Canadian Finnish Soldiers in WW II

The book Canadan suomalaisten sotilaiden muistoalbumi vuonna 1946 (Sudbury, Ontario 1946, 69 p.) lists and shows by province photos of Finnish Canadian soldiers who served during WW II. The captions, written in Finnish, under each individual mentions hometown, sometimes the birth year and place of birth, occupation, rank, arenas of service and where they were discharged.

If there is no district, province or country after the name of the town, it is in Ontario since the province was left off all the locations in Ontario. Also, since the book was published in Sudbury, many of the locations are local or are now ghost towns and would not show up on a current map. In these cases Sud Dist was put after the location to indicate Sudbury District. Some of the cells are empty because there was no information for that individual.

Compiled by Marty Neva, November 2000.

[Aalto-Jaskela] [Johnson-Luhta] [Luhtala-Pouttu] [Pudas-Yrjölä]


1st Name

2nd Name



Year Born

Place Born



Date Joined

Joined in

Served in


Pte George   Luhtala Port Arthur 1919 Port Arthur Forestry Worker Army RCASC Mar 1941   Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany Died in Germany 3/3/1945
Pte Taisto   Luhtala Port Arthur 1918 Port Arthur Forestry Worker Army RCASC 1942   Canada, England, France, Wounded in France & Dischg'd Nov 1945
Gnr Taisto   Lundgren Sudbury 1918 Noormarkku, Finland Carpenter Army Dec 1941 Sudbury France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Paavo Henri Lundy Val d'Or, Que 1906 Houghton, Michigan Miner Army May 1942 Val d'Or Canada, Overseas  
Wireless Optr Niilo H Luoma Sudbury 1921 Finland Miner Navy Jun 1941 Hamilton Canada, Overseas  
LAC Archie W Luukkonen Dunblan, Sask 1916     Air Force 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
A/S Bruno E Mackie Nakina 1920   Labourer Navy   Port Arthur   Dischg'd in 1942 for Medical Reasons
Cpl Doreen   Mackie Nanimo, BC   Chase River, BC Student Air Force Aug 1942   Canada  
A/S Einar D Mackie Nakina 1917 Sellar Railway Worker Navy   Port Arthur Canada, Dischg'd Jun 1945  
Pte Eugene   Mackie Canmore, Alberta 1912 Mara, BC Labourer Army 1943 Vancouver, BC Canada, Belgium  
L/Bdr George F Mackie Nakina 1920 Fort William Railway Worker Army   Winnipeg Canada, Belgium  
Pte Irja L Mackie Nakina   Fort William Store Clerk Army CWAC   Fort William Canada, Overseas  
Sgt Teudor H Mackie Hornepayne 1923 Fort William   Air Force 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Eino W Mäenpää Worthington 1918 Worthington Farmer, Miner Army Nov 1942   Canada, Kiska  
Gnr Tyko E Mäenpää Worthington 1925 Worthington Farmer Army Jan 1944   Canada, Overseas Wounded on the Germany-Holland front 14/4/1945
Pte William Robert Makela Mara, BC 1924 Mara, BC Farm Worker Army Nov 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Pte Eino Valentin Mäkelä Val d'Or, Que 1924 Timmins   Army May 1943 Montreal, Que Canada, Overseas Missing in Caen, France 8p/6/44
Pte Esko   Mäkelä Simcoe 1917 Vaasa, Finland Tailor Army &1st Cdn Paratroopers Jan 1943 & Jul 1943   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Fl/Sgt Aarvo Olavi Mäki Quibell 1925   Farmer Air Force Nov 1943   Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Aimo A Mäki Sudbury 1922 Garson Mine Miner Army Feb 1943 Sudbury Canada  
Tpr Albert   Mäki Port Arthur 1941 Port Arthur Joiner Army RCOC 1941 Port Arthur Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Tpr Alppi A Mäki Sault Ste Marie 1922   Farm Worker Army   Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas  
Pte Antti   Mäki Port Arthur 1904 Pihlajavesi, Finland Labourer Army Nov 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Jan 1944  
Tpr Eino   Mäki Wanup 1924 Wanup Farmer Army Tank Corp Feb 1944 Toronto Canada, Overseas & Germany Occupation Forces  
LAC Eino   Mäki Vancouver, BC 1915 Port Arthur Mechanic Air Force Jul 1943   East & West Coast Canada  
Tpr Eino O Mäki Sudbury 1913 Garson Mine Miner Army Aug 1942 Toronto Canada, Italy, Holland  
Spr Eric Arvid Mäki Long Lake Sud Dist 1918 Sudbury Store Clerk Army 1942 Sudbury Canada, Holland  
Rfm Franklin Matti Leslie Mäki South Porcupine 1925 South Porcupine   Army Jan 1943 Canada, Overseas  
Pte Fred   Mäki Rouyn, Que 1915   Miner Army Summer 1940   Italy, Holland, Germany  
Sgt George E Mäki Calgary, Alberta 1915 Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta Mechanic Air Force Jan 1941   Canada  
