R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Abbreviations]

Fabiri Antonio, miner, bds 18 Limerick loc
Fabiri Paul, lab Han Con M Co
Fagera Felix, trammer Han Con M Co
Fair Store The (Hans S Hanson), genl store 313 Quincy
Falconeri Peter J, bkpr First National Bank of Hancock, res Calumet
Fallon Anita M, clk Peninsula Wholesale Grocery, bds 525 Hancock
Fallon Artemes (wid John), res 525 Hancock
Fallon Howard, chauffeur, bds 525 Hancock
Fallon Lawrence M, propr Quincy Garage & Supply Co, res 525 Hancock
Fallon Raymond E, bds 525 Hancock
Fallon Wm E, bottler, bds 525 Hancock
Fallri James (Emilia), miner, res 279 2d, Mesnard loc
Fandrem John, trammer Han Cons'd M CoFarley James (Mary), ins agt, res 1217 Cedar
FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE TRADING CO, John Nummivuori Mgr, Groceries, Farm Implements, A Full Line of General Merchandise, 201 - 205 Franklin, Tel 982-J
Fasana Dolphus, miner, bds 108 L Pewabic loc
Fasana James, driver Hancock Cash Meat Market, bds 627 Quincy
Fasana John P (Mary), miner, res 105 L Pewabic loc
Faughaoout John jr, farmer, bds 1019 North
Faughaoout John F (Sarah), plasterer, res 1019 North
Fazzana James, lab, bds 627 Quincy
Fazzana Joseph, lab, bds 627 Quincy
Fazzana Michael, tmstr, bds 627 Quincy
Febbo Joseph, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Federight Antonio (Eurina), grocer 1040 Summit, sec Houghton County Macaroni Mfg Co, res 1040 Summit
Feis Otto, miner, bds 109 Hancock
Feldman Minnie Mrs, res 210 Franklin
Felipi Petil, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Fend Matthew E (Katherine), confr 704 Ryan, res same
Fenna Matilda, dom 524 Hancock
Ferasi Enrico, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Fernnielieus Fred, baker Hancock Star Bakery
Feroni Giulio, miner, bds 1019 Ethel av
Ferris John, engr D S S & A Ry, res Houghton, Mich
Ferroni Ottaviano, miner, bds 275 2d, Mesnard loc
FICHTEL RHINO, Vice-Pres Hancock Lumber Co, res Laurium, Mich
Field Hugo M (Lucie; Stern & Field), res 310 Mason av
Fien Emma, tchr E L Wright School, bds 606 Quincy
Fien Frederick (Emma), patternmkr, res 208 Front, Ripley
Fien Rudolph, lab, bds 208 Front, Ripley
Filpus Hilza, dom 212 Center
Finch Addison M (Florence), clk, res 309 Water
Finch Graydon E (Florence), clk Benjamin Wieder, res 311 Water
Finch Wm W (Sadie), asst postmaster, res 434 Hancock
Fink John, lab, bds 1222 Minnesota
Fink Lucille E, bds 1222 Minnesota
Fink Peter (Josephine), police, res 1222 Minnesota
Finley John, lab, res 321 White
Finn Margaret (wid Michael), res 501 Hancock
Finn Michael, druggist, bds 501 Hancock
Finnegan Jeremiah T (Margaret), lawyer 23 Wright bldg, res Houghton
Finney Joseph (Florence), driver, res 222 White
Finney Ricka, dom 308 Mason av
Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church, Rev Arthur L Heideman pastor, 618 Franklin
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rev Matt Pesonen pastor, ne cor Reservation and Franklin
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran College, see Suomi Callege and Theological Seminary
Finnish Hall, Franklin Mine
FINNISH LUTHERAN BOOK CONCERN, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Proprs, Mathias Kangas Mngr, Printers, Booksellers, Publishers and Bookbinders, 541 Quincy, Tel South 394
Fire Department Headquarters, City Hall
Fire Hall and Engine House, ns Quincy opp Montezuma
First Congregational Church, Rev Ulysses G Rich pastor, sw cor Hancock and Tezcuco
First M E Church, Rev Ralph M Pierce pastor, ns Quincy 2 w of City Hall
