R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Abbreviations]

Gaberson Ahhti, stage mgr Orpheum Theatre, bds 901 3d
Gaberson Alai, student, bds 901 3d
Gaberson Arne, appr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 901 3d
Gaberson Axel, student, bds 901 3d
Gaberson Lina E, lab, bds 901 3d
Gaberson Mary (wid Joseph), res 901 3d
Gaberson Ora, student, bds 901 3d
Gaffney John (Katherine), condr M R R R, bds 111 Water
Gagne Alphonse (Alvina), lab, res 315 Dacota
Gagne Archie, lab, bds 810 Quincy
Gagne Moses (Plourd), res 808 Hancock
Gagne Victoria (wid Dumas), res 810 Quincy
Gagnon Alphonse, lab E M Lieblein
Gagnon Anna Mrs, clk, bds 428 Front, Ripley
Gagnon Edmond (Eliza), bartndr Archibald Racine, res 815 Franklin
Gagnon Hubert, lab, res 308 Scott
Gagnon Jennie, bds 308 Scott
Gagnon' ~ohn E, elk Schulte Bros. res 107 Lake a~
Gagnon Peter I, carp, bds 308 Scott
Gais Victoria, dom 1040 Summit
Gale Albert, printer, bds James Gale
Gale James, res Coburntown
Gale Ruth, bds James Gale
Gallen George E, phys 205 Quincy, res se cor Dunstan and Harris av
Gallinotti John (Ann), miner Han Con M Co, res 1300 Cedar
Gallo August, fireman M R R R
Galloway Elmer J (Lea), brakeman M R R R, res 214 Cooper alley
Gardner Angeline, clk, bds 1015 Minnesota
Gardner James A (Georgia), barber 314 Lake, res ss Spring 4 e of Birch
Gardner Joseph D (Melina), ins, res 1015 Minnesota
Gardner Marie, elk Crown Berlowitz, bds 1015 Minnesota
Garske Andrew (Julia), fireman, res 831 Franklin
Garske Anna, sten Detroit & Northern Mich Bldg & Loan Assn, bds 933 Summit
Garske Clara, student, bds 831 Franklin
Garske Clara, student, bds 933 Summit
Garske Martin (Agnes), fireman, res 933 Summit
Garski Florence M, tel opr Mich State Tel Co, bds 505 Tezcuco
Garski John W, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 505 Tezcuco
Garski Sophie (wid John), res 505 Tezcuco
Gartner Cecilia (wld Jacob), res 218 Harris av
Gartner Furniture Co, Jacob Gartner Dept Store propr, 102 - 104 Quincy
Gartner Isidore (Aroma), propr Jacob Gartner Dept Store, res Lake and Hancock, Tel 561-R
GARTNER JACOB DEPARTMENT STORE, Isidore Gartner Propr. 102 - 104 Quincy, Tel 370
Gartner Millinery Dept (Jacob Gartner Dept Store), L Grace Granius propr, 102 - 104 Quincy
Gasser Pauline (wid Adeline), res 937 Quincy
Gately Wm (Anna), miner, res es County rd, Quincy loc
Gaten Emanuel, carp A J Verville, res Houghton, Mich
Gauthier Albert, student, bds 410 Ravine
Gauthier Alphonse (Laura), carp, res 710 Michigan
GAUTHIER AUGUST, General Contractor and Builder, Estimates Furnished, 125 Quincy, Tel 882-M, res same (See left bottom lines)
Gauthier Edward, student, bds 804 Water
Gauthier Fred, carp, bds 804 Water
Gauthier Henry, student, bds 804 Water
Gauthier Joseph, bds 804 Water
Gauthier Joseph (Emma), carp, res 804 Wtaer
Gauthier Odeon (Clara), blksmith, res 410 Ravine
Geacoletto Saveni, timberman Han Con M Co
Gecan John, miner, bds 422 Franklin loc
Geddo Pietro P (Johanna M), tailor Williams Dry Cleaning Wks, res 811 Warren
Gekas Bros, James Gekas mgr, confrs 212 Quincy
Gekas Charles, confr 326 Quincy, res 322 Franklin
Gekas James (Calliope), mgr Gekas Bros, res 322 Franklin
Gelli Emanuel, miner, bds 1019 Ethel av
Gemigniami Aladin R, bds Frank Gemigniami
Gemigniami Frank, confr Franklin Car Station, res sarne
Genette Fred, fireman Isle Royale Copper Co
Gennette Sanara S (Virginia), saloon 813 - 815 Railroad av, res same
Genord Elizabeth, clk, bds 602 Hancock
