R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Raak John (Hilma), miner, res Coburntown
Raak John jr (Esther), miner, res Franklin Mine loc
Raak Mary, student, bds John Raak
Raak Siiri, student, bds John Raak
Raak Wm, student, bds John Raak
Raak Wyno, student, bds John Raak
Raappina Charles (Johanna), res 1002 2d
Rachki Matt (Frances), sausage mkr D A Holland, res 1033 Garden
Racine Archibald (Anna), saloon 901 Railroad av, res 938 4th
Racine Archibald jr, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Blanche, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Cecilia, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Charles, student, bds 933 4th
Racine Clara, student, bds 933 4th
Racine Edward, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Fedora, plumber, bds 933 4th
Racine Fedora, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Helen, student, bds 933 4th
Racine James, student, bds 938 4th
Racine Daura, tel opr Jacob Gartner, bds 933 4th
Racine Onezime (Alexzina), carp, res 933 4th
Racine Stella, student, bds 938 4th
Rahko Alfred, student, bds 820 Hancock
Rahko Amelia Mrs, res 820 Hancock
Rahko Irene, bds 820 Hancock
Rahkola Emma Mrs, masseuse 217 Franklin, res same
Rahkola Konstan (Emma), res 217 Franklin
Raisanen Charles E (Sophie E), lab, res 602 Franklin
Raisanen Henry, timberman, bds O A Isaacson
Raitanen Emil, miner, bds Mrs Anna M Isaacson
Rajala Lars, clk Funkey Hardware Co, res 1240 Cedar
Rajala Wm N (Elvira M), lab, res 27 Shafter
Ralph Frank A (Annie), smelter, res 704 Elm
Ralph John (Frances), carp H T C Co, res 1201 Cedar
Ralph John jr (Ethel), supt H C T Co, res 930 (1100) Ethel av
Ramback Mary, dom J H Hicok
Ranke Wm (Lydia), miner, res Hardscrabble
Ranta Anthony, timberman, bds Alexander Mankinen
Rasey Marie, tchr High School, rms 324 Hancock
Rasiutalo Isaac, lab, bds 827 Pine
Rask Dagmar, dom 707 Quincy
Rassette Eugene, painter H C T Co
Rassette Frank (Mary), mtrmn H C T Co, res 735 Water
Rastello Peter, clk D & N Mich Bldg & Loan Assn, bds 312 Hancock
Raty Frederick (Katie S), miner, res 453 Back
Rauhala Emil, clk, bbdds, 11044 2d
Rauhala Gustava (wid Matti), res 1044 2d
Rauhala Helmi, student, bds 1044 2d
Rauhala Henry, student, bds 1044 2d
Rauhala Waino, lab, bds 1044 2d
Rauhala Wilho, student, bds 1044 2d
Rautio Eli (Hilma), miner, res Coburntown
Rautio Olga, dom 520 Hancock
Rautiola Einora (Mary), miner, res 827 Pine
Ravoio Frank, lab, bds 231 Hancock
Raymaster August (Minnie), driver, res 249 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Raymond Agnes, drsmkr 844 Summit, bds same
Raymond Arthur, carp, bds 844 Summit
Raymond Edmund (Matilda), lab, res 844 Summit
Raymond Edmund jr, appr, bds 844 Summit
Raymond Frederick, engr Han Cons'd M Co, bds 844 Summit
Raymond Harriet M (wid Charles E), bds 216 Cooper av
Raymond Leah, dom 145 County rd, Quincy loc
Raymond Leia, bds 844 Summit
Raymond Levina, bds 844 Summit
Raymond Olive, dom 145 County rd, Quincy loc
Reagan Michael (Rose), smelter, res 802 3d, Ripley
Reddenbeck Edward, pipe coverer, rms 219 Hancock
Reed Charles L (A Wave), mgr Owl Drug Store, res 418 Quincy
Reed Howard, bds 253 County rd, Mesnard loc
Reed Josiah (Daisy P), ainter, res 210 Dacotah
Reed Mary (wid George), res 25 Front, Ripley
Reed T James, electn, bds 210 Dacotah
Reed Wm, miner, bds 253 County rd, Mesnard loc
Regnier Edward (Marie L), trav, res 1115 Ingot
