Cemeteries in Wright County, Minnesota

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Alamaa Alamaa Cemetery
Cty Rd 5
Grave Count: 20
Record Date: 1999


Bajari Pat Bajari Cemetery
Location: Co RD 37 NW
Grave Count: 3
Record Date: 29 May 1995


Cokato Cokato Finnish Cemetery
Location: Co Rd 100
Grave Count: 1445
Record Date: April 2002


CR Mission Crow River Mission Cemetery
AKA: Birch Lake Cemetery
Location: Co Rd 3 & 10th St NW
Grave Count: 45
Record Date: July 2002


First First Apostolic Lutheran Church
Location: Co Rd 100 (part of the church yard)
Grave Count: 63
Record Date: July 2002
Comment: Oldest Finnish cemetery in the area


FL Apostolic French Lake Apostolic Lutheran
AKA: River Church Cemetery
Location: 20th St
Grave Count: 30
Record Date: July 2002


FL Mission French Lake Mission Cemetery
Location: Co Rd 37 NW
Grave Count: 96
Record Date: July 2002


Grace Grace Lutheran Cemetery
Location: Junction Co Rd 37 & Co Rd 2
Grave Count: 237
Record Date: 4 June 1995
Comment: A Swedish cemetery


Hutchins Hutchins Cemetery
Location: Lake Francis (North East shore)
Grave Count: 2
Record Date: July 2002


Immanuel Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery of French Lake
Location: Pleason Ave NW
Grave Count: 125
Record Date: 1974
Comment: A Norwegian cemetery (Norwegian Eielsen Synod)


National Finnish National Cemetery of French Lake
Location: Osborn Ave
Grave Count: 62
Record Date: 24 April 1997


North CR North Crow River Lutheran Church-Knapp
Location: Co Rd 35 W
Grave Count: 607
Record Date: July 2002
Comment: A Swedish cemetery


Riverside Riverside Cemetery of French Lake
AKA: Finnish Apostolic Lutheran Church Independent Cemetery or Sikkila Cemetery
Location: Sborn Ave
Grave Count: 816
Record Date: July 2002


Saviour Our Saviour's Lutheran Church Cemetery of French Lake
Location: Co Rd 3 & 25th St
Grave Count: 139
Record Date: April 2002


Shepherd Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Cemetery
Location: Oliver Ave SW
Grave Count: 4
Record Date: July 2002


Sunset Sunset Cemetery
Location: 20th St NW & Rhoades Ave NW or Junction Co RD 2 & Co  Rd 37
Grave Count: 66
Record Date: 11 May 1998

Posted by Ernest S. Lantto, Dassel, Minnesota. Updated: December 16, 2002.

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