Genord Fabian (Marie), res 602 Hancock
Genord Henry, lab, bds 602 Hancock
Genord Jennie, bds 602 Hancock
Genord John, carp, bds 602 Hancock
Genord Joseph, tracklayer Han Con M Co, bds 602 Hancock
Genord Salistren, bds 602 Hancock
George Eliza E, bds 627 Lake av
George Henry (Eliza), res 627 Lake av
Gerard Dolphus (Elizabeth), bartndr Jos Neher, res 944 Summit
Gerard John, brakeman M R R R
Gereau Adelia, clk, bds 249 County rd, Mesnard loc
Gereau Albina, clk, bds 249 County rd, Mesnard loc
Gereau Edward (Delphia), engr, res 249 County rd, Mesnard loc
Gereau Joseph, bds 249 County rd, Mesnard loc
German Evangelical Lutheran School, ns Hancock 2 e of Montezuma
Germania Hall, 311 - 313 Quincy
Getchell Emily J (wid Andrew J), res 18 Front, Riplev
Getchell Morton C, bds 18 Front, Ripley
Gettelman Benjamin (Lottie), mgr Savoy Theatre, res 319 Quincy
Giacoletto Lena, clk Lutfey Mahfuz, bds 859 Pine
Giannerini Dominic, slsmn, bds 411 Franklin loc
Gibbs Chester A (Emily), surveyor, res 1032 Elm
Gibson W M, vice-pres Tremont Mining Co Ltd, res Calumet
Gidley Louis, lab, bds D W Dowd
Gilbert Americo, lab Han Con M Co
Gilbert Charles (Jennie), miner, res 232 L Pewabic loc
Giles Anna M, bds 23 Limerick loc
Giles Charles N, clk, bds 23 Limerick loc
Giles George E, appr, bds 23 Limerick loc
Giles Henwood (Louise), miner, res 211 L Pewabic loc
Giles Joseph (Elizabeth M), mach, res 23 Limerick loc
Gill Alfred J (Louisa), blksmith, res 242 L Pewabic loc
Gill James, clk, bds 318 Hancock
Gillespie James H (Ida M), ins agt 209 Church, res same
Gillespie Norman J, clk, bds 209 Church
Gillette Alexander (Annie), tmstr, res Coburntown
Gilurdi Natala, miner, bds 75 Hard Scrabble
Giovanni Zulian, trammer Isle Royale C Co, res 222 Franklin
Giuliani Alfred, lab, bds Germano Biagi
Giummer Marie, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 804 Hancock
Giusti Amedeo (Julia), miner, res 223 L Pewabic loc
Giusti Giovanni, lab, bds Telemaw Maraccini
Giusti Guido, bds 223 L Pewabic loc
Givera Ugodel, lab, bds Telemaw Maraccini
GLASER FRED REV, Pastor St Joseph's R C Church, res 437 Quincy
Glaser Pia, bds 437 Quincy
Glasson Johanna (wid John), bds 917 Quincy
Glasson Joseph (Mary), lab, res 814 Quincy
Gleason Nora (wid Wm), bds 819 2d, Ripley
Gluhak Martin, miner, bds 47 Quincy loc
Gobetti Charles, miner, bds Jerry Maroni
Gocopetti Serafina, miner, bds 1019 Ethel av
GODFREY E R & SONS CO, J H Lucas Mgr, Hancock, Milwaukee, Calumet, Wholesale Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, Distributors for "Cremo" Cerasota and Occident Flour, Our Gold Buckle Products are Absolutely Reliable, 436 Hancock, Tels 301 and 872
Goggin Ellen (wid Wm), res ns White 1 w of Ravine
Goggin Katherine G, sten Superior Natl Bank, bds 347 White
Goggin Mabel, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 125 L Pewabic loc
Goggin Mollie, bds 125 L Pewabic loc
Goggin Olive A, tchr, bds 306 Quincy
Goggin Philip (Margaret), miner, res 125 L Pewabic loc
Goggin Veronica B, tchr, bds 306 Quincy
Goggin Wm D (Abigail), miner Han Con M Co, res 306 Quincy
Goggin Wm J, printer, bds 306 Quincy
Goldman Abraham, clk The Fair Store, bds 1034 Minnesota
Goldman David, student, bds 1034 Minnesota
Goldman Morris (Goldie), pdlr, res 1034 Minnesota
Goldsworthy Elsie, tchr, bds 211 Hancock
Goldsworthv Martin R (Elsie), mfrs agt First Natl Bank bldg, res 211 Hancock
Goldsworthy Wilbert M, lawyer, bds 211 Hancock
Good James (Agnes), mach, res 632 Hancock
Goodell H Stuart, Frank Francis mgr, oils Ripley, res Houghton
