Sources for Genealogists in Finland

Digitization has revolutionized genealogy and is the reason why its popularity is constantly growing. Today, a significant portion of primary genealogical sources are available in digital formats and are accessible even from your sofa at home. This section presents in more detail the church records and other basic sources for genealogical research. This section also has thematically arranged links to various online genealogy materials and literature, a list of links to useful web sites as well as information about Finnish archives and libraries collected onto its own page that preserve sources that are significant for genealogists.

Links for Genealogy Sources:

Online services

The Society offers various online services that genealogists can use when doing their research. The best known of these services is HisKi, a searchable database of parish history records which is often an invaluable aid in genealogical research. In addition to HisKi, the Society's online services include e.g. SukuHaku and its Gravestone Database. SukuHaku has digitized literature as well as indices to various archival materials and publications.

A Guide to Digital Genealogy

The publication series "Guides of the Finnish Genealogical Society" includes a guide to digital genealogy. It presents useful web sites and other digital aids to genealogical research. The guide literally takes genealogical research out of the vaults of archives and into your living room. The guide has been published freely (in Finnish and Swedish) online on the Society's home page.