R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Jaakkola Oscar (Inez), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 327 Holland
JAASKO C EMIL, Painter and Decorator, Dealer in Paints, Wall Paper and Decorative Novelties, Contractor of All Kinds of Painting and Decorating, 404 Quincy, res same Tel 745-W (See left side lines)
Jackola Anna (wid John), res 304 Hancock
Jackola Arthur, yardman Scott Hotel
Jackola Axel, driver, bds 304 Hancock
Jacobs F John (Alexandrine), assayer, res 199 Upper Pewabic loc
Jacobs George, mining capt Quincy M Co
Jacobson Agda, bds 90 Frenchtown
Jacobson Arnold, student, bds 620 Hancock
Jacobson Arthur, mach, bds 102 Lower Pewabic loc
Jacobson Charles (Ellen), miner, res 90 Frenchtown
Jacobson Eric (Matilda), foreman H C T Co, res 1114 Ethel av
Jacobson Gustav (Anna), carp, res 620 Hancock
Jacobson Hilda, bds 102 L Pewabic loc
Jacobson Jacob W (Josephine), mach, res 907 3d, Ripley
Jacobson Joel, lab, bds Mrs Josie Jacobson
Jacobson Josie (wid Gabriel), res 3d nr Ripley, Ripley
Jacobson Judith, clk W Frank James Agency, res Pewabic loc
Jacobson Oscar, lab, bds 1114 Ethel av
Jacobson Otto (Mary), clk Frank Eilola & Co, res 831 Pine
Jacobson Russell, student, bds 102 L Pewabic loc
Jacobson Wm, blksmith, bds 90 Frenchtown
Jacobson Wm (Judith), blksmith, res 102 L Pewabic loc
Jacques Emery C (Margaret F), acct Portage Coal & Dock Co, res 1027 Railroad av
Jago Wm, miner, bds Absalom Peters
Jahfetson Aaro (Tyne), lab, res 741 Elm
Jahvonen Nester, lab Lake Superior I and M Co
James Bertha (wid Wm), res 619 Quincy
James Charles, mtrmn H C T Co, bds 1101 Ethel
James D John, agent Met Ins Co, bds 246 L Pewabic loc
James Harry (Emma), miner, res 205 White
James Johanna (wid James K), res 246 L Pewabic loc
James Wm (Ann), longshoreman, res 1102 Birch
James Wm, oiler, bds 1026 Prospect
JAMES W FRANK (Jennie M; W Frank James Agency), Sec Hancock Lumber Co, res 1318 Emery, Tel 708-J
JAMES W FRANK AGENCY (W Frank James), General Insurance and Real Estate 317 Quincy, Tel 11-F2
Janiskewicz John (Jennie), timberman, res 490 Back
Jaronski Leo, miner, bds 413 Franklin loc
Jarvela Jacob (Mamie), bkpr, res 1010 Minnesota
Jarvela John, driver West Hancock Bakery
Jarvenpaa Ida, dom 809 Franklin
Jarvi Charles, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Jarvi Edwin E (Lena), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res ss Shafter 2 w of Ryan
Jarvi Waino, lab, bds Mrs Alina Sorvala
Jarvinen Charles (Lydia), lab, res ns Sampson 2 w of Reservation
Jarvis Charles H, clk Henry Jarvis, bds 829 Summit
Jarvis Frank, miner, res 426 Back
Jarvis Henry (Sophia), grocer 829 Summit, res same
Jarvis Jacob (Hilda), real est cor Hancock and Tezcuco, res 813 Hancock
Jarvis Katherine M, bds 426 Back
Jarvis Tyno, asst C A Kukkonen, bds 318 Quincy
JASBERG JOHN H (Wilhelmina), Timber and Farm Lands for Sale, General Colonization Agt D S S & A Ry, Kauth Block, Tel 231; res 408 Reservation, Tel 962-J
Jasberg Lempe, bds 408 Reservation
Jasinski Stanley, lab, bds 286 3d, Mesnard loc
Jauhiainen Nestor (Mary), lab, res 741 Elm
Jedda Jennie, clk Albert Bronzini, bds 715 Pine
Jedda Victor (Rosie), baker, res 715 Pine
Jeffery Gertrude, student, bds 48 Quincy loc
Jeffery James, miner Han Cons'd M Co, bds 701 Pine
Jeffery John (Emily), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 1233 Anthony av
Jeffery John C (Alice), cashr Superior Natl Bank, res 305 Mason av
Jeffery Lorene, student, bds 305 Mason av
Jeffery Melvin A, clk Superior Natl Bank, bds 48 Quincy loc
Jeffery Wm (Josie), mach, res 48 Quincy loc
Jeimmima Joseph, miner, bds 235 L Pewabic loc
Jembiorek Frank, miner, bds 413 Franklin loc