Rego David, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Rehnlund Margaret Mrs, res 418 Reservation
Rehnlund Rave, student, bs 418 Reservation
Rehnlund Reinhold, printer, bds 418 Reservation
Reich Ernest (Anne), timberman, res 202 U Pewabic loc
Reid Edward (Ione), clk Wm Reid, res 317 Ouincy
Reid Wm (Flora), grocer 315 Tezcuco, res 222 Hancock
Reid Wm T, bds 222 Hancock
Reil Albert, student, bds 215 Quincy
Reil Joseph, lab, bds 215 Quincy
Reil Leone (wid Oscar), res 215 Quincy
Rein August (Betti), miner, res Sing Sing loc
Rein Louis (Clara), grocer and meats 512 Quincy, res same
Reinikainen Hjalmar, shoemkr Emil Pulkkinen, rms 514 Quincy
Reinikka Emil (Fannie), miner, res 257 County rd, Mesnard loc
Renaldi Battista (Marian), miner, res 1124 Sigsbee
Renaldi James, bds 1124 Sigsbee
Renaldi Joseph, bds 1124 Sigsbee
Renaldi Marian Mrs, grocer 1124 Sigsbee, res same
Renaldi Theresa, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 1124 Sigsbee
Renick Fred, slsmn, bds 319 Quincy
Rentenbach Annie R, bds 410 Quincy
Rentenbach Edward, plumber James Sullivan, bds 217 Hancock
Rentenbach George (Ethel M), condr M R R R, res 740 Hancock
Rentenbach Gertrude, clk Grinnell Bros, bds 834 Franklin
Rentenbach John T (Delia), agt Copper Range R R, res 834 Franklin
Rentenbach M Gertrude, clk, bds 834 Franklin
Rentenbach Thomas M (Margaret), tower eng C R R R, res 738 Hancock
Rentenbach Wm J, chief of police, res 410 Quincy
Rentmaster August, tmstr Barkhausen Oil Co, res 7 Front, Ripley
Repakka Henry, lab, res ns H C T Co nr Station
Resko David, miner, bds 932 Elevation
Ressette Edward, removed to Ft Dodge, Ia
Ressette Eugene, lab, bds 845 Summit
Ressette Josephine (wid Frank), res 845 Summit
Ressette Lena, bds 845 Summit
Revello James, lab, bds 231 Hancock
Revello Paul A (Ida M; Saam & Revello), res 212 Lake
Revett Mary (wid Frank), bds 1008 Prospect
Reyer Adam, miner, bds 802 Elm
Reyer Conrad (Christina), res 802 Elm
Reyer Daniel, tmstr, bds 802 Elm
Reyer George, electn, bds 802 Elm
Reyer John, plumber, bds 802 Elm
Rever Sarah, bds 802 Elm
Reynolds Annie (wid Henry), res 306 Franklin
Reynolds George, lab, bds 306 Franklin
Reynolds John, bartndr Eugene Lavigne, bds 308 Franklin
Reynolds Lewis brkmn Isle Royale Copper Co
Reynolds Wm, lab, bds 306 Franklin
Rheault Charles (Mary J), foreman, res 308 Holland
Ricci Angelo (Emilia), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res ws Back n of Car Station
Ricci Louis, lab, bds Nicholas Pellegrini
Riccomini Narciso, lab, bds Nicholas Pellegrini
Rice Arthur D (Sadie), produce, res 820 Quincy
Rice Frances (wid James), bds 820 Quincy
Rich Adelaide L, student, bds 214 Hancock
Rich Dwight H, student, bds 214 Hancock
Rich Herbert S (Amelia), condr M R R R, res 1035 Railroad av
Rich Ulysses G Rev (Bertha A), pastor First Congregational Church, res 214 Hancock
Richard Amos, asst phys Quincy Dispensary
Richards Ada M (wid John C), bds 640 Front, Ripley
Richards Albert S, bkpr Andrew Johnson Estate, bds 620 Lake av
Richards Almina, bds 620 Lake av
Richards Arthur (Alice), patternmkr, res 323 White
Richards Blanche E, student, bds 103 Mill
Richards Charles H (Belle), tmstr, res 318 Vivian
Richards Chester, clk, bds 305 Water
Richards Clement, bds 318 Vivian
Richards Edward C, bartndr, bds 318 Vivian
Richards Edwin S, clk, bds 1055 Railroad av
Richards Elva M, student, bds 103 Mill
Richards Frank, res 701 Front, Ripley
