Suku Forum

Suku Forum, maintained by the Genealogical Society of Finland, is a shared forum for genealogists, open to all and free of charge, where you can ask questions and share your own research findings. Viewing the forum is open to everyone but taking part in discussions and posting your own threads requires you to register for the forum. Suku Forum is Finland's largest genealogical discussion group.

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Discussion Group

Suku Forumis divided into several sub-forums: general discussion, notifications and various groups divided into municipalities and geographical areas. You can find sub-forums for example for frequently asked questions and for sharing your own research findings. From the day's messages you can find the discussion group's newest posts and replies. With the search function, you can search the contents of the forum by, for example, surname or municipality. Suku Forum has over 30,000 threads and they contain over 200,000 messages.

On Suku Forum's homepage you can read threads even without registering. If you want to start your own thread or reply to existing threads you will have to sign in or register into Suku Forum.

Taking Part

Suku Forum is a discussion group that is open to everyone. Reading through the forum's posts and discussions does not require registration but commenting in the group does. Registration is free to everyone and it does not require being a member of the Society. The button to register into the forum can be found on the upper left corner of the Suku Forum homepage.

Maintenance and Feedback

The administrator of Suku Forum is the Society's online service specialist and the moderators are Juha Vuorela and Jouni Kaleva. Any issues, questions and feedback relating to Suku Forum can be sent to the Society's email address seura@genealogia.fi. The contact information of everyone in the Society can be found here.