R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Tachell John E (Emma), clk Baer Bros, res 1118 Quincy
Taddeucci Joseph (Theresa), miner, res 1019 Ethel av
Tahtinen Charles (Nelmi), miner, res 941 Ingot
Takala Mary (wid Jacob), bds Emil Hannul
Takkula Heikki, trammer Isle Royale Copper Co
Tamberlin Steve, trammer Han Con M Co
Tamblyn Beatrice, clk, bds 411 Tezcuco
Tamblyn Ellen (wid James J), grocer 413 Tezcuco, res 411 same
Tamblyn Lillian, bkpr Jacob Gartner, bds 411 Tezcuco
Tamblyn Mary, bds 411 Tezcuco
Tamblyn Nicholas, miner Han Con M Co
Tamblyn Thomas, foreman M R R R, bds 411 Tezcuco
Tamhio Kate, dom Scott Hotel, bds same
Tampio Charles (Elizabeth), lab Han Con M Co, res 508 White
Tampio Katie H, bds 508 White
Tanapani Louis, miner Han Con M Co
Tapala Gustav (Hilma), lab, res 403 Wright
Tapanila Henry, miner, bds 929 Elm
Tapanila Lauri (Saima), trammer Han Con M Co, res 929 Elm
Tapio August (Ina), lab, res 1024 Prospect
Taponen Wm, trammer Han Con M Co, bds O A Isaacson
Tappero Charles (Maria), porter Saam & Revello, res 627 Quincy
Tarbox Wm (Anna), ship clk E R Godfrey & Sons Co, res 1040 Ohio
Tarro Evert (Innia), lab Han Con M Co, res 803 Pine
Taskinen John, miner, bds 115 L Pewabic loc
Tassinen Jonas, smelter, bds 1247 Anthony av
Taub Oscar (Hilda), foundry, res 1206 Roberts
Tauriainen Arvid, clk Moss & Levine, bds 106 Franklin
Tauriainen Werner, clk, bds 106 Franklin
Taverdi Benjamin (Augustina), miner, res 285 3d, Mesnard loc
Taylor George W, bds 300 Cooper av
Telkonen, John, trammer, bds Charles Pasanen
Temple of Jacob, Isadore Koplowitz rabbi, ne cor East and Front
Tervo Adolph (Ida), res 1042 2d
Tervo August (Elsie), lab, res ns Sampson 3 w of Reservation
Tervo Eli, timberman, bds Henry Kahkonen
Tervo Matthew, trammer Han Con M Co, bds 1413 Robert
Tervo Silas, lab, bds Matt Karpakka
Tervo Victor (Christina), tailor, res cor Anthony av and Birch
Tesen Peter W (Helen), condr, res 1317 Emery
Thebo Charles L (Catherine), smelter, res 622 Lake av
Thebo Genevieve, student, bds 622 Lake av
Thebo Joseph, student, bds 622 Lake av
Therrien Evangeline J, bkpr E A Hamilton, bds 530 Franklin
Therrien Gregory (Ida), carp, res 530 Franklin
Therrien Gregory A, acct, bds 530 Franklin
Therrien Irene F, tchr, bds 530 Franklin
Therrien Lorraine E, tchr, bds 530 Franklin
Thomas Asquith, pharmacist Quincy Dispensary, res Quincy loc
Thomas Arthur (Eva), miner, res 40 Limerick loc
Thomas Fred (Elsie), miner, res 199 Quincy loc
Thomas George H, miner, bds 199 Quiney loc
Thomas Gladys, student, bds 199 Quincy loc
Thomas Harry (Edith), blksmith, res 228 L Pewabic loc
Thomas Irving, student, bds 199 Quincy loc
Thomas James A (May), miner, res County rd U Pewabic loc
Thomas Louisa (wid Richard), res 24 Limerick loc
Thomas Philippa (wid Henry), bds 305 Water
Thomas Rose L, bds 24 Limerick loc
Thomas Thomas (Florence), miner, res 420 Franklin loc
Thomas Wm R, engr, bds 24 Limerick loc
Thompson Ellen (wid Edward), res 820 Front, Ripley
Thompson Johanna, bds 820 Front, Ripley
Thompson Wm, lab, bds 820 Front, Ripley
THOMPSON WM R (Ellen G), Pres First Natl Bank of Hancock, res Houghton, Mich
Tiberine Paul, lab, bds Joseph Cottini
Tibiri Paul, trammer Han Con M Co
Tibor Nicholas J, stone ctr, rms 234 Quincy
Tieva Frederick, lab, bds 304 Hancock
Tieva Leonard, lab, bds 304 Hancock
Tihinen Elmer, student, bds 740 Oak
Tihinen Hjalmer, surfaceman, bds 740 Oak
Tihinen John (Lena), inspr, res 740 Oak
Tiilikainen Edward (Hilda), miner, res 911 Hill
Tikkanen Robert, trammer, bds Henry Kahkonen
Tillman Arthur A (Rena; A A Tillman & Co), res 233 Hancock
Tillman A A & Co (Arthur A and Mrs Rena Tillman), furniture 301 Ravine
Tillman D M, bds 233 Hancock
Tillman Rena Mrs (A A Tillman & Co), res 233 Hancock
Tilton B Franklin (Minnie), solr W Frank James Agency, res 541 Hancock
