R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Abbreviations]

Saam Alma (wid Henry), res 616 Quincy
Saam Arthur O, bds 616 Quincy
Saam John (Marie), bartndr Wm Mountjoy, res 530 Quincy
Saam Louis A, bds 925 Summit
Saam Louis B (Christene), res 925 Summit
Saam Louis T (Saam & Ravello), res 210 Lake
Saam Ruth, clk, bds 616 Quincy
Saam & Ravello (Louis Saam, Paul Ravello), saloon 306 Quincy
Saaranen Oscar (Minnie), miner, res Newtown
Saari Jennie, bds 444 White
Saari Mamie, bds 444 White
Saari Matt (Hilda), lab, res 257 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Saari Matt (Sanna), miner, res 444 White
Saari Nestor, miner, rms 721 Finn
Saarila Herman, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Saarila Wm, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Saastamoinen Emil (Hilma), editor Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, res 503 Finn
Saastamoinen Nillo, student, bds 503 Finn
Saastamoinen Paul, trammer, bds O A Isaacson
Sadino Marcello (Anna), lab, res ns Back nr car station
Sager Edward (Maude), hlpr H C Gas & Coke Co, res 203 Arcadian, Ripley
Sahlstein John (Imbi), Sahlstein & Waisanen), res 305 Quincy
SAHLSTEIN & WAISANEN (John Sahlstein, John Waisanen, Men's Outfitters, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes anb Clothing 305 Quincy, Tel 876-J
St Amour Catherine, bds 900 Pine
St Amour Thomas, longshoreman, res 900 Pine
St Amour Wm K, bds 900 Pine
St Arnold Agnes (wid Theodore), res 311 Franklin
St Arnold Edward, bds 311 Franklin
St George's Chapel, Rev Oreste Salcini pastor, se cor Michigan and Elm
St John Joseph H, lab, bds 306 Hancock
St John Moses (Tillie), lab, res 306 Hancock
St Joseph's Hospital, under charge of Sisters of St Joseph, Mother Liguori Superioress, Water opp Catholic cemetery
ST JOSEPH'S R C CHURCH (German and French), Rev Fred Glaser Pastor, Rev Caspar Douenburg Asst Pastor, ns Quincy opp Mesnard
St Joseph's R C School, in charge Sisters of St Joseph, ns Quincy, opp Mesnard
St Patrick's R C Church, Rev T J Atfield pastor, ns Quincy 2 e of Ravine
St Patrick's School and Convent, Sisters of St Joseph in charge, se cor Ravine and Franklin
St Peter and St Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, ne cor Hancock and Montezuma
Sakari Carl (Alma), clk Henry Sakari, res 1027 Minnesota
Sakari Frank H, clk Henry Sakari, bds 727 Quincy
Sakari Fred, clk Henry Sakari, bds 727 Quincy
SAKARI HENRY (Mary), Dealer in Fresh and Salted Meats, General Groceries and Provisions, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes and Clothing 729-731 Quincy, Tel South 247, res 727 same
Sakari Peter, clk Henry Sakari, bds 727 Quincy
Sakkinen Charles, miner, res 736 Oak
Salani Alipo (Ada M), miner, res ws Back 2 n of Car Station
Salani Menotti, lab, bds 223 L Pewabic loc
Salcini Oreste Rev, pastor St, George's Chapel, bds 949 Railroad av
Salfenauer Hattie, bds 321 Ryan
Salfenauer Rose, clk Benjamin Arne, bds 321 Ryan
Salfenauer Sebastian (Rose), miner, res 321 Ryan
Salina Louis (Perina C), miner, res ws Back 1 n of 453
Salmi Karl J, timberman Isle Royale Copper Co, res 735 Elm
Salminen Arthur (Hannah), lab res Quincy loc
Salminen Emil, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds Mrs Mary Salminen
Salminen Hjalmer (Mary), lab, res cor Hill and 4th
Salminen John, bds Mrs Mary Salminen
Salminen Mary (wid Matt), res Pewabic rd, Ripley
Salminen Saima, bds Arthur Salminen
Salminen Towo, blksmith, bds Mrs Mary Salminen
Salminen Wm, bds Mrs Mary Salminen
Salo Clara, tailoress Hemmi Leino, bds 1108 Prospect
Salo Esther E, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 809 Franklin
Salo Frank H (Ida), shoemkr 310 Tezcuco, res 1108 Prospect
Salo Henry, student, bds 1108 Prospect
Salo Ina, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 1108 Prospect
Salo Kusti, lab, bds O A Isaacson
Salo Lada, bkpr, bds 1108 Prospect
Salo Nikulai, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Salter Thomas (Beatrice), rniner Han Cons'd M Co, res 1026 Prospect
Salvalaggio Ferruccio, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Sampson Elvin, bds 251 County rd, Mesnard loc
