Swede-Finns in Cook County, Minnesota

Compiled by Patricia Zankman with some corrections added by Elsie Palmer.

Taken from 1920 census, death records at town hall (after Feb 23, 1946 through Nov 17, 1978) and from obits in Cook. County News Herald (back to 1943).

Anderson, Arne John, 11-14-1909/8-22-1948. Father Leander Anderson, mother Sophie Jonson. Both Finland. He was living in Duluth and killed in Lutsen in an auto accident.

Anderson, Bretta Johanna Johnson "Hanna", 1-18-1879/2-10-1955 Robinsdale, Minnesota at the home of her daughter. Born "Finland". Married John Anderson 4-20-1901 in Duluth.

Anderson, John, 1875. Died 4-8-1930. Born Gertros Finland. Age 17 to Duluth, married 4-20-1901 in Duluth. Moved 1909 to Grand Marais. At time of death he had a sister in California and brother and sister in Finland. Married to Bretta Johanna Anderson. He had a son Rudolph.

Anderson, John, age 31 in 1920 census. Lived in Lutsen, a trapper. Citizen 1911/1918.

Beck, Andrew, of Leonidas, Minnesota (near Eveleth). Brother to Elizabeth Fogelberg. Lived in Colvill.

Bloomquist, Anna Lisa, 8-28-1871. Died 4-19-1960 at Westerhankmo, Finland. Her parents were Johan Beck and Johanna Nessman. She married John Bloomquist and came to Eveleth 1902. See Fogelberg.

Bloomquist, John Jacob, 1866. Died: 12-26-1948. Born Munsala Finland. His father was Jacob Bloomquist, mother Brita Baka, both in Finland. Note: he was brother to Charles Nylund.

Carlson, Katerina, 5-14-1880/2-12-1964. Born Närpes, Finland. No parents given in obit.

Carlson, Victor Arthur, 1888/2-2-1938 (check).

Carlson, William, "father", 1874. Died 6-19-1935 (check).

England, Alexander, age 32 (1920 census). Citizenship 1908/1918. Logger, wife Blanch. Lived Hovland in 1920. Alex was a brother to Andrew Westerlund, took different names in the US (Elsie Palmer).

Fogelberg, Elizabeth nee Beck, Mrs. Died 3-16-1944. Born 8-24-1877 Finland (newspaper). Lived in Leonidas and then moved to Eveleth. Leaves her husband Otto, a sister Anna Bloomquist of Colvill and brother Andrew Beck of Leonidas.

Hagen, unknown, age 51, 1920 census (Colvill), citizen 1889/1898. Farmer.

Hagstrom, Peter. Died 5-1-1944 Montebello California, born 3-26-1871. Lived at Hollow Rock, living with niece Mrs. Oscar Sundquist. Brother-in-law to Axel Oberg. Lived in Two Harbors, moved to Hollow Rock in 1916. (Newspaper, is he Swede-Finn, Elsie Palmer believes he might not have been.)

Hill, John. Born 6-12-1887 Jeppo, Finland, died 9-22-1966. Wife Edith Catherine Hanson Hill.

Issacson, Anna (Alma Johanna), 6-6-1880 in Toby, Korsham, Finland. Died 8-24-1837. Married Issac. Had three children. With Issac went to Eveleth, then to Colvill where he was a farmer. Buried at Poplar Grove.

Issacson, Issac, 1868/5-2-1940.

Issacson, John, 1893/10-6-1979.

Jackson, Albert, age 25 (1920 census), Colvill with family.

Jackson, Arvid Fritzoff, 1-15-1899/4-20-1979.

Jackson, (AKA: Jacobsson) John "father" 4/1868/1946 (not buried Cook Co., no death record). Had moved to Eveleth and is probably buried there. His brother, Charles also had emigrated and was there. He was from the farm Pasto in Kvevlax. His father was Jacob. Emigrated 1901. Wife came later.

Jackson, Mary (Marie) "mother", b. 4-9-1868/9-27-1943. Born Kvevlax, Finland. Name: Kvevlander. Married Finland 1887. She is buried in Poplar Grove. Moved to Eveleth 1904, he worked in the mines but became ill from the dampness, having been caught in a slide. Colvill 1907. They had eleven children, five remaining at her death. ("correct would be Jacobson"). According to Grand Marais Paper, Nov 14, 1994 "John came to the North shore in 1904 by boat, worked with other homesteaders making a trail uphill from the lake to roughly surveyed land. He registered as John E. Jacobsson but latter changed it to Jackson because his older brother was already identified as Charlie Jackson. He first came to Eveleth but after being trapped underground in a cavein and landslide, he chose not to go back to the mines but rather homesteaded 160 acres at Colvill".

Johnson, John Axel, born Tervola, Finland 8-14-1903, died 6-21-1958. Father Gust Johnson, mother Hanna Johnson. Most recently lived at Grace Hotel, Duluth, buried Maple Hill.

Johnson, Julia, age 35 (1920 census), citizen 1901/6. Son John, then 25, born in Michigan, Colvill.

Johnson, Lovisa, Mrs., 1866/1922, buried Maple Hill. Citizen 1889/1897. Wife of John, farmer in Maple Hill. He was Swedish.