LAC Harry Arthur Mäki Long Lake Sud Dist 1924 Sudbury Electrical Worker Air Force 1943 Sudbury Canada Died 24/4/44 in British Columbia in airplane crash
Pte Henry Vilho Mäki Oras, Alberta 1914 Alberta Miner Army 1942 Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta Canada  
Cpl Ilmari N Mäki Sault Ste Marie 1912 Helen Mine Mechanic Army Aug 1940   Canada, Overseas  
Pte John Clifford Mäki Rorketon, Manitoba   USA   US Army Mar 1942   USA, Kiska  
Gnr K H Mäki Hespero, Alberta 1919 Eckville Alberta Farmer Army Apr 1941 Calgary, Alberta Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Leo Edwin Mäki Wanup 1924 Creighton Mine   Army May 1943   Canada, Germany, Belgium  
F/O Leo R Mäki Whonnock, BC 1916 Vaasa, Finland Gymnastics Instructor Air Force Jul 1942 Vancouver, BC Canada, Overseas Shot down over Germany, imprisoned for 6 months, escaped to England  
Cpl Niilo   Mäki Sudbury 1918 Garson Mine Smelter Worker Army May 1942   Canada  
Pte Oiva Henry Mäki Mattawa 1923 Mattawa Farmer Army RCOC Aug 1943 Toronto East Coast Canada  
Pte Oiva Johannes Mäki South Porcupine 1924 Ylikylä, Finland Factory Worker Army Artillery Sep 1943 Toronto Canada, Dischg'd Mar 1944  
Pte Sally S Mäki Nolalu   Nolalu   Army CWAC Jan 1943   Canada  
PO W H Mäki Whonnock 1925 Webster's Corners, BC Forestry Worker Army Nov 1943 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Pte Walter Arvid Mäki Mattawa 1918 Levack Miner Army RCASC Jul 1943   Canada  
Bdr Willis Arvid Mäki South Porcupine 1920     Army Jan 1941   Canada, Overseas  
L/S Isaac A Makie Nakina 1922   Labourer Navy   Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
A/S Harold   Malm Sointula, BC 1926 Sointula, BC Fisherman Navy 1944 Vancouver, BC Canada  
Cpl Aarne   Manner South Porcupine 1919 Timmins Co-op Salesman Air Force Aug 1941   Canada, Dischg'd Jul 1945  
Cpl Harry M Manninen Sudbury 1921 Copper Cliff   Army Sep 1939   Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany  
Pte John Henry Manninen Sudbury 1917 Copper Cliff   Army Apr 1941   Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Vilho Raymond Manninen Sudbury 1918 Mond, Sud Dist   Army Sep 1939   Canada, England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Arvi   Männistö Sudbury 1925 Timmins Machinist Apprentice Army Jan 1944 Toronto Canada, England, Belgium, Holland  
Cpl A L Mantere Port Arthur 1923 Port Arthur   Army Sep 1944 Fort William Canada, England, France, Belgium, Wounded on Belgium front line
L/Cpl Arvo Albert Mäntylä Hearst 1916 Copper Cliff   Army Aug 1943 Kapuskasing Canada, Overseas  
Pte Aarne   Mäntysaari Rouyn, Que 1923 Canada Mechanic Army 1942   Italy, France, Holland, Germany  
Pte Albert   Mäntysaari Azilda 1920 New Finland, Sask. Mechanic       Canada, Overseas for 3 years  
Pte Albert   Mäntysaari Rouyn, Que 1921 Canada Mechanic Army 1942   Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Arne   Mäntysaari Azilda 1923 New Finland, Sask   Army 1941 Sudbury Canada, England, Belgium, Holland  
Cpl Ralph Alexander Mäntysaari Larder Lake 1921     Army Jan 1943   Canada, Overseas Wounded in France Aug 1944. Missing in Action 2p/3/44 Hochwald Forest, Germany
F/Lt Reino   Martin Biscotasing     Air Force Radar Specialist Sep 1941     Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany Dischg'd Nov 1945  
Pte Eino   Marttinen Picture Butte, Alberta 1925 Rossland, BC Farmer Army Aug 1943 Calgary, Alberta Canada, France, Holland, Germany  
Pte Vilho   Marttinen Picture Butte, Alberta 1921 Finland Farmer Army 1940 Calgary Canada, England, France, Holland, Germany  
Pte Wiljo   Marttinen Nolalu 1911 Petäjäjärvi, Finland Farmer Army 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas Emigrated to Canada in 1912  
Pte Bruno   Marttunen South Porcupine 1920 Port Arthur Labourer Army Jul 1941 Fort William West Coast Canada  
Cpl Bruno Taisto Marttunen Port Arthur 1920 Port Arthur Labourer Army 1941   Canada  
LAC R H Marttunen South Porcupine 1913 Port Arthur   Air Force Jul 1943 Port Arthur Canada  
LAC George Edwin Matikka Finland, Ontario 1924 Finland, Ontario   Air Force Jun 1943 Winnipeg Canada, Overseas Died 26/4/45 Marston Green, Birminghamshire, England
LAC D H Matson Ladysmith, BC   Ladysmith, BC   Air Force   Vancouver, BC Canada  
Pte Reino Wm Matson Nipigon 1910 Nipigon Farmer Army 1942   Canada, Overseas  
BSM Robert T Mattila Toronto 1916 Finland Miner Army Sep 1939 Toronto Canada, Sicily,

Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany

Cfmn Sulo   Mattinen Creighton Mine 1914 Mond, Sud Dist Miner Army   Sudbury Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Edward   Mattson Mattawa 1924 Mattawa Factory Worker Army Artillery Nov 1943   Canada, Holland  
Spr Wilbur   Mattson Whonnock, BC 1926 Albion, BC Truck Driver Army Mar 1945   Canada  
Gnr Harry   Maunu Dunblan, Sask 1923 Dunblan, Sask Forestry Worker Army Artillery 1942   Canada, Holland  
Gnr John C Maunu Steeledale, Sask 1920 Victoria, B.C.   Army Artillery   Red Deer, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
Pte Cyril J Maunus Nanimo, BC 1919   Forestry Worker       Canada, Overseas  
F/O Veikko Victor Meittinen Cobalt 1916 Iisalmi, Finland Air Force 1941     Canada, England Missing in England 31/7/44
F/O Eero Emil Menna Riverside 1919 Finland Joiner Air Force May 1943 Windsor Canada, Overseas  
Pte Pekka   Mertanen Toronto 1887 Polvijärvi, Finland Radio Salesman & Installer Reserve RCEME 1942   Served in WW1 Wounded seriously In Passchendaele, Belgium in 1917
Pte Arvi August Metsälä Eby 1922 Nivala, Finland Labourer Army 1940 Vancouver Canada, Overseas  
A/S Paivo J Metsälä Port Arthur 1926 Veteli, Finland Labourer Navy Jun 1944   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Matti   Miettinen Port Arthur 1918 McIntyre Farmer Army RCAMC 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Tpr Väinö   Miettinen Port Arthur 1926 Port Arthur Driver Army Tank Corps   Port Arthur Canada  
Gnr Walder   Miettinen Port Arthur 1921 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Artillery 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Wilho J Miettinen Port Arthur 1923 Port Arthur Truck Driver Army Sep 1942   Canada Dischg'd for Medical Reasons 1944
Pte Vilho J   Mikkola Nolalu 1921 Nolalu Farmer & Forestry Worker Army Cdn Forestry Apr 1940 Fort William Canada, Belgium  
Pte Lauri   Mikkola South Porcupine 1914 Cobalt Store Clerk Army   Toronto Canada  
Gnr Oiva   Mikkola Nolalu 1916 Nolalu Farmer Army Artillery Apr 1942 Fort William Canada, England, Sicily, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
Pte Paul H J Mikkola Nolalu 1920 Nolalu Farmer Army Jan 1943 Fort William Canada, Holland  
Pte Arthur   Miller Dunblan, Sask 1917 Rorketon, Manitoba Farmer Army   Vancouver, B.C. Canada  
Sgt Jack   Miller Rorketon, Manitoba   USA Parents live in Rorketon   US Army     US Army for five years in US and Overseas  
Pte Henry T R Mononen Toronto 1924 Toronto   Army Apr 1943 Toronto Canada, England, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland & Pacific Forces  
Lieut William Oliver Mottonen Sudbury 1921 Creighton Mine Graduate of Milwaukee Scholl of Eng Army RCC Signals Sep 1942   Canada  
L Telegraphist Cyril P Muschik Sicamous, BC   Mother Finnish, Father Canadian Laboratory Worker Navy Jan 1940   Overseas Dischg'd Aug 1945  
Gnr I T Muurimäki Port Arthur 1920 Shaunavon, Sask Forestry Worker Army Dec 1941   Canada, Holland  
