Personal names


Personal names

This page compiles Finnish sources on Finnish personal names, surnames, first names as well as patronyms or fathers' names, without forgetting matronyms. Having a surname seems self-evident today but when Finland's first law on surnames was enacted in 1920, not everyone yet had a surname. Articles and materials that concern surnames contain information on e.g. West Finnish and East Finnish surname practices, crafts persons' and military names, name changes and women's surnames.

First names, patronyms, matronyms, and colloquial names

Last names, family names, and additional names

Last names: Eastern Finland and Ingria

Notes on particular names and name types

Names and families of Kiuruvesi

Kiuruvesi-lehdessä vuosina 1985-1987 julkaistuja artikkeleita (SukuHaku)

Laws and regulations pertaing to names

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Personal names