 Johnson, Peter, age 43 (1920 census), citizen 1902/1906. Woodsman in Hovland.

Kylen, Victor Arvid. Born 1-26-1886, Finland, died 1-18-1951. No information, not in paper, death certificate only.

Larson, Abraham. Born Finland 1-15-1864, died 12-25-1949. Came to US 1883 and to Cook Co. 1897. His father was Isaac Larson, mother unknown. No known relatives here. Citizen 1883/1912. Lived in Tofte.

Larson, Jennie, wife of Ole, Maple Hill. Age 69 in 1920 census. Farmer.

Lief, John, born 7-25-1870 in Vaasa, Finland, died 8-12-1953. Came to US 1887, Cook Co. 1907. Homesteaded, buried on that homestead, also known as Lily of the Valley. Second cemetery in Colvill is the Johnson (John) family cemetery.

Lofdahl, Eric, 1869/3-11-1939 (naturalized, under Emil). Citizen 1896 al (alien?).

Lundin, Clara, wife of Oscar (who was Finnish/Finnish), age 36 in 1920 census. Citizen 1904/1906. Lived in Lutsen where he was a homestead farmer.

Nessman, Elizabeth, daughter, age 28 (census 1920).

Nessman, Greta Lisa (Mrs. John Willman). Born 9-29-1891 in Vasaland, Finland. Died 12-28-1942 after long illness. Came to US 1917. Married John Willman 6-23-1923. No children. Buried in Poplar Grove. Had lived in Colvill. No known relatives except husband. After the Nessman's died Willman and wife moved into their house.

Nessman, John, age 54 (1920 census). Farmer in Colvill. 17 year old son born in Michigan. Citizen 1892/1903.

Nessman, Urika, wife, age 46 (census 1920), citizen 1901/1912.

Noreen, Werner. According to Elsie Palmer he was born in Sweden and proud of it!

Nylund, Charles, born 10-10-1888 and died 4-10-1969. Father was Jacob Nyland, mother Brita. He was divorced. Came to US to Eveleth 1911 and to brother John Bloomquist 1914. He also helped John Lief build his house. He was a barber. See Bloomquist from Munsala.

Osterback, see Sannes.

Rentola, Frank. Died 10-17-1949. No relatives, all informtion unknown.

Rex, Henry. Born 9-18-1872 Maxmo, Finland (Swede-Finn?). Died week of 2-15-1945 (previous Thursday). To US 1892, Cook Co. 1940. Married Mary Anderson Westerlund.

Rex, Mary nee Anderson, married Westerlund. Born 5-15-1867 St. Wasa Lan Finland. She died 2-10-1968, oldest Cook Co. resident at the time. Father Herman Anderson, mother unknown. Married Henry Westerlund 1890 in America, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. He died 5-6-1932. She then married Henry Rex 10-19-1940. He died 2-8-1945. As a Westerlund she moved with the Soderlunds and Sundquists from Eveleth to Hovland. She left a sister in Soderby, Finland, Josephina Lindgren. According to Elsie Palmer, she was married to Andrew Westerlund.

Running, Stina?, Mrs. John of Rosebush. Age 32 (1920 census?). Citizen 1892/1919.

Samskar, John, born Johan Jonasson in Larsmo, Finland 10-11-1871. Married Emma Marie Liten (LaTaine), born in Lepplax, Pedersöre 12-12-1876. Her father, Erick Johansson Liten (LaTaine) also lived in Cook Co., being born in Larsmo, Finland 8-22-1846. His wife, Maria Sophia Slotte, born in Yttre Bratoby, Kronoby, Finland 1-10-1852, died elsewhere, information not known.

Sannes, (Sundquist) Mary. Born 10-25-1883 Vasa, Finland, died 9-14-1950. Buried Hovland. Her father was Johan Osterback, mother was Lisa Sofia Wast. As Ann Marie she married Werner Sundquist 1903 in Eveleth. He died 1915. She remarried in 1927 to Sannes. She left two sisters in Finland, Ella Sundstrom and Ida Osterback. Mr. Sannes was born in Norway.

Sederston?, John, Grand Marais township. Age 68. Citizen 1888/1896. No occupation, no relatives listed.

Soderlund, Jacob, age 40 (1920, born 1880), citizen 1899/1906. Farmer in Hovland. (His father was born Johan Jacobson Nygard, Esse, Finland. His mother was Anna Margareta from Kronoby ... from daughter Elsie Palmer). Married in Superior Wisconsin, 1903. Citizen 7-24-1906.

Soderlund, Mary. Born 1881, citizen 1902/1906. Wife of Jacob.

Strom, Emil. Born Finland 4-14-1889, died Tofte 4-28-1956. No further information, a fisherman.

Westerlund, see Rex.

Westerlund, Andrew, age 48 (1920 census), citizen 1888/1893, farmer. According to Elsie Palmer he married Mary Rex. Note: Henry Westerlund, also in Hovland, is listed as Swedish. He married Rex. He is unrelated to Andrew (according to Elsie Palmer).

Willman, John. Born 7-22-1876 in Finland, died 12-30-1963. Widow, wife had been Gerta Nessman. His father was Jacob Jacobson, mother was Karie Anderson. Went to Ely 1896 and Cook Co. 1903.