R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Vaananen Joseph (Minmi), agt, res 730 Oak
Valdemar Snall (Mary), miner, res 813 Pine
Valentine Emil, timberman Isle Royale C Co
Valitalo Evert, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Valiwaai Joseph, miner, bds Mrs Anna M Isaacson
Vandette Edmund, stripper, bds 519 Hancock
Vandette Edna, bds 519 Hancock
Vandette Eldred, cigarmkr, bds 519 Hancock
Vandette Josephine Mrs, res 519 Hancock
Vandette Nelda, bds 519 Hancock
Vangelisti Angelo (Jennie), miner, res Franklin loc
VanPatten Willard W (Sadie), watchman, res 129 Quincy
VanSlyke Adelia R (wid George W), bds 624 Lake av
VanSlyke Wm H (Helen A), phys Wright blk, res 624 Lake av
Vassalli Egidio, miner, bds Alexander Locatelli
Veldman Harry (Anna), longshorernan, res 909 Birch
Velkama Ivar, lab, bds 274 Pewabic rd, Ripley
Vellegor Joseph (Josephine), miner, res 273 2d, Mesnard loc
Ventley Harry (Frances F), lumberman, res 1316 Emery
Verbanac Stephen, timberman, bds George Supancich
Verluca Joseph, bottler Henry Larsen
Verluci Angelo, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Verran John, miner, bds Richard Verran
Verran Joseph (Elizabeth), oiler, res 828 Franklin
Verran Laura, bds Richard Verran
Verran Melvin, student, bds Richard Verran
Verran Richard (Sarah), res Quincy loc
Verran Stanley (Myrtle), miner, res 114 L Pewabic loc
Verran Thomas J (Lavenia), res 119 L Pewabic loc
Verran T Albert (Holly), fireman, res 126 L Pewabic loc
Verrier Lawrence A (Cecelia), bkpr Washburn-Crosby Co, res cor Michigan and Summit
Verville Archibald J (Cora), planing mill and contr 609 Hancock, res 723 Elm
Verville Frank (Cordelia), compressor Han Cons'd M Co , res 814 Water
Verville Louise (wid Felix), bds 725 Elm
Verville Ludger (Mary), foreman A J Verville, res 722 Elm
Verville Philias J (Emma), carrier P O, res 732 Elm
Verville Wilfred (Augusta), condr, res 725 Elm
Vettorio Facca, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Vial Margaret, dom J R Berryman
Victor Elizabeth A (wid Albert W), bds 1214 Roberts
Vidos Filippo, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Vigies Philip, lab, bds 800 Scott
Viglianese Felici, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Vignetto Angelo (Florence), bartndr Domenico Vignetto, res 301 Hancock
Vignetto Bertha, sten, bds 301 Hancock
Vignetto Domenico (Clotilde), saloon 301 Hancock, res same
Vignetto James, vice-pres Park Brewing Co, res Laurium
Vignetto Mary, sten, bds 301 Hancock
Villeneuve Earl, clk Barkhausen Oil Co, bds 5 Front, Ripley
Vincent Richard, sec and genl mgr Peoples Fuel Co, res Calumet
Vincent Theodore, brakeman, bds 305 Water
Vincent Wm H (Etta), eng Han Cons'd M Co, res 722 Oak
VITALI ARVO J (Mary E), Propr Lakeview Hotel and Real Estate, Dealer in Lands and City Property, res same
Vivian James R (Elizabeth D), sol W Frank James Agency, res 704 Front, Ripley
Voelker Charles jr (Mercelini), timberman, res ns H C T Co n of Station
Voelker Christopher (Anne), miner, res 202 Upper Pewabic loc
Vogt Carl N Rev (Hilda S), pastor Nowwegian Lutheran Free Church, res 1321 Emery
Voilmer Adolph G, eng Isle Royale C Co
Vollmer Carl, student, bds 1034 Ohio
Vollmer Charles F (Martha), foreman Isle Royale C Co, res 1034 Ohio
Vollmer Myrtle, student, bds 1034 Ohio
Vollmer Pauline M, res 610 Scott
Vollmer Wm J, mach, bds 610 Scott
Vollwerth Richard (Annie), sausagemkr 207 Franklin, res 235 Wright
Volner Henrietta (wid Charles), bds 1115 Minnesota
Vonneman Herman (Philipine), miner, res 1000 Prospect
Voss John, lab, res 703 Hancock
Voss Theresa, bds 703 Hancock
Voukila Abram, emp Han Cons'd M Co
Vree Mattie, bds 619 Quincy
Vuk Matt, lab, bds 55 Hard Scrabble
Vuolle John (Esther), blksmith Clemens Mette, res 507 Tezcuco