Jenkins Bertha, bds 106 L Pewabic
Jenkins Eliza Mrs, bds 807 Railroad av
Jenkins Frederick C, bds 813 Franklin
Jenkins Isora, music tchr, bds 936 Railroad av
Jenkins Mary A (wid John), res 936 Railroad av
Jenkins Stephen H (Jennie), lab Han Con M Co, res 106 L Pewabic loc
Jennette Henry (Pibbina), smelter, res 907 Birch
Jennings Edith (Jennings Sisters), res 108 Quincy
Jennings Minnie (Jennings Sisters), res 108 Quincy
JENNINGS SISTERS (Minnie and Edith), Millinery, Fancy Goods, Art Needlework and Hair Goods, Children's Dresses and Boys' Suits Up to Six Years 108 Quincy, Tel 328-R
Jewel Tea Co, August Hoppelman mgr, 704 3d, Ripley
Jilbert Eva, dom 218 Cooper av
Jilbert Thomas W (Aurietta), res 600 Quincy
Joelsson Lillian, bds 309 Franklin
Joelsson Nathan (Fannie), pdlr, res 309 Franklin
Joelsson Wm, student, bds 309 Franklin
Joffee Herman P (Fannie), clothing 230 Quincy, res same
Joffee Milton, student, bds 230 Quincy
John Henry, laundry 412 Quincy, res same
Johns Charlotte Mrs, bds 907 Railroad av
Johns Edward (Florence), miner, res ns H C T Co n of Station
Johnson Albion, student, bds 606 Hancock
Johnson Alma, student, bds Elias Johnson
JOHNSON ANDREW ESTATE, Mining Timber, Saw Logs, Cord Wood, Coal, Heavy Teaming and Dynamite and Blasting Supplies, Pewabic Loc near Quincy Shaft No 2, Tel South 806 (See left top Iines)
Johnson Annie (wid Andrew), res 1016 Prospect
Johnson Arthur, foreman Andrew Johnson Estate, bds Wm Johnson
JOHNSON AXEL A, Agent Holland Furnace Co, res 934 Ethel av, Tel 843-M (See back cover)
Johnson Axel R (Anna H), lab, res 27 Shafter
Johnson Charles, fireman Isle Royale C Co, bds 915 3d
Johnson Charles (Anna), tmstr, res Quincy loc
Johnson Charles (Susan), lab Han Con M Co, res ns Sampson 6 w of Reservation
Johnson Edward, foreman Andrew Johnson Estate, bds Wm Johnson
Johnson Edward, lab, bds 906 Summit
Johnson Edward (Ida), res 947 3d
Johnson Edward jr, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Elias (Ida), res 831 Pine
Johnson Elias (Mary), lab, res ss Front, Ripley
Johnson Ella, tchr E L Wright School, bds 802 Water
Johnson Elmer, baker Hancock Star Bakery, bds 831 Pine
Johnson Emma (wid Andrew), res 1413 Robert
Johnson Erick (Hannah), miner, res 331 Holland
Johnson Erick A (Amanda), lab, res 906 Summit
Johnson Ethel, bds 606 Hancock
Johnson Frank (Matilda), res 319 Front, Ripley
Johnson Frederick (Ovidia), clk Hancock Furniture Co, res ss Garden 2 w of North
Johnson George, bds 319 Front, Ripley
Johnson George, mach, bds 805 Hancock
Johnson Gust, timberman Han Con M Co
Johnson Gustav, furnace installer, bds 1054 Summit
Johnson Harry M (Minnie), circulation mgr Evening Copper journal, res 420 Quincy
JOHNSON HARVEY (Mary), Treas and Genl Mgr Hancock Lumber Co, res 409 Roberts, Tel 122-F3
Johnson Helmert, rammer Han Con M Co, bds Alexander Mankinen
Johnson Henry, hlpr Hancock Star Bakery, bds 831 Pine
Johnson Hilda, bds 1041 Ohio
Johnson Hilma, bds 129 Quincy loc
Johnson Ida, bds Frederick Johnson
Johnson Ivar J, lab, bds 1016 Prospect
Johnson John (Mary), lab, res 602 Franklin
Johnson John C (Hulda), driver Henry Sakari, res 909 3d
Johnson J Frederick (Kate), foreman Andrew Johnson Estate, res 934 Summit
Johnson J Paul (Rosina), edgerman, res 911 2d, Ripley
Johnson Lawrence, student, bds Charles Johnson
Johnson Leonard, bds 129 Quincy loc
Johnson Leonder (Matilda A), miner, res 632 Oak
Johnson Lillian, bds 1032 Elm
Johnson Linda, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Martin (Ina), trammer Han Con'sd M Co, res 606 Hancock
Johnson Mary E, student, bds 1016 Prospect
Johnson Matilda Mrs, res 1029 Quincy
Johnson Maude, student, bds 510 Front, Ripley