Sampson James T (Clara), mine boss, res 197 County rd, Mesnard loc
Sampson Wm, miner, res 1006 Elevation
Sampson Wm J (Grace), shift capt Quincy M Co, res 251 County rd, Mesnard loc
Sanders Benjamin, bds 709 Hancock
Sanders Charles, lab, bds 709 Hancock
Sanders E Guy (Delia), meats 312 Quincy, res 101 same
Sanders Elizabeth J (wid Nicholas), res 709 Hancock
Sanders John (Lillian), molder, res 707 Hancock
Sanders Katherine Mrs, bds 104 Franklin
Sanders Wm J (May), slsmn, res 1020 Ethel av
Sandow John H, miner Han Cons'd M Co, bds 701 Pine
Sandquist Alfred I, pharmacist G H Nichols, bds 823 Pine
Sandquist Eva (wid Isaac), res 823 Pine
Sandquist James H, meatctr John Latva, bds 823 Pine
Sandretti Guiseppe, lab, res ws Back 3 n of 470
Sandstrom Agnes, bds 817 Hancock
Sandstrom G Alfred (Hilda), foreman Hancock Lumber Co, res 817 Hancock
Sandstrom Theodore, student, bds 817 Hancock
Sansehagrin Mary (wid Antoni), bds Joseph Neher
Sapanski Louis (Mary), miner, res 113 L Pewabic loc
Sarkis Michael (Anna), lab, res 804 Quincy
Sarla Jennie, dom 5 Front, Ripley
Sartini Silvia, miner, bds Bardo Bonini
Sarviranta Charles, agt, rms 741 Elm
Sarvisto Gust, printer Copper Journal, res Trap Rock Valley
SATURDAY POST, John G Turia & Co Publishers, 404 Ravine (See opp page 487)
Sautter Emil (Elizabeth), meatctr Baer Bros, res 507 Hancock
Sauvola Erick (Ida), lab, res 944 Prospect
Savela Herman (Augusta), miner, res 174 Newtown
Savela Louis (Hilda), smelter, res 806 Elm
Savela Olga, clk Lutfey Mahfuz, res Klondike
Savelius Leander, driver Standard Oil Co
Savella Herman (Mary), lab, res 822 Pine
Saviluoto Ali, student, bds 181 Newtown
Saviluoto Nels (Mary), miner, res 181 Newtown
Savinen Selma, res 851 Summit
Saviniemi Malkias R (Lempi M), lab, res ns Shafter
Savino Giacoletto (Sarafina), miner, res 859 Pine
Savino Maria T, student, bds 859 Pine
Savino Stefanina, clk, bds 859 Pine
Savolainen Sixtus, lab, bds O A Isaacson
Savoy Ateanegm (Albina), lab, res 1009 Birch
Savoy Ateanegm jr, smelter, bds 1009 Birch
Savoy Arthur, student, bds 1009 Birch
Savoy Delore, smelter, bds 1009 Birch
Savoy Theatre, Benjamin Gettelmann mgr, 317 Quincy
SAXBY CHARLES B (Elma), Sales Stable 419 Michigan, Tel 530-F1; res 413 same, Tel 530-F2 (See right top lines)
Scallon Anna T, bds 1209 Quincy
Scallon Brighidin T, tchr E L Wright School, bds 1209 Quincy
Scallon Joseph E, phys First Natl Bank bldg, res 1209 Quincy
Seallon Margaret A, tchr, bds 1209 Quincy
Scallon Mary, bds 1209 Quincy
Scanlon Ellen (aged 68), died Mar 25, 1914
Scanlon Patrick J (Mary), smelter, res 450 Ryan
Scanlon Wm, smelter, res 203 White
Schaaf Wm (Mabel), miner, res 1201 Park
Schaafs Blanche, bds 943 Ethel av
Schabach Clara F, dressmkr 615 Lake av, bds same
SCHABACH JOHN (Susannah), Buffet, Best Brands of Wines and Liquors Always on Hand, 234 Quincy, Tel 630-M; res 615 Lake av, Tel 609-W
Schabach Joseph (aged 27), died Apr 28, 1915
Schabach Susan, bkpr Houghton Dept Store, bds 615 Lake av
Schabach Wm (Josephine), bartndr John Schabach, res 234 Quincy
Schaffer Gordon (Rachael), bkpr, bds 1116 Roberts
Schasane Delore, mill hd, bds 216 Douglass, Ripley
Schasane Henry (Clara), lab, res 216 Douglass, Ripley
Schasane Telesphore, mill hd, bds 216 Douglass, Ripley
Schauer John, lab, bds Felix Chopp
Scheire Emil, lab, bds 28 Front, Ripley
Scheire Leopold (Minnie), res 28 Front, Ripley
Schellmann John (Barbara), mill hd, res 740 Elm
Schellmann Susie (wid John), bds 610 Scott
Scheney Eva M, student, bds 809 Elm
Scheney Hector (Olivine), carp, res 809 Elm
Scheney Laurentia, bds 809 Elm
Schenk Frederick (Mary), mach, res 306 Holland
Scheuermann Anna (wid Philip), res 204 Harris av
Scheuermann Anna, bds 204 Harris av
Scheuermann Josephine (aged 43), died June 4, 1915
Schiisler Herman, lab, bds 444 Back
Schilling Ernest H, miner, bds 710 Oak
Schilling Frederick E, electn, bds 710 Oak
Schilling Henry (Lydia), lab, res 303 Vivian
Schilling Henry W, student, bds 710 Oak
Schilling Herman E (Amelia), blksmith, res 301 Vivian
Schilling Ricka (wid Ernest), res 710 Oak
Schinella Frank, miner, bds 424 Franklin loc
Schlecter Elsia, clk Grinnell Bros, bds 743 Hancock
Schlichting Lillian, drsmkr 310 Vivian, rms same
