Sheriff's Passport List 1863-1916

The Provincial Archives in Mariehamn, Åland, has the Sheriff's Archive of the Åland Islands. In the series Bb. Passförteckningar there are "Förteckning över utfärdade resepass 1863-1916" [List of issued passports 1863-1916]. In the list there are the names of over 10,570 applicants and also many family members.

The passport list began in May 23, 1863. In the beginning there are only names, professions, dates and destinations. Between 1882 and 1899 one can also find the place of residence of the applicant, and beginning in 1900 the year of birth is also mentioned. From about 1892 one can find a more accurate place of destination, i.e. information whether the applicant intended to travel to Sweden, America or some other country.

The Passport Lists are completed by the  Borough Administrator's Passport List for 1882-1903.

Fees, the validity time of the passport, and information about the church to which the applicant belonged are omitted to save space.

The original records are in very bad condition and there may be errors in the list because of that reason.

The list was typed into the computer by Karin Mansén at the Provincial Archives.


The passport list has been divided into smaller parts after it was typed to computer. Some of the lists are still large and it may take a while to download them.

A separate list is sorted in alphabetical order to make the search easier. Some of the names are sorted in normal order to bring similar names together. In spite of that the same person may be found in different places in the list. This is because different names may have been used for the same person at different times, different ways of writing names have been used, or reading and typing errors were made while the data was typed into computer.

The exact date and the destination have been left out from the alphabetical lists. The column at the right shows a reference to the chronological lists. The number after the year is the actual month (year:month).

At the end of the alphabetical lists there is one list with all the passport applicants not residing at the Åland Islands. These applicants are also found in the other lists.

Date The date the passport was issued
Name The name of the applicant
Profession/Civil Status Profession or family relation
Municipality Residing place of the applicant
Born The year of birth of the applicant
Destination The destination given by the applicant
Reference A reference from the alphabetical lists to the chronological lists (year:month)