Pte Arvo   Myllyniemi Port Arthur 1905 Finland Forestry Worker Army 1941   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Feb/44  
Pte Paul A Myllyniemi Port Arthur 1924 Port Arthur   Army Oct 1943   Canada, Overseas Wounded in Holland Oct 1944
Pte Richard   Neil Finland, Ontario 1919 Finland, Ontario Forestry Worker & Miner Army Jan 1942   Canada, England, Kiska, Belgium, Germany  
Spr Olavi   Neittaanmäki Sudbury 1906 Saarijärvi, Finland Electrician Army Apr 1941   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
F/O John Eric Nelson Port Arthur 1924 Port Arthur Student Air Force   Port Arthur Canada, Overseas Awarded DFC  
Pte Arthur   Niemi Shaunavon, Sask 1918 Shaunavon, Sask Farmer Army Jul 1943   Canada Dischg'd May 1944  
Pte Bruno H Niemi Nolalu 1921 Fort William Labourer Army Artillery Jan 1942   Canada, Holland  
Sgmn Eric   Niemi Port Arthur 1923 Kotka, Finland Book Keeper Navy Jun 1943 Port Arthur Canada  
Pte Ero   Niemi Timmins 1914 Isojoki, Finland Machinist Army 1942 Toronto West Coast Canada  
Pte Eugene A Niemi Nolalu 1924 Fort William Labourer Army Jan 1943 Port Arthur Canada, Kiska, Europe. Dischg'd Jan 1945 Wounded Aug 1944 Seine River, France & lost left hand
Gnr Jaakko J Niemi Doe Lake 1916 Sprucedale   Army Jun 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded in France Jul 1944
Pte John Ernie Niemi South Porcupine 1921 Kirkland Lake Store Clerk Army RCASC Mar 1941 Timmins Canada, Overseas  
Pte John O Niemi Canmore, Alberta 1917 British Columbia Labourer Army 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas  
Cpl Karl   Niemi Sudbury 1920 Garson Mine Book Keeper Army Jun 1943   Canada  
Pte Olavi M Niemi Lappe 1920 Kauhajoki, Finland Taxi Driver Army Nov 1944   Canada  
Pte Onni S Niemi Lappe 1924 Kauhajoki, Finland Farmer Army Nov 1944   Canada  
Pte R S Niemi Hearst 1925 Hearst Farmer Army Jan 1943 Toronto Canada, Holland  
Pte Reino   Niemi Dunblan, Sask 1917   Farmer Army 1942   Canada  
PO S E Niemi Canmore, Alberta 1923 Canmore, Alberta Miner Air Force 1942   Canada, Overseas Flew 45 missions in enemy territory. Dischg'd fall 1944  
Pte Tyyko Oswald Niemi Swastika 1917 Cobalt Labourer Army   Kirkland Lake Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Apr/44 Wounded in Sicily 21/7/1943
Pte Väinö E Niemi Doe Lake 1926 Starrat Mechanic Army Apr 1945   Canada  
Pte Eero G Nieminen Solsqua, BC 1923   Railway Worker Army Tank Corp Oct 1943   Canada  
Pte Erik   Nieminen Rouyn, Que 1927 Cobalt   Army Mar 1945   Canada  
P/O Kauko   Nikkanen South Porcupine 1924 South Porcupine Store Clerk Air Force Apr 1943 Toronto Canada Dischg'd May 1945  
Pte Aarne   Nikkola Sudbury 1921 USA Miner Army Aug 1942   Canada, Overseas Wounded twice in France Dec 1944 & Mar 1945
LAC Eino A Nikula Toronto 1918 Schumacher Mechanic Air Force Oct 1940   Canada, England, France, Belgium, Germany  
Pte Paul   Nikula Rorketon, Manitoba 1925 Stave Falls, B.C.         Canada, England, Belgium, Germany, Holland  
LAC E A Niskanen Canmore, Alberta 1916 Brightview? Store Clerk Air Force 1942   Canada  
