R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Naasko Arvid (Hannah), timber boss, res 806 Summit
Nagle Edward, chemist Quincy Smelting Wks, bds 216 Mason av
Nagle Garrett (Ellen), refiner, res 216 Mason av
Nagle May R, student, bds 216 Mason av
Namartowski Benedict (Mary), lab, res 60 Hard Scrabble
Nancarrow Arthur, claim clk E M Lieblien, res Houghton
Nancarrow Frank B (Elizabeth), engr, res 245 L Pewabic loc
Nanconni Christino, miner, bds 233 L Pewabic loc
Nankervis Thomas, lab Han Con M Co, bds 523 Hancock
Narf Peter, fireman Isle Royale Copper Co
NATIONAL BOTTLING WORKS, Ruona &Mattson Proprs, Mnfrs and Dealers in All Kinds of Carbonated Beverages, nw cor Scott and Hancock, Tel 271-W
Nausiainen Fabian, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Naval Reserve Armory, 2d fl 311 - 315 Quincy
Navasy John, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Nayha John, lab Han Con M Co
Neault Dona, mach, bds 309 Franklin
Needham Margaret, clk Hancock Dry Goods Co, bds 504 Quincy
Neher Della, bds 1207 Anthony av
Neher Frank (Amelia), blksmith, res 1207 Anthony av
Neher J Harold, bds 737 Water
Neher John (Julia), car repr, res 737 Water
Neher Joseph, saloon 301 - 303 Quincy, res same
Neher Joseph (Elizabeth), slsmn, res ss Spring e of Beach
Neher Mary, bds 1207 Anthony av
Neimi Charles (Hilja), shoemkr Emil Pulkkinen, res 301 Holland
Nelson Alfred (Betty; Acme Garage), res 1026 Minnesota
Nelson Anna, bds J B Wirkku
Nelson August, reprmn Acme Garage, bds 1026 Minnesota
Nelson Bena, bds Christopher Nelson
Nelson Carl F (Mayme), baker, res 123 Hancock
Nelson Christian M (Theresa), engr M R R R, res 1052 Railroad av
Nelson Christine, clk Jacob Gartner, bds Christopher Nelson
Nelson Christopher (Eva), car repr, res Ouincy Hill
Nelson Edward (Lenore), lineman H C T Co, res 420 (407) Cooper av
Nelson Edward A (Hazel I), lab, res 834 Pine
Nelson Ellen, clk Bridgeman-Russell Co, res Houghton
Nelson Harold, student, bds 1052 Railroad av
Nelson Hilja, sten, bds 227 Wright
Nelson Isaac (Hilma), oiler, res 909 2d, Ripley
Nelson Mayme B (wid Albert), res 205 Hancock
Nelson Robert, fireman, bds Christopher Nelson
Nemetz Nicholas (Tonka), miner, res 55 Hard Scrabble
Nemiro Nathan, foreman Michels Overall Mfg Co, bds Northwestern Hotel
Nestor Jacob, bottler Park Brewing Co, bds 4th Pine
Neville Alice (wid Frank), res 605 Hancock
Neville Frank, actor, bds 605 Hancock
Neville Sadie, bds 605 Hancock
Newfisher Elizabeth (wid Joseph), res 109 L Pewabic loc
Newman Benjamin, mgr, res 422 Quincy
Newman Mary, smstrs, bds 214 Franklin
New York Life Insurance Co, J B Wirkku genl agt, 210 Quincy
Ney Peter, fireman, res 619 Quincy
Nichelson Neil (Elizabeth A), blksmith, res 41 Limerick loc
Nichelson Wm B, appr, bds 41 Limerick loc
Nicholls R Harold (Jessie), lander, res 219 L Pewabic loc
Nichols Fannie, clk W Frank James Agency, bds 316 Franklin
NICHOLS GEORGE H, The Rexall Store, Drugs, Toilet Goods, Books, Stationery, Etc, 220 Quincy, Tel 116, Vice-Pres First Natl Bank of Hancock; res 609 Quincy, Tel 775-J
Nichols John S (Eliza J), carp, res 316 Franklin
Nichols Richard P (Bessie), foreman, res 30 Limerick loc
Nichlos Wm, lab Han Con M Co, res 711 Pine
Nichols Wm (Anna), drill capt Han Con M Co, res 744 Oak
Nicholson Edith, bds 1027 Ohio
Nicholson Mary J (wid John), res 1112 Ingot
Nielsen Peter, dockman, bds 109 Hancock
Niemela Aino, lab, bds 1007 Ingot
Niemela August (Alwilda), mach, res 512 Scott
Niemi Andrew, shoemkr 530 Quincy, res same
Niemi Charles, miner, res ns Back w of 463
Niemi Clemens, tchr Suomi College and Theological Seminary, 709 Franklin
Niemi Eino E, student, bds 846 Pine
Niemi Frank (Sophie), timberman, res ss New rd nr Shafter
Niemi Helen, student, bds Joseph Niemi
Niemi Isaac (Minnie), driver, res 846 Pine
Niemi Jacob (Ida), trammer Isle Royale Copper Co, res Coburntown
Niemi Joseph (Johanna), miner, res Coburntown
Niemi Mary, dom Northwestern Hotel
Niemi Oscar E, tmstr Isaac Lehto & Sons, bds 846 Pine
Niemi Peter (Jennie M), lab, res 743 1/3 Elm
Niemi Solomon, lab Lake Superior I and M Co
Niemi Wm, lab, bds Mrs Alina Sorvala
Niemi Wm (Ida), condr M R R R, res 819 Hancock
Niemi Wm I (Naimi), clk Henry Sakari, res 939 Prospect
