R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

[A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z Abbreviations]

Waara Charles, miner, bds Louis Mikkola
Waara Charles M (Cecelia), jeweler Edward Waaro, res 310 Montezuma
Waara Edward (Prita), jeweler 119 Quincy, res 211 Wright
Waara Hulda, bds 413 Wright
Waara John A (Minnie), clk Houghton Dept Store, res 313 Wright
Waara Mary (wid Wm), res 610 Michigan
Waara Oscar, lab, bds 413 Wright
Waara Otto (Lydia), ins agt, res 521 Emma av
Waara Sophie, tchr, bds 211 Wright
Waara Wm (Matilda), res 413 Wright
Wadenen Tobie, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Wagener Anna (wid Frederick), res 316 Cooper av
Wagener Cecil R, foundry, bds 316 Cooper av
Wagener Claude, student, bds 316 Cooper av
Wagener Elope, bds 316 Cooper av
Wagner Albert, finisher Isle Royale C Co, res 1046 Railroad av
Wagner Elizabeth Mrs, res 218 Mason av
Wagner Frank W (Celia; Houghton County Advertising Agency), res 833 Lake av
Wagner John M (Clara), purch gat C R R R, res 212 Center
Wagner John W (Cecelia), bkpr, res 813 Lake av
Wagrynen John jr, bkpr Suomi College and Theological Seminary, bds ns Sampson nr County rd
Waichulis Adam (Lena), miner, res 84 Hardscrabble
Wainio Alfred, student, bds 617 Finn
Wainio Constantine J (Hilda A), lab, res 617 Finn
Wainio Heino C, brkmn, bds 617 Finn
Wainio Hilia S, clk, bds 617 Finn
Wainio Kelley, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Wainio Otto, lab Han Cons'd M Co, bds Jacob Kemppainen
Waisanen Andrew (Regina A), saloon 112 Quincy, res 635 Finn
Waisanen Frederick, printer, bds Victor Tervo
Waisanen Hugo, student, bds Matt Waisanen
Waisanen Jennie, student, bds Matt Waisanen
Waisanen John (Anna; Sahlstein & Waisanen), res 1020 Summit
Waisanen Kate, dom Wm Johnson
Waisanen Matt (Amanda), lab, res Coburntown
Waisanen Olga, bds Matt Waisanen
Waisanen Theodore, student, bds Matt Waisanen
Wallace Bessie (wid Remington R), res 230 Hancock
Wallace Remington, ship clk, bds 230 Hancock
Wallace Stella, sten Detroit & North Mich Bldg & Loan Assn, bds 230 Hancock
Wallace Wm B, house mover 1120 Front, Ripley, res same
Wallenius Ilmari, trammer Han Cons'd M Co, bds 431 Scott
Wallenius John (Emelia), shoemkr es Elevation n of Railroad av, res 431 Scott
Wallis Llewellyn (Euphemia), mach, res 42 Limerick loc
Wallman Charles (Lena), miner, res 250 County rd, Mesnard loc
Walstrom Arthur, student, bds 717 Elm
Walstrom Edwin, miner, bds 717 Elm
Walstrom Frank E (Lena), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 932 Prospect
Walstrom Isaac, miner, res 717 Elm
Walstrom Rudolph, tmstr, bds 717 Elm
Walta Paul, miner, bds 80 Hardscrabble
Walton John F (Rande), engr, res 533 Quincy
Wanhaaha Adam (Anna R), miner, res ss New Road nr Shafter
Wanhalla Fred (Anna), hlpr Hancock Star Bakery, res 1038 Minnesota
Wanhalla John F, bds 1038 Minnesota
Wanhalla Neil F, lab, bds 1038 Minnesota
Wanhatala John, foreman Andrew Johnson Estate
Ward Charles A, student, bds C W Ward
Ward Charles W (Margaret), res ns Front, Ripley
Ward Fred, boiler cleaner Han Cons'd M Co
Ware Susan (wid Andrew), bds 1106 Ethel av
Wareham Joseph C (Annie), barber Quayle bldg, res 129 Quincy
Wareham Raymond (Esther), mtrmn H C T Co, res 505 Ethel av
Wareham Richard B (Elizabeth), res 300 Cooper av
Wargelin Isaac (Ida S), asst teller First Natl Bank, treas Suomi College and Theological Seminary, res 808 Franklin
Warne Edward, fireman Park Brewing Co, res Ginnette bldg, Railroad av and Elevation