Schmidt, see also Smith
Schmidt Alexander, miner, bds 217 Quincy
Schmitt Peter, pllasterer, rms 234 Quincy
Schnaufer Adolph F, bricklyr, bds 811 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer Bertha A, bds 811 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer Carl M (Mary), smelter, res 815 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer Clara, drsmkr 811 3d, Ripley, bds same
Schnaufer Edward, lab, bds 811 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer Emily, bds 811 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer Joseph, bds 811 3d, Ripley
Schnaufer May (wid Adolph), res 811 3d, Ripley
Schneider Alfred, student, bds 618 Water
Schneider Barney, painter, bds 1027 Ohio
Schneider Block, 319 - 321 Quincy
Schneider Henry, bds 616 Water
Schneider John, student, bds 618 Water
Schneider John C (Nellie), tmstr E R Godfrey & Sons Co, res 309 Hancock
Schneider John H (Katherine), smelter, res 618 Water
Schneider Joseph (Mary), res 317 Harris av
Schneider Norbert, student, bds 618 Water
Schneiderhan Joseph (Mary), engr, res 738 Elm
Schoepper George (Winifred), oiler, res 1038 Prospect
Schoepper John, removed to Detroit, Mich
Scholler Francis, student, bds 1015 Railroad av
SCHOLLER PETER (Frances), Optometrist, Office Hours 9 - 12 a m, 1:30-6 p m, Sundays and Evenings by Appointment, Suite 4 Kauth Block, Tel 185; res 1015 Railroad av, Tel 393-M
Schoos Mary (wid Alexander), res 210 Franklin
Schrader Mort J (Hilda), clk E F Slattery & Co, res 24 Front, Ripley
Schubert Edna, student, bds 11 Front, Ripley
Schubert Elsie, student, bds 11 Front, Ripley
Schubert Florence, bds 11 Front, Ripley
Schubert Frederick G (Susan), supt Hancock Con Mining Co, res 209 Vivian
Schubert Joseph M (Barbara), master mech, res 11 Front, Ripley
Schubert Mamie, bds 211 Vivian
Schubert Wilhelmina (wid F Michael), res 211 Vivian
Schubert Wm, carp, bds 211 Vivian
Schuler Catherine (wid Nicholas), res 1035 Ohio
Schuler Edward, mach bds 928 Railroad av
Schuler Estella, tchr, bds 928 Railroad av
Schuler Irving, messr Jacob Gartner, bds 1035 Ohio
Schuler John (Annie), lab, res 928 Railroad av
Schuler Joseph, bds 928 Railroad av
Schuler Marion, bds 1035 Ohio
Schuler Otto, student, bds 1035 Ohio
Schuler Rudolph, mach, bds 1035 Ohio
Schulte Antoine M (Melissa; Schulte Bros), res Dollar Bay
Schulte Bros (Antoine M and Joseph), genl store 400 Quincy
Schulte Joseph (Kate M; Schulte Bros), res 208 Mason avenue
Schulte Norma A, sten Quincy Mining Co, bds 208 Mason av
Schultz August, car inspr H C T Co
Schultz Mamie, clk F C Mayworm, bds 1031 2d
Schulz Otto (Ida), miner, res 817 Hancock
Schumaker Rudolph F (Christina), clk S D North & Son, res 911 Quincy
Schumaker Rudolph P, clk, bds 911 Quincy
Schumaker Russell, student, bds 911 Quincy
Schuyler VanRensselaer (Gertrude), miner, res 703 Quincy
Schwartz Amiel (Jennie), billiards, res 300 Hancock
Schwarz Karl A (Kate), photo 218 Quinsy, res same
Schwarz Ella, photo K A Schwarz, bds 218 Quincy
Schwarz Ernest, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Schwirse Paul G (Bertha), engr M R R R, bds 200 Reservation
Sciarini Louis, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
SCOTT ALBERT B (Mary J), The Only First Class Laundry in the City, Transient Work a Specialty, 325 Quincy, res same, Tel 294
Scott Alexander J (Minnie), warehouseman H S Coodell, res 216 Cooper al
Scott Block, 208 - 210 Quincy
SCOTT HOTEL, Martin Hogan Propr, cor Reservation and Quincy, Tel 800
Scott Jean S, tchr, bds 210 Quincy
Scott Lillian A, tchr High School, bds 210 Hancock
Scott Archibald I (wid Archibald J), res 210 Quincy
SCOTT STREET LIVERY (Nissila & Makela), Livery and Dray Line, Scott bet Quincy and Franklin, Tel 662 (See opp page 487)
Sculati Peter (Rose), miner, res 407 Franklin loc
Seager James H (James H Seager & Co, res Lansing
Seager James H & Co (James H Seager, Frank H Rogers Wm T Hale), genl store, Franklin Mine
Seager Wm P, clk, bds 4 Franklin Mine
See Alfred (Jane), janitor Superior Natl Bank, res 911 Railroad av
See Dorothy, clk, bds 911 Railroad av
Seideman Frederick C (Meta; Seideman Sign Co), res 615 Hancock