Niemitalo Anna, bds 217 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Niemitalo Simon (Mary), lab, res 217 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Nikander Gertrude, student, bds 411 Holland
Nikander John K Rev (Lanna K), pres Suomi College and Theological Seminary, res 526 Franklin
Nikander Sigrid, tchr, bds 411 Holland
Nikander Werner (Ida), propr City Drug Store, res 411 Holland
Nikander Werner O, student, bds 411 Holland
Nikkila Anselm, lab Andrew Johnson Estate, res Demmon
Nikkila Frederick C, lino opr, bds 810 Hancock
Nikkila Henry R, clk P O, bds 810 Hancock
Nikkila Henry W (Anna G), clk Frank Eilola & Co, res 810 Hancock
Nikkinen Charles (Oura), smelter, res 1247 Anthony av
Niksaj Thomas, miner, bds 47 Quincy loc
Nikula Erika, bds Mrs Lissa Nikula
Nikula Frederick, miner, bds Mrs Lissa Nikula
Nikula Lissa (wid Matti), res Mesnard loc
Niska Maria Mrs, dom, bds 736 Oak
Niskonen Jacob, miner, rms 721 Finn
Nissala Andrew, miner, res 3d Mesnard loc
Nissala Edith, bds Andrew Nissala
NISSILA EDWARD (Mary; Nissila & Makela), res 411 Scott
Nissila Werner E, student, bds 411 Scott
NISSILA & MAKELA (Edward Nissila, Carl Makela), Proprs Scott Street Livery, Scott bet Quincy and Franklin, Tel 622 (See opp page 487)
Niva John, lab, bds Peter Mulari
Nivala Abraham, tailor Herman M Elonen, bds Northwestern Hotel
Nivala Matthew (Louisa), lab, res es H C T Co n of Station
Nobben John J (Hilda), stock clk H C T Co, res 1102 Ethel avenue
Nobben L Pearl, clk Crown & Berlowitz, bds 1102 Ethel avenue
Noel George (Marie), lab, bds 108 Hancock
Noel Octavia, clk, bds 308 Harris av
Nomalina Michael (Prinetta), miner, res 424 Franklin loc
Noneaglioni John, trammer Han Con M Co
Noonan Benjamin D (Martha), mgr Orpheum Theatre, res 422 Quincy
Noonan Bridget D, res ws Ryan 2 s of Shafter
Noonan John, shift boss, res ws Ryan 2 s of Shafter
Nordbeck Martin, smelter, bds 1054 Summit
Nordstrom Charles (Emma), drayage 938 Elevation, res same
Nordstrom Edward, student, bds 938 Elevation
Nordstrom Ellen, bds 938 Elevation
Nordstrom Flora, student, bds 938 Elevation
Nordstrom Lila, student, bds 938 Elevation
Nordstrom Nelson (Magna), clk Ehlers Shoe Store, res 319 Franklin
Nordstrom Magna Mrs, ticket seller Savoy Theatre, res 319 Franklin
Nordstrom Oscar (Aina), groceries and meats 1008 Summit, res same
Nordstrom Oscar L, tchr Suomi College and Theological Seminary, rms 605 Quincy
Norkard Matti (Hilma E), lab, res 204 Reservation
Norkooli John (Elizabeth), res 331 Holland
Norman Henry, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Norris Ralph H, warehouseman Close & Hodgson, res 319 Quincy
North Frances G, bds 141 County rd, Quincy loc
North George S (S D North & Son), res 141 County rd, Quincy loc
North G Kent, clk S D North & Son, bds 141 County rd, Quincy loc
North Helen B, bds 141 County rd, Quincy loc
NORTH STAR CAFE, Hakala & Moilanen Proprs, Gymnasium, Turkish Baths and Swimming Pool, 306 Reservation, Tel 616-M
North Star Temperance Hall, 308 Reservation
North S D & Son (George S North), proprs Quincy Store, Northey Block, 205 Quincy
Northey James H, trammer Han Con M Co
NORTHWESTERN HOTEL (Maki & Lohipaenen), European Plan, 213 Quincy, Tel 38-M
Norton Dennis J, pres Park Brewing Co, res Ontonagon, County rd, Quincy loc
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Quincy loc
Norwegian Lutheran Free Church, ns White opp 444 same
Norwegian Temperance Hall, Quincy loc
Notelle Charles (Mary), lab, res 3d, Mesnard loc
Nousiainen Olli, lab, bds O A Isaacson
Novelli Augusto (Viola), miner, res 268 2d, Mesnard loc
Nowerry Gunner (Olive), res 936 Railroad av
Nowerry Ruth, student, bds 936 Railroad av
Nove Thomas (Lillian), fireman, res 244 L Pewabic loc
Nozero Louis, miner Han Con M Co
Nummi Werner, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co, res 793 Quincy
Nummivuori John D (Beada), mgr Farmers Co-op Trading Co, res 421 Olds
Nurkkala Henry, trammer, bds 100 Quincy loc
Nygard Alfred (Ina), res 927 Elm
Nygard John, miner, bds 927 Elm
Nygard Victor, lab Han Con M Co, bds Ole Peterson
Nyman Nels A (Sophia), fireman H C T Co, res 1202 Roberts
Nyman Nels D, student, bds 1202 Roberts
Nyysti John, lab, bds Peter Mulari
Nyysti John R (Mary W), bartndr, res 204 Reservation