Cpl L D Niskanen Canmore, Alberta     Miner Army 1942      
Pte Onni Ilmari Niskanen Kapuskasing 1922 Muurasjärvi, Finland Labourer Army Sep 1941   Canada, Holland  
Gnr Fred   Nordholm Lucky Lake, Sask 1915 Dunblan, Sask Farmer Army   Regina, Sask Canada  
PO Toivo A Nordman Mattawa 1921 Tampere, Finland Truck Driver Navy RCNR   Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Atlantic & Pacific Oceans Dischg'd Jul 1945  
Cpl Aarno   Norrena Mattawa 1908 Finland Mechanic Army Tank Mechanic Spring 1940   Canada  
Cpl Mauno E Norrena Mattawa 1919 Mattawa Radio & Farm Worker Air Force Mar 1942   Canada, Overseas  
LAW Olivia   North Pointe du Bois, Manitoba   Pointe du Bois, Manitoba   Army Postal Service     Canada  
Pte Walter J North Blairmore, Alberta 1920 Blairmore, Alberta Miner Army Jan 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Pte John   Nukala South Porcupine 1900 Alahärmä, Finland Electrician Army Feb 1942 Timmins Canada Dischg'd Dec 1943  
Bdr Emil   Nylund Swastika 1916 Cobalt Farmer Army Mar 1941 Kirkland Lake Canada, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany  
P/O Niilo M Nylund McIntosh 1909 Nivala, Finland Forest Ranger Navy Apr 1942 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
Pte Pentti   Ohman Toronto 1917 Kotka, Finland Metal Worker Army May 1941   Canada Dischg'd Nov 1943  
Pte Reino   Ohman Toronto 1922 Kotka, Finland   Army Oct 1944 Toronto Canada, Overseas & Army Show as Musician  
Pte Jack Kauko Oivanen South Porcupine 1914 Rauma, Finland Miner Army Jun 1942 Timmins Canada, Dischg'd Jun 1944  
Pte Vili   Oja Rouyn, Que   Crean Hill Miner Army Aug 1941   Canada, Germany  
Pte Jaakko Emil Ojala Montreal, Que 1918 Quincy, Massachusetts   Army, Victoria Rifles of Canada 1940 Montreal, Que Canada, Overseas Wounded in Caen, France Jul 1944 Imprisoned for 11 months in German POW camp
Spr Paavo E Ojanen Sudbury 1914 Sudbury Typesetter, Miner Army RCE 1940 Toronto Canada, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany Wounded in France Jul 1944
Gnr R A Okkanen Toronto 1919 Toronto Radio Repairman Army Artillery Dec 1943 Toronto Canada, Overseas  
Wren Annikki   Oksanen Toronto   Helsinki, Finland Student Royal Cdn Navy Show Sang in English & Russian Sep 1943   Canada, Newfoundland Dischg'd Nov 1944  
Chief Radio Op Kaarlo Olavi Oksanen South Porcupine 1919 Ashtabula, Ohio Store Clerk Merchant Marine 1942 Toronto United States vessel  
LAC Reynold Kalervo Olsen Port Kell, BC 1920 Viipuri, Finland Miner Army, Dischg'd & joined Air Force 1941   Canada  
Pte Aaulis Kalevi Orpana Toronto 1926 Käkisalmi, Finland Mechanic Army Oct 1944   East Coast Canada  
  Robert T Orpana Toronto 1923 Käkisalmi, Finland   Air Force 1942 Ottawa Canada  
Pte Henry   Paavola Canmore, Alberta 1903 USA   Army 1942 Calgary, Alberta   Dischg'd for health reasons in 1943
Pte Miriam   Paavola Canmore, Alberta       Army   Vancouver, BC   Dischg'd for health reasons in 1944
