Gravestone Database

More than 400,000 gravestones have been stored in the Genealogical Society of Finland's Gravestone Database in a searchable format. In total, the database has information on over 700,000 searchable graves. The majority of the grave monuments saved in the database are from Finland but it does contain some information on those buried in the United States of America, Canada and Sweden. Other well-known grave databases are linked to at the end of this page.

Search Instructions

You can search the Gravestone Database using a first and last name or just one of these. The search parameters are recorded in the search form on the SukuHaku homepage after which the search is limited to the tombstone database from the drop-down menu on the right side of the form. You can limit the search to the graveyards of a certain locality by adding in a search term to the Municipality box which appears in a drop-down menu. From the search results, grave information and a shareable link can be found by clicking on the result and the Grave Information button that opens after this. You can enlarge the picture of the gravestone in the Grave Information by clicking on it.

Searching the Gravestone Database is done using the search form on SukuHaku's homepage and narrowing the search to the database via the drop-down menu.

Adding New Material

The Society continues to add Finnish gravestones and new materials to the SukuHaku Gravestone Database. Photographing new cemeteries is suggested to be done one cemetery at a time but also individual photographs can be added to the database for example when they supplement existing materials. More detailed instructions on editing the gravestone database, photographing and indexing gravestones, as well as a list of the current state of saved materials can be downloaded from below. There is a link to the indexing model file in the supplementary instructions. Possible corrections and updates concerning several images should be sent in separate files.

Maintenance and Feedback

The Society's custome advisor, Susanna Lahtinen, is responsible for the maintenance of the Gravestone Database and in coordinating the saving of new material. He also advises on the use the database, guides in saving materials and accepts new materials to be added to the database. The contact information of everyone in the Society involved can be found here.

Foreign Databases