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HANCOCK, W R Thompson Pres, George H Nichols Vice-Pres, John C Condon Cashier, Michael M Shea Asst Cashier, 240 Quincy, Tel 1000 (See front cover)
First National Bank Bldg, 240 Quincy
Fischer Arthur F (Mary), chief phys Quincy Dispensary, res County rd, Quincy loc
Fischer Fred, miner Hancock Cons'd M Co
Fischer Helen, bds A F Fischer
Fischer Ilene, bds A F Fischer
Fisher Anna M, dressmkr 636 Quincy, res same
Fisher Catherine, sten, bds 235 Wright
Fisher Charles G, monuments 636 Quincy, res same
Fisher Clement (Margaret), foreman Quincy Smelting Wks, res 616 Water
Fisher Daniel (Maude), chief clk Han Consolidated Mining Co, res ns Roosevelt 3 w of Reservation
Fisher Ethel, bds James Fisher
Fisher Gertrude, bkpr Richard Vollwerth, bds 235 Wright
Fisher James, res ns Old Quincy rd opp Tezcuco
Fisher Sarah (wid James), res ns Roosevelt 4 w of Reservation
Fisher Theresa S (wid Walter), res 530 Quincy
Fisher Vera, student, bds 235 Wright
Fisher Walter, lab, bds 530 Quincy
Fitzgerald Thomas C (Mary), foreman Portage Lake Foundry & Machinery Co, res 54 Front, Ripley
Fitzpatrick Isabel J, bds 537 Hancock Fitzpatrick Margaret (wid Patrick), res 537 Hancock
Fleming Charles, miner, res ns H C T Co tracks nr Station, Pewabic loc
Fleury Anthony, engr Han Con M Co, bds 1112 Ingot
Flynn Ambrose J (Rose), bartndr, res 310 Mesnard
Flynn Bridget (wid John), res 500 Quincy
Flynn Edward, lab Isle Royale Copper Co, bds Mrs Hannah Ryan
Flynn Elizabeth, student, bds 951 Railroad av
Flynn Geraldine, bds 310 Mesnard
Flynn Hannah (wid Jeremiah), res ws Ryan 4 s of Shafter
Flynn Mae, bds 500 Quincy
Flynn Mayme, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 951 Railroad av
Flynn Nellie A, dressmkr Jacob Gartner, bds 951 Railroad av
Flynn Sarah A, cash Peninsula Wholesale Grocery, bds 500 Quincy
Flynn Thomas, bds 500 Quincy
FLYNN WM (Mary), Saloon and Buffet, Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars Always on Hand, 308 Quincy, Tel 568; res 951 Railroad av, Tel 760-M
Flynn Wm jr, bartndr Wm Flynn, bds 951 Railroad av
Foistel Vincent, lab, bds 301 Vivian
Foka Victoria, bds 231 Hancock
Foley Arthur, miner, bds 246 L Pewabic loc
Forello Lence, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Forest Emma, dom 324 Hancock
Fors Einard A, bds P A Fors
Fors Emma A, bds P A Fors
Fors Ida E, bds P A Fors
Fors John A, lab, bds P A Fors
Fors J Samuel (Rika), dairy 814 Franklin, res same
Fors Lydia S, bds P A Fors
Fors Peter A (Mary), lab, res ns H C T Co Ry n of Station
Forseth Ole (Gertrude), miner, res 1215 Anthony av
Forsell Edward (Lillian), painter, res 1307 Emery
Forsell Otto (Helma), painter, res 1205 Sigsbee
Fortune Mary, bds 1036 Summit
Fosness John (Hilda), engr Han Cons'd M Co, res ss Maple 4 w of Elevation
Foster Arthur (Effie), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 707 Elm
Foster John (Kate), teas 426 Quincy, res 520 Emma av
Fountain Henry (Hannah), lab, res 1200 Front, Ripley
Fourneris Angelo (Mary), boarding 231 Hancock
Fourneris Enrico, lab, bds 231 Hancock
Fourneris Marian, bds 231 Hancock
Fournier Alphonse (Adelaide), dryman, res 714 Elm
Fournier Archibald, student, bds 1149 Summit
Fournier Archie (Josephinc), carp A J Verville, res 845 Summit
Fournier Arthur (Agnes), res 742 Elm
Fournier Delima (wid Thomas), res 805 Railroad av
Fournier Eugene (Emma), carp, res 1149 Summit
Fournier Frederick, student, bds 1149 Summit
Fournier Frederick J, meatctr Ojala Bros, bds 805 Railroad av
Fournier George, student, bds 1149 Summit