Seideman Sign Co (Frederick C Seideman), 225 Quincy
Selinius Frank (Amanda), lab H C T Co, res 1216 Ingot
Sellberg Arvid, baker Hancock Star Bakery, bds 109 Hancock
Selverstio Loici, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Semmens John, gardener J L Harris, bds 209 Franklin
Sepanen Peter, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Seppanen Herman (Rita), lab Han Cons'd M CO, res 325 Holland
Seppanen Margaret, dom J L Harris
Seppi Albert H (Acme Garage), bds 709 Quincy
Seppi Charles, collr, bds 709 Quincy
Seppi Gust, fireman Han Cons'd M Co
Seppi Louis J (Elizabeth), mason Han Cons'd M Co, res 709 Quincy
Seppi Wm J, bkpr Acme Garage, bds 709 Quincy
Seriala John, lab L S Iron and Metal Co
Setterland Emma, waitress Scott Hotel, bds same
Seventh Day Adventist Church, Rev George Wikander pastor, Temperance Hall, Hancock
Sevgney Joseph H, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Seymour Agnes, dom 412 Ryan
Shabal Mathew (Mary), miner, res 202 Upper Pewabic loc
Shea Anna (wid Daniel), bds Michael Driscoll
Shea Anna (wid John), res Coburntown
Shea Catherine (wid Patrick), res 503 White
Shea Constance, bds 509 White
Shea Daniel, eng, bds 509 White
Shea Dennis C (Celia), trav Armour & Co, res 520 Emma avenue
Shea Howard W, waiter Scott Hotel, bds same
Shea John, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds Mrs Anna Shea
Shea John T (Margaret), watchman J E O'Neill, res 509 White
Shea Katherine, bds Mrs Anna Shea
Shea Michael, bartndr John Evert, bds 509 White
Shea Michael C (Johanna), res 637 Water
SHEA MICHAEL M (Bridget), Asst Cashier First National Bank of Hancock, res 640 Lake av, Tel 693-R
Shea Sarah (wid Timothy), res 852 Summit
Shea Timothy, res Mesnard loc
Shea Timothy, porter Scott Hotel Grill
Shea Wm, lab J E O'Neill, bds 509 White
Sheard George A (Margaret), editor Evening Copper Journal, res 820 Quincy
Sheehan Michael, overseer, res Coburntown
Sheldon Churchill G (Josephine), student, res 307 Lake
Sheppard James, bds 807 Pine
Sherman Clark W, tchr High School, bds 609 Quincy
Shields Bess I, bds 512 Hancock
Shields Edward R (Mollie), timekpr, res Arcadian Mines
Shields James R, bds E R Shields
Shields John C (Mary), res 512 Hancock
Shields Laura M, bds 512 Hancock
Shields Robert H, bds 512 Hancock
Shigera Sawa, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Shlaes Wm M (Tillie), jeweler 114 Quincy, res ns White 2 e of Dunstan
Shorkey Homer (Celine), res 617 Elevation
Sibilski Louis, miner, bds 422 Franklin loc
Sibilsky Annette L student, bds 743 Water
Sibilsky Arnold, appr, bds 743 Water
Sibilgky Burrell J, gasftr H C Gas & Coke Co, bds 743 Water
Sibilsky Chester G, bkpr Detroit & N Mich B & L Assn, bds 743 Water
Sibilsky Edna M, student, bds 743 Water
Siblskyi Gustav F, plumber, bds 743 Water
Sibilsky Mary G (wid Gustav), res 743 Water
Sibilsky Proctor W, clk E M Lieblein, bds 743 Water
Sicard Florence, bds 434 Ryan
Sicard Leonce, (aged 26), died April 26, 1915
Sicard Olesime (wid Peter), res 434 Ryan
Sicotte Elmer J (Emma), trav Peninsula Wholesale Grocery, res 514 Michigan av
Side Bernard, pdlr, bds 512 Quincy
Side David, pdlr, bds 512 Quincy
Siegel Alexander (Catherine), city supt of hydrants, res 727 Hancock
Siegel Bertha, bds 727 Hancock
Siegel Catherine Mrs, nurse 727 Hancock, res same
Siegel Ida, clk Gekas Bros, bds 727 Hancock
Siegel Pauline L, printer Copper Journal, bds 727 Hancock
Siekas John (Anna), miner, res 1105 Cottage Row
Sieks Arvid (Jennie), miner, res 901 Prospect
Siekkinen C Herman (Elizabeth), miner, res 639 Finn
Sietz Frederick, foreman Park Brewing Co, bds cor Atlantic and Emma av
Sihtala Joel, timberman, bds 100 Quincy loc
Sihvonen Matthew, bkbndr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 829 Warren
Siler Caroline (wid Joseph), res ws Railroad av nr Hancock Grove
Siler Joseph (Anna), lather, res 1016 Minnesota
Siler Samuel (Wilhelmin), lather, res 1322 Emery
Silfven Alfred (Anna), res 816 Hancock
SILFVEN CARL A (Elizabeth), Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Stoves and Ranges, Builders' Supplies, Etc, 110 Quincy, Tel 552-J; res 612 Water, Tel 469-J
Silfven C Albert (Lydia; C A Silfven & Co), res 1100 Summit