Spr Sam   Paavola Port Arthur 1911 Jalasjärvi, Finland Miner Army Spring 1941   Canada, Overseas Dischg'd Fall 1945 Wounded twice in Italy
L/S Willie   Paavola Canmore, Alberta 1922 Canmore, Alberta Miner Navy 1941 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas, Pacific Forces  
Pte Walter   Pahko Rocky Mtn. House, Alberta 1922   Farmer Army Calgary Highlanders Nov 1942 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Overseas Died in Orton, Italy 23/12/43
A/S Allan   Päiviö Sudbury 1925 Port Arthur Student Navy Oct 1943 Ottawa Canada  
Sgt Jules   Päiviö Sudbury 1917 Port Arthur Insurance Worker Army RC Eng Dec 1942   Canada Spanish War veteran & Spanish POW  
  Olavi   Pajala Rouyn, Que 1920 Härmä, Finland   Army 1939   Italy, Holland, Germany, Pacific Forces  
Gnr Olavi Mattias Pajala South Porcupine 1920 Härmä, Finland Mine Worker Army Artillery Dec 1939 Kingston Canada, England, France, Italy  
Pte Henry J Pajuluoma Wanup 1927 Sudbury Labourer Army Mar 1945   Canada  
Pte Emil   Pakka South Porcupine 1909 Evijärvi, Finland Miner Army RCASC Apr 1942   Canada  
Cpl Vilho   Palander Montreal, Que 1921 Pori, Finland   Army Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Reg't Aug 1940 Montreal, Que Four Years in Europe. Participated in Italian Campaign  
L/Cpl William   Palmer Toronto 1900 Turku   Army RCOC Fall 1942   Canada  
Pte Karl Anthony Palmi Cobalt 1925 Cobalt Miner Army Artillery later Infantry Jan 1944   Canada, Belgium, Holland Wounded in Zutphen, Holland 7p/4/1945
Cpl Eleanor   Palo Sudbury   Port Arthur Book Keeper Air Force   Sudbury Canada  
S/Sgt R R Palo Nolalu 1912 Port Arthur Machine Operator Army Jul 1941   Canada, Overseas Volunteered for Pacific Forces Wounded in Holland
Pte A   Palsinajärvi Montreal, Que 1910 Kuorevesi, Finland Carpenter Army Feb 1945 Montreal, Que Canada  
Gnr Roy   Pasanen South Porcupine 1922 Grove Park? Saskatchewan Miner Army Sep 1942   West Coast Canada  
LAW Sadie   Pasanen South Porcupine   Grove Park, Sask   Air Force Nov 1943 Timmins East Coast Canada  
LAC Carl Raymond Pavo Dunblan, Sask 1920 Birsay, Sask Farmer Air Force   Saskatoon, Sask Canada  
Sgt Veikko Matti Pelkola Port Arthur 1918 Kauhava, Finland   Air Force May 1940   Canada  
Pte Taisto   Pellinen Wanup 1919 Beaver Lake Farmer Army Dec 1944   Canada  
Sgt Harold John Peltoniemi Rouyn, Que   Copper Cliff Mechanic Air Force Aug 1941   Canada, Pacific Forces Died in Vancouver, B.C. in airplane crash 3p/2/45 Buried in Noranda, Que 13/2/45
Pte Unto E Penttinen Beaver Lake 1923 Toholampi, Finland Farmer Army Oct 1943 Sudbury Canada, Belgium  
Pte Uuno A Penttinen Beaver Lake 1912 Garson Mine Miner Army Feb 1943   Canada  
Pte Onni A Perälä (Logren) Sault Ste Marie 1923 Karstula, Finland Labourer Army Feb 1943 Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas  
Pte Toivo   Perälä (Logren) Sault Ste Marie 1921 Karstula, Finland Labourer Army Sep 1942 Sault Ste Marie Canada, Overseas  
Spr Andrew J Pertulla Sudbury 1921 Kauhava, Finland Mine Worker Army Sep 1942   Canada  