Johnson Michael E (Martha), filer, res 510 Front, Ripley
Johnson Ruth, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Paul W, clk, bds 1016 Prospect
Johnson Rico, lab Isle Royale C Co, bds Elias Johnson
Johnson Ruth, bds Frederick Johnson
Johnson Ruth, opr Mich State Tel Co, bds 805 Hancock
Johnson Ruth, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Saima, smstrs, bds Charles Johnson
Johnson Sophia (wid Matthew), res 1026 2d
Johnson Sophie, bds 934 Ethel av
Johnson Theckla, bds Frederick Johnson
Johnson Thomas W, clk Wm Kerredge, bds Charles Johnson
Johnson Walter, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Watson, lab, bds 510 Front, Ripley
Johnson Wendell (Hannah), longshoreman, res 1054 Summit
Johnson Willard, bds Charles Johnson
Johnson Wm, clk, bds Charles Johnson
Johnson Wm, lab, bds 129 Quincy loc
JOHNSON WM (Elizabeth), Mgr Andrew Johnson Estate res Pewabic loc nr Quincy Shaft No 2, Tel South 806, Hancock P O
Johnson Wm (Matilda), lab, res 129 Quincy loc
Johnson Wolfred, student, bds 947 3d
Johnson Yjalmer (Mary), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 813 Warren
Johnston James G, supt Quincy School, res 162 Side Hill Quincy loc
Jokela Anna G, res 830 Franklin
Jokela Sakris, lab, bds Mrs Alina Sorvala
Jokenen Eliza (wid John), res 1023 Minnesota
Jokenen Joseph (Eliza), painter 325 Holland, res same
Jokenen Wm, student, bds 1023 Minnesota
Joki Carl, baker West Hancock Bakery, bds 855 Franklin
Joki Charles, res 855 Franklin
Joki Charles (Mary), lab, res 833 Warren
Joki Jacob (Amelia), lab, res 920 Front, Ripley
Joki Wm, student, bds 855 Franklin
Jokkila Frank, lab, bds 229 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Jonas Carl, miner, bds 422 Franklin loc
Jonas John, miner, bds 422 Franklin loc
Jones Charles S (Sarah), agt M R R R and D S S & A Ry, res 511 Emma av
Jones Frederick E (Tillie), sawyer, res 116 Quincy
Jones Gertrude, student, bds 511 Emery av
Jorgenson Elias (Annie), mach, res 1301 Roberts
Jose Frederick G (Minnie), painter H C T Co, res 1305 Emery
Jose George (Ellen), lab, res 843 Pine
Jose Wm J (Alice), miner, res 205 White
Jousi Society (Finnish), Kansankoti Hall
Joutraw Doris, laundress A B Scott Laundry, bds 504 Ripley
Jukkara Anna, dom W S Chynoweth
Julian Thomas (Jane), fireman, res 1006 Elevation
Juliff Richard, mach, bds 5 Upper Pewabic loc
Junkkari Charles (Naimi), miner, res 717 Elm
Junnilla Matti (Sophie), lab H C T Co, res 910 4th
Juntenen Armas, tmstr, bds 925 Elm
Juntenen Esther, bds 925 Elm
Juntenen John, student, bds 925 Elm
Juntilla Matti L (Fannie E), lab Lake Superior I & M Co, res r 602 Franklin
Juntti J Peter (Mary), clk Henry Sakari, res 819 Warren
Juntunen Albin, lab, bds Joseph Juntunen
Juntunen Amanda, bds 223 Franklin
Juntunen Eino I (K Wilhelmina), trammer Isle Royale C Co, res 628 Finn
Juntunen Emil (Ida), smelter, res 1027 2d
Juntunen Gusti, chauffeur, bds 800 Pine
Juntunen Henry, timberman Han Cons'd M Co, bds 223 Franklin
Juntunen Joseph (Hilda), farmer, res Quincy Hillside
Juntunen Leonard, feeder, bds Joseph Juntunen
Juntunen Mary (wid Henry), res 223 Franklin
Juntunen Nancy, bds Joseph Juntunen
Juntunen Peter, miner, res 925 Elm
Juntunen Wm, bds 223 Franklin
Jurva Arthur, trammer Isle Royale C Co, bds 919 Elm
Jurva Hilma E, bkbndr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 919 Elm
Jurva Jennie M, bkbndr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 919 Elm
Jurva John W, lab, bds 919 Elm
Jurva Mary (wid Alfred), res 919 Elm
Jurva W Alfred, printer Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 919 Elm
Juusola Frank, timberman, bds 100 Quincy loc
Juusola John, lab, bds O A Isaacson