SILFVEN C A & CO (C Albert Silfven), Photos of Quality 308 Reservation, Tel 328-J
Silfven Emma, asst P E Steinback, bds 612 Water
Silfven Flora, bkpr C A Silfven, bds 612 Water
Silfven Frederick A, clk C A Silfven, bds 612 Water
Silfven Helmi, student, bds 612 Water
Silfven Leo W, student, bds 816 Hancock
Silta Victor, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co, res Quincy loc
Silvander Arthur, student, bds 1016 Summit
Silvander August (Mary), carp, res 1016 Summit
Silvander Olga M, bds 1016 Summit
Silver Margaret, bds Mrs Caroline Silver
Simmer Charles (Anna), engr C R R R, res 926 Elm
Simmer Charles jr, student, bds 926 Elm
Simmer Otto, student, bds 926 Elm
Simmers Amelia Mrs, mach opr Michels Overall Mfg Co, res Ripley
Simmons Clarence, fireman, bds 239 L Pewabic loc
Simmons Wm (Lillian), miner, res 239 L Pewabic loc
Simonsen Axel J, student, bds 1013 Summit
Simonsen David, student, bds 1013 Summit
Simonsen Hannah, candymkr, bds 1013 Summit
Simonsen Ingebert (Margaret), mason, res 1013 Summit
Simonson Wm (Fannie M), fireman, res 608 Oak
Simontaival August (Alexandria), res 910 Prospect
Simula Michael D (Elise J), clk Farmers Co-Operative Trading Co, res 721 Pine
Simunovic Fabijan, trammer Han Con M Co, bds 231 Hancock
Sincock Albert (Nellie), molder, res 904 Summit
Sincock Alice V, sten C R R R, bds 811 Summit
Sincock Baken, bellboy, bds 811 Summit
Sincock Francis J (Melinda), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 811 Summit
Sincock Francis J jr, motorboy Han Cons’d M Co, bds 811 Summit
Sincock Frederick C (Maude), molder, res 1304 Emery
Sincock Maude J, bds 811 Summit
Sincock May, student, bds 904 Summit
Singer Sewing Machine Co, Axel Immo mgr, 320 Quincy
Sinkonen Henry (Amanda), lab, res 815 Elm
Siponan Edward (Emma), barber 413 Tezcuco, res same
Siponen August, trammer, bds O A Isaacson
Siponen Peter J (Elna J), lab, res ss Shafter 2 w of Ryan
Sippari Henry, lab Andrew Johnson Estate, res Demmon
Sippola Hilda (wid Matt), res Coburntown
Sippola Hilda, student, bds Mrs Hilda Sippola
Sippola Isaac (Allie), clk Henry Sakari, res 920 Elm
Sippola Isaac (Susanna), lab, res 825 Warren
Sippola John (Mary), smelter, res 827 Warren
Sirnio Henry, section hd, bds 274 Pewabic, Ripley
Sivonen Konstu, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds Jacob Kemppainen
Sivonen Walter, lab, bds 5 Franklin loc
Sjostrom Agatha, student, bds 433 Hancock
Sjostrom Philip (Julia), trav, res 433 Hancock
Sjostrom Verner J, sten, bds 433 Hancock
Skelly Joseph F (Elizabeth), res 820 Quincy
Skog Impi, student, bds 922 Elevation
Skog John (Hilma), painter, res 922 Elevation
Skog Roy, student, bds 922 Elevation
Skog Wm, student, bds 922 Elevation
Slattery Edward F (Alice D; E F Slattery & Co), res 324 Front, Ripley
Slattery E F & Co (Edward F and John H Slattery), genl mdse 321 Front, Ripley
Slattery John H (Mae M; E F Slattery & Co), res 308 Mason
Slattery Joseph (Katherine), clk E F Slattery & Co, res 319 Vivian
Slattery Margaret M, bds 318 Front, Ripley
Slattery Winifred A, res 318 Front, Ripley
Sleeman Catherine (wid Wm), res 807 Pine
Sleeman Emily, clk Fair Store, bds 807 Pine
Sleeman Lester, bds 807 Pine
Sleeman Wm, miner, bds 199 Quincy loc
Sleep Chester, student, bds 908 3d
Sleep Ernest H, electn, bds 908 3d
Sleep George (Margaret), engr, res 908 3d
Sleep Howard, student, bds 908 3d
Sleep Newell, lab, bds 908 3d
Sleep Reuben, student, bds 908 3d
Smart Harold, clk, bds 214 L Pewabic loc
Smart James (Julia), mach, res 214 L Pewabic loc
Smart Mary S (wid Thomas), res 321 Water
Smart Sarah M, tchr High School, bds 321 Water
Smart Stanley, watchman, bds 214 L Pewabic loc
Smell Emma (wid Joseph), res 319 Quincy
Smith, see also Schmidt
Smith Albert, lab, bds 809 2d, Ripley
Smith Alice M, bds 1029 Ohlo
Smith Ambrose C, mach, bds 815 Hancock
Smith Bessie, smstrs Morris Abrahams, bds 815 Hancock
Smith Ellen (wid Wm J), bds 309 Mesnard
Smith George, bartndr John Brey, bds 708 Front, Ripley
Smith George, lab, bds 809 2d, Ripley
Smith Hiski (Anna), barber 222 Quincy, res 805 Pine
Smith John (Emily), engr, res 809 2d, Ripley
Smith John J, lab, bds 201 Quincy
