Finnish Gravemarkers in the United States

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On these pages one finds pictures of Finnish gravemarkers and cemetery transcriptions from Finnish cemeteries outside of Finland. They may be to the memory of individuals who once emigrated from Finland or to their descendants.

The purpose is to create a database with pictures from cemeteries where everyone is of Finnish descent as well as from cemeteries where descendants of Finns are in the minority. The picture database is a complement to the cemetery transcriptions from the United States already published or linked at and included in the index in the left window, and to the photos in the Picture Gallery at

Gravemarkers at cemeteries will not stand there forever. They are removed because of economic realities, or they are destroyed because of natural causes. Gravemarkers are important both for the history of individuals and their families, and for cultural history. Unfortunately, no attention has been paid to the systematic photographing of gravemarkers and to the archiving of the material. For that reason the Genealogical Society of Finland publishes photos on the web, and administers the work of photography of cemeteries outside of Finland. A corresponding project has started for cemeteries located in Finland.

Visitors at may submit photos to the database. All pictures should be accompanied with the name and location of the cemetery, the name of the submitter, and an approximate date when the picture was taken.

Scanned photos and photos taken with a digital camera may be sent as attachments to email messages to the address Photos on paper and slides should be sent by mail to the Genealogical Society of Finland, Liisankatu 16 A, FIN-00170 Helsinki, Finland. Please remember to enclose your mailing address if you wish to have the material returned. Photos may also be submitted on CD-ROM or DVD.

Instructions for Photographing Grave Markers

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