Richards Fred J, supply clk Han Cons'd M Co, res 620 Lake av
Richards Genevieve, clk, bds 726 Water
Richards Harold E, bds 103 Mill
Richards John N, clk Copper Journal, bds 640 Front, Ripley
Richards Lawrence E (Henrietta), cigarmkr, res 804 Hancock
Richards Lucille, student, bds 305 Water
Richards Lucy Mrs, boarding 305 Water, res same
Richards Mary (wid Wm), res 736 Water
Richards Mary, dom 315 Reservation
Richards Nicholas, driver P Ruppe & Sons, bds 726 Water
Richards Ruth E, bkpr Copper Journal, bds 620 Lake av
Richards Samuel E (Eliza), lab, res 710 Water
Richards Samuel J (Clara C), eng, res 103 Mill
Richards Victoria, bds 701 Front, Ripley
Richards Wm J (Eliza), branch mgr Peoples Fuel Co, res 1308 Emery
Richter Elizabeth, bds 307 Holland
Rickard Gusti (Jennie S), miner, res 500 Finn
Rickard Stephen L (Myrta), brakeman, res 1311 Emery
Rickard Wm, lab Isle Royale Copper Co, res 216 Vivian
Ricketts George (Edna), tel opr, res 804 Scott
Riekki Andrew, res 213 Quincy
Riel Onesime, bds Israel Pelkey
Rillstone Edward J (Mary), res 606 Quincy
Rillstone Estella, bds 606 Quincy
Rillstone Martin M (Emma), miner, res ns H C T Co n of Station
Ringuitti Amy, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Ringuitti Felix, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Ringuitti Michael, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Ripatti Apo, janitor Kansankoti Hall, res 506 Tezcuco
Ripley Park, Portage Lake w of Quincy Smelting wks, Ripley
Ripley School (Dist No 2), Franklin twp, Leo F Duggan prin, ns Front 1 mile e of County Bridge
Ristonen Fred, lab, bds Paul Ristonen
Ristonen Lydia, bds Paul Ristonen
Ristonen Paul (Hannah), res ws Hillside 2 n of Roosevelt
Ritola Henry (Mary), lab, res Coburntown
Ritola Santra (wid John), res Coburntown
Riutta Waino, student, bds 912 Elm
Riutta Wm (Hilma), lab res 912 Elm
Rivet Joseph (Florence), police, res 816 Quincy
Roberts Charles (Mabel), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 619 Hancock
Roberts David, mach, bds 1007 Railroad av
Roberts Elizabeth (wid Philip), bds 1020 Ohio
Roberts George H, agt Met Life Ins Co, res 1020 Ohio
Roberts Mary A (wid Wm H), res 209 Harris av
Roberts Melvin D (Algina), phys 205 Quincy, res 309 Dacotah
Roberts Richard J, bds 209 Harris av
Roberts Richard T, miner, bds 118 L Pewabic loc
Roberts Samuel C (Emily), miner, res 122 L Pewabic loc
Robertson Charles (Mary), printer, res 733 Water
Robertson H Stuart, student, bds 733 Water
Robertson M Laurel, clk, bds 733 Water
Robertson Willard J (Esther), clk John Foster, res 313 Dakota
Robinson Julia (wid James), res Roberts
Robinson Ruth, bds 315 Reservation
Robinson Thomas, steamftr, bds Mrs Julia Robinson
Rocchi Egisto (Phoebe), miner, res 231 L Pewabic loc
Roche David P (Katherine; Roche & Maloy), res cor Hill and 4th
Roche & Maloy (David P Roche, Thomas Maloy), bakers 420 Quincy
Rocho Anna, dom 231 Hancock
ROCK BROS (John and Joseph Rock), Fancy Groceries and Hardware 811 Warren, Tel 625-W
Rock John (Jennie; Rock Bros), res 811 Warren
Rock Joseph (Rock Bros), bds 811 Warren
Rodda Jane (wid James), res 1106 Ethel av
Rodda John, clk, bds 1106 Ethel av
Rodda John (Eliza J), miner, res 408 Holland
Rodda Mabel, bds 408 Holland
Rogan Dorothy (wid Edward), bds 417 Hancock
Rogers Charles F (Frances), reporter Copper Journal, res 534 Hancock
Rogers Frank H (James H Seager & Co), res 4 Franklin Mine
