R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Abbreviations]

Paajanen Matt (Alma), bartndr, res 312 Wright
Paananen Emil, student, bds 925 Elm
Paananen John (Martha), miner, res ss Shafter nr Finn
Paatana Oscar, carp, bds Alexander Mankinen
Paavola Aaro, miner Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds Alexander Mankinen
Paavola Emil, timberman Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds 321 Holland
Paavola Matthew (Elizabeth), miner, res 822 Pine
Pacini Arthur (Agatha), miner, res 81 Hardscrabble
Pahikainen C Wm, driver, bds Henry Pahikainen
Pahikainein E Hjalmar, clk, bds Henry Pahikainen
Pahikainen Henry (Gustava), res ns Shafter n of Peter O'Brien
Pahikainen Hilma S, bds Henry Pahikainen
Pahikainen Oscar E, driver, bds Henry Pahikainen
Pahikainen Werner A, student, bds Henry Pahikainen
Paimen Sanomia (Finnish Church Weekly), Rev Maunu I Kuusi editor 541 Quincy
Paine Lewis D (Mabel), engr, res ws Ryan 2 s of New rd
Paine Philip H, ship clk D & N Mich B & L Assn, res Lake Linden
Pakikainen John (Helma), slsmn, res 814 Oak
Pakkala Adolph, lab Lake Superior Iron and Metal Co
Palchich John, bartndr, bds 1028 Minnesota
Palchich Joseph (Johanna), saloon 201 Quincy, res 1028 Minnesota
Palmroos Paavo B, trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds Henry Kahkonen
Palsham David, engr Hancock Cons'd Mining Co
Pama James, miner, bds 1300 Cedar
Pantti Olga E A, sten Bridgman-Russell Co, bds 829 Warren
PAOLI RALPH, Importer of Olive Oil, Italian Cheese, Italian Goods of all Kinds 1018 Ingot, res same
Paponti Frank, miner, res 264 2d, Mesnard loc
Parise Paul (Philomena), hoister, res 26 Front, Ripley
PARK BREWING CO, Dennis J Norton Pres, James Vignetto Vice-Pres, James P Healy Sec and Treas, sw cor Ethel and Railroad avs, Tel 381
Parma John (Mary), trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, res 915 Summit
Parse Joseph (Sarah), miner, res 254 County rd, Mesnard loc
Parsons Ellen L Mrs, res 208 Lake
Parsons Ernest, driver, bds 208 Lake
Parsons Frederick P, bottler Park Brewing Co, bds 208 Lake
Parsons George H, lab, bds 208 Lake
Parsons James H (Etta), miner, res 943 Ethel av
Pasanen Charles (Pauline), miner, res Coburntown
Pasco Mary E, student, bds 506 Scott
Pasco Wm (Jane), timberman Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, res 506 Scott
Pascoe C Gordon, student, bds 46 Quincy loc
Pascoe Dorothy, student, bds 93 Frenchtown
Pascoe Frederick (Dora G), shift capt Quincy Mining Co, res 46 Quincy loc
Pascoe James Rev, removed to Tacoma, Mich
Pascoe John H (Cordelia), miner, res Sing Sing loc
Pascoe Wm J (Belle), miner, res 93 Frenchtown
Paszczynski Stanislaus (Helen), miner, res 127 L Pewaboc loc
Patale Pucci, lab, bds 5 Upper Pewabic loc
Paterni Frank, bds Catherine O'Brien
Paterni Joseph, miner, bds Louis Paterni
Paterni Louis (Zelinda), confr Pewabic loc, res same
Paterni Wm, lab, bds Catherine O'Brien
Patton James R, slsmn Bridgeman-Russell Co, bds 312 Center
Patton Mae L, bds 312 Center
Patton Wm A (Catherine), contr 312 Center, res same
Patton Wm H, bkpr Bridgeman-Russell Co, bds 312 Center
Paukkuneno Aima, dom 1209 Quincy
Paul Wm A O, sec and treas Quincy Mining Co, res New York City
Paull Clarence, mach, bds T H Paull
Paull Doris, bds T H Paull
Paull Elmer, bkpr, bds T H Paull
Paull Joseph, fireman, bds T H Paull
Paull Kastelo, student, bds T H Paull