Smith John J, sexton, res 1029 Ohio
Smith Lucretia R (wid Alfred), bds 509 Michigan
Smith Mary, bds 809 2d, Ripley
Smith Norman (Agnes), light house keeper, res 815 Hancock
Smith Wm, lab, bds 809 2d, Ripley
Smyrneos John (Theodora), clk Charles Gekas, res 317 Water
Smyrneos Joseph (Stella), clk Charles Gekas, bds 317 Water
Snell Louis, miner, bds Mrs Alma Wuopio
Snowdon Florence, sten Quincy Smelting Works, res Houghton
Sobanski Alexander, lab, bds 415 Franklin loc
Sobanski Lawrence (Josephine), res 415 Franklin loc
Sobanski Stephen, bds 415 Franklin loc
Sobey Addie, sten Peoples Fuel Co, bds 212 Cooper av
Sobey Albert, tchr, bds 415 Cooper av
Sobey Mae, tchr, bds 415 Cooper av
Sodola Carl (Hilda), section hd, res 942 Prospect
Soini John E (Sophia A), res 840 Pine
Somero Edward (Hilma), painter, res 1265 Garden
Somero Joseph (Christine), wireman, res 939 Prospect
Sommer Francis, student, bds 509 Scott
Sommer Frederick, foreman C R R R, bds 509 Scott
Sommer Mary (wid August), res 509 Scott
Sorvala Alina (wid Andrew), res Franklin loc
Sotka Margaret, dom 855 Franklin
Sottung Carl (Matilda), smelter, rms 234 Quincy
Spargo John, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Spear Ernest (Margaret), brakeman, res ns Sampson 4 w of Reservation
Spear Sidney, miner, res 1007 Ingot
Spear Thomas (Elizabeth), res 22 Limerick loc
Spear Thomas H (Maude), miner, res 1116 Roberts
Spehar Fred (Katherine), miner, res Coburntown
Spehar Stephen, miner, bds Fred Spehar
Spencer Edward, timberman Isle Royale Copper Co
Sprunger Caroline, mach opr Michels Overall Mfg Co, res Houghton
Stack Gertrude J, dressmkr 418 Ryan, bds same
Stack Harriet (wid Bartholomew), res 418 Ryan
Stack James E, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 418 Ryan
Stack Jennie, student, bds 418 Ryan
Stack John, res 218 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Stack John jr, lab, bds 218 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Stack Katherine, bds 218 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Stack Mae A, sten Thomas Coughlin Agency, bds 418 Ryan
Stack Thomas, wiper M R R R, bds 418 Ryan
Stack Wm F, student, bds 418 Ryan
Stahl Adolf (Olga), miner, res 418 Quincy
Stahl John, lab Isle Royale Copper Co, res 414 Mine
Stanaway Albert (Mae), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 1241 Anthony av
Stanaway James (Nina), miner, res Garden
Standard Oil Co, W J Bussiere agt, ss Front on Portage Lake, Ripley
Stanton John, condr D S S &A Ry, res Houghton
Star Laundry, John Henry propr, 412 Quincy
Starchuk Michael, lab, bds 97 Frenchtown
Stark Carl, miner, bds Mrs Theresa Kopp
Starrett Blanche J, bds 638 Lake av
Starrett Emily (wid Thomas J), res 638 Lake av
Starrett Frederick H, student, bds 638 Lake av
Starrett Lena, clk Starrett Print Shop, bds 638 Lake av
STARRETT NORMAN D, Mgr Starrett Print Shop and City Treasurer, bds 638 Lake av, Tel South 807-R
STARRETT PRINT SHOP, Norman D Starrett Mgr, Elks' Temple, Tel South 755-J (See page opp)
Starvis Jacob (Hannah), miner, res 139 Quincy loc
Staun Henry H (Margaret), trav, res 502 Quincy
Stecker David C (Susan), warehouseman Close & Hodgson, res 111 Tezcuco
Stecker Harold, wiper M R R R, bds 111 Tezcuco
Steehler Christopher (Gertrude), carp, res 912 3d, Ripley
Steehler W Henry (Susan), yard foreman Portage Lake Foundry & Machine Co, res 1047 Railroad av
Stefanac John, lab, bds 202 Upper Pewabic loc
Stefanac Thomas (Barbara), miner, res 202 Upper Pewabic loc
Stefancich Anton (Katherine), lab, res Coburntown
Stefani Felicci (Davina), miner, res 274 2d, Mesnard loc
Stefarni Frank, miner, bds 275 L Pewabic loc
Stehlin Edward J, clk, bds 726 Hancock
Stehlin Elva M, student, bds 726 Hancock
Stehlin John H (Bridget), slsmn Grinnell Bros, res 726 Hancock
Stehlin Neil M, student, bds 726 Hancock
Stein Allie M, helper Hancock Star Bakery, bds Michael Stein
Stein Arnold W, chauffeur, bds Michael Stein
Stein Hilia, clk Hancock Dry Goods Co, bds Michael Stein
Stein Michael (Anna E), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res Curve of New rd n of Shafter
Steinback Peter E (Mary), dentist Kauth blk, res 410 Reservation