Rogers Fred (Madeline), clk, res 205 Hancock
Rogers George (Anna), clk, res 23 Front, Ripley
Rogers Horace B, bds 4 Franklin Mine
Rogers Horace B jr (Helen), res 310 Center
Rogers James (May I), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 856 Pine
Rogers Lester C, student, bds 534 Hancock
Rogers Myrtle J, bds 534 Hancock
Rogers Roland W, driver E M Lieblien, bds 534 Hancock
Rohlman Frank J (Elizabeth), warehouseman, res 1007 Elm
Rohlman Marguerite, opr Mich State Tel Co, bds 1007 Elm
Roissant Edmund (Anna), clk A J Drouin, res 227 Wright
Rols Isaac (Anna), poundmaster, res 1107 Minnesota
Romain Adolph (Delphis), tmstr, res 511 Ravine
Roman Frank, warehouseman E M Lieblien
Romanini Dante, lab, bds Nicholas Pellegrini
Romberg Henry (Maggie), miner, res Coburntown
Ronnquist Charles (Hilma), driver Henry Sakari, res 901 Prospect
Roos Adolph (Amelia), barber 306 Quincy, res 408 Ravine
Roos Oscar, barber Adolph Roos, bds 408 Ravine
Rosa Harvey M (Ruth), tchr High School, res 423 Hancock
Roscorla Wm G (Iva), mach, res 505 Ethel av
Rose Gustav, miner, bds 1054 Summit
Roseas Joseph, lab, bds 231 Hancock
Ross Daniel A (Mary), condr M R R R, res 412 Ryan
Ross David L, engr M R R R, res Houghton
Ross Donald G, clk, bds 725 Lake av
Ross George (Amanda), watchman, res 1013 Ethel av
Ross George E (Joanna), purch agt Houghton County, res 725 Lake av
Ross Harold B, student, bds 725 Lake av
Ross John, lab L S Iron and Metal Co
Ross Joseph F, printer Starrett Print Shop, bds 1013 Ethel av
Ross Lizzie, bds 1013 Ethel av
Ross Rosario, clk A J Drouin, bds 1013 Ethel av
Rossman Samuel A (Lena), watchman, res 905 4th
Rostol Mary Mrs, res 633 Front, Ripley
Rouleau Block, 307 Quincy
ROULEAU CHARLES E (Mary D), Justice of the Peace, 307 Quincy, Tel 385-M; res 955 Railroad av, Tel 760-R
Rouleau Ernest (Magdalene), carp, res 943 Summit
Rouleau Felix (Jennie), res 955 Railroad av
Rouleau Henry (Mary), dryman, res 260 Quincy loc
Rouleau Henry jr, engr, bds Henry Rouleau
Rouleau Magdalene, bds 943 Summit
Rouleau Stephen (Amelia), mach, res 1027 Ohio
Rourke Building, 112 - 114 Quincy
Rourke Jeremiah (Mary), mining engr, res 414 Reservation
Rourke Julia, bds 414 Reservation
Rourke Katherine, tchr Edward Ryan School, bds 619 Quincy
Rourke Mary, bds 9 Front, Ripley
Rourke Mary, bds 414 Reservation
Rourke Mary A, bds 619 Ouincy
Rourke Michael H, bartndr Henry Carlson, res 414 Reservation
Rourke Richard (Mary), res 1 Front, Ripley
ROURKE RICHARD JR (Elizabeth), Electrical Contractor and Selling Agent for Electrical Appliances 304 Reservation, Tel 289-J; res 9 Front, Ripley, Tel 565-J (See opp page 487)
Rousseau David W, student, bds 845 Warren
Rousseau Edward G, lab, bds 845 Warren
Rousseau Eva M, student, bds 845 Warren
Rousseau Frederick V, millwright, bds 845 Warren
Rousseau George (Flora), carp, res 101 Quincy
Rousseau Jennie, clk, bds 845 Warren
Rousseau Joseph (Lisa), carp, res 845 Warren
Rowe Alexander (Charlotte), smelter, res 740 Elm
Rowe Charles, engr H R R R, res Houghton
Rowe E Anne, clk, bds 413 Mine
Rowe John, surfaceman, res 110 L Pewabic loc
Rowe John F (Frances), miner, res 9 U Pewabic loc
Rowe Mary A (wid Richard O), res 413 Mine
Rowe Mary J, clk bds 413 Mine
Rowe Richard O (Clara E), carp, res 808 Water
Rowe Wm O, mach, bds 413 Mine
Rowell James, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Roy Emil, clk Moss & Levine, res Houghton