Paull Lillian, student, bds T H Paull
Paull Susan, bds T H Paull
Paull Thomas H (Elizabeth), tmstr, res Quincy loc
Paull Wm, blksmith, bds Absalom Peters
Paulson Anna, res 527 Hancock
Paulson Warner, clk Hanchette & Lawton, res Demmon,
Pavala Arvie (Emma), miner, res 182 Newtown
Pavalak John (Alice), butcher, res 938 Summit
Pavlich Marcus, miner, bds Vinko Kosovez
Pavlich Matt, timberman, bds Fred Spehai
Payhanen Oscar (Minnie), miner, res 813 Pine
Payhonen Isaac W (Mia), miner, res 507 White
Payn Amelia (wid Thomas C), res 1012 Ohio
Payn Clara, bds 1012 Ohio
Payn Evan C (Agnes), tmstr, res ss Ingot 4 w of Ash
Payn Frank, tmstr Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds 1012 Ohio
Payn George, bds 1012 Ohio
Payn Joseph, chauffeur, bds 1012 Ohio
Payn Margaret, bds 1012 Ohio
Payn Nellie R, nurse, bds 1012 Ohio
Pearce, see also Pierce
Pearce Alice, nurse, bds Charles Pearce
Pearce Amy, res 312 Cooper av
Pearce Charles (Rose), lab, res Birch
Pearce David T, clk, bds 312 Cooper av
Pearce Gwendolyn G, student, bds 312 Cooper av
Pearce Jay R (Lois), trav, res 1111 Summit
Pearce Lillian, student, bds Charles Pearce
Pearce Mae, bds Charles Pearce
Pearce Philip J, res 530 Hancock
Pearce Ralph T, student, bds 6 Cleaves, Ripley
Pearce Rhoda L, res 312 Cooper av
Pearce Robert H, student, bds 312 Cooper av
Pearce Stephen S (Dora), molder, res 6 Cleaves, Ripley
Pearce Wm C (Elizabeth), solr H C Gas & Coke Co, res 843 Warren
Pearson John G (Elizabeth), carp, res 815 Lake av
Pedelty Ellen E M, bds 76 Hard Scrabble
Pedelty George D, miner, bds 76 Hard Scrabble
Pedelty George W (Ellen), eng, res 912 3d
Pedelty Joseph D (Annie), miner, res 76 Hard Scrabble
Pedelty Sarah, bds 912 3d
Pekkala Emil (Minnie), smelter, res 819 Pine
Pekkala Isaac, clk J H Seager & Co
Pelkey Albert, lab L S Iron and Metal Co, bds Israel Pelkey
Pelkey Delia (wid Xavier), bds Israel Pelkey
Pelkey Israel (Delia), switchman M R R R, res ns Ingot nr M R R R
Pellegrini Nicholas (Hazelina), fireman, res ns Back n of Car Station
Pellegrini Silvio E, helper, bds Nicholas Pellegrini
Pellerin Frederick, tmstr A J Drouin, bds 937 Ingot
Pellerin Ida, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 937 Ingot
Pellerin Josephine, opr Mich State Tel Co, bds 937 Ingot
Pellerin Lucille, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 937 Ingot
Pellerin Sarah (wid Joseph), res 937 Ingot
Pelliccatti Guiseppi, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Pellow Thomas (Hermina), res 530 Quincy
Pelmear Leola R, bds 604 Front, Ripley
Pelmear M Wm, bkpr Portage Lake Foundry & Machinery Co, res 604 Front, Ripley
Pelmear Nicholas W (Lillian), lab, res 604 Front, Ripley
Pelshaw Charles, res 215 Douglass, Ripley
Peltery Matti (Lena), res 1001 2d
Peltier Bridget (wid Joseph D), res 800 Water
Peltier Clarence H, student, bds 800 Water
Peltier Euclide (Jennie), lab, res 854 Franklin
Peltier Joseph C, ship clk Bridgeman-Russell Co, bds 800 Water
Peltier Joseph S (Regina), blksmith, res 1121 Sigsbee
Peltier Olive R, sten, bds 800 Water
Peltier Ruth E, tchr, bds 800 Water
Pelto Alexander (Katherine), lab, res 639 Finn
Pelto August, barnman C B Saxby
Pelto August (Mary W), tailor Exley bldg, res 716 Quincy
Pelto Edna A, nurse 639 Finn, bds same
Pelto Eli (Mary), lineman H C T Co, res 932 Prospect
Pelto Florence, sten Grinnell Bros, bds 639 Finn