Pte Urho   Pertulla Sudbury 1903 Kauhava, Finland Miner Army Algonquin Reg'mnt 1941 Timmins Canada, Dischg'd 1943  
Pte Sylvia   Pesola Nolalu   Fort William   Army   Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  
Gnr Albert F W Peterson Kaministiquia 1916 Fort William Taxi Driver Army Artillery Apr 1943   Canada In hospital for over a year
Tpr Raymond A Peterson Sointula, BC 1924 New Westminster, BC Forestry Worker & Fisherman Army Tank Corp Dec 1943   Canada, England, Holland  
Pte Roy A Peterson Kaministiquia 1922 Fort William Farmer Army Artillery Jul 22, 1941   Canada, Overseas  
Pte Ralph J Pihooja Hespero, Alberta 1923 Eckville Alberta Farmer Army 1942   Canada, Holland  
LAC George O Piirainen Cobalt 1916 Cobalt   Air Force Apr 1942 Toronto Canada  
Pte Peter V Pirskanen Sudbury 1926 Chelsea Falls, Que Clerk Army Oct 1944   Canada  
Pte William   Pitkänen New Westminster, BC 1914 Kuopio, Finland Miner Army 1942   Canada, Overseas Died Rein, Germany 8p/3/45
Pte Armas   Poho Sudbury 1919 Scotch Bay, Manitoba   Army Sault Ste Marie & Sudbury Reg't 1941   West Coast Canada Dischg'd Dec 1943  
Pte John Edward Poho Nipigon 1916 Winnipeg, Manitoba Truck Driver Army Dec 1942 Fort William Canada, France, Holland, Germany  
Pte Johny   Poho Sudbury 1912 Scotch Bay, Manitoba   Army Dec 1942 Port Arthur Canada, England Holland, Germany  
Pte Matt   Poho Sudbury 1924 Cranbrook, B.C.   Army 1945 Sudbury Canada  
Pte Peter   Poho Sudbury 1918 Scotch Bay, Manitoba Army Medical Corps 1939     Canada, Overseas  
L/Cpl William   Poho Sudbury 1923 Port Arthur         Canada, Overseas Reported missing on Normandy beach. Later discovered he was murdered as prisoner of war
Spr Armas   Poikkimäki Beaver Lake 1910 Ilmajoki, Finland Miner Army 1941 Sudbury Canada, Overseas Died accidentally in Germany 14/6/45
L/Cpl Lauri   Poikkimäki Beaver Lake 1923 Beaver Lake Labourer Army 1942 Sudbury Canada, Belgium, England  
Sgt Sulo   Poikkimäki Beaver Lake 1920 Beaver Lake Labourer Army Tank Corp 1942 Sudbury Canada, England  
Pte Uuno   Poikkimäki Beaver Lake 1919 Beaver Lake Miner Army 1941 Noranda, Que Canada, Overseas Wounded in Normandy, France 18/6/44
Pte Vilho   Pokela Montreal, Que 1919 Vimpeli, Finland Laboratory Technician Army May 1941 Montreal, Que Canada, Holland  
Pte Tauno   Pollari Sault Ste Marie 1923 Sault Ste Marie Steel Worker       Canada, Overseas Wounded in Holland 6p/10/1944
L/Cpl Harold   Porkka Picture Butte, Alberta 1920 Alberta Farmer Army Signal Corp 1940 Calgary, Alberta Canada, Holland  
Gnr Mike   Poulton Sointula, BC     Fisherman Army 1943   Canada Dischg'd Dec 1944  
Gnr Reino   Poutanen Kirkland Lake 1916 Creighton Mine Truck Driver Army Artillery Jun 1942   Canada, Overseas  
Gnr Väinö   Poutanen Port Arthur     Farm Worker Army Artillery Jul 1941 Port Arthur Canada, Overseas  
A/S Alex   Pouttu Sointula, BC 1907 Sointula, BC Fisherman Navy 1942   Canada, Overseas, Normandy invasion Dischg'd Mar 1945  
Pte J M Pouttu Toronto 1908 Isokyrö, Finland Painter Army Sep 1943 Toronto Canada