bros), bds 606 Hancock
Eskelin Bros (Alexander and Charles), coal and wood 606, Hancock
Eskelin Charles (Eskelin Bros), bds 606 Hancock
Eskola Estella R, student, bds 726 Oak
Eskola Hubert O, clk, bds 726 Oak
Eskola Oscar (Elmina), miner Han Con M Co, res 726 Oak
Espola Sakris, saloon 418 Tezcuco, bds same
Esterbrook Wm (Hilda M), miner, res 29 Limerick loc
Estergood August, lab, bds 1029 Ouincy
Ethier Elzear (Eva), miner, res 47 Quincy loc
Eudy Priscilla, sten, bds 625 Lake av
Eudy Wm A (Anna D), mgr Baer Bros, res 625 Lake av
Eudy Wm D, student, bds 625 Lake av
Euris Acpi, lab, bds 47 Quincy loc
Eustice Samuel, miner Han Con M Co
Eustice W H, miner Han Con M Co
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rev Gottlieb J Traub pastor, ne cor Hancock and Montezuma
Evangelical Lutheran School, Rev Gottlieb J Traub prin, ns Hancock 2 e of Montezuma
EVENING COPPER JOURNAL (Daily), Hancock Journal Co Publrs, 107 Quincy, Business Office, Tel 193, Editorial Office 21-F1
Everett Joseph (Frieda), tmstr, res 812 Ouincy
Everstir John G (Minnie), bar tndr, res 1018 Ethel av
Evert Helena (wid Nicholas), res 310 Vivian
Evert John, saloon 301 Tezcuco, bds 310 Vivian
Evert Joseph, tmstr Park Brewing Co, bds Quincy
Evert Nicholas (Annie), tmstr Henry Larsen, res 1223 Anthony av
Exley Building, ss Front, 2 e of Reservation
Exley Edna, student, bds 200 Reservation
Exley Erma B, student, bds 200 Reservation
Exley Myrtle H, student, bds 200 Reservation
EXLEY PAUL H, Blacksmith, Carriage and Wagon Maker and Horseshoer, 201 Reservation, res 202 same, Tel 228 (See opp page 486)
Exley Walter G, wagonmkr, bds 200 Reservation