Tilton Harriet, bkpr Jacob Gartner, bds 541 Hancock
Tilton Harry E (Mary C), electn E D Cuff, res 320 H cock
Timontti Maziani, miner, bds 429 Franklin loc
Tinetti Martin, timberman Isle Royale C Co
Tippett Benjamin F (Elizabeth), blksmith, res 104 L Pewabic loc
Tippett Frank H (Hattie), mach, res 230 L Pewabic loc
Tippett Goldie, bds 230 L Pewabic loc
Tippett Joseph, trammer Isle Royale C Co, res 918 Elevation
Tippett Lillian, bds 104 L Pewabic loc
Tippett Raymond, fireman, bds 104 L Pewabic loc
Tippett Samuel, student, bds 230 L Pewabic loc
Tisani Gelio (Narcissa), miner, res 237 L Pewabic loc
Tiva Fred, finisher Isle Royale C Co
Tobin John, barn boss Hancock Star Bakery
Todd Wm R, pres Quincy Mining Co, res New York City
Todd W Parsons, vice-pres Quincy Mining Co, res New York City
Toivanen Arthur, student, bds 205 Sampson
Toivanen Aurora (wid Andrew F), res 205 Sampson
Toivanen Eva, student, bds 205 Sampson
Tolonen Andrew, trammer Isle Royale C Co
Tolonen Charles (Eliza), lab, res 409 Wright
Tolonen Charles (Kreta J), res 27 Shafter
Tolonen Einard, lab bds 178 Newtown
Tolonen Emil O (Anne), teller First Natl Bank of Hancock, res 1015 North
Tolonen Fabian, agt, res 632 Franklin
Tolonen Helen, bds 409 Wright
Tolonen Hilja, tchr Central Primary School, bds 409 Wright
Tolonen Hilma, student, bds 178 Newtown
Tolonen John, lab, bds Mrs Alina Sorvala
Tolonen Leo, student, bds 178 Newtown
Tolonen Selma, bds 178 Newtown
Tolonen Uno, student, bds 178 Newtown
Tomei George, lab, bds Nicholas Pellegrini
Tometic Jacko, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 231 Hancock
Toms Frederick J (Angelina), miner, res 43 Limerick loc
Toms F LeRoy, bds 43 Limerick loc
Tonan Samuel, lab, bds 274 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Tonneau Albert, miner, bds Mrs Alma Wuppio
Torkkell August, lab, bds 919 Prospect
Torkkell Mary (wid John), res 919 Prospect
Tossava Edward, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 736 Oak
Tossava Erick (Lizzy), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 736 Oak
Totorahuk Stephen, lab, bds 286 3d, Mesnard loc
Toupin Eva, bds 217 L Pewabic loc
Toupin Leah D, sten Lake Superior I and M Co, res Mills station
Tourville Alfred, bds 911 Summit
Tourville Delphis (Marie), fireman, res 911 Summit
Tourville Emery, student, bds 911 Summit
Tourville Eugene, electn, bds 911 Summit
Tourville Florida, sten Peter Scholler, bds 911 Summit
Tourville Joseph F (Julia), engr, res 7 Front, Ripley
Tourville Louis (Amanda), fireman, res 814 Quincy
Tourville Napoleon (Anna), bottler Park Brewing Co, res cor 4th and Pine
Tourville Ransom, washer Isle Royale C Co, bds 7 Front, Ripley
Toutant Arthur, lab Isle Royale C Co, res Elevation and Ingot
Toutant Damian (Aurora), carp, res 308 Holland
Toutant Dona G (Hattie), carp, res 815 Hancock
Toutant Dora, bds 710 Elm
Toutant Emil J (Bertha), cabmkr A J Verville, res 706 Elm
Toutant Ernest (Rosanna), carp, res 227 Wright
Toutant Ernest (Virginia), carp, res 309 Franklin
Toutant Flats, 309 Franklin
Toutant Henry (Elvina), carp, res 1004 Prospect
Toutant Joseph B (Aimee), carp Han Cons'd M Co, res 935 Ingot
Toutant Joseph E (Sarah), carp Isle Royale C Co, res 309 Franklin
Toutant Laura, bds 309 Franklin
Toutant Napoleon (Octavia), carp, res 710 Elm
Town Hall, see City Hall
Townsend F James (Caroline), lander, res Opie loc
Towsey Wm J, mtrmn H C T Co, bds 1101 Ethel av
Traans John, miner, bds 47 Quincy loc
Traci Marto (Gina), miner, res se cor Liberty and Poplar
Trangmar Douglas, student, bds Richard Trangmar
Trangmar Frank, student, bds Richard Trangmar
Trangmar Irving, molder, bds Richard Trangmar
Trangmar Richard (Sarah), engr Hancock City Water Works, res ns Pine bet 3d and 4th
Trangmar Richard M, student, bds Richard Trangmar
Traub Anna, student, bds 307 Montezuma