Pelto John P (Ida), tailor August Pelto, res 536 Quincy
Pelto Josephine, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 639 Finn
Pelto Lillian O E, student, bds 639 Finn
Pelto Ollie, bds 716 Quincy
Pelto Peter, bds 827 Warren
Pelto Rose, dom 313 Mason av
Pelto Toivo (Ellen), trammer Han Cons'd M Co, res 941 Ingot
Peltola Edward A, clk, bds 512 White
Peltola Hjalmer, lab, bds 512 White
Peltola Ida S, res 512 White
Peltonime Emil (Hilda), real est 229 Franklin, res same
Peltow Matt, miner, rms Christopher Nelson
Penberthy Clara, music tchr 129 Quincy, res same
Penberthy Edwin J (Della), bkpr Park Brewing Co, res 218 Cooper av
Penberthy Harold J, student, bds 218 Cooper av
Penninger John, lab Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1022 Ohio
Penniston Frederick M (Mabel R), cashr Detroit & Northern Michigan Building & Loan Assn, res 741 Lake av
Penpease Edward, mason, bds 600 Hancock
Penpease Jennie, bds 600 Hancock
Penpease Mary J (wid Henry), res 600 Hancock
Penzak Andrew, trammer, bds 97 Frenchtown
PEOPLES FUEL CO THE, G R Campbell Pres, J P Petermann Vice-Pres, W B Anderson Treas, Richard Vincent Sec and Genl Mngr, W J Richards Local Mngr, Agents for the Celebrated Scranton Coal; Also Best Grade of Bituminous, Smithing Coal and Coke, 225 Quincy, Tel South 507
Peoples Fuel Co (docks and yards) Portage Lake, below bridge
Peppin Michael, driver, bds 1016 Minnesota
Peppin Onesime (Jennie), lab, res 1016 Minnesota
Perala Kiia, lab, bds 274 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Pere John, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Perkins Ortii, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Perkkio Matt (Hilma), res Newtown
Peroni John (Annie), boarding es Ethel av 2 s of Ingot res same
Perra Samuel (Gertrude), miner, res 411 Franklin loc
Perrault Oscar (Marie), barber 215 Quincy, res 214 Cooper al
Perreault Edna, sten, bds 111 Hancock
Perreault Ida, student, bds 111 Hancock
Perreault Oliver (Alma), carp, res 111 Hancock
Perreault Oliver G (Alice), ins agt, res 1019 Minnesota
Perry George (Beatrice), blksmith, res 44 Limerick loc
Perry George (Louise), miner, res 198 County rd, Mesnard loc
Perry Walter, miner, bds 101 L Pewabic loc
Perryman Arnold (Margaret), miner, res 837 Warren
Person Olaf (Charlotte), lab, res 1207 Emery
Perttula Minnie, tchr Suomi College and Theological Seminary, bds 541 Quincy
Pesonena Emil (Hildur M), foreman Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, res 819 Franklin
Personen Matt Rev (Johanna), pastor Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, res 505 Reservation
PETAJA ANDREW (Maria), Furniture and Undertaking 630 Quincy, Tel 250-F1, res same
Peter Nicholas (Lena), boiler cleaner Han Cons'd M Co, res 705 Hancock
Petermann John P, vice-pres Peoples Fuel Co, res Laurium
Peters Absalom (Carolinc), miner, res County rd Upper Pewabic loc
Peters John (Hilma), miner, res 1150 Summit
Peters Louise, musician, rms 511 Hancock
Peters Susan, mach opr Michels Overall Mfg Co, res Houghton
Peters Wm (Mary), lineman H C T Co, res 1311 Roberts
Peterson Albert (Ellen), timberman Han Cons'd M Co, res 317 Wright
Peterson Alma, bds 83 Pine
Peterson Alma E, clk Hancock Dry Goods Co, bds 512 Scott
Peterson Anna (wid Olaf), res 512 Scott
Peterson Arthur, miner, bds 512 Scott
Peterson Arvid (Ellen), furnaceman. res 1213 Sigsbee
