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The Genealogical Society of Finland is an education and memory institution that, as a scientific society, promotes Finnish family and personal history research and publishes its results.


The Society runs various kinds of educational events for genealogists that promote high-quality research work.

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In addition to the membership benefits, the Society's membership is a great way to support the organization's activities and Finnish genealogy.

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You can find all the Society's proceedings, educational events and happenings in the events calendar.

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What is genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of family histories and the tracing of their lineages. Genealogy is an engaging and fulfilling hobby that thousands of Finns get swept up into. History becomes novel and personal through genealogy - it is often said to bring a completely new viewpoint into history. 

The Genealogical Society of Finland offers various web services for use of genealogists and family historians.


The HisKi database helps you search the history books of parishes for lists and details on baptisms, marriages and burials.

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SukuHaku is a membership service that was opened on the Society's 100th anniversary in 2017. The service acts as a gateway to Finnish genealogy materials.

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Suku Forum

Suku Forum is a discussion group open to everyone for asking questions or for sharing your own genealogical findings.

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The Genealogist's Sources

Digitization has revolutionized genealogy and thanks to this its popularity is growing all the time. A significant part of the basic sources are now available in digital format and you can access them straight from your home. Many other resources can also be found online that genealogists can use in their research.

The Genealogist's Online Store has available for purchase the Society's own publications as well as other family, personal and local historical publications. The online store is also used to register for educational events.

Educational events

The Online Store is used to register for both remote and on-site workshops as well as seminars and events.

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The Online Store has available the Society's own publications as well as other family histories and guides.

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You can purchase classic genealogical works from the Online Store.

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The Society's partners