Traub Gottlieb G, student, bds 307 Montezuma
Traub Gottlieb W Rev (Anna), pastor German Evangelical Lutheran Church, res 307 Montezuma
Travers Richard E, chef Scott Hotel, bds same
Tredeau Alexander (Melina), pitman H C T Co, res 1007 Ingot
Tredeau Charles (Philelia), bartndr Herman Zurcher, res 800 Quincy
Tredeau Joseph, lab, bds 1007 Ingot
Tregoning Russell D, clk C R R R, bds 810 Front, Ripley
Tregoning Wm (Louise J), ferryman, res 810 Front, Ripley
Tregoning W Howard, clk First Natl Bank, res 810 Front, Ripley
Tremont & Devon Mining Co, Henry L Baer pres, W M Gibson (Calumet, Mich), vice-pres, C D Hanchet sec and treas, office Hotel Scott bldg
Treseder Beulah, cashr, bds 108 Decotah
Tresise Charles (Elizabeth A), res 317 Quincy
Trethewey Edmond (Mary), miner, res 226 L Pewabic loc
Trevarrow Anna J (wid Wm), res es Ethel av 6 s of Ingot
Trevarrow Annie, bds Mrs A J Trevarrow
Treveail Eliza (wid Wm E), bds John F Kemp
Trevellini Alfred, lab, bds 439 Back
Trevertte Wm (Amanda), miner, res 253 County rd, Mesnard loc
Trevethan George (Carrie), miner, res 234 L Pewabic loc
Trevethan John (Elizabeth), tmstr H C T Co, res 1315 Roberts
Trevethan Wm, shift boss, bds 24 Limerick loc
Triaca Alfred (Mildred), miner, res 291 3d, Mesnard loc
Trompeker John, hlpr, bds 317 Harris av
Tronti Jacob, section hd, bds 816 2d, Ripley
Troudo Frank (Delia), lab, res 306 Ravine
Trowbridge Ai H (Emma L), res 721 Water
Trowbridge Earl L, bkpr, bds 721 Water
Trudgeon Edwin (Elizabeth), miner, res es Poplar 2 n of Prospect
Trudgeon James (Beatrice), miner, res 419 Franklin loc
Trudgeon Laure, student, bds 419 Franklin loc
Trudgeon Mildred, tchr Quincy School, bds 419 Franklin loc
Truran Cyrus M (Elizabeth), miner, res 417 Franklin loc
Truran Howard, bds 417 Franklin loc
Truran Irene, tchr Franklin School, bds 417 Franklin loc
Truscott Arthur R, student, bds 530 Hancock
Truscott Dorothy M (wid Isaac), res 424 Ryan
Truscott I John (Annie M), agt, res 530 Hancock
Truscott Lillian J, sten, bds 530 Hancock
Truscott Rutherford W, bkpr, bds 424 Ryan
Tucker Alexander (Lottie), miner, res 414 Franklin loc
Tuemey Dennis, miner, bds 1122 Sigsbee
TUIRA JOHN G (Frances), Sec-Treas and Mgr John G Tuira & Co, res 909 3d
TUIRA JOHN G & CO, P E Hurley Pres, John G Tuira Sec-Treas and Mgr, Printers and Publishers of Saturday Post 404 Ravine, Tel 234-R (See opp page 487)
Tulikainen Edward, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Tuomaala John, musician, res 841 Warren
Tuomela Jennie, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 924 Prospect
Tuominen Jacob (Sophie), miner, res Franklin loc
Tuovinen Joseph, miner, bds 5 Franklin loc
Turbenen Harold, miner, bds Charles Pasanen
Turja Emil (Lambi), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 202 Sherman Ripley
Turja Reinold, motor boy, bds 1001 Ingot
Turja Saimi, bds 1001 Ingot
Turja Samuel J (Sophia), trammer boss, res 1001 Ingot
Turk John, engr M R R R, bds 225 Water
Turk Joseph M (Zelda), bkpr First Natl Bank of Hancock, bds 434 Hancock
Turmala Ida, dom 723 Quincy
Turner Eliza (wid James R G), res 129 Quincy
Turo Alfred, lab, bds Isaac Turo
Turo August (Mary), miner, res Quincy loc
Turo Helen, bds Isaac Turo
Turowaara Oscar (Amanda), miner, res es Finn 2 n of White
Turtunato Benjamin, trarnmer Isle Royale C Co, res Hancock
Turvo Matt, miner Han Cons'd M Co
TWIN CITY COMMERCIAL COLLEGE, A J Holden Mgr, M A Beiswanger Prin, Day and Evening Classes in Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Shorthand, Typewriting and Other Commercial Subjects, First National Bank Bldg, Tel 234-M (See top and bottom edges)
Tyni Eino (Ida), meatctr, res 318 Holland
Tyni Leonard, bds r 585 Summit
Tyni Louis, bds r 585 Summit
Tyni Matti (Hilma), lab, res r 585 Summit
Tyynismaa Jacob, miner, res 62 Hard Scrabble
Tyynismaa Jennie, bds 62 Hard Scrabble