The Society organizes high standard educational events for genealogists to promote research. Their topics include the use of primary sources, digital services for genealogy, writing advice, the use of genomics information in genealogy and historical phenomena and events relating to the lives of ancestors. The Society's educational services consist of evening classes, seminars and training days. The majority of these educational events are organized remotely and recordings of these events can be viewed at a later time.

Most of Society's educational courses and services are organized in Finnish or Swedish. You can find out more about them from the Finnish language web page.

Advanced Course in Genealogy

The expert lectures of the advanced course in genealogy are mainly held on Wednesday evenings of the first and third week of the month. The lectures last about one hour and deal with various genealogical source materials as well as cultural-historical topics related to genealogy. The advanced course lectures are free of charge for all participants and they are live streamed to the Society's YouTube-channel.

The Society's Study Days

The Society's study days consist of topics like the use of primary sources and giving writing advice. Some of the study days are arranged remotely and some as in-person teaching. Participation in the study days is charged.

Remote study day events are mostly available for viewing by Society members in the Society's video library and some are for sale in the Genealogist's online store. You can find the contents of the entire video library and the recordings of the remote training days in SukuHaku's directory, the use of which requires logging into SukuHaku.

Study Days Terms and Conditions

By purchasing participation in training from the Genealogical online store you also register for it. Enrollment in training courses and the participation fee cannot, in principle, be canceled. Not coming to the training also does not entitle you to a refund of the participation fee.

The participation fee can only be refunded for a justified reason (e.g. an illness verified by a medical certificate or a force majeure unforeseen obstacle, such as a public transport strike).

The club reserves the right to cancel the training, in which case the participation fees will be returned to those who paid. Cancellations and changes will be notified personally to those who have registered. By paying the participation fee, you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions.

Give Feedback

Was the training particularly good? Was it lacking something? Was the teacher clear and inspiring? Would you like other events in your city? Did the training correspond to how it was described? How did registering and paying for the training go?