Peterson Christina (wid Peter), res n of 502 Portage, Ripley
Peterson Edith, mach opr Michels' Overall Mfg Co, res Houghton
Peterson Edward, film opr Savoy Theatre, bds Isaac Peterson
Peterson Edwin, bds Hans Peterson
Peterson Ella Mrs, res 839 Pine
Peterson Gustaf, bds 1111 2d
Peterson Hans (Minnie), res es Ryan se cor Hillside
Peterson Harry L (Florence), clk Benjamin Arne, res 700 Quincy
Peterson Helen, clk Benjamin Arne, bds cor Ryan and Old rd
Peterson Henry, trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, bds 83 Pine
Peterson Hjalmer, lab bds 83 Pine
Peterson Ida, bds 1111 2d
Peterson Isaac (Kate), res Sing Sing loc
Peterson Jennie, bds 1111 2d
Peterson John, bds 1111 2d
Peterson John, lab, bds 317 Wright
Peterson Josephine, bds 1111 2d
Peterson Kate (wid Peter), res 317 Wright
Peterson Katherine (wid Gustaf), res 1111 2d
Peterson Lempi, student, bds 83 Pine
Peterson Mamie, bds 1111 2d
Peterson Mary (wid Oscar), res 83 Pine
PETERSON MATT (Elizabeth), Fine Line of Imported and Domestic Liquors, Cigars and Tobaccos 412 Tezcuco, res 306 same
Peterson Minnie, clk Schulte Bros, bds Ryan, Quincy loc
Peterson Ole (Hannah), trammer, res ns Sampson 1 w of Reservation
Peterson Olive student, bds Hans Peterson
Peterson Oscar (Selma), miner Hancock Cons'd Mining Co, res 814 Oak
Peterson Peter (aged 64), died Nov 14, 1915
Peterson Peter (Augusta), lab res 729 Elm
Peterson Peter, bds E E Jarvis
Peterson Robert, lab, bds Isaac Peterson
Peterson Rudolph (Josephine), brkmn M R R R, res es Lynn 2 n of Park
Peterson Wm, student, bds 1111 2d
Petit Edward, lab, bds Paul Petit
Petit Henry, lab bds Paul Petit
Petit Joseph (Sarah), tinsmith, res ns Front. Ripley
Petit Mary, bds Paul Petit
Petit Paul (Annabelle), res ns Front, Ripley
Petroske Frank (Katie), lab, res 80 Hardscrabble
Pettis Helen, student, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Pewabic Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Lewis Keast pastor, County rd, N Quincy loc
Pewabic School Jeremiah Bettens prin, Pewabic loc
Philippi John (Elizabeth), trammer, res 410 Franklin loc
Phillippi Matt, miner Hancock Cons'd Mining Co
Phillips Thomas S (Sena A), mtrmn H C T Co, res 1101 Ethel av
Philpot Douglas, lab bds 518 Ethel av
Philpot Henry (Mary), carp, res 318 Ethel av
Pholongla Evangeline, bds 408 Mine
Pholongla Michael (Domitael), res 408 Mine
Piana James, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1032 Ingot
Piana James V, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Piapitti James (Frances), miner, res ns Pine 1 w of 711
Piekkola Albert (Amanda), driver Hancock Star Bakery, res 515 Emma av
Piekkola Hilda, student, bds 942 Elevation
Piekkola Hjalmer (Anna), miner, res 942 Elevation
Piekkola Walfred, student, bds 942 Elevation
Pierce, see also Pearce
Pieree Ellen Mrs, res 101 Quincy
Pierce Ralph M Rev (Nelli R),pastor First M E Church, res 401 Quincy
Pieroni Oreste (Pupilli & Pieroni), bds 623 Quincy
Pieroni John, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1032 Ingot
Pietela Edward, hlpr Hancock Star Bakery
Piippo John (Emma), miner, res 79 Hardscrabble
Piipponen John H, student, bds Matt Piipponen
Piipponen Mary H, student, bds Matt Piipponen
Piipponen Matt, miner, res Coburntown
Piipponen Sophie L, student, bds Matt Piipponen
Piirainen Jacob, lab Han Cons'd M CO, bds 321 Holland