Stenroth Ida, dom 405 Hancock
Stephenson Cornelia (wid Peter W), propr Milwaukee Hotel, res same
Stephenson Thelma, bds Milwaukee Hotel
Sterbentz Anna, dom James Harrington
Sterdenan Michael, miner, bds 422 Franklin loc
Sterdenan Nicholas (Hannah), miner, res 422 Franklin loc
Sterk Annie, student, bds Mark Sterk
Sterk Frank, timekpr, bds Mark Sterk
Sterk Lucy, bds Mark Sterk
Sterk Margaret, student, bds Mark Sterk
Sterk Mark (Lucille), drill sharpener, res Coburntown
Stern & Field (Jacob Gartner Clothing Dept), Hugo M Field propr, 104 Quincy
Stevens George (Maude), miner, res 16 Limerick loc
Stiean Andrew (Ida), lab, res 1043 Quincy
Stif Matt, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 401 Wright
Stinn Alfred, lab, bds 229 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Stinn Anna, dressmkr, bds 8 Front, Ripley
Stinn Frank F, agt Western Express Co and Wells Fargo & Co, bds 8 Front, Ripley
Stinn John (Anna), smelter, res 8 Front, Ripley
Stinn Teresa, sten H S Goodell, bds 8 Front, Ripley
Stinson James E (Anna), carp, res 301 Ravine
Stipanovich Nicholas (Catherine), miner, res 427 Franklin loc
Stocker Sidney (Alice M), miner, res es County rd, Quincy loc
Stockly Florence L, tchr High School, bds 410 Hancock
Stockly Wm W (Mary G), civil engr 410 Hancock av, res same
Stoddart Ethel G, tchr, bds J E Stoddart
Stoddart Ila M, student, bds J E Stoddart
Stoddart Joseph E (Minnie), carp, res ss Front, Ripley
Stodden Thomas W (Flora), autos, res 917 Quincy
Stolt John (Ida), cigar mfr 1013 Elm, res same
Stoman Samuel, lab, bds 605 Hancock
Stone Ebert (Carrie), bartndr J A Swanson, res 511 Hancock
Stoneman Samuel, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Storm Alfred C (Elizabeth), painter, res 735 1/3 Elm
Storm Alma, bds 735 Elm
Storm Arvid (Jennie), pipeman Han Cons'd M Co, res 735 Elm
Storm Charles (Sarah F), res 735 Elm
Storm Jacob, lab, bds 5 Cleaves, Ripley
Storm Jennie, clk Crown & Berlowitz, bds 735 Elm
Storm Walfred, student, bds 735 Elm
Stralow Lillian B, bds 933 Railroad av
Stralow Louis E (Annie), carp, res 933 Railroad av
Strike George, lab, bds 128 L Pewabic loc
Strike Nellie, bds 128 L Pewabic loc
Strike Wm (Mary), miner, res 128 L Pewabic loc
Stringer Mary J, res 705 Front, Ripley
Strolberg Anna (wid Peter), bds 816 Hancock
Strom Edward, driver Wm Reid
Strong Eli (Gustavia), lab, res 915 2d, Ripley
Strong Elizabeth F Mrs, res 1023 Ingot
Strong Mabel O, asst librarian, bds 1023 Ingot
Stroud David P (Emma), boilermkr, res 818 Summit
Stroud Robert F (Margaret), blksmith, res 944 Summit
Struck Lillian, bds 1107 Anthony av
Struck Ruth, bds 1107 Anthony av
Stys Matt, bridge repr, bds 109 Hancock
Suhonen August (Lizzie), miner, res Coburntown
Suihonen Adolph, blksmith, bds 715 Finn
Sullivan Alice, bds 256 County rd, Mesnard loc
Sullivan Anna, clk Quincy Mining Co, bds 86 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan Anna A,. bkpr James Sullivan, bds 823 Summit
Sullivan Belle, bds 239 Franklin
Sullivan Catherine (wid Philip C), res 623 Quincy
Sullivan Cornelius M (Mary), trav, res 628 Franklin
Sullivan Dennis, res Franklin loc
Sullivan Dennis (Mary), lab, res Newtown
Sullivan Edward, tmstr, bds 86 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan Ella, bds 86 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan Ellen, bds 531 Hancock
Sullivan Francis, student, bds J R Sullivan
Sullivan Hannah (wid John), res 848 Franklin
Sullivan Hannah (wid John), res 531 Hancock
Sullivan Hannah Mrs, bds Dennis Sullivan
Sullivan Helen (wid Eugene), res 86 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan Honorah (wid Jeremiah H), res 803 Hancock
Sullivan James, plumber 317 Quincy, res 823 Summit
Sullivan James H (Mary), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 835 Franklin
Sullivan Jeremiah, bartndr Wm Flynn, res 440 Ryan
Sullivan Jeremiah, lab, bds 531 Hancock
Sullivan Jeremiah H (Mary A), foreman Portage Coal & Dock Co, res 861 Franklin
Sullivan Jeremiah R (Johanna), engr, res Coburntown
Sullivan John, bds 1213 Park
Sullivan John, janitor St Patricks R C Church, res 239 Quincy