Goodreau Maria (wid Albert), res 718 Elm
Goodsole Maude Mrs, bds 314 Dacota
Goudge Charles P (Jane), miner, res U Pewabic loc
Goudge George H (Nellie), clk Wm Reid, res 737 Pine
Goudge Wm jr (Mabel), lander, res 39 Limerick loc
Goulette Charles M (Lavinnia), warehouseman E M Lieblein, res 538 Quincy
Govalo James (Clara), carp, res 311 Mesnard
Gowanowski Frank, lab, bds 59 Hard Scrabble
Grandchamp Henry, driver Crowley's Grocery, res 1400 Emery
Grandechamp Walter (Emma), bartndr Herman Zurcher, res 814 Quincy
Grand Union Tea Co, Charles Lewis mgr, 502 Quincy
Granius L Grace (wid Cyrus W), propr Jacob Gartner Millinery Dept Store, res Wright bldg
Grantche Henry (Hilda), res 1400 Emery
Grassechi Danto (Nina), miner, res 75 Hard Scrabble
Gray Fred J (Anna), fireman, res 628 Hancock
Gray Myrtle, tchr Franklin School, res Lake Linden,
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co, Matti Immonen agt, 939 Ethel av
Greck Joseph, lab, bds 301 Hancock
Green Bertha Mrs, vice-pres Lake Superior I and M Co, res Detroit
Green Grace A Mrs, clk Roche & Maloy, bds 411 Tezcuco
Green Jacob H (Fannie), pres Lake Superior I and M Co, res 526 Hancock
Green John, bds 323 White
Green Samuel, foreman Lake Superior I and M Co
Green Wm, lab Lake Superior I and M Co
Gregorio Bertolo, trarnmer Han Cons'd M Co
Gregory Dorothy M, tchr, bds 324 Hancock
Gregory Rose Mrs, res 902 Summit
Gregory Timothy J (Ora), slsmn Roach & Seeber Co, res 324 Hancock
Grekila Aminda, tchr Edward Ryan School, bds 924 Prospect
Grekila Julia, bds 924 Prospect
Grekila Matt (Catherine), lab, res 924 Prospect
Grekila Tillie W, deputy city treasurer, bds 924 Prospect
Creuter Emma (wid John), res 110 Franklin
Greuter Emma, bds 110 Franklin
Grigson Wm (Alice), miner, res 943 Summit
Grigson Wm (Sarah), miner, res 92 Frenchtown
Grimmer Marie R, clk, bds 804 Hancock
Grimstad Nils (Nelsine), carp, res 1419 Robert
GRINNELL BROS MUSIC HOUSE (Upper Peninsula Branch), John W Cliffe Mgr, 309 Quincy, Tel 678
Grose Charles, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Grose Thomas, res 805 Pine
Grose Wm, res 805 Pine
Grosnick Ernestine (wid Martin), bds 313 Arcadian, Ripley
Grosnick Wm A D (Minnie), mach, res 313 Arcadian, Ripley
Gross Calvin R (Rena), watchman, res Front 2 e of Pewabic rd, Ripley
Gross Clarence (Rosetta), foreman, res 318 Front, Ripley
Gross Cornelius C (Mamie), lab, res ss 3d 1 w of Arcadian, Ripley
Grosso John, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Grovotti Julius, miner, bds 411 Franklin loc
Guasseschi Egisto, miner, bds Arthur Pacini
Guglielmo Tarva, trammer Isle Royale C Co, res Hancock
Guibard Henry (Anna), smelter, res 526 Emma av
Guibord Lawrence (Evelyn), sawyer, bds Milwaukee Hotel
Guilbault Alice (wid Louis; A Guilbault & Co), res 212 Harris av
Guilbault A & Co (Mrs Alice Guibault), millinery and needlework 223 Quincy
Guido Pretto, trammer Han Con M Co
Guisti Arthur (Mary), miner, res 1 w of 77 Hardscrabble
Gulmanen Sophie, maid 209 Harris av
Gummerus Nimi, bkpr, bds 505 Elevation
Gussetti John (Theresa), lab, res Coburntown
Gustafson Emily, tchr Edward Ryan School, bds 409 Hancock
Gustafson Walter (Emma), miner, res ns Liberty 3 w of Elevation
Gutmann August (Mary), eng C R R R, res 1223 Emery
Gutmann August, eng H C T Co, bds 1223 Emery
Gutmann Joseph (Mary), eng, res 811 Railroad av
Gutmann Mary, res 935 Spruce
Gutsch Albert F, bds 937 Quincy
Gutsch Bertha A, bds 937 Quincy
Gutsch Constance, bds 937 Quincy