R. L. Polk & Co.'s Hancock Directory 1916-1917

Below are all names listed in the same manner as in the original Polk Directory for the Hancock area of Houghton County, Michigan (pages 487-660). The abbreviations are in a separate list opening in a new window.

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Yagel Carl, removed to Calumet
Yagel Clara M, res 719 Quincy
Yagel Edward P, foreman C B Saxby, bds 719 Quincy
Yagel Florence, bds 719 Quincy
Yagel Irene, bds 719 Quincy
Yagel Wm A, pumpman, bds 719 Quincy
Yelland Wm (Lillian), miner, res 104 L Pewabic loc
Yelland Wilson, miner, bds John Polglase
Ylitalo Charles, trammer Isle Royale C Co
Ylitalo Ida, dom 216 Cooper av
Ylitalo Matti (Hannah), carp, res cor Hillside av and Roosevelt
Yoki Benjamin (Hilda), mason, res 827 Franklin
Yoki Carl, baker, bds 827 Franklin
Yoki Daniel, lab, bds 827 Franklin
Yoki Ernest R, cigarmkr, bds 827 Franklin
Yoki Herman S, lab, bds 827 Franklin
Yoki John, student, bds 827 Franklin
Yoki Mary H, bds 827 Franklin
Yokie Albin, clk Wm Reid, bds 604 Oak
Yokie Edward, removed to Minneapolis, Minn
Yokie Ellen, bds 604 Oak
Yokie George, oiler Han Cons'd M Co, bds 604 Oak
Yokie James, bds 604 Oak
Yokie Wm H (Annie) hostler, res 604 Oak
Yoohs Carl (Augusta), car repr M R R R, res 217 Quincy
York A M Estate of, Mrs Elmina R York administrator, florist 105 Quincy
York Bertram J, clk est A M York, bds Mrs E R York
York Eliza J, bds Mrs E R York
York Elmina R (wid Andrew M), administrator est of A M York, res Highland Park, Ripley