Piirainen Risto (Mary), trammer Isle Royale Copper Co, res 309 Wright
Pikkainen Albert (Annie), lab, res Coburntown
Pikkarainen Elma E, bds Peter Mulari
Pikkarainen Irving P, lab, bds Peter Mulari
Piklaja Nestor (Amanda), lab, res Pewabic rd, Ripley
Pinch Wm (Elizabeth) miner, res 290 3d, Mesnard 1oc
Pinten Edward J, hardware 207 - 213 Tezcuco, res same
Pinten James, engr C R R R
Pinten Joseph (Anna), res 127 Water
Pinten Margaret, (wid John), res 211 Tezcuco
Pinten Margaret, bds 211 Tezcuco
Pinten Mary E Mrs, res 807 Railroad av
Pinten Peter J (Mary), engr C R R R, res 444 Hancock
Piper Frank E (Maude), cashr Armour & Co, res 1028 Ohio
Piper James, clk, bds 1028 Ohio
Pipparainen Lillian A, bds Peter Mulari
Piquette Emil (Rose), painter ns Atlantic 2 w of Birch, res same
Pirkola Charles (Eva) miner, res Coburntown
Pirkola Jacob (Lizzie), carp, res 804 Oak
Pisani Jaako, lab, bds Amerigo Monticello
Pisani Vincent, lab, bds Arnerigo Monticello
Pittman Emma C Mrs, bds 100 Hancock
Pizzi Caesar (Albertina), lab, res ns H C T Co n of station
Platt Emma, nurse, rms 210 Center
Plessman Joseph (Mary), head feeder, res 307 Holland
Ploof David, tmstr, bds 910 Summit
Ploof Edgar, student, bds Edward Ploof
Ploof Edward (Mary), miner, res Coburntown
Ploof John (Mary), lab, res 1026 Summit
Ploof Mary Mrs res 910 Summit
Ploof Matt, lab Peoples' Fuel Co, res 1026 Summit
Ploof Ovila, student, bds Edward Ploof
Ploof Roy W (Rose), tmstr Armour & Co, res 918 Summit
Pofahl John H, bds 1146 Summit
Poggione James, lab, bds John Poggione
Poggione John (Mary), farmer, res Coburntown
Poggione Joseph (Josephine), saloon Coburntown, res same
Poggione Peter, driver, bds John Poggione
Poissant Edmond (Anna), clk, res 227 Wright
Polglase John (Mary J), sheriff, res Quincy loc
Polglase Harry J (Jean), mach Han Cons’d M Co, res 311 Harris av
Polglase Wm (Mabel), blksmith, res 807 Pine
Police Department Headquarters, City Hall, Wm J Rentenbach chief of police
Polkinghorn Wm A (Bertha), mach, res Quincy loc
Polkinghorne Ada, tchr E L Wright School, res Houghton
Polkko Paul, blksmith 118 Franklin, res 304 Holland
Pollak Charles, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Pollard Arthur, mach, bds 1226 Emery
Polmear David W (Mary), patternmkr, res 819 2d, Ripley
Polmear David W jr, bartndr John Brey, bds 819 2d, Ripley
Polmear John, clk E F Slattery & Co, bds 819 2d, Ripley
Polmear Julia, bds 819 2d, Ripley
Polmear Lucetta, student, bds 819 2d, Ripley
Polmear Nora, bds 819 2d, Ripley
Polso Oscar, lab Lake Superior Iron and Metal Co
Polworth James (Katherine), boilermkr, res 1203 Summit
Polzin August (Rose), bds 549 Summit
Polzin Bernhard (Bertha), res 105 L Pewabic loc
Polzin Cecilia, bds 105 Pewabic loc
Polzin Frank (Fidelia), lab, res 1105 Ethel av
Polzin Rose, bds 105 L Pewabic loc
Pomsetti John (Rose), baker Angelo Callaraesi, res 715 Pine
Ponga Isaac, miner, bds Peter Mulari
Ponka Ida J (wid Hjalmer), res ss Shafter 3 e of Michael Stein
Porhola Wm W (Anna), solr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, res 213 Sampson
Portage Coal and Dock Co, J H Hicok genl mgr, whol and ret coal 207 Quincy, Dock Ripley Lake
Portage Lake Baptist Church, nw cor Front and Dunstan
Portage Lake Boiler Works (John Beckman, Henry O'Leary), sheet iron workers Ripley on Portage