Warne George S (Lydia), blksmith, res 701 Elm
Warne Lydia, student, bds 701 Elm
Waronen Mary Mrs, res 413 Wright
Warren Anton E (Julia), car repr, res 805 Warren
Warren Frederick C (Margaret), mach, res Mesnard loc
Warrick Beatrice, bds 65 Hardscrabble
Warrick James (Elizabeth), miner, res 65 Hardscrabble
Warrick Thomas (Emily), miner, res 201 U Pewabic loc
Washburn Claude D (Annie), driver, res 813 Franklin
Washburn-Crosby Co, Martin F Melvin local mgr, cor Elevation and Railroad av
Wasniak Joseph (Emma), miner, res 3d, Mesnard loc
Waters Jane (wid Joseph), res 418 Holland
Watson John, watchman, bds 115 Water
Watson Joseph E, slsmn E M Lieblein & Co, bds 511 White
Watson Julia (wid James), res 511 White
Watts Arthur, miner Isle Royale C Co, res Pewabic loc
Wayji Alma, clk S D North & Son
Wayman Ann, dom 630 Lake av
Wayrynen Henry, miner, rms 444 White
Wayrynen Jacob, miner, bds 715 Finn
Wayrynen John, trav agt Finnish Lutheran Book Concern
Wayrynen Katie A, bds 628 Finn
Wayrynen Matti (Katie R), miner res 628 Finn
Wayrynen Prita Mrs, res 413 Wright
Wealton Thomas J (Gertrude M), fireman, res 434 Ryan
Webb Charles E (Daisy E), genl agt, res 209 Center
Webb Margaret (wid John J), bds 212 Center
Webber Adeline Mrs, tel opr E M Liebein, res 205 Reservation
Webber Albert, miner, bds 90 Frenchtown
Webber John M (Mary J), miner, res 90 Frenchtown
Webber Richard (Rella), miner, res 94 Frenchtown
Webber Roy, scaler, bds 90 Frenchtown
Weber Anthony (Rose), cigarmkr, res 924 Railroad av
Weber Edward A (Mary), condr H C T Co, res se cor Sigsbee and Lynn
Weber Eldridge, student, bds 924 Railroad av
Weber Henry (Julia), cigarmkr, res 225 Franklin
Weber Henry (Genevieve), plumber, res 703 Ryan
Webster Salem (Anna), carp, res 507 Hancock
Weed Matto, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Weeks James (Eliza), blksmith, res 1112 Roberts
Weeks Wilfred J, blksmith, bds 1112 Roberts
Welland Jacob, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Weiser Frederick (Mary), lab, 485 Back
Weissmiller Adolphus, bds 215 Vivian
Weissmiller Joseph C (Sophie), tuner Grinnell Bros, res 215 Vivian
Weissmiller Merrill, student, bds 215 Vivian
Weissmiller Mildred, nurse, bds 215 Vivian
Welandi Jacob, miner, bds Alexander Mankinen
Welch Sidney, miner, bds 40 Limerick loc
Welker Carl, miner, bds 223 L Pewabic loc
Wellett Archie (Mary), carp, res 327 Franklin
Wells, Fargo & Co, F F Stinn agt, 225 Quincy
Wendala John (Amelia), lab, res ns Liberty 2 w of Elevation
Wendell Jacob (Martha; Superior Bottling Works), res 1040 Minnesota
Wendell Samuel (Emma), lab, res 1040 Minnesota
Wendell Wilhelmina (wid Isaac S), bds 1040 Minnesota
Werma Andrew (Fena), lab, res 1103 Ethel av
Wern Charles F (Theresa), condr M R R R, res 408 Ravine
Wern Frank E, bricklyr, res 308 Quincy
Wern George A (Anna), bartndr Richard Callahan, res 414 Ryan
Wern Margaret A, res 508 Scott
Wern Wm, hostler C R R R
Wesala Edward, film opr, bds 616 Oak
Wesala Emma, bds 813 Warren
Wesala Eric (Margaret), lab, res 813 Warren
Wesala Fannie M, clk, bds 616 Oak
Wesala Frederick, dryman, res 622 Oak
Wesala Hattie A, bds 616 Oak
Wesala Lillian E, bds 616 Oak
Wesala Matt (Elizabeth), farmer, res 616 Oak
Wessel Agnes, student, bds 828 Summit
Wessel Martha, bds 828 Summit
Wessel Wm (Augusta), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 828 Summit
West Hancock Bakery (Henry Lindquist), 1031 Minnesota