Sulllivan John (Virgie), mach hd, res 61 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan John (Annie), miner, res Mesnard loc
Sullivan John A (Julia), miner, res 826 Pine
Sullivan John H (Margaret), plasterer, res 1312 Emery
Sullivan John M, student, bds 804 Franklin
Sullivan Joseph, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Sullivan Joseph, switchman, bds 86 Hard Scrabble
Sullivan Julia, res 217 White
Sullivan Julia, clk, bds Dennis Sullivan
Sullivan Julia A, student, bds 835 Franklin
Sullivan Margaret (wid Daniel), res 932 Front, Ripley
Sullivan Margaret (wid Michael), res 239 Franklin
Sullivan Margaret, bds 941 Ethel av
Sullivan Margaret, bds 848 Franklin
Sullivan Margaret A, bds 804 Franklin
Sullivan Mary (wid Miles), res 941 Ethel av
Sullivan Michael, lab, bds 704 Elm
Sullivan Minnie, housekpr 4 Franklin Mine
Sullivan M Katherine, student, bds 804 Franklin
Sullivan M Roger, student, bds 628 Franklin
Sullivan Nellie A, bds 440 Ryan
Sullivan Patrick (Catherine), res 1213 Park
Sullivan Patrick, boilermkr, bds 823 Summit
Sullivan Patrick (Bridget), miner, res 256 Country rd, 'Mesnard loc
Sullivan Patrick jr, miner, bds 256 County rd, Mesnard loc
Sullivan Patrick J (Margaret), lab, res 804 Franklin
Sullivan Veronica M, student, bds 835 Franklin
Sullivan Wm, lumber Wm Funkey, rms 308 Quincy
Sullivan Wm, plumber James Sullivan, bds 823 Summit
Sundberg Richard, car repr H C T Co, res 1246 Cedar
Sunderlin Clara L, smstrs, bds 1210 Park
Sunderlin Isadore, lab, bds 1210 Park
Sunderlin John, bds 1210 Park
Sunderlin Oscar (Erika), res 1210 Park
Sundquist Alfred, pharmacist, bds 823 Pine
Sundquist Charles H, bkpr, bds 823 Pine
Sundquist Hjalmer, clk Frank Eilola & Co, bds 1126 Summit
Sundquist Ida, bds 823 Pine
Sundquist James H, ctr, bds 823 Pine
Sundquist John (Emma), tailor, res 1126 Summit
Sundquist John jr, miner, bds 1126 Summit
Sundstrom Axel G (Aino), painter, res 1029 Summit
SUOMI FINNISH EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN COLLEGE AND THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, Rev John K Nikander Pres, Isaac Wargelin Treas, Rev Solomon Ilmonen Mgr, 541 Quincy, Tel 394
Suomi-Opicton Juhlijulkaisut (Finnish College Publrs), 541 Quincy
Supancich George (Mary), miner, res Coburntow
Supancich Stephen, miner, bds George Supancich
Superior Bottling Works (Jacob Wendell, John Luoma), 1038 - 1040 Minnesota
Superior Box and Novelty Co (Henry Z Brock, Henry E Brock, and E Zenophil Myre), 706 Hancock
SUPERIOR NATIONAL BANK Of HANCOCK THE George Ruppe Pres, H L Baer Vice-Pres, Charles L Lawton Vice-Pres, J C Jeffery Cashier, W S Hendricksen Asst Cashier, sw cor Quincy and Reservation
Superior Trust Co, George Ruppe pres, C L Lawton and H L Baer vice-pres, J C Jeffery sec and treas, J M Borlace asst sec and treas, sw cor Quincy and Reservation
Surbeck John (Mabel), musician, res 112 Franklin
Surbeck Mamie, res 605 Hancock
Surja Emil, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Swanson Arthur, reprmn Acme Garage, bds 1032 Summit
Swanson Esther, bds 1032 Summit
Swanson Frederick W (Anna), lab, res 1032 Summit
Swanson John A (Augusta), saloon 322 Quincy, res same
Swanson Rudolph, bds 1032 Summit
Swed Oscar (Hilma), trackman, res 452 Back
Swedish Lutheran Church, nw cor Railroad and 'Michigan av
Sweeney Alice, bds 418 Franklin loc
Sweeney Edward, lab, bds 418 Franklin loc
Sweeney Eugene, lab, bds Louis Sweeney
Sweeney Louis (Ellen), engr, res Coburntown
Sweeney Nellie, bds Louis Sweeney
Sweeney Nelson (Elizabeth), engr, res 418 Franklin loc
Sweeney Wm, printer, bds 418 Franklin loc
Sweep Harold, appr E D Cuff, bds 908 3d
Swetsh Theresa, dom Morris Abrahams
Swift Paul D (Edith), hdwe, res 404 Hancock
Swingler Elizabeth, student, bds 721 Pine
Swingler Fannie, bds 721 Pine
Swingler Marie, student, bds 721 Pine
Swingler Wm R (Elizabeth), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 721 Pine
Sydanmaa Axel, timberman Isle Royale Copper Co
Symons Arthur, rockhouseman, bds 19 Limerick loc
Syvarjarvi Hilma, dom 410 Reservation
Szczyny Alexander (Hellina), lab, res 78 Hard Scrabble
Szemerooik Franz, miner, bds 400 County rd, Franklin loc
Szyngelewski Joseph (Mary), miner, res 428 Franklin loc