Royce Donald, ensign, bds 702 2d, Ripley
Royce George A (aged 59), died Nov 7, 1915
Royce Kate (wid George A), res 702 2d, Ripley
Royce Ward (Rose), engr Quincy M Co, res 702 2d, Ripley
Rozman Joseph, trammer, bds 202 U Pewabic loc
Ruberg Emil, miner, bds John Ruberg
Ruberg John (Mary), miner, res Hardscrabble
Ruberg Wm, bds John Ruberg
Rublein Michael (Rose), stoker H C Gas & Coke Co, res 1021 Quincy
Ruelle Narcisse J (Eva), clk A J Drouin, res 903 Summit
Ruelle Wm (Gilda M), cook, res 815 Franklin
Ruggero Sodino, timberman Han Cons'd M Co
Ruhl Adolph (Catherine), res 435 Hancock
Ruhl Carl (Mary), janitor First National bank, res 431 Scott
Ruhl Hattie M, bds 431 Scott
Ruhl Katherine, bds 435 Hancock
Rule Lillian, student, bds Wm Rule
Rule Thomas (Lillie), grocer 636 Front, Ripley, res same
Rule Wm H, lab, res Sing Sing loc
Rumpf Emma H, clk, bds Portage, Ripley
Rumpf Fred (Wilhelmina), blksmith, res 502 Portage, Ripley
Rumpf Helen, bds 502 Portage, Ripley
Rumpf Lucy G (wid Herman), res 814 3d, Ripley
Rumpf Wm E (Lydia), clk G H Nichols, res 234 Hillside avenue
Rundle Eliza A (wid John W), res 712 Water
Rundle Elizabeth, bds 712 Water
Rundle Fred (Laura J), carrier P O, res 714 Water
Rundle Fred jr, student, bds 714 Water
Rundle Marion E, student, bds 714 Water
Rundle R Lloyd, asst chemist, bds 714 Water
Runyan George S (Hectorine B), mngr Barkhausen Oil Co, res 735 Lake av
Ruona August (Ruona & Mattson), res Ishpeming
Ruona & Mattson (August Ruona, Matt Mattson), proprs National Bottling Works, nw cor Scott and Hancock
Ruonavaara John F (Ida), fireman Isle Royale C Co, res 901 2d, Ripley
Ruotrala Antti (Bessie), miner, res L Pewabic loc
Ruotrala Antti jr, miner, bds Antti Ruotrala
Ruppe George (Catherine; P Ruppe & Sons), pres Superior Natl Bank of Hancock, res 405 Hancock
Ruppe Joseph C (Anna; P Ruppe & Sons), res 315 Reservation
Ruppe Marcus G, student, bds 405 Hancock
Ruppe Paul J, clk P Ruppe & Sons, bds 405 Hancock
RUPPE P & SONS (George and Joseph C), General Merchandise 128 Quincy , Tel 25
Rushton Alfred (Eda), miner, res 20 Limerick loc
Ruska Andrew (Katherine), res Newtown
Ruska Andrew jr, bds Andrew Ruska
Ruska Callie, lab, bds Andrew Ruska
Ruska Hilma, bds Andrew Ruska
Ruthstrom Axel C, jeweler 418 Reservation, res same
Ruttinen Harold bds W, bds Paul Ruttinen
Ruttinen Paul (Anna), carp, res Sing Sing loc
Ruuska Emil, student, bds 925 Elm
Ryan C Arthur, lab Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1209 Park
Ryan Edward J (Jessie), mgr Cubs' Billiard Parlor, bds 118 Hancock
Ryan Emmet W, clk Cubs' Billiard Parlor, bds 118 Hancock
Ryan Harold F, lab Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1209 Park
Ryan Irene L, bds 1209 Park
Ryan John L (Catherine) watchman Han Cons'd M Co, res 1209 Park
Ryan John L jr, lab, bds 1209 Park
Ryan John P, fireman, bds 118 Hancock
Ryan Kate Mrs, res 118 Hancock
Ryan Leo, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 1209 Park
Ryan Majorie, tchr Ripley School, bds 526 Front, Ripley
Ryan Thomas F, bds 526 Front, Ripley
Ryan Thomas K (Catherine), smeltter, res 210 Cooper av
Ryan Wm K (Katherine), plumber, res 526 Front, Ripley
Ryer Daniel, lab J E O'Neill
Ryer John, plumber James Sullivan
Ryti Elsie, student, bds 1129 Summit
Ryti Emil (Regina), cond, res 1129 Summit
Ryti George, student, bds 1129 Summit
Ryti Henry, smelter, bds 1129 Summit
Ryti Robert, student, bds 1129 Summit