West John L (Lyda), mgr Houghton County Gas and Coke Company, res 100 Hancock
Westcott H Frederick (Della), clk, bds 319 Quincy
Westerbach August (Selma), miner Han Cons'd M Co, res 1121 Roberts
Westerbach Teckla, bds 1121 Roberts
WESTERN EXPRESS CO, F F Stinn Agt, 225 Quincy Tel 174
Wetton Ethel, bds 1110 Front, Ripley
Wetton John M (Anna), lab, res 1110 Front, Ripley
Wetton Wm, student, bds 1110 Front, Ripley
Whale J Stanley (May A), miner, res U Pewabic loc
Whale Wm (Alice), longshoreman, res 107 Water
Whealton Neil, engr Han Cons'd Co
Whinnen Dorothy, bds 218 L Pewabic loc
Whinnen John (Esther), miner, res 218 L Pewabic loc
Whinnen Wm J, rodman, bds 218 L Pewabic
Whitcomb Edith, supervisor Public Schools, bds 308 Harris av
White Albert (Lillian), miner, res 802 Oak
White Arthur, miner, bds Mrs Anna J Trevarrow
White Elvin J (Lillian), miner, res 1022 Prospect
White Irene O, tchr Pewabic School
White Samuel J, engr Quincy M Co, rms 140 County rd, Quincy loc
White Thomas (Jennie), res 227 L Pewabic loc
White Wm (Mary), miner, res 102 L Pewabic loc
Whiti Ernest, trammer Hancock Cons'd Mining Co
Whittell George, bds 5 Front, Ripley
Wittier Thomas, engr H C T Co, res Houghton
Whittle Lylie (wid Thomas), res 415 Cooper av
Wibble Wilhelmina (wid James), bds 616 Hancock
Wickstrom August, bartndr S A Gennette, rms 813 Warren
Wickstrom Hanna Mrs, res ss Quincy 1 w of Birch
Widmaier George J (Addie), drayman 1010 Elm, res same
Wiedenhoefer Carl J H, auxilliary carrier P O, bds 801 Franklin
Wiedenhoefer Caroline (wid John G), res 801 Franklin
Wiedenhoefer Ernest J, pressman Copper Journal, bds 801 Franklin
Wiedenhoefer Mary E, dressmkr 801 Franklin, bds same
Wieder Ben E (Adelaide), sporting gds 113 Quincy, res 715 Water
WIEDER BENJAMIN (Henrietta), Harness and Saddlery, Motorcycles and Supplies, Carriage Repository, Fur Robes and Coats, 115 Quincy, Tel 80; res 311 Vivian, Tel 85-M
Wieder Herman A, circuit court commissioner, res Houghton
Wieder Lydia J, clk, bds, 311 Vivian
Wiegand Otto, timberman, bds 202 U Pewabic loc
Wieriman Adel (Gustaana), res 401 Holland
Wiesenauer John M, meat ctr E G Sanders, res Houghton
Wiio Elizabeth M, bds Henry Wiio
Wiio Elma A, clk, bds Henry Wiio
Wiio Henry (Ida), miner, res Sing Sing loc
Wiio John F, student, bds Henry Wiio
Wiio Lempi S, bds Henry Wiio
Wiio Toivo H, lab, bds Henry Wiio
Wiittala Isaac (Matilda), miner, res 220 L Pewabic loc
Wiittala Hilia, bds 220 L Pewabic loc
Wiittala Lempi, bkbndr Finnish Lutheran Book Concern, bds 220 L Pewabic loc
Wiittala Otto, lab, bds 606 Hancock
Wiittala Yalmer, miner, bds 220 L Pewablic loc
Wiitanen Tobias (Hilda), blksmith, res 1010 Minnesota
Wikander George Rev, pastor Seventh Day Adventist Church, res Houghton
Wikmark Mathew (Minnie), smelter, res 1247 Anthony avenue
Wilcox Russell, condr H C T Co, bds 942 Ethel av
Wilcox Samuel (Annie), res 942 Ethel av
Wilein Alma O, bds 844 Pine
Wilein Charles, lab, bds 844 Pine
Wilein Olivina (wid Charles), res 844 Pine
Wilen Karl W (Minnie), res 910 Prospect
Wilenius Ilmari, lab, bds 401 Holland
Wilkinson Cecilia, bds 739 Hancock
Wilkinson James C (Annie C), drugs 310 Quincy, res 739 Hancock
Wilkinson Octavia, bds 739 Hancock
Willberg Emil (Amelia), roadmaster H C T Co, res 1109 Cottage Row
Williams Alice, student, bds 619 Lake av
Williams Anna, clk Jacob Gartner, bds 939 4th
Williams Anne (wid James A), res 7 Upper Pewabic loc
Williams A Frank, condr H C T Co, res 1042 Summit
Williams Bert H, mach, res 500 Front, Ripley