PORTAGE LAKE FOUNDRY & MACHINERY CO, L A Cleaves Pres, L M Cleaves Treas and Gen Mgr, Mnfrs of Mine and Milling Machinery, Steam Stamps, Jigs and Rock Crushers Stamp Shoes and Other Chilled Castings a Specialty, Lake Front, Ripley, Tel South 6 (See left side lines)
POST OFFICE, Daniel A Holland Postmaster, 222 Quincy
Potavista Victor, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Powell James, miner Han Cons'd M Co
POWER LAMAR M, City Health Officer, Physician and Surgeon, Suite 3 Kauth Block, Office Hours 2 - 4 and 7-8 p m, Tel 203-F2 L Pewabic loc
Powers Harold, cutter, bds 239 L Pewabic loc
Powley Joseph, miner, bds 241 L Pewabic loc
Praesenk Henry, trammer bds 118 L Pewabic loc
Praesenk Richard (Anna), car repr, res 118 L Pewabic loc
Pratt James, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Prevost Josephine, bkpr J C Donahue, bds 308 Cooper av
Price John, blksmith, bds Jacob Karppinen
Prideaux James, clk S D North & Son
Priest George W, bds 421 Hancock
Priest Harold, plumber bds 421 Hancock
Priest Ira (Catherine), tmstr, res 421 Hancock
Priest Ivy R, bds 421 Hancock
Priest Sarah J (wid Albert), res 421 Hancock
Prince Thomas J (Fannie L), foreman Copper Journal, res 202 Harris av
Prokopowich Jacob, lab, bds 286 3d, Mesnard loc
Prola Joseph, lab Han Cons'd M Co, bds 108 L Pewabic loc
Prola Peter (Mary), miner, res 108 L Pewabic loc
Prout John (Ada), miner, res 1210 Cedar
Prout Thomas, (Bertha), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 836 Franklin
Provost John (Elizabeth) tmstr, res 808 Hancock
Provost Joseph, lab Peoples Fuel Co
Prudential Insurance Co, A F Menzel supt, 101 Quincy
Pruner Gordon, lab, bds 210 Franklin
Pruner Nathan (Alice), smelter, res 737 Hancock
Pryor John C, v-pres and mgr Houghton Lumber Co, res Houghton
Pryor Joseph R, supt Houghton Lumber Co, res Houghton
Pryor Reginald C, pres Houghton Lumber Co, res Houghton
Public School Library, High School bldg
Puccetti Arturo (Artemia), miner, res 73 Hard Scrabble
Pucci Dominic (Celia), miner, res County rd, Mesnard loc
Pucci Emilia (wid Guiseppe), res 483 Back
Pucci Joseph (Theresa), lab, res 1040 Summit
Pucci Salvator (Annie), miner, res 429 Franklin loc
Pucci Battista, miner Han Cons'd M Co, bds 231 Hancock
Pudas Matt (Kate), bartndr Matt Peterson, res 412 Tezcuco
Pulkine Oscar (Annie), trammer Isle Royale Copper Co, res 805 Pine
Pulkkinen Aato, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Pulkkinen Emil (Ethel), shoemkr 514 Quincy, res same
Punanen Henry (Matilda), lab, res 622 Oak
Pupilli Joseph (Pupilli & Pieroni), bds 623 Quincy
Pupilli & Pieroni (Joseph Pupilli, Oreste Pieroni), confr 103 Quincy
Puranen Evert, miner, bds Alexander Mankinen
Puska Eli, lab, bds 89 Frenchtown
Puska Ellen, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Puska George, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Puska Hannah (wid Matti), res 89 Frenchtown
Puska Hilda, bds 89 Frenchtown
Puska Matt, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Puska Nicholas, lab, bds 89 Frenchtown
Pyhtila Andrew, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Pyhtila Erkki (Helia M), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 624 Oak
Pyhtila Hannes, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Pyhtila Jacob, timberman Han Cons'd M Co
Pyhtila John (Wendla), lab, res 1018 Elm
Pylkas Carl, grocer 229 Franklin, bds 1006 2d
Pylkas Frank O, tmstr, bds 1006 2d
Pylkas John J, fireman, bds 1006 2d