Fournier Henry, driver, bds 805 Railroad av
Fournier Herbert, student, bds 742 Elm
Fournier Joseph, ship clk Val Blatz Brewing Co, bds 805 Railroad av
Fournier Joseph, student, bds 1149 Summit
Fournier Louis, student, bds 1149 Summit
Fournier Nellie, student, bds 805 Railroad av
Fournier Rose, tel opr C R R R, bds 805 Railroad av
Fox John J (Edith), barber 1053 Railroad av, res 1113 Prospect
Fox Norman V (Velma), dentist Wright bldg, res 716 Hancock
Fraki Isaac W (Hannah M), elk Farmers' Co-Operative Trading Co, res 730 Oak
Frament Albert, barher 813 Railroad av, res 806 Quincy
Franceschi Waliss, miner, bds Bardo Bonini
Francis Anna (wid Fred), res 207 Vivian
Francis Ethel, bds 921 Railroad av
Francis Frank (Susan), mgr H S Goodell, res 207 Vivian
Francis Frederick (Mary), mayor pro tem City of Hancock, res 704 Quincy
Francis George (Elizabeth), shift capt Quincy Mining Co, res 116 L Quincy loc
Francis Hildegarde, smstrs, bds 704 Quincy
Francis John, bds 921 Railroad av
Francis Margaret R, bds 116 L Quincy loc
Francis Stanley G (Gertrude B), clk H C T CO, res 739 Pine
Francis Theresa, bds 207 Vivian
Franklin Car Station, Franklin loc
Franklin Location, see Franklin Mine
Franklin Mine Post Office, Wm T Hale postmaster, County rd, Franklin Mine
Franklin School (District No 5), Frank X Clifford supt, Franklin Mine
Franson Albert, student, bds 915 3d
Franson Charles (Wadio), smelter, res 915 3d
Franson C Emil (Helga), buttermkr Bridgeman-Russell Co, res 512 Ethel av
Franson Emma, student, bds 915 3d
Franson F C, buttermkr Bridgeman-Russell Co
Franson Gertrude, student, bds 915 3d
Fred Emelia, bds 429 Michigan
Fred Matt (Hedwig), painter, res 429 Michigan
Fred Victor A, bkpr Frank Eilola & Co, bds 429 Michigan
Fredericks Austin J, collr First National Bank, bds 914 Summit
Fredericks Constance, student, bds 914 Summit
Frederickson Emil, lab, bds 816 2d, Ripley
Frederighi Albert, lah, bds John Peroni
Frederighi Dominico (Tecla), miner, res 83 Hard Scrabble
Frederighi Emelio (Rose), miner, res Hard Scrabble
Fredianelli Peter (Mary), miner, res 241 L Pewabic loc
Freeman Ellen E, bds 1015 Summit
Freeman Melissa J (wid Carson W), bds 1015 Summit
French Vina Mrs, res 857 Pine
Frenette Rudolph (Christina), painter, res 1023 Summit
Frese Herman (Frida), lab, res 444 Back
Frisk John J, timberman Han Cons'd M Co, rms 401 Holland
Friskey Alexander (Lydia), tmstr John Latva, res 729 Elm
Fritz Louis H (Alberta), gasftr H C Gas & Coke Co, res 1314 Emery
Frizzell John (Marie), driver Schulte Bros, res 409 Holland
Funkey Block, 238 Quincy
Funkey Clarence F, plumber, bds 636 Water
Funkey Ethel A, clk Mrs L M Bell, bds 626 Quincy
FUNKEY FREDERICK G (Ida), Vice-Pres Funkey Hardware Co, res 506 Lake av, Tel 1139-M
FUNKEY GERTRUDE, Sec and Treas Funkey Hardware Co, bds 636 Water, Tel 587-J
FUNKEY HARDWARE CO, John Funkey Pres, Fred Funkey Vice-Pres, Gertrude Funkey Sec-Treas, 236 Quincy, Tel 118-FI (See left bottom lines)
FUNKEY JOHN, Pres Funkey Hardware Co, res 636 Water, Tel 587-J
Funkey John jr (Wilhelmina), res 210 Cooper av
Funkey Joseph H, clk Mutual Transit Co, bds 626 Quincy
Funkey LeRoy, reprmn, bds 210 Cooper av
Funkey Lyman, student, bds 210 Cooper av
Funkey Michael L (Amelia), justice of the peace 301 Quincy, res 626 same
Funkey Sophia J, bds 636 Water
FUNKEY WILLIAM M (Mary E), Plumbing and Heating Contractor, Gas and Steam Fitting, 308 Ravine, Tel 630-J; res 702 Lake, Tel 587-W (See right top lines)
Furnace Samuel, condr D S S & A Ry, res Houghton,
Furness Samuel, miner Han Cons'd M Co