Williams B Muriel, student, bds 432 Ryan
Williams Clyde E, driver, bds 432 Ryan
WILLIAMS DRY CLEANING WORKS, Isaac J Williams Propr, Custom Tailoring, Dyeing, Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing, 518 Quincy, Tel 869 (See right bottom lines)
Williams Edward R (May), carp, res 914 Summit
Williams Emily (wid Henry), res 939 4th
Williams Ernest, miner Isle Royale C Co, res Quincy loc
Williams Evangeline, student, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Ezekiel W (Cora J), eng Bridgeman-Russell Co, res 432 Ryan
Williams George (Rose), timberman, res se cor Sigsbee and Lynn
Williams George, wiper, bds 7 U Pewabic loc
Williams Grace, clk, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Hannah (wid Ernest), bds 69 Hard Scrabble
Williams Harry, bds 619 Lake av
Williams Hazel, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Herman (Selma M), lab, res 1022 Minnesota
WILLIAMS ISAAC J (E Grace), Propr Williams Dry Cleaning Works, res 518 Quincy, Tel 869
Williams James G (Emma), lab res 1055 Railroad av
Williams John (Bertha), miner, res 201 U Pewabic loc
Williams Joseph H, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Williams Lynn, electn, bds 7 U Pewabic loc
Williams Martin, mach bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Maude, tchr Pewabic School, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Myrle V, student, bds 834 Pine
Williams Paul, student, bds 619 Lake av
Williams Pearl, bds 1055 Railroad av
Williams Raymond (Elizabeth), mach, res es County rd Quincy loc
Williams Robert (Rose), res 619 Lake av
Williams Roy, mach, res 2 U Pewabic loc
Williams Ruth, student, bds 619 Lake av
Williams Samuel (Lena), eng, res 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Samuel, lab, bds James Bonini
Williams Samuel E (Elizabeth), shift capt Quincy Mining Co, res 27 Limerick loc
Williams Thomas H, miner Han Cons'd M Co
Williams Walter, miner, bds 201 U Pewabic loc
Williams Weldon, student, bds 106 Pewabic loc
Williams Wm (Bertha), clk S D North & Son, res 526 Ethel av
Wm T (Mary T), carp, res 834 Pine
Williams W Russell, clk Schulte Bros, res 1055 Railroad avenue
Williamson Oscar, lab H C T Co
Willmann Carl (Annie), confr 310 Lake and 807 Railroad av, res 310 Lake
Willmann Carl jr, warehouseman E M Lieblein, bds 310 Lake
Willmann Mary, clk, bds 310 Lake
Wilmot J Harry (Florence), cashr C R R R, res 704 Quincy
Wills Emeline, bds 217 L Pewabic loc
Wills Frank A, student, bds 802 Franklin
Wills Hedley (Matilda), lander, res 255 County rd, Mesnard loc
Wills John A, clk P O, bds 802 Franklin
Wills Joseph J (Meline), clk P O, res 431 Scott
Wills Martin (Augusta), eng, res 802 Franklin
Wills Mary, clk, bds 802 Franklin
Wills Michael (Mary), janitor, res 1026 Summit
Wills Nellie, dressmkr 217 L Pewabic loc, bds same
Wills Richard (Elizabeth), miner, res 8 U Pewabic loc
Wills Wesley, oiler, bds 217 L Pewabic loc
Wills Wm C (Mary), miner, res 217 L Pewabic loc
Wilson Andrew (Rosie), lab, res 743 Elm
Wilson Augustus A (Mary J), smelter, res 111 Water
Wilson Carl, miner, bds 195 County rd, Mesnard loc
Wilson Charles, bds 924 Railroad
Wilson St Clair (Etta), game warden, res 1121 Ingot
WIRKKU JOHN B (Lydia; Michigan Bed Springs Co), Also General Agent New York Life Insurance Co, Scott Block, 210 Quincy, Tel 455-J; res 814 Ash, Tel 816-R
Wirkkula Alma, bds 936 Elevation
Wirkkula Annie, student, bds 936 Elevation
Wirkkula Eric (Ida), hlpr H C Gas & Coke Co, res 202 Sherman, Ripley
Wirkkula Hilma, bds 936 Elevation
Wirkkula Jacob (Amanda), fireman Han Cons'd M Co, res 936 Elevation
Wirkkula Jennie, student, bds 936 Elevation
Wirkkula J Bernhart (Sima), printer Copper Journal, res 936 Elevation
Wirkkula Selma, clk, bds 936 Elevation
Wirsula Anna (wid Andrew), res 1008 Minnesota
Wirtala Walter, lab Han Cons'd M Co
Wirtanen Andrew, lab, bds Peter Mulari
Wirtz Louisa, res 1024 Elm
Wiskowski Wojiech, lab, res 59 Hard Scrabble
Witting Albert L (Lillian), ferryman, res ss Spring 3 e of Birch
Witting Joseph, ferryman, bds Albert Witting
Wivell Eldred C, cashr Western Express Co, bds 613 Hancock
Wivell Mary (wid Mark), res 325 Franklin
Wivell Mary Mrs, res 325 Holland
Wivell Mildred, student, bds 613 Hancock
Wivell Richard (Susan) drayman 613 Hancock, res same
Wojciech Vernie, bds 308 Lake
Wold Edward J, bkpr Hancock Lumber Co, bds 1041 Ohio
Wold George M, fireman C R R R, bds 1041 Ohio
Wold Louis C, condr H C T Co, bds 1041 Ohio
Wold Peter J, bds 1041 Ohio
Wold Jeter jr (Elizabeth), carp, res 1041 Ohio
Wolfsky Louis (Millie), clk Mrs Millie Wolfsky, res 325 Franklin
Wolfsky Millie Mrs, confr 316 Quincy, res 325 Franklin
Wollstein Eugene H, dept mgr Jacob Gartner, res Houghton
Wood Robert F, chief chemist Quincy Smelting Wks, res Houghton
Woodard Edward, clk, rms 433 Hancock
Woodhull Royden A (Myrtle), asst phys Quincy Dispensary, res Quincy loc
Woolcock Edward J (Nora), miner, res 276 2d, Mesnard loc
Wright Ada M (wid Edward L), res 5 Exley bldg
Wright Bertha, music tchr 5 Exley bldg, bds same
Wright Building, sw cor Quincy and Reservation
Wright E L School, John Harma prin, ns Oak 1 e of Elevation
Wright Ingri L, tchr Edward Ryan School, bds 712 Quincy
Wright Irene H, nurse 712 Quincy, bds same
Wright John H (Regina), police, res 712 Quincy
Wright Lawrence B, bds 712 Quincy
Wright Z Washington (Esther), res 19 Front, Ripley
Wroboj Samuel, trammer Han Cons'd M Co
Wuebben Adolph, armature winder H C T Co, bds 935 Ethel av
Wuebben Caret (Margaret), farmer, res Old Canal rd, city limits
Wuebben Elizabeth, smstrs, bds 935 Ethel av
Wuebben Gerhard (Kate), dairy 935 Ethel av, res same
Wuebben Howard, lab, bds Lincoln Wuebben
Wuebben John, farmer, bds Caret Wuebben
Wuebben John, student, bds 935 Ethel av
Wuebben Lincoln (Helen), candlemkr, res se cor Spring and Birch
Wuebben Remus, bds 935 Ethel av
Wuebben Walter, foreman H C T Co, bds 935 Ethel av
Wuopio Alma (wid Arvid), res nw cor Liberty and Elevation
Wuopio Charles (Hilda), lab Han Cons'd M Co, res 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Dot, student, bds 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Eli (Rose), miner, res 89 Frenchtown
Wuopio F Wm (F Sophia), carp res 830 Franklin
Wuopio Gertrude, bds 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Ida, bds 89 Frenchtown
Wuopio Irene, student, bds 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Oscar, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Wuopio Raymond, student, bds 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Ruth, student, bds 1014 Elevation
Wuopio Sigret, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Wuopio Walter, student, bds 89 Frenchtown
Wurm Clement, carp, bds 836 Summit
Wurm Frank (Mary), contr 836 Summit, res same
Wurm Joseph, bottler, bds 836 Summit
Wyckoff Ruth, tchr Central Primary School, res Houghton
Wyllie David (Mary A; Wyllie & Heide), res 622 Water
Wyllie & Heide (David Wyllie, Charles Heide), barbers 302 Reservation