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By becoming a member of the Genealogical Society of Finland you support the activities of the Society as well as Finnish genealogy research. At the same time you'll also have access to out membership benefits. You can join easily by filling this form or you can contact our customer service


Membership benefits

The Journal 

The digital Genos is included in the membership and you'll receive it four times a year. You can also opt for a print version to be posted to your home address by paying an extra 5 € fee. The 5 € is to be paid with and in addition to the membership fee. The price for an annual subscription is 52 € (Finland) / 67 € (abroad). 


Newsletter Jalmari

Jalmari is a newsletter for the members of the Genealogical Society of Finland, and first came out in the spring of 2016. Jalmari focuses on current issues related to the Society and genealogy. Members will receive Jalmari once a month by e-mail. Previous newsletters can be read on the Society Member pages (you need to log in first).

Membership Pricing in Finnish Hostel Association's hostels

Suomen hostellijärjestö

The members receive a 10 % discount from the normal prices in all hostels of the Finnish Hostel Association.

Members also receive a Finnish Hostelcard free of charge. With a Finnish hostelcard, you get a 10 % discount on accommodation in hostels, other travel benefits and travel tips, as well as the membership of the Hostel Association for the validity of the card. The card can be ordered from the Hostel Association's website here, after which the card will be sent by e-mail as an attachment.

In addition, members of the Society can get an International Hostelcard at a lower price: a personal hostelcard for 15€ (normal price 20€) and an international hostelcards for the whole family for 29€ (normal price 34€). With an international hostelcard, you get at least a 10 % discount on accommodation in HI hostels in Finland and abroad, as well as other tourist benefits. In addition, you get membership in both the Finnish Hostel Association and the international Hostelling International network for the period of validity of the card. An international hostelcard can be ordered from the Hostel Association’s online store.



SukuHaku was launched on the Society’s centenary on January 30, 2017. SukuHaku contains directories for a wide range of archival materials and publications useful for the study of family and personal history. SukuHaus also has digitized literature and other genealogy material. New material is constantly being added to the service. On the opening day, SukuHaus had approximately 2.1 million directory records and more than 4,100 book pages available. More information: sukuhaku (at) You can find SukuHaku at


Member pages

The video library contains presentations and lectures filmed at the Society's events. On the Member pages you can also find links to documents for the general assembly and other information. You can log into the member pages on the Society's website from the upper right corner. You’ll find the ID and password needed to log in on the back cover of Genos or in the e-mail announcing digital Genos.


Discounts on publications

In Tiedekirja bookshop and the Society office a 30% discount is offered on items from the Society’s publication list.

In Tiedekirja, there is also a discount on publications of the Finnish Society of Church History (30%), the Finnish Medical History Society (40%), the Swedish Literature Society in Finland (30%), the Finnish Historical Society (25%) and the Finnish Literature Society (30%).

The Map Centre offers a 15% discount on its maps, nonfiction books and history books with the proof of membership.

Reuna Publishing House: 20% discount on memoirs, biographies and histories in the online store. Enter the discount code R00200 in the discount coupon field of the shopping bag.

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS): 30% discount on books at the Finnish Literature Society's online store and the bookstore Tiedekirja in Helsinki (see above). In the SKS online store, you can get a discount by using the promotional code SUKUTUTKIJAT.

The library

The Society library card is free to members, €8 for non-members. Photocopies and prints at member prices.



Members receive a 30% discount on education organised by the Society.

Membership options

Annual membership

A member pays annually the membership fee set by the Society’s autumn meeting. The fee is to be paid by the end of January. An annual member who joins in the middle of the accounting year has to pay the membership fee for the whole year.

A member who wishes to leave the Society must inform the governing body in writing, for example by email to the Society’s office. Membership ceases at the end of the calendar year during which the resignation is made. A member is deemed to have lapsed if he or she has not paid the membership fee for 11 months since it has fallen due.


Life membership

An private individual who fulfils the criteria for annual membership and whom the governing body approves for membership may take out a life membership. A life member makes a one-off payment, which is 20 times the fee for annual membership. An annual member may alter their membership